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Response 2 Busn166 Ocarlay- was terrible. I have taken many DE courses and this was a joke. The comments on this survey are towards this course and not my MKT120 Spencer course which was strong.
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Response 8 Online courses is a great tool for a student's success. It provides flexibility to students schedule and also the opportunity to complete your level course in the comfort of your own time. Thank you for offering it at LCC.
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Response 17 Thanks for providing me such an invaluable opportunity! I would be unable to take the college courses I am looking to take if not for the Leeward CC DE courses. The only thing I would suggest for improvement is to incorporate more video lectures and/or video tutorials. I am MOST GRATEFUL and keep up the great work!
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Response 23 N/A
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Response 25
Response 26 The quality of online classes vary. A few professors are good at leading an online class and make much use of different learning tools and methods. Unfortunately, professors like this are few and far between. It's much more common for professors to tell us to read the text, and take a quiz, with little-to-no other interaction or learning methods/assessments. I feel like some professors treat online classes as an afterthought, investing less time in them than in their face-to-face classes. In my opinion, a good online class should not lose anything from being a distance learning experience.
Response 27 I absolutely love taking online classes. In fact, I wish I could take all of my classes online.
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Response 29
Response 30 very convenient for me since i work full time hours. this makes getting my associates degree doable. i will most likely take as many online courses as i possibly can to eliminate night courses.
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Response 35
Response 36 The teacher was great and worked with me even though I was injured and had to make-up assignments. A couple of times Laulima site was having tech issues and it messed me up during a test and doing late night assignments.
Response 37 Yes! I totally enjoyed it, it fit in my schedule, I have already signed up for 3 more online classes for next semester. Thank you for the opportunity :)
Response 38
Response 39 I prefer the face to face interaction with students and teacher. The teacher was very helpful in getting me through my first DE course.
Response 40 I would prefer not to take an on line but the classes that I am required to take are only available on line. After taking this class, I find it easier to learn and communicate with an instructor when you actually sit in a class
Response 41 I highly recommend the online course HIST151 at LCC
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Response 47
Response 48 The quality of the ED course(s) really depends on the professor teaching the class.
Response 49 Instructor was excellent. Always on top of things. Grades were posted on time and he answered questions in a timely manner.
Response 50 As a distance learner it is very important to have an alternate technology plan. In addition, a distance student can fall back, because technological options like an extra computer or the ability to connect to the Internet may cause catastrophic consequences to a distance learner. So it is very important to remind a student or even make it a course requirement and priority that a distance learner is prepared to complete all course work without scrambling for a technological service that should already have been in place if the need arises to utilize the options a alternate technological plan is suppose to provide. Anyway, I appreciate your time and consideration in this matter of importance! Mahalo Nui Loa!
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Response 57
Response 58 This was my first DE class and I was a bit worried at first because I did not know what to expect. I found the course to be very easy to understand and challenging. I learned a great deal and will be taking advantage of DDE courses in the future.
Response 59
Response 60 The group collaboration opportunities and Edublogs postings were instrumental to my learning.
Response 61 I took 2 courses. One was great, but the other less so. There was almost no communication from the instructor after the course began, unless I asked a specific question. Those were answered promptly. In addition, no student interaction was encouraged.
Response 62
Response 63 Great online experience!
Response 64
Response 65
Response 66 If there were more evening classes (math)offered, I would rather have attended some of the more difficult classes.
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Response 68
Response 69 it wasnt the fact that we had a bad teacher or the distance education was bad, but instead it was the course itself. It was altered to fit students that just needed the class for an elective, which sucked for the people who have a passion for the degree that requires this course.
Response 70 Online classes is great and should be continued to be available to students.ill be taking more online classes in the future
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Response 73
Response 74 Not with my art professor. She was a bad professor.
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Response 77 It works great with my schedule
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Response 86
Response 87 It seemed like almost a waste to do the weekly posts because no one was reading or responding to mine for more than half the semester. I almost lost all interest in participating at all, but it ended up getting better.
Response 88
Response 89 Greater compatibility with mobile devices would be awesome!
Response 90
Response 91
Response 92 I love taking online courses!
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Response 94
Response 95 I really like taking online classes, so far I have taken all but three classes online. Keep up the great availability options for online classes. It allows people like me to graduate, otherwise, I might not be graduating if I had to attend campus for all my classes. I will be graduating May 2014
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Response 99 This course, HWST 107, with Tracie Losch, was by far the best online course I have ever taken. It was organized and user-friendly. I learned a lot and what's more, I enjoyed the course. It was stress-free and wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone.
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Response 105 The only thing about using the online programs is that some of the coursework has a restriction on when you can take the tests. It would be easier to remove that for those who work at a faster pace. This is even in on-campus classes that utilize online learning programs such as MyITLab.
Response 106
Response 107 I am only able to take DE courses due to work and family circumstances.
Response 108 Online classes should have their tests done online as well, I was taking this class due to lack of time and had a 2 day window to take a test that if missed would cause the class to be impossible to pass. If the test had been online this problen would have been avoided.
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Response 110
Response 111 I found the course interesting but the instructor took awhile to respond and took a long time in posting the grades, especially the the book reviews.
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Response 114
Response 115 Although I had not interacted with other students in the class, we did have the means to do so if we preferred. I only interacted with the professor once during the semester, only because all his instructions were CLEAR and CONCISE, and very well organized!!! Professor Joe is an excellent DE instructor. He laid out the semester with an extremely useful guide on how to apply our time. He also populated the calendar with important course deadlines and I found this invaluable!!! He made it so easy for me to concentrate on the course material versus trying to figure out how to navigate laulime!!! THANK YOU
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Response 117
Response 118 some DE professors are different from other professors. Its sad how grades should be graded and listed just as well as how they would like us to turn in our assignments when its due. It's difficult as times when DE is flexible but professors should follow their dates as well.
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Response 120
Response 121 12/17/2013: Implement to have ALL ICS courses available as an online format!
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Response 126 I have two online courses and one cable tv course for the next semester... if I could do all my classes online I would!
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Response 130 I hope the way this class was set up will be that way for my future DE courses.
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Response 134 I really like online classes because I work full time so it helps out alot, I wish there was more online classes because here are only a few I can take online and the rest I have to go on campus. But other then that my instructors are very nice, helpful, and are very understanding when I had questions about my assisgnments.
Response 135
Response 136 I love distance education courses because it is flexible to my schedule. I enjoy doing things at my own pace. I also like knowing what I need to do ahead of time. I find it more effective for me to gain credits towards a degree this way. Like some UH system students, I prefer distance education courses for Most Courses. Although, I don't think they would be effective for courses that need more instruction, such as Mathematics, Accounting, Physics, and so on. I wish there were more distance education courses or at least more hybrid courses that meet once a week.
Response 137
Response 138 More DE classes for more courses for full time working individuals that can't always make the on campus classes.
Response 139 Was disappointed that the instructor that was supposed to teach was ill. Substitute was not up to par.
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Response 145
Response 146 My answers were mainly for only one of my courses. The questions seem to ask in general but I was very satisfied with my other class.
Response 147 The instructor was great and very responsive whenever I had questions. I was happy and thankful that my textbooks were in stock and were shipped quickly to me even though I am on another island.
Response 148
Response 149 I love DE classes :)
Response 150 Could the questions in the survey be shortened.
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Response 162
Response 163
Response 164 However the class I want to take is not available online next semester
Response 165 The two Leeward Distance ICS courses I've taken in the past five years have been excellent. The courses and the instructors inspired me to learn more and challenged me to be more ambitious. These classes changed the direction of my life.
Response 166
Response 167
Response 168 Yes, I'm looking at history 2 with Prof. Knuuti. He was always good to respond and participate with the class discussions. He made it interesting and a pleasure to learn about history.
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Response 170
Response 171
Response 172 I have taken many distance learning courses over the past few years at different CC's and the UH Manoa. Leeward is the best. Best prepared. Good presentations. MP4 podcasts are essentials. Professors all show caring for student learning. That is not always the case from other campuses. I really appreciate what you are doing and believe that you are on the cutting edge. Mahalo and good job!
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Response 174
Response 175 Thank you for making distance education courses possible for those who are unable to attend school on campus.
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Response 178
Response 179 There is a glitch in the system of Laulima that caused me to fail a course. When I have two windows open and submit two different assignments for the same class they both go toward the second window that I opened. When I submit the second assignment it erases the first one I would have already submitted and makes it seem like I never turned it in at all. This was while using Google Crome, and because I didn't catch it until so late in the year by using grade book, I became so exasperated that I just gave up after seeing that I would have to ace everything else just to barley get a D in the class. I also don't understand why there are deadlines for course work in distance education courses. The whole purpose of these classes is because a student needs the flexibility to do the course work whenever he/she wants. If I am busy with work, out of the country, or in the hospital for all but the last three weeks of the course I should still be able to turn in all my test and assignments for full credit. I really disliked my DE courses and never want to take them again, but will have to because I can't afford not to.
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Response 197
Response 198 Distance education classes should provide more support for students
Response 199
Response 200 Laulima is valuable tool for DE students at LCC. The one thing that needs to be implemented throughout Laulima is a uniform presentation by every instructor. So all the tools available in Laulima should have the same content in them for every class. One class should not have assignments under modules and another have the syllabus under resources. Also instructors should be forced to use all the tools available regardless of whether or not they think they add value. In my experience most teacher dont like or use chat, mailtool, grade book, or assignments. Even though this information may be in the syllabus, redundancy helps the sttudent finding the information in more than one place. This has been my biggest complaint of Laulime.
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Response 203
Response 204
Response 205 I am finished.
Response 206
Response 207
Response 208
Response 209 I enjoy these interactive courses! The professors are always warm and welcoming and I like that.
Response 210
Response 211
Response 212
Response 213 Online professor's should respond more to their student VIA email. My online professor has not responded to any emails I've sent regarding my grade.
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Response 217
Response 218
Response 219
Response 220
Response 221
Response 222 The materials provided by Professor Hurley were very well organized to meet the course expectations. This was my first online class. If other classes are set up this well, I would take more online classes.
Response 223
Response 224
Response 225
Response 226
Response 227
Response 228 I didn't think more class interaction would be helpful for this class. It was not a subject that would have benefited from discussion. I thought most of the subject material was explained well on the website and from the instructors additional material. I don't think my school standing had any financial aid opportunity.
Response 229 The courses are good. Assignments should be clear and updated. Overall I learned quite a bit, but it was difficult finding the support to do well.
Response 230 I really like distance learning and am so thankful that it is available. I don't believe I would have been this successful in college without DE services. Mahalo LCC for making it possible for me to earn a degree.
Response 231
Response 232
Response 233
Response 234 My ENG professor should not clutter laulima with unnecessary reference. Links should also be consistent and the Laulima sectioned /categories should be used to organize content
Response 235
Response 236
Response 237
Response 238
Response 239 Thank you for making Laulima user friendly and always pursuing to improve it.
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Response 243
Response 244
Response 245
Response 246 Keep up the good work!
Response 247
Response 248
Response 249 Some of the instructions given for certain excel assignments were confusing between the sample that was given.
Response 250
Response 251 Professor Tracie for Hawaiian Study online course was easy to follow and access. I wish more professors were an organized as her and used modules to help with each tool. This has by far been the best online course I've takes so far.
Response 252 D.E. Course A: Course strengths: * Instructor provided constructive criticism and encouraging comments on a regular basis. * Assignment expectations were clear. * Course load was appropriate. Course weaknesses: * Assignments were not released until Sun. with most due on Thurs. leaving only 5 days to prepare and complete most assignments. For a student such as myself, with responsibilities to a family and career to contend with as well as my commitment to my education, this short amount of time presented a considerable challenge. D.E. Course B Course strengths: * Modules were colorful, interesting and insightful. * Projects and assignments were directly related to materials covered. * Assignments, modules (containing course materials)and project descriptions (as well as sample projects) were posted at the beginning of the semester, allowing students to read ahead with more time to prepare. * the project samples and grading rubrics provided for each project assigned was very helpful. Course weaknesses: * Communication with the instructor was difficult, with some e-mailed questions never answered. * assignments and projects were not graded and returned in a timely manner. * Instructor did not provide much feedback on projects and assignments handed in .
Response 253
Response 254
Response 255 Question number 28 I never did have to use, thats is the only reason why it's a never. I liked my class, not only was it informative but also enjoyable.
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Response 269
Response 270 The course I took with Prof. Pat Hurley (Ling 102) was an excellent example of what distance learning course should be. Well organized, easy to follow instructions, varied assessments, lots of resources, fair grading, corresponds professionally, gives positive feedback and responds quickly to e-mails. I hope other learning courses at LCC will learn from her online-course. Thank you!
Response 271 i prefer online courses to in class course. online courses make it that much more possible not to only better the life (ex. jobs, family, etc.) outside of school, but it also helps to acquire more classes/per semester, to fit the students needs and goals.
Response 272 Everything was really transparent and clear (expectations from me, learning and grading objectives, etc.) That made all the difference I think! (in a good way!) It was a good experience and I would definitely do again.
Response 273
Response 274
Response 275 I wish more courses would be offered online. Working full time during the day makesit ruff. This next semester I take a class that is not offered online, BUSN 193-C and it starts at 4:00 PM, I don't even get off work until 4:30. Class will be almost over before I get there. Online is the way of the future!
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Response 277
Response 278
Response 279
Response 280
Response 281
Response 282
Response 283
Response 284
Response 285
Response 286 Mr. Nakamura was an exceptional teacher with the History 152 course that I took online. He was very understanding and answered emails promptly at all times.
Response 287 looking forward to taking more DE courses.
Response 288
Response 289
Response 290 I
Response 291 I had to rate many of the questions as "often" because one out of the five classes that I took was not clear and I did not understand. I passed the class however the information n the syllabus and powerpoint and readings were not really related to the material being tested-PSY 100 - Dr. Jordan
Response 292
Response 293
Response 294
Response 295 The effectiveness of the course is dependent upon the instructor. Perhaps if there were more uniform expectations for the instructors for DE courses, there would be a more comprehensive and organized understanding of expectations for all DE courses.
Response 296 Great class! Very well organized teacher!
Response 297
Response 298
Response 299
Response 300 If I were going to continue my education DE classes are a good option.
Response 301
Response 302 Why does it take so long for instructors to post final semester grades? If a student needed to retake a course, they would not be able to the following semester because students have to wait so long to find out their final grade.
Response 303
Response 304
Response 305
Response 306
Response 307
Response 308
Response 309
Response 310
Response 311
Response 312
Response 313
Response 314
Response 315
Response 316
Response 317
Response 318
Response 319
Response 320
Response 321
Response 322
Response 323
Response 324
Response 325
Response 326 Yes. The tools, materials and deadlines are perfect. Maybe just a little less workload considering that we took the online class for convenience due to our job or considering our other classes as well.
Response 327
Response 328
Response 329
Response 330 I find the online courses very helpful and extremely convinient for anyone that has a busy schedule. I plan on taking more throughout my time at LCC.
Response 331
Response 332
Response 333
Response 334
Response 335
Response 336
Response 337
Response 338 more distance courses need to be offered to meet degree and/or certificate requirements. There are too few courses.
Response 339 Great course, great teacher, excited to take another course from her.
Response 340 Although I live closer to LCC, I attend Kapiolani CC. This was the first time taking a course from LCC and I really liked it.
Response 341
Response 342
Response 343
Response 344
Response 345
Response 346 none
Response 347
Response 348
Response 349
Response 350
Response 351
Response 352
Response 353
Response 354
Response 355
Response 356
Response 357
Response 358
Response 359
Response 360 DE is the best. I would take it whenever available.
Response 361 This was my first online class experience, I did not care for online schooling, I found it to be quite stressful, unless I absolutely have to, I wonʻt take online classes.
Response 362
Response 363
Response 364
Response 365
Response 366
Response 367
Response 368 It fits my schedule best
Response 369
Response 370
Response 371
Response 372
Response 373
Response 374
Response 375
Response 376
Response 377
Response 378
Response 379
Response 380
Response 381
Response 382
Response 383 I'm continuing spring semester with 3 distance Ed. Courses from Leeward, I'm pushing to get through and graduate to get into Uh Manoa for Fall 2014.
Response 384
Response 385
Response 386
Response 387
Response 388 I would not take another distance education course at Leeward Community College because I am transferring to another college.
Response 389
Response 390
Response 391
Response 392
Response 393 I have taken DE classes from all the UH community colleges, as well as Maui College. I find them to be more convenient since I work full-time and reside on Molokai.
Response 394
Response 395
Response 396
Response 397 Professor Engh provided the best online course I have taken so far. Some have been truly terrible.But he used all the available tools through laulima and made it a very interactive class.
Response 398
Response 399
Response 400
Response 401
Response 402
Response 403
Response 404
Response 405
Response 406
Response 407
Response 408
Response 409 But im going to take a in class this coming semester because it would seem to be better to learn in a class.
Response 410 Very convenient and easy to use. I wouldn't be able to go back to school if it wasn't for DE.
Response 411
Response 412
Response 413
Response 414
Response 415
Response 416
Response 417 I have taken three DE classes from LCC and by far, they are convenient and effective. Thank you!
Response 418
Response 419
Response 420
Response 421 This was a great experience. I had to use a lot of self discipline to get through the demands of online courses.
Response 422 I think that the courses need organization so that information is readily available. I think that the course syllabus should have the location to find information in Laulima included in the section description.
Response 423
Response 424 I really enjoyed taking this DE course at Leeward CC. In the future I plan on taking another.
Response 425 depends on the teacher, some at LCC, that I have taken internet courses from, have been EXCELLENT (Khan, Wong, Adler, Kosasa), Bus 121 was the WORST (of the 28 on line courses I have taken) Ever! Good teachers are actively involved but many in the C.C. on line system simply set up a course with automated exams, score assignments with no comment and literally create a course where they have to do nothing. that is sad because teachers who are actively involed can be excellent. Some teachers fail to realize that most on line students are taking those courses because they CAN'T show up on campus: clearly inappropriate to tell a student to come to their office for help!
Response 426
Response 427 There was so much reading and writing, BUT NO writing credit for all the work that I did! Sucks!
Response 428 Rest in paradise Kumu Kane
Response 429
Response 430
Response 431
Response 433
Response 434
Response 435
Response 436
Response 437
Response 438 Thank you for providing DE courses.
Response 439
Response 440
Response 441
Response 442
Response 443
Response 444
Response 445
Response 446
Response 447
Response 448
Response 449
Response 450
Response 451 I am taking 2 online courses this semester.
Response 452
Response 453 Since many of these courses require publisher interaction to do assignments, it's imperative that instructors review the tests, modules, lessons, quizzes for errors and not just rely on students to tell the instructor there are errors. So much time has been WASTED going over and over material and coming to find out that the publisher has the answers wrong. Since professors don't make up exams to much anymore and just rely on tests from publishers, and from assorted tests banks at that, please have them go over the material before hand.
Response 454
Response 455
Response 456
Response 457
Response 458
Response 459
Response 460
Response 461
Response 462
Response 463 DE courses are a great way to achieve your success... I believe if teachers gave the stidents their work at the beginning of te week and accepted it at the ending or within a timely manner of what was giving the success rate would go up.
Response 464
Response 465
Response 466 My professor was not great at responding back to me emails in a descent timely manner. That really left me often frustrated, without a response back I couldn't really complete my assignments as great as I could have if I have gotten a response in time.
Response 467
Response 468
Response 469
Response 470 UH Community Colleges could provide a far better education if it were to recruit professors from the work force. Employers today need workers with usable knowledge and skills. However, our community colleges employ career educators who lack work experience. How can a college prepare students for future work, when it's professors have no work experience? The results are clear: Students waste their money on college until they find a viable learning alternative. The alternative has arrived through private institutions offering online training and certification courses for skills that directly relate to workforce needs. The gap has been filled, and the public colleges are falling behind. Online classes have been great for Leeward community college, but the course material is yet irrelevant, and un-usable in the work world.
Response 471
Response 472
Response 473
Response 474
Response 475
Response 476
Response 477
Response 478
Response 479
Response 480
Response 481
Response 482
Response 483
Response 484
Response 485
Response 486
Response 487
Response 488
Response 489
Response 490
Response 491
Response 492
Response 493
Response 494
Response 495
Response 496
Response 497
Response 498
Response 499
Response 500 This past semester, I was enrolled in two DE courses, one of which was very organized and clearly stated, with communication between student and teacher being very effective. However, the other course, was had difficulty with teacher responses being ineffective. Some students would email each other to see if they heard any word from our instructor.
Response 501
Response 502
Response 503 Professor Knuuti was awesome! I like the structure of his classes
Response 504 This survey is way to long. I think maybe ten questions would be sufficent.The questions seemed to ask the same subject just in different wording.
Response 505
Response 506
Response 507
Response 508
Response 509
Response 510
Response 511
Response 512
Response 513
Response 514
Response 515
Response 516
Response 517
Response 518
Response 519 I love Leeward CC distance education courses. Very easy and helpful.
Response 520
Response 521 Teachers vary on how they use Laulima but in all it's good to take a class or two online
Response 522
Response 523 Excellent experience. I learned so much from this course that I wish all my DE classes were this useful and relevant to Hawaii life.
Response 524
Response 525
Response 526
Response 527 I have taken many online courses throughout the years; the class & instructor i took this past semester were the worst i ever had. terrible.
Response 528
Response 529
Response 530 I have taken other classes with Leeward distance education and will do so in the future, however I will not take this class online again.
Response 531
Response 532
Response 533
Response 534
Response 535
Response 536
Response 537
Response 538
Response 539
Response 540
Response 541
Response 542
Response 543
Response 544
Response 545
Response 546
Response 547
Response 548
Response 549
Response 550
Response 551
Response 552
Response 553
Response 554
Response 555 I am taking 2 other DE courses this coming semester.
Response 556 super easy
Response 557
Response 558
Response 559
Response 560
Response 561 nope i highly peter to take a course that is mandatory to attend rather than a online course that is doing on your own time
Response 562
Response 563
Response 564
Response 565 I had trouble accessing all the videos in modules in my PC even with QuickTime and I tried with other updated browser and unfortunately it was still unsuccessful.
Response 566 The way the AAT instructors sets up their online courses is the best online set up I've encountered at LCC. Others were not as easy for students with little or no computer knowledge, it took longer to find assignments or examples. To many tabs and unorganized not like the Education courses.
Response 567
Response 568
Response 569
Response 570
Response 571
Response 572
Response 573
Response 574
Response 575
Response 576
Response 577
Response 578 I prefer face to face instruction as I can address issues right away
Response 579 Laulima, in particular, is difficult to navigate sometimes because there are so many options for instructor convenience. I think having too many conflicting resources is confusing for students because there is no uniform way to do things. For example, some instructors post grades in "Gradebook" while others only use "Assignments" and so on.
Response 580
Response 581
Response 582
Response 583
Response 584
Response 585 It depends on the course, i noticed some courses I do need an instructor that i can talk to.
Response 586 Dr. Kae was a fantastic online instructor, managing to get students interacting with one another.
Response 587
Response 588 Great DE services!
Response 589
Response 590
Response 591
Response 592
Response 593
Response 594 DE classes are great to fit anyone's schedule. At the same time it challenges a person to be a very focused, self directed and disciplined learner.
Response 595
Response 596
Response 597
Response 598
Response 599
Response 600
Response 601
Response 602 Although instructors provide us with URLs for homework's directly from the UH Library Website, sometimes the article is not available for viewing. On my experience, it tells me that it;s not accessible. :( Instructors are great interacting with us students but it would be nice if they would send like a midterm grade evaluation to see where we're at in our class.
Response 603
Response 604 Convenient!
Response 605
Response 606
Response 607
Response 608
Response 609 Probably, but only if it's from a really good professor who has been validated by previous students (online/live classes)
Response 610
Response 611 I'm the irritating student who loves to ask millions of questions. Thus, online course is not for m. Although, this course was a great experience and I would sy its useful for people who don't have luxury to be physically in class due to work obligations.
Response 612
Response 613
Response 614
Response 615
Response 616
Response 617 i had three courses online so my answers are not clear to one class. Two out of three of my instructors did great; one on the other had was terrible.
Response 618 DE courses have made my educational journey to receive a degree not only possible, but enjoyable as well.
Response 619
Response 620
Response 621 As for interaction between students and teachers, I feel that the teachers need to make it a point to check their emails everyday because in one of my DE classes I had I would go a week or more without having my questions answered. As a student that is frustrating.
Response 622
Response 623
Response 624
Response 625
Response 626
Response 627
Response 628
Response 629
Response 630
Response 631
Response 632
Response 633
Response 634
Response 635 I took Art 101 with Barabra Saromines-Gannes, the course outline was reading and exams with one final paper. I averaged a 85 on all of my exams except for one which my instructor admitted was having a computer glitches and I only scored a 22, she told me I would be able to retake this exam at the end of the semester. I emailed her multiple times and she would take a couple of days to respond which usually didn't bother me; but when I asked about retaking my exam she responded 2 days later and said I would have to take it by that day at 5pm. I didn't receive this email until the following day. My final grade somehow ended up being a D. I've been trying to reach her since to resolve this issue, with no luck of a reply. I'm very concerned because I received A's in all my other courses and I was attentive and responsible in this course, always meeting deadlines and tasks and don't feel I'm deserving of a D grade. Please help if possible.
Response 636
Response 637
Response 638
Response 639
Response 640
Response 641
Response 642
Response 643 It would be nice to get an email from the instructor a week prior to the DE course beginning like my Biology 100 Instructor did.
Response 644
Response 645
Response 646 More classes should be available.
Response 647
Response 648
Response 649
Response 650
Response 651
Response 652 This survey was a but one-sided because I had two DE courses; I had one teacher who was awesome and another teacher who was not so good. It would have made more sense to ask questions such as were any of your teachers..., did you have any instructor..., etc.
Response 653
Response 654
Response 655
Response 656
Response 657 I really liked Dr. Kae's Micro 130. Thank you
Response 658
Response 659 More distance courses should be offered to allow working adults the opportunity to gain higher education. I have been taking one class a semester on line for years, and have an AA and am now looking forward to going for my BA. If it wasn't for distance classes, this would never have been possible. Thank you! Knowledge is power!
Response 660
Response 661
Response 662
Response 663 I wish my other teachers were as clear as my online class was!
Response 664
Response 665
Response 666
Response 667
Response 668
Response 669
Response 670
Response 671
Response 672
Response 673 Yes, I really appreciated all of the benefits of this hybrid course and will be taking two more DE courses at Leeward CC for Spring 2014.
Response 674
Response 675 I really enjoy the flexibility and understanding of DE courses and instructors.
Response 676 Mr. Tom Fachan was a good instructor, although the course is self-taught he always got back to me quickly whenever i had questions. The hardest problem i faced was getting my health professions profile set up. After that was squared away i had no problems.
Response 677
Response 678
Response 679
Response 680
Response 681
Response 682
Response 683
Response 684
Response 685
Response 686
Response 687
Response 688
Response 689
Response 690
Response 691
Response 692
Response 693
Response 694
Response 695 I don't think some of these questions apply to the course that I took, because it was a strictly online course, so there wasn't a need for interaction with my fellow students, like if it were a hybrid course. The instructor gave us the option to email him with any questions or concerns, but there wasn't really a need to interact with him or other students because this was an online course. It was run very efficiently and effectively.
Response 696 Instructors were either seemingly absent from course altogether or the course requirements and expectations were extremely unclear and unorganized.
Response 697
Response 698
Response 699
Response 700
Response 701
Response 702
Response 703
Response 704
Response 705
Response 706 Aloha, Not clear at the onset was that in taking a course outside of my home institution, the student is subject to the rules and regulations of that institution. Makes sense; however, that was a surprise and then searching for Leeward perimeters and guidelines was difficult at best. Great instructor , Ms. Sanger who motivated me to submit excellent work. Susan Nealy U.H. Maui College
Response 707
Response 708 They should offer alot more online courses, due to people with work, kids etc. They would be able to take business away from the mainland online colleges and make money for Hawaii. I think less people would drop out of school. They should also offer an orientation automatically for people that sign-up for online courses for the first time.
Response 709
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Response 712
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