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Response 3 I liked the organization of the course. It give me time to reread if i didn't understand and the time frame for work due was fair. The courses I took made it easy because the schedule written was followed through by the instructors.
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Response 13 I suggest making course surveys available for all courses.
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Response 23 I took HIST151, CRN 56425 and this was the worst online class I have ever taken. This teacher should not be teaching, he has mandatory chat-rooms for which he does not show up and fail to give notice of his absence. He either takes a long time to reply back in email or does not reply at all. This is the last week of the semester and I do not know my course grade yet. He does not update the grade book. He does not seem to care about the students and changes dates for assignments without giving us notice. I think that this survey should be geared towards specific classes and not a general idea or feeling towards all classes taken as some take more than one class.
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Response 26 None.
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Response 38 My 284 class was well laid out and easy to follow. Instructor Christina Keaulana did an excellent job of trying to implement best practices for the teaching profession even in her own lessons and assessments. The 285 and 295 classes need work and significant improvement on layout and content.
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Response 43 This was an excellence course and I would recommend it to other students.
Response 44 I am taking another online course, but only because I have to. This semester I was dissapointed with my first online class and I found it difficult to navigate and my teacher didn't help at all. She had instructions for certain things but expected us to know how to figure out the rest. I was really confused when she had half the class online in myitlab and the other half in laulima, and when she told us we could redo our grader projects I asked several times what the deadline was and she kept telling me it's whatever the website said? I can't understand this kind of instruction especially seeing as it's meant to be her job to show me. If a person has difficulty and explains this is their first online class and you don't steer them in the right direction or explain clearly what and where they need to look you are not doing your job. Not only could I not redo my assignments I emailed her several times throughout the semester to express my frustration. I wrote her a great evaluation and at the end of the semester she blew me off again when I asked about deadlines. I don't think she even knew the exact dates for the deadlines which was why she kept saying it's whatever the website says. I'm hoping my next class which will be more difficult will be a better experience for me. I am a high achieving student and this class will affect my gpa and scholarship opportunities. I think this was a reflection of poor teaching style rather than the courses and distance learning offered by leeward.
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Response 46 History 244 was one of the best distance education classes I have taken. Professor Knuuti had good materials that were well organized. The class and content exceeded my expectations. He was accessible and responsive.
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Response 48 The online famr course was the only bad course so far. It should be taken into consideration that people take online courses because they have a lot on their plate and can't show up for in person classes so they should have alternatives for assignments that require you to go out to places for your assignment.
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Response 51 No comments at this time. You have the best DE services at LCC.
Response 52 My teacher was MIA for about 3 weeks and told me they would get back to me and didn't. I pretty sure I'm failing and all my other 4 classes I got As I'm a hard working student.
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Response 56 I feel I was not accommodated. I have a disability, and the ki office made me feel so bad about myself that I could not do work. Plus I asked for help but due to my schedule, it was difficult. There should be accommodations for online as well as in class instruction.
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Response 60 I find taking DE courses very effective and it definitely helps with my busy schedule. I would prefer online and recommend it to everyone I know.
Response 61 Allows for convenience and flexibility. distance course teachers are usually very helpful and understanding, more so being that the class is online. i would take another class, given that it is not a hard subject, like accounting or math for example, just for personal reasons of liking those type of classes in person.
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Response 73 I am use to and prefer the traditional method of learning, which is face-to-face meetups with the instructor and fellow classmates.
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Response 83 THANK YOU!
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Response 89 I need to take DE courses...because I work and live far. DE classes allow me to finish my education. I would not be able to complete my degree without them.
Response 90 Need a better interface - too much going on with Laulima. Need to simplify and possibly create an app for ease of access.
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Response 93 Love the campus, love the teachers... Well all of those I have had are great. Especially love Miss. Emily. She's so helpful!
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Response 99 This campus offered good DE courses. This campus offered fantastic tutoring services and help.I wish there was more student teacher interaction and that is offered at other UH campuses. This campus offered the least amount of scheduled weekly chat or discussion times compared to the 3 other campuses I have taken DE courses from in the UH system.for the DE classes. The ADA counselor was very nice but I never saw my accommodation sheet, never approved of what was sent because I never saw it, never knew what exactly the teachers received and I did ask for a copy.
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Response 106 The teachers I had did an excellent job in working with the tools they are given. In my opinion, because each instructor does not use the same program as a means for teaching students, it makes learning extremely difficult. It seems like Laulima is just the meeting place, which doesn't make much sense. A lot of the other programs/sites teachers require us to use utilize the exact same features as Laulima which makes it redundant. I really feel like if all teachers were required to use one medium for the course schedule and deadlines, for example, that one simple change would help students a whole lot. Otherwise, Laulima is just outdated and pointless.
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Response 110 Good class and very clear instructions to succeed the course.
Response 111 I would but I will now be doing thorough research on the course first and how it is instructed before making the commitment. I feel it is important that the required materials or areas of study be what tests are on. I have rarely found this to be true.
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Response 117 only if i really really really had to....
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Response 119 I only take the online courses because I have to in order to make the classes fit into my schedule. Otherwise I would take all classes on campus.
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Response 121 Excellent program, I always feel like I am in a regular class. And of coarse with distance education, I am getting done something to meet my goal for my major and control my time.
Response 122 I suppose some online instructors are good at teaching regular classes, but these ones aren't as successful in online classes
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Response 130 It was very well organized with clear instructions on how to navigate the whole course. It was easy to navigate and a pleasure to take this class. Thank you.
Response 131 I loved Eng209 with Prof.Hurley! Would def take another online class again!!
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Response 133 There needs to be more Core DE courses offered. Such as Math 100...only 1 online course provided! Which is disappointing since that is the last course I need to finish my Associates. I am having a great experience at LCC! Thank you to Joy Lane my Counselor and the NEO crew with Lexar too!
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Response 137 loved the classes and the teachers were great and EXTREMELY helpful! it makes it possible for me to earn my degree meanwhile building my family. thank you!
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Response 148 I really liked having videos and a pdf with each assignment. I liked that I could rewatch the videos as much as I needed. The pdfs were essential because sometimes I couldn't see what the teacher had done. A few times a pdf wasn't available for an assignment and something could take me hours to figure out and that was a problem for me. Another suggestion, some extra credit opportunites were only on Leewards campus and I could not do them as I was here in Maui. That felt unfair. A possible way to balance that is, in this case two talks, is they could have been filmed and then I could have participated. Overall, I learned much more in this class with Erika Molyneux than in other classes on Maui. I felt her program was professional and pretty tight. It was a well organized.
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Response 152 I really learned a lot by taking distance education courses at Leeward Community College.
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Response 164 I have taken other courses at LCC and was once a full time student at LCC. I enjoy the faculty there and are very helpful. However, this semester was crazy with the online course. Laulima had so many problems that I constantly contacted my professor by email or telephone. I hope Laulima will be fixed soon.
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Response 168 I have always enjoyed Leewards online classes because they are so beneficial to a working student like me. Leeward is always thinking of their students first and it makes me want to stay forever! I am always satisfied with my DE experience!
Response 169 I hope there will be more available classes online for full time workers.
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Response 172
Response 173 Stop relying heavily on forum discussions to measure a students learning!
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Response 181 I dont know probably yes
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Response 185
Response 186 Forums should always be a thing. And lists. Some students really need a detailed, easy-to-read list of everything that's due, and when. And not always in a calendar format. And I mean everything. Not just tests, quizzes, and assignments, but also exercises and forums. And it would also help to have a list each week to know exactly how much is due, and how much time you should probably devote to things. Some students have jobs, multiple sometimes, in order to pay for college without relying on financial aid that they can't afford to repay later. Anything at all that can help with time management is there most welcome thing in the world. Thank you!
Response 187 Thank you for having a lot of Distance Education Courses.
Response 188
Response 189 I loved these kind of courses.
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Response 194 Not because I didn't like the course, but because this survey is literally the greatest waste of my time.
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Response 199 I would like to see more online Early Education classes at Leeward CC. Only because I have had a awesome experience while taking online classes at Leeward CC.
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Response 208 I feel that something like medical terminology requires proctored exams on campus to ensure learning. Even one proctored final would have pushed me and challenged me to achieve more. Otherwise the course was good. It's ridiculous that we had to buy the new edition of the book even though medical terminology is based off of ancient Greek and Latin languages, the old version of the book was $10 and the new version was $120, even though it only covered very basic terms that have been established for decades at the newest.
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Response 249 For someone like myself who works full time and takes 4 Casses a semester the distance learning is perfect
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Response 255 I have been enrolled in the distance education program for the past 4 semesters. This course has been the most challenging. Several of the assignments were unclear on expectations. There were a few classmates that would send out group emails to get clarification on assignments.
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Response 272 I think interacting face to face with the professor is more appropriate for me The instructor did not believe me when I turned in my assignments by email and made me forward the same assignments few times throughout this semester.
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Response 275
Response 276 Absolutely loved my instructor and this course!
Response 277
Response 278 Don't like the use of a third party site, or that instructors are not in-state.
Response 279 I appreciate all that LCC does to make courses available online. It helps me and other students who have a busy schedule.
Response 280 The program needs a lot of tweaking and work.
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Response 284
Response 285 Our Instructor Luukia in HWST 107 was excellent. I live in Maui, bu tthe course was so interactive, meaningful,and well organized. She really is an excellent instructor. I have taken a lot of college courses in my life, and I would say this course was in the top 1-2 in content and an open forum. The only difficulty I had with the course was the cost of the book which was $80 and we didn't use it that much. But, that's true often that textbooks are expensive. Thank you for a really comprehensive, challenging, and high quality semester in Hawaiian Studies 107 to Kumu Luukia.
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Response 308 Taking distance education courses are more convenient for me. More distance education courses need to be offered.
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Response 314 It would be best if teachers replied in a timely manner and update grades consistently with the percentage show on laulima
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Response 320 I could use more examples for the questions being asked in this survey.
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Response 325 Especially from Mrs. DeMolville. She is very organized with her lectures and forums. Her class is by far the best DE course I've taken so far because she makes her self easily accessible for students and she sticks to the syllabus. I believe that I will take another DE course in the near future. Thank You.
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Response 334
Response 335 i have no choice if I want to meet may goals
Response 336
Response 337 Self-motivation was the main problem I had in taking a distance education class. If I take another class I will be more prepared for the work and personal scheduling to get the work done.
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Response 339
Response 340 I did not like the videos at all. The audio always very poor and the procedure was not often clear for the lesson video. It was often just a 20 second snippet not very detailed. i would have rather taken course in person. I wasn't pleased with distance learning.
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Response 342
Response 343 I would spend more time with the helps (tutors )that are available and not wait the last minute to get help. I admire the tutors that helped me through my time of need because of their patients and kindness I made it and passed both of my ATT classes. ED 289 and ED 295. Aloha until then Haouli Maka Hiki Hou (HAPPY NEW YEAR!)
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Response 349
Response 350 I've taken a couple of DE courses at LCC, and this past one didn't really apply to the survey. It was all quizzes, and three tests. No lectures, course materials besides the textbook, and any interaction with classmates was through extra credit.
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Response 366 I took DE courses because I did not have alternate options, I prefer a conventional classroom setting
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Response 373
Response 374 But not from this art professor
Response 375
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Response 377
Response 378
Response 379 I loved my DE course so much I'm taking more this coming semester!
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Response 388
Response 389 The courses I took through Leeward CC was the best organized this semester. The teachers were responded and gave feedback in a timely matter. I would recommend LCC to others and look forward to taking more classes through LCC
Response 390 Roy Kamida is the instructor that taught the online course I took from Leeward. The structure of his online class is excellent. All topics and chapters had lecture videos that he lectured himself and it was very informative. That was the strength of this class is that we read the book but he too lectured which helps you understand topics easier because he gives you examples instead of just making you read the book and understand it yourself. The assignments and weekly quizzes helped you practice and learn the accounting steps which helped with the tests. I really enjoyed this class because it was clear cut and he was always available for questions.
Response 391
Response 392 I love online classes. I hope all classes are online so I can work while studying. Thank you for offering them.
Response 393 Absolutely. I am currently scheduled to take ACCOUNTING 202 in the Spring of 2016. I took Accounting 201 at UHWO in the Fall of 2015 but the professor is currently on maternity leave and I didn't want to wait 9 months to take 202. We'll see how it goes, but I am looking forward to it.
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Response 395
Response 396
Response 397
Response 398
Response 399
Response 400
Response 401
Response 402 Question #3 of the survey: "ONLINE Process of Aquiring Textbooks". I have no idea what "aquiring" is unless you intended for it to be "acquiring". please fix that before my next survey. It is simply unprofessional to not spell check these days.
Response 403
Response 404
Response 405
Response 406
Response 407
Response 408
Response 409
Response 410
Response 411
Response 412 very happy with DE and so glad it was invented...a dream come true.
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Response 415
Response 416
Response 417
Response 418
Response 419
Response 420
Response 421
Response 422
Response 423
Response 424
Response 425 Not with the same instructor!
Response 426
Response 427
Response 428 I am currently enrolled in 3 DE courses for Spring 2016 semester.
Response 429
Response 430
Response 431 My instructor was the most organized online instructor I have ever had. Mahalo, Ms. Hurley.
Response 432
Response 433
Response 434
Response 435
Response 436
Response 437
Response 438
Response 439 I loved my online classes! i did mark that i never interacted with others in my class, but that was not a bad thing. I did not feel the need to interact with anyone because to me, it was all self-motivated learning and work.
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Response 441
Response 442
Response 443
Response 444
Response 445
Response 446
Response 447
Response 448 I took two courses and each professor left feedback (which was great) but the feedback was located in different areas on Laulima, and I was never told where to find it. I received a score of zero for several assignments (which I was later allowed to remedy), because I did not see the feedback that was given to me. More consistency in delivery would be nice to have.
Response 449 A little difficult for me
Response 450
Response 451
Response 452
Response 453
Response 454 I would only take it if absolutely the last opportunity to get the required course.
Response 455
Response 456
Response 457 These answers are true for 3 of my classes. One of my classes was not as organized and the instructor was not as helpful as my other professors.
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Response 467
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Response 470
Response 471 Having online courses has made it easier for me to take more classes and still be able to work full time.
Response 472 I enjoy online classes being a mother and transport for my kids. Traditional classes most of the time do not fit in with the schedule I have.
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Response 477
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Response 480
Response 481
Response 482 It's hard to interact with other class mates, because I never saw them. I had to try and find them for help on homework.
Response 483
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Response 485
Response 486
Response 487
Response 488
Response 489
Response 490
Response 491
Response 492
Response 493 I would only take another DE course due to my time availability.
Response 494
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Response 496
Response 497
Response 498
Response 499
Response 500
Response 501 But I would consider it if the course did not use every single online learning resource available. History 151 had too many assignments in too many places with too many different things that need to be accessed. It made it difficult to keep track of everything, especially as someone taking a distance learning class because he has a full time job.
Response 502
Response 503 3rd course taken through DE. Problem encountered included bugs in the Pearson program that could not fixed at the time assignment was taken resulting in a lower grade for incomplete/inaccurate work.
Response 504
Response 505
Response 506 thanks f
Response 507
Response 508
Response 509
Response 510
Response 511
Response 512
Response 513 there should be more online classes available for working students who have families
Response 514
Response 515
Response 516
Response 517
Response 518 Professor Ramos from ICS 100 needs to be way more organized.
Response 519
Response 520
Response 521
Response 522
Response 523
Response 524
Response 525
Response 526
Response 527
Response 528
Response 529
Response 530 This particular class had way too many time-consuming requirements. The syllabus needs to be more organized and there were too many links and/or class resource locations which created confusion for students. Overall a good course, but I believe the instructor was trying too hard and attempting to include too many things in one course. Having taken literally hundreds of credit hours from several different colleges and universities, I believe the course load far exceeded the credit hours for the class.
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Response 537
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Response 539
Response 540
Response 541
Response 542
Response 543
Response 544 Taking online classes has really helped me alot.
Response 545 I wish more were offered online, do enjoy them.
Response 546
Response 547
Response 548
Response 549
Response 550 I think the set up for all DE courses should be the same across the board. For example one of my classes the mailtool was unavailable; one teacher used forums for what seemed like should have been an assignment type of use...
Response 551
Response 552
Response 553 Only because I have to take DE I'm a working parent and cannot attend classes
Response 554
Response 555
Response 556
Response 557
Response 558
Response 559 I loved it because I am 44 years old just returning to college. It allows me to take care of my family and all my other obligations that I have to take care of on a daily basis. I am taking most of my classes as a DE this spring semester. I wish all of the DE courses allowed me to do everything at home due to the fact I have a child that has many medical problems. The one I took this semester allowed me to do everything from home and I noticed for some of the ones I am taking this spring they still require me to go on to campus to take tests etc. I hope that the school may offer more classes that I can do 100% at home. My instructor was amazing and very helpful. Well prepared and explained everything step by step along with many examples. That made it easy to understand and know what was expected of me.
Response 560
Response 561
Response 562
Response 563
Response 564 Awesome teachers I'd take on line courses again
Response 565
Response 566
Response 567 Convinient
Response 568
Response 569
Response 570
Response 571
Response 572 Especially with Cawdery!!
Response 573
Response 574
Response 575
Response 576
Response 577
Response 578
Response 579
Response 580
Response 581
Response 582
Response 583 I will be taking a few more classes at LCC. I am a big fan of the course structure and teachers there at that college!!
Response 584
Response 585
Response 586
Response 587
Response 588
Response 589
Response 590
Response 591
Response 592
Response 593
Response 594
Response 595
Response 596 If I could take all DE classes, I would!
Response 597 I had an overall very good experience withe online courses. The books used were very detail and easy to ready and work with. Mr Kamida was very helpful I'm taking another acc course with him this semester. i did not have the same experience with acc 132, all my questions were answered in a very basic way, no much detail or information and even with a " google it". Thank you
Response 598
Response 599
Response 600
Response 601
Response 602
Response 603
Response 604
Response 605
Response 606
Response 607
Response 608 It is something that I would take again. Most time I prefer the face to face.
Response 609
Response 610
Response 611
Response 612
Response 613 I am enrolled in my second hybrid course this coming semester.
Response 614
Response 615
Response 616 Would like to be able to complete more courses via DE. Specifically the ICS courses.
Response 617
Response 618
Response 619
Response 620
Response 621 Taking online class make easier for anyone who has several things to do without fighting traffic..
Response 622
Response 623
Response 624
Response 625 Every professor has their own way of using the tools. It takes awhile to get familiarize and acclimated to each professor's style. I do recommend this type of learning. Sitting in an auditorium has been done since the Greeks. Surely we can upgrade the learning experience by now. Lets move forward!
Response 626
Response 627
Response 628 N/A
Response 629 This is my second DE course and I think it worked for me. Other courses need both classroom and web learning such as ACC 201. Sometimes you learn better when the teacher is explaining the course in person. My Quickbook course is perfect for distance learning since it is a online program.
Response 630
Response 631
Response 632
Response 633
Response 634
Response 635
Response 636