QUALICHeCK project

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This questionnaire is an initiative undertaken within the framework of the IEE funded QUALICHeCK project (www.qualicheck-platform.eu) dealing with the status and perspectives on the compliance of Energy Performance Certificates and the quality of building works.

The questionnaire will help us assess the impact of the actions undertaken within QUALICHeCK and the relevance of our findings according to stakeholders.

According to our lists, you have participated to one or several events organised by QUALICHeCK. We would therefore be grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer this questionnaire. 

The analysis of this questionnaire will be made available on the QUALICHeCK website.

Answers are treated anonymously, but please provide a correct email address and name to allow us to let you know when the analysis is available and to avoid double-counts.

The IEE QUALICHeCK project team.

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