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Response 6 Problems with the distance learning stemmed more from the instructor not being available to the students like he should have been.
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Response 17 The one course I took at Leeward Online-I took two others from different schools--was frustrating. This course was ACC255 and I felt the instructor did not respond to questions in a timely manner. The videos designed to assist with student in completion of the assigned materials was incomplete for many assignments. This would prompt me to ask questions of the instructor and she would respond with a comment "you can withdraw from the course" or "you should know how to do the assignment from a prerequisite course." I would respond with I didn't learn the information thoroughly enough to accomplish the assignment without further assistance and she would respond with "you should withdraw from the course." I was so upset by the instructor I called the school and spoke to her department head. I decided to complete the entire course a month early. I completed all assigned materials over Spring Break. The instructor finally assisted me-I think because she knew the head of her department was keeping tabs on the situation. I feel really sad that future students will be treated in the manner by this instructor. The instructor knows that most students would just stop asking questions--due to her bad behavior and treatment. I am an older student on the other hand & I completely refused to put up with her bad behavior. The instructor should be reprimanded for her behavior. If a younger student ended up in my situation it could completely change their educational goals and dreams.
Response 18 Urbaniack is a great hybrid course teacher!
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Response 21 Because I work, have a busy schedule, and live far from the campus...distance learning is the most convenient way for me to work on my degree. The distance learning course I took this past semester was very difficult because it provided no interaction, activities or media resources. It was completely by the book....with no communication or interaction with the instructor or other students. It was very boring and difficult to grasp concepts that one had to understand to answer the multiple choice questions on exams. Also, when taking the exams...I could not go back and double check the answers . This class was a nightmare ...completely different from all the other interesting interactive experiences I've had with DL the past.
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Response 28 Depending on the instructor.
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Response 39 Online classes is a great way to learn. I work full time and ths type of training allows me the opportunity to maximize my time and schedule my own time to work on assignments. I like that I can get ahead and for me when I can get ahead I can stay ahead. Hope this makes sense to you.
Response 40 I only had a problem with 1 assignment. Teacher said she didnt see anything on her side, but on my site my paper was perfectly fine.
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Response 51 Courses online need to have multiple assignments and interactions to enable efficient learning. The course taken had a few high risk assignments which made the ability to understand and apply the content very difficult particularly when considering the sheer quantity of content being tested on any of the assignments. An additional factor which would have contributed to an overall better experience with distance education would be an instructor who seems interested in both the students and the content. This particular instructor appeared interested in neither.
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Response 61 I took 2 DE courses this past semester. One instructor was great, encouraging, open and always there. The other one was the opposite. I barely heard from her and I had to wait days for a response when I emailed her with questions about assignments. She changed due dates for assignments on the announcements but not schedule which made things really confusing and she did not accept late homework because of it. She was practically none existent and its like I had to teach myself this particular course. After taking her class I am discouraged from taking another DE course. I understand that a DE course is at your own pace and you don't have to meet on campus on set days and hours and there's no physical action with the instructor but that doesn't mean that she can be barely there. Other students posted questions for help on forums for the same questions I had, questions about the due dates, exams, course material, etc. She was also taking an online class herself and she asked for patience with her getting our assignments back to us after it was graded but she gave us no flexibility for our assignments when she changed the due dates. And she had spelling errors on her slideshows to study for exams and even on the exam questions she had spelling errors. One of the titles of her slideshows didn't even match her course content. That class was really frustrating.
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Response 63 Acct 134, Course Instructor, Professor Kamida, excellent instructor and course. Best course I've taken at LCC.
Response 64 Textbook and how it worked with Laulima interface left a lot to be desired.
Response 65 My survey results were skewed because I took 3 distance classes this semester. 2 of 3 of my distance courses were very good, well-organized, and well-run classes. One of my distance classes was the very worst class I've ever taken at any school. The instructor did nothing to instruct, assist, or even communicate with the class for the entire semester. I do plan to speak with someone in the Math and Science department about this problem.
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Response 70 Yes, I would but I am graduating May 15th, 2015...Yaaayyy!!!
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Response 75 I found some mistakes and errors in the provided video. LCC has been using the same video materials for a long time. Will you update these materials like the correction of those errors in the displayed sentences in the video?
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Response 80 I am a very busy mother that works long hours and come home to a 1 year old. I don't have the time to be sitting in a classroom and learning course materials. I really enjoy taking classes online because it is so much more convenient for me. It gives me an opportunity to get an education as well as work towards my degree. I am able to work on school work at work so that I can go home to my child at the end of the day with no worries about getting school work done. I also enjoy that I can do my work in the comfort of my home or work space and not in a classroom full of people who will not interact with you. I am going to continue taking online courses for as long as I can.
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Response 83 I think it's better to have courses where everything is unlocked so the student can do it all on their own time and doesn't have to wait to be ahead or behind.
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Response 87 it is most helpful and tailored to the working students.
Response 88 Mr. Teroka and Professor Kosasa were excellent. I am telling my friends to strongly take their classes.
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Response 106 Distance education beats driving to campus and sitting through a class!
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Response 110 I have only based my responses for one class. It would not be fair if I included the other two classes that lacked organizational structure and answered your questions in an "Overall" response. New instructors need to be approached as to how your dept. can suggest ways to structure Laulima. I get the impression new instructors are hesitant to ask for help. You can e-mail me to discuss. If Laulima is not working (especially on a due date - ex. Sundays at 11:59 p.m.) please post an advisory on the home page of Laulima so that we can screen shot the advisory to our professor. In this way, we would be allowed an extension of time in which to answer the quiz, test, or exam. We need proof other than just saying, "Laulima wasn't working."
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Response 112 DE is most suitable for myself, as a full-time working parent and student, this allows me to continue my education. Along with evening classes. I will reach my goal.
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Response 133 Online courses were very convenient since I don't live in the leeward district, but would like to take classes from recommended professors.
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Response 135 I love online courses!!!
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Response 138 DE is a great alternative in learning.
Response 139 The only thing that went wrong this semester with my DE courses was that my teacher (Saromines-Ganne) graded unfairly and without reason, and failed to respond to the email I sent her regarding the grade she gave me on my essay worth 1/5th of my total grade. DE professors should have to respond to emails (especially if they put that as one of the ways to contact them). It's really frustrating to have questions but no answers in return.
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Response 142 Yes. I will take another (DE) this because is this how I am more motivated to do my work. And also, more responsible to my classes
Response 143 Professor Lee was very good in Fin 150. It was not a required class for me however it was needed on a personal level to assist in financing the rest of school and making careful financial decision. I learned a great deal! Many thanks.
Response 144 I enjoyed the course.
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Response 154 If possible, I would prefer the Hybrid classes...scheduled class times provide just the right amount of interactions with the instructor & students. Emails and forums are not all that great for Q & A...
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Response 157 Very convenient and easier to understand
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Response 165 Looking forward to seeing more courses available via Online. It really helps those who work full-time and gets us students off the roads, helping to relieve traffic issues.
Response 166 My real answer is maybe. This course that I took this semester wasn't what I expected. I was hoping I would be able to finish most of the work ahead of time so that I wouldn't be stressed out at the end of the semester. But this class only provided work for the current week. I think instructors should let students complete as much work as they can early. I work two jobs and I took an online class so that I could have more time to work. But because this course only gave out work weekly, I barely had time for my other classes and work. If all courses are like this, then I would definitely not want to take another DE course. But if they're not all like this, and LCC actually offers courses that I can finish ahead of time, then I may consider taking another DE course.
Response 167 DE courses was great!!! I took a total of 3 DE courses in 2 semesters and it was a beneficial experience. I would like to see more DE courses offered in more subjects as appropriate. I prefer DE courses. Thank you!!!
Response 168 Some classes should charge discounted tuition since some teachers did nothing but just check the test score and gives us grades. I liked and would recommend to others only Ms. Hurley's ENG 209. Her online material was very organized and well prepared, gives us a lot of feedback. Her online class was awesome.
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Response 176 I would recommend students take an online class as long as they have good management and are intrinsically motivated.
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Response 182 I would but, I would like them to not be very time-consuming. Such as having to complete a piece of difficult homework only 1 day after learning about how to do it. Despite having other classes, a job and time for a human-being's every day functions, online courses seem to really act as if it is the only class that the student has and takes no respect for the other time-demanding courses that could be expected from the student as well.
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Response 185 I took HIST 152 with Keith Knuuti as instructor. He was rarely available by phone or office hours. He rarely attended online office hours, took over 3-4 weeks to answer emails, if at all, still to this day has not given feedback for writing assignments from March, when he has given feedback for rough drafts it has been on the day the final draft is due. This instructor did not do ANY useful teaching this semester, he put his course on "set and forget". Although he is extremely knowledgeable, barring any personal matters that he is experiencing, he has done his students and the University of Hawaii a huge disservice. Luckily I'm an older student who has already finished school and I know how to study/learn, for first year students I would say that Mr. Knuuti has set them back academically in terms of giving feedback and helping them to improve as students. Mr. Knuuti should not be teaching an online course. If I weren't using my GI BILL for this course I would likely ask for a tuition refund due to his complete detachment from the course. Please refer to the CHAT feed for HIST 152 to get an idea of student concerns. Thanks.
Response 186 Convenient. Well thorough.
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Response 191 Thanks!
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Response 193 Professor Chong was the most helpful professor I ever had in the whole UH system.
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Response 195 Dr.Kae is very compassionate to his students and cares for the students success. If there would be a MICRO 140 online offered in the near future I would definitely take that class , and hopefully it would be instructed under Dr. Kae
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Response 197 Im not a good learner. I'm a procrastinator.
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Response 213 Except I probably won't be because I graduated!!!!
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Response 215 but can't cause I graduated already! cheeee
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Response 222 It is Great! I can do my homework and assignments anytime of the day
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Response 233 I enjoy DE because it allows me the flexibility to juggle school and work, both full time!
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Response 247 What I found very helpful were the hybrid courses. It gave students the opportunity to engage the instructor and get the personal help needed that you cannot get through e-media. One of the distance education course instructors this semester did an excellent job providing many different learning resources and learning techniques that attributed to my successful learning and is evident in my course grade.
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Response 268 I would, but not having the teacher in front of me is very hard.
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Response 270 i love online courses
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Response 272 I'm DONE!!! Graduating!
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Response 275 Please note: I was hoping to finish a BA in one of the UH campuses. However, it I looking at the University of Oregon and the University of Mass, Amherst. They are much cheaper and will provide fully bachelors on line degrees. It would be nice for the UH to catch up with on-line services and degrees.
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Response 278 Courses like math should not have a testing center policy but a timed test.
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Response 287 Good instructor and gives fair grades. I would recommend this instructor to other students.
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Response 289 DE has always been my "to-go" route. Around mission deployments with my HI ANG unit and my 3 kids, DE has been such a convenience.
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Response 295 I would prefer to take courses on campus, but will take them online if they don't fit into my schedule. I have found over the past few years of taking classes online that I don't learn as well from online classes. The instructors seem detached with the students, as if we are just a name on a screen. Most of the time there is very little actual teaching from the instructors, more you teaching yourself and then being tested on it. When I take online classes, I feel as if I am just "paying" for my degree, rather than actually learning anything. For classes such as Hawaiian Studies, this isn't too much of a problem, but it does become a problem when I have to take a Business class online for something I am actually going to have to apply in a job field later on and I learned very little, if anything from the online class. So many classes are going the way of online, I feel there should be more actual teaching involved. Videos, from the instructor, links to examples of videos or websites. Rather than read page 500-550 and take this test. Just my opinion as a student in the UH system for the past few years.
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Response 299 I have taken several online courses from LCC since 2008. It is always a good experience
Response 300 Thank you Professor Kamida.
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Response 303 Yes, I would take another DE course at Leeward CC. It is very convenient for me to take online courses. I wish there were more to take.
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Response 317 I think it's great to take distance learning, so that way, you can spend the time being in class doing something else. This especially helps if you're going to more than one school and working lots of hours at your job. I especially like how instructors would record themselves and their lectures. It feels like it makes me more in control.
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Response 334 I loved taking a distance learning education. Although i wish more courses were offered online. especially since i am a stay at home mom and have 4 children to take care of. i know getting my education is my responsibility but if their were more options for people like me (stay at home moms) to get their education in a easier way it would really help.
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Response 339 Kumu Losch-HWST 107- Her on-line course was the first ever that I took; and I have very low computer skills! The ease of her course amazed me- if all of the DE courses were set-up like hers, I would take several courses.