UHM Student Media Survey

UHM Student Media Board is the Chartered Student Organization responsible for student media programs on campus, such as Ka Leo (student campus news), Hawai`i Review (literary journal), KTUH (broadcast and online radio) and UH Productions (video). 

Student media provides students opportunities to engage in media organizations and participate in all aspects of production and management.  Student media is a resource for the campus community as well as the public as it reflects the student voice. 

These programs are funded predominantly by student fees, a total of $16 per student a semester.  About 120 students participate in all aspects of these programs - creating content, delivering services and making media available through multiple platforms.  The student fee (named as the BCA and BOP Fee) that funds these programs has not increased since the 1980s and since inception for some of the programs. 

In order to sustain these programs, it has become increasingly difficult to fund them with the existing fee and other income streams.  This has resulted in resulting in multiple cuts over the years. 

This survey is aimed to obtain feedback directly from students about a student fee increase proposal to sustain student media programs.

SMB Fee Proposal at a glance:

Throughout the development of this fee increase proposal, the SMB found it critical to keep the fee increase as low as possible but enough to cover budget shortfalls to maintain student media at UH Mānoa. With this in mind, SMB is recommending the following fee increase over the next two years:
1)  Current BOP Fee           
1)  Current BCA Fee            
1)  Total Current Student Media Fee (BOP +BCA)
2)  Year 1 BOP Fee              
$23 (increase by $10)
2)  Year 1 BCA Fee             
$10 (increase by $7)
2)  Total SMB Fee for Year 1
3)  Year 2 BOP Fee               
$23 (no change)
3)  Year 2 BCA Fee            
$15 (increase by $5)
3)  Total SMB Fee for Year 2
$38 (Spread over 2 years is $22)
The proposed fee increase of $22 will be spread over a 2-year period.
With the combining of the fee to one Student Media Fee in FY 20, the fee will be a total of $33 for that first year (this is broken down to be the following:  FY21, the BOP fee will increase by $10, from $13 to $23 per semester per student. The BCA fee will increase $7, from $3 to $10, per semester per student). 
For the second year (FY22), the Student Media Fee will increase by $5 (from $33 to $38) per student per semester (in FY22, the BOP fee will remain at $23 a semester without any additional increases; the BCA fee increases by $5). 

For detail of the SMB Fee Proposal please see here:  http://www.manoanow.org/smb/documents/


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