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Response 5 DE is fine, but, never from this teacher though.
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Response 7 I am SO grateful for Leeward's DE program. I would be unable to obtain a higher education otherwise at this time. After two semesters of taking full-time classes, I can attest that I have found my professors to be extremely supportive, their curriculum challenging while manageable, and my fellow classmates a joy to collaborate with. Also, props to the IT department. I know there were some glitches in Laulima towards the end of the semester; however, any time I have difficulties, the IT staff is always quick to respond. Thanks for another great semester!
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Response 12 My work schedule is very unpredictable and having these online courses as options was perfect.
Response 13 The best instructor with great experiences, very helpful to students. I would recommend this class to others.
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Response 15 I would take another Laulima Course. But, I would never take a Pearson's online course Business 101. Again.
Response 16 I am taking another DE course this semester and have one already on my schedule for the spring 2015 semester. I think they are a good way to balance the days I physically attend class with the days I have to work.
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Response 26 It can be tough taking an online course because you don't get the face to face interaction with the teacher, but with my busy work schedule, it sure is a great benefit that I embrace.
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Response 48 I really enjoyed my first experience with a DE course, and I hope to take more DE courses. Having a great instructor also helped.
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Response 51 I like distance learning. Working fulltime this is a great method to learn. In HIST 151 with Mr. Boryk we were required to purchase a product that was 100%$ useless and I never ever figured out how to use it. He was not able to tell me how to find information using this tool. Thank goodness I never had to use it to complete the course. Mr. Boryk is a great and extremely knowledgeable instructor and this is not to slam him in any way. I would gladly take another course from him if he was teaching one I need to graduate.
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Response 57 I would take another online course, but not from the same professor I had this semester.
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Response 65 I think once you get use to taking an on-line class, it is easier to take another one.
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Response 80 Christian Ganne was a great instructor for ART 112!! I would highly recommend him for anyone that is new to digital media. The practices,videos andexamples were perfect!
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Response 89 I would want Leeward Community College to convert the entire ICS degree program into an online format in the future!
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Response 92 Yes, I live in town.
Response 93 Hopefully, Laulima is fixed, because it is important for me to submit my assignments on time. Other than that Laulima and all instructor course content are easy to read and understand. And though I needed to scramble to submit on time, I give Laulima an "A"!
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Response 95 Although I did well, content was too hard to manage with my schedule. Always prefer in-class setting. Online availability was very appreciated. Thank you,
Response 96 I would like to see more online classes for digital media and ICS courses. Since that is basically the media that is used.
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Response 103 I enjoy distance education courses when the directions are clear, the instructor is organized, and the course work is spread evenly throughout the semester. There should be more online courses available for the working and busy student.
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Response 109 Because its online, the work is not hard, but very extensive, especially the reading, vs inclass and the work is compacted and broken down by power points. Its very time consuming, and if you're not expecting it, it can affect other classes. If there is a way to find out teachers work plan ahead of time, to know what to expect, would help alot.
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Response 112 I've taken DE courses from several of the campuses under the UH umbrella, and by far the Leeward CC courses are the best. They are well organized and the professors are involved and caring.
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Response 116 Outstanding program,I learned a lot.
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Response 120 It was difficult to rate/respond to some of these questions as I had a very different experience with the two courses I took. I enjoyed my ED295B course and would have rated everything very high if the questions were based on this course alone. I did not think the ED289 was structured well so my "often" and "sometimes" responses are linked to this course.
Response 121 ED 100 was my last course I took at LCC since I graduated from LCC on December 20, 2013. Next semester, Fall 2014, I will not attend LCC anymore; I will be at UHWO.
Response 122 In the course I took, interaction with other students wasn't necessary. In all honesty, I prefer to work alone. I don't believe that group projects are a good measure of individual learning. Thank you so much for offering Distance Education. It is a needed, and valuable resource.
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Response 125 The only thing I wish the instructors would do is post grades and make them available in the gradebook so that students can keep track of their progress through out the semester.
Response 126 I only like taking online distance education because it is very convenient as I have two children. More online classes would be highly recommended by me and other parents who want to go to school!!!
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Response 133 This course totally fit my needs - I am working full time so I needed a course that I could fit around my schedule. I learned a lot and the professor was very responsive. Online courses in general are difficult for me because I feel less engaged, but it is important to have different types of courses for different needs.
Response 134 I would love to see more DE courses including hybrid courses offered at LCC.
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Response 138 There was an incident with one instructor, she did not believe me when I emailed her and informed her that I could not access content that was supposed to be released for the students to study for the Mid Term Exam. I sent emails out to the entire class rooster and nobody could access the information. After I sent out the class email, other students started to question the instructor about the information and how to access this information. Then the instructor finally went in and looked to see what the problem was in Laulima site. She had to do another step to actually release the material to the class. It upset me that she didn't believe me when I emailed her regarding the problem. She could have just sent me a note, "I'll look into the problem and get back to you." There were some other incidents with this instructor from Kapiolani Community College, where she made you feel like I was bothering her or she didn't have the time to help me when I had a question. As far as interacting with the other students this past semester I found it difficult getting the group/team to participate in team assignments. The other students failed to participate fully, some not at all. Teamwork and group work is an important part of education and work. It is important for courses to include this in their course content for the students to learn to work in groups and teams, but the students were not willing--at least the students I had in my group--to take the time and make the effort for the group/team to succeed. In the end left I found myself on my own and did complete the assignments.
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Response 141 Maybe. It's really hard learning when u don't have much help from the teacher. If there is an online class to take, there should also be an on campus class also. It would be helpful because if the students are not really understanding the homework/project, they are able to go to the class and get some help or to better understand what needs to be done. This would really make a big difference on taking an online class. There shouldn't be one choice where the student is forced to take that online class because that is the only option. Not all students like that idea of only having that one option which is taking am online course. We all learn differently and not all students like the idea of taking a class online. Some of us rather be in the class and interacting with our teachers and other fellow classmates. So we know we are able to get the help rather than making an appointment to see the teacher on their time that they are available. The classes that I just took should have that option of either taking the class online or on campus. Especially when its not easy learning the subject on your own.
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Response 143 There were multiple times where Laulima would bug out during this past DE course I just took, for instance, some of those times it was during quizzes. I know technology is bound to have malfunctions, however it seemed more recurring this time around than the past experiences.
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Response 154 would like to see more DE classes, especially in the graduate level.
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Response 158 none
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Response 165 The Instructor was very helpful, and a good teacher.
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Response 172 Yes I would like to get certification of some sort. You should offer more for adult learners to show updated knowledge.
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Response 180 I will not be taking another DE at LCC, since I will not be going to LCC any more.
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Response 183 Great class :) Great Professor :) & Great Colleagues:)
Response 184 I am only considering to take another online class is because I only need to take it one more time. I now know not to take a class online that I have no clue what it is about
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Response 186 I would like to take more science courses online. It is more convenient for my degree in AS/NS
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Response 197 Although there were similar tools available to use in each class, each teacher used them differently to conduct their courses. At times it was difficult to follow.
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Response 203 The classes are exceptionally convenient and for the most part allow you to work at your own pace.
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Response 219 Because I work full time this is very convenient for me to continue with my education and continue to reach my goal to receive a degree someday.
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Response 223 I would take another online class, but not from the same teacher. I had taken some other online courses but this was the most challenging because the lack of communication between the teacher and student.
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Response 225 Distance education courses have enabled me to continue being part of the full time work force while being a wife and mother to two incredibly active school-aged children. I have recommended LCC distance education to fellow veterans and parents that ask me about how I balance school, work, and family.
Response 226 I have taken over three courses now online through Leeward and I can strongly say that all the instructors that I had were very awesome. Through their teaching techniques I could tell that they were very knowledgeable of their subject and made every effort to make sure students understood the material. I really enjoyed have Dr. Helmut Kae as my instructor. I learned a lot from him which is surprising because he taught what I imagined would be a difficult course, Microbiology 130. His powerpoint lectures helped tremendously as they had the same material that was on the quizzes and exams. I found it very useful that he utilized the discussion board a lot and googledocs (I have never known how useful googledocs was till I took his class). His laulima site was also very easy to navigate through and very appealing. I felt he was very tech savvy (which I enjoyed) especially when he was able to send text message announcements straight to our phones (very convenient and helpful). Overall this instructor is the best by far of all the instructors I've taken at LCC. If I could I would retake his class again just because he had really good teaching ethics. Thank you LCC for doing such a great job in your Distance Education courses.!
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Response 231 Distance education courses allow me to have a flexible schedule out of school and I would prefer taking more online courses.
Response 232 Love the DE courses because it fits into my schedule.
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Response 240 For sure!
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Response 242 Distance education is a great way to attend college for those who work full time,like myself, and have limited time to attend classes at the campus.
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Response 250 Sometimes website used would't allow me to complete assignments.
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Response 252 HIT 151 required to use a tool that did not work and was of absolutely no use.
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Response 254 Shorten this survey.
Response 255 I took a lot of DE courses this semester to finish my degree that I suggest that more DE courses made available to accommodate students who need distance learning.
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Response 261 DE courses fit my schedule much better than being in class. Also i like to work at my pace and on my own time which is often strange off hours. I am also comfortable working online. Im also not patient with classmates sometimes.
Response 262 Art 101 needs to have quizzes in between chapter tests to give the student a better understanding of the materials.
Response 263 Awesome course! Thank you!
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Response 266 good
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Response 285 I would definitely take another distance education course, just not with the same teacher.
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Response 291 Three out of the four instructors I had this semester were awesome! They provided immediate response, continual support and assistance with encouragement throughout the entire semester. The other instructor had zero interaction, was very vague with her responses that would take more than two days to receive, and was not specific with her instructions. As someone who enjoys the learning process, that class was a very disappointing experience to say the least.
Response 292 I would, but I prefer in class type of learning.
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Response 294 Depending on which teacher and the course that I'm taking.
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Response 297 I appreciate that the Education classes are available online or face-to-face because it allows for flexibility. The instructors are always willing to help and it helps students achieve their goals!
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Response 300 Thank you
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Response 302 This past semester there were a couple incidents with Laulima being down. This contributed to some deadline frustrations. Other than that it DE courses were all good.
Response 303 I enjoy the flexibility of distance education.
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Response 310 If my schedule forces me to take online, but I prefer not to. This last teacher was inconsistent with her dates, info, and assignments. I always had to email her to verify, which was not quick enough. Assignments seemed to be premade, but her instructions to the assignment always conflicted.
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Response 313 I have no choice, I work full-time.
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Response 316 fact, I am taking another one in the summer. My experience with DE was not perfect (what is these days, right?) but it was good enough for me to rely on it once again. There were a few minor technical issues that either slowed my work or down right prevented me from getting to it. But the tech support was very diligent is getting those issues fixed. Overall, Leeward CC met most of my expectations regarding online education. Thank you. ^_^
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Response 330 It is hard to answer this for all 4 classes. Some were spot on, others were not very organized at all.
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Response 332 I would take another History course online because I have found that the courses are well set up with clear instructions as to what to do and how. I will not take English or an Economics course as I have found some these require more class room interaction, they are not as well structured, and the external supports can be difficult to find.
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Response 337 Having distance education courses also known as online classes are very helpful for me especially with my working schedule.
Response 338 I would love a tool maybe like an email to notify me when an assignment is due. Allow us to choose how early we get the notification, maybe 1-3 days before the assignment is due.
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Response 373 The tools used was very useful for me.
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Response 380 It was an okay experience, but needs more work.
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Response 392 I'm a classroom learner. It's easier for me.
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Response 398 2014 Spring was my last semester, now i'm attending Chaminade
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Response 407 I loved DE. However, I am currently having a LOT of problems transferring the classes to my home institution. I really wish that would be fixed.
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Response 410
Response 411
Response 412 All the courses I took online this past semester were excellent.
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Response 416
Response 417
Response 418
Response 419 The teacher was very disrespectful
Response 420
Response 421 The only interaction with the professor and other students were through the assignments. It would help to have a chat room session once a week to help if there were questions we need to ask and get a response right away. The chat room helped in my previous distance education course that I took. Thank you!
Response 422 I'm taking one in the Fall. I try to take at least half my classes online. I really prefer it.
Response 423
Response 424
Response 425 was not at all happy with one online course i took, instructors was on her last smemester there as teacher, she was very dissapointing to me overall. very confusing stuff up all over laulima, she was slightly baised and threaten if we didnt show up for the four inclass workshops we would not pass although it was an online course. Hardship to get to these workshops at the hours she set for them. It did not seem worth the drive although I did attend them.
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Response 428 It took awhile to understand how each instructor would use the tools to convey their course content. I do understand it would be difficult to require all instructors to deliver their class content the same way. But that was the larger obstacle to overcome. I got confused between courses as how to find assignments, delivering homework, finding instructional content. Despite the challenges, the overall experience was excellent. I'm confident the process will improve. We all need to go through with this growing process.
Response 429 But not this one, the instructor had not engage weekly session plan and only requested to just do research projects without lessons leading to each due assignmemts. Many lenghty cable slides were not focused on weekly lessons that colaberates with weekly slides, or final testing or projects or how security suits works and what are the basic importantance when choosing a suite. Instructor had no idea, when broadcast was available on channel 350. The worst thing is that, this is intro to my security specialization major.
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Response 431
Response 432 3 out of 4 courses were 5 stars, but because the 4th class was lacking in some areas, I gave 4 stars to some questions.
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Response 435
Response 436 Maybe, if the instructor gave clear instructions as to what our main focus should be on, like important and relevant assignments that will help us for our future.
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Response 438 Overall, I like the DE courses and need them, but I feel the professors don't take as much initiative with their students. In this past semester, I felt ignored and unheard.
Response 439 None
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Response 442 Yes I will take other DE courses because I have choice; some courses are only offered online, and also because I'll be working, DE will allow for me to continue my studies.
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Response 445 I enjoy this class because the teacher gave feedbacks
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