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Response 1 I found out that even though the DE class was very accommodating, I still wanted that face to face type of interaction with my teacher. I feel that I was not able to retain the information I needed to succeed in the DE class. However, if I need to take another class like this one, I would get as much information as I can...
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Response 11 A project grading rubric for each assignment would have been helpful to understand the grades received for each project.
Response 12 I'm graduating next spring from UHWO so there's no need for anymore DE courses at LCC
Response 13
Response 14 Extra credit was offered twice but because it was located at the school it was not accessible to off island. Instructors should take it into consideration and maybe have something similar they can offer.
Response 15 Most definitely I really enjoy online courses I wish there were more seats availlable for DE courses.
Response 16 The DE courses are good for me to take, because I also work.
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Response 19 There should be more classes available
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Response 24 My classes ran the range of (established) extremely well run, clearly stated, organized, and good communication to a couple brand new online classes that were extremely disorganized, changing requirements, assignments, poor communication. Overall, I am very satisfied with DE, but then I am a motivated, anally organized, overachiever. =)
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Response 26 Very easy on my schedule
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Response 28 Distant Education (DE) courses are flexible, and conveniently set-up to work around your schedule, something that I appreciated. DE courses ‘are delivered to you electronically’ with ‘instructors utilizing various methods of communication to conduct the course’, but I did miss the person-to-person, in-class way of learning. I’d experience a bad DE course during the Summer of 2014, but this past Fall’s DE course and instructor made it simpler, easier and stress free which helped me to want to continue learning. LCC DE learning, Laulima and the I.T. team: 5 star quality.
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Response 30 Convenient
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Response 41 Professor May LaMotte is a dedicated and devoted leader ! She is very concerned about the success of the students. She always encouraged success and valued each student beyond measure. Her teaching techniques encouraged a very "enriched" learning environment. If only LCC could clone her a 1000X - all of her students would indeed be a success in their career pathways! I know because of my learning experience with her, I am a better student, speaker and person! Hats off to such a dedicated Professor! Indeed, we need more professors like her !
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Response 44 It is extremely important for professors to give timely feedback to students online which I am very grateful that my professor this semester were quick to respond back to me. Without their feedback it's very easy to misconstrue their instructions and no feedback can cause a drop in grade.
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Response 47 For discussion questions - I see no value or enhancement to my learning experience in responding to TWO other classmates.
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Response 52 Mr. Kamida provided very fast and informative answers to all my questions. His videos were particularly helpful.
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Response 57 I participated in HIST 151 and REL 150. The survey was written with the HIST 151 course in mind. The material was entirely (at least 85%) based on the religion of Islam. I felt it was irrelevant to world history. Islam is relevant in a section of world history but not the focus. I feel Professor Kahn abused his position as a professor and had ulterior motives in his presentation of coursework, exams, and focus. We had exams that were heavily weighted toward Islam history and religion. A book report worth a substantial portion of our grade which was titled by the author John Esposito "What everyone needs to know about Islam" It was entirely focused on the positive attributes of the religion. I feel this instruction material needs to be revised focusing on world history not one religion.
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Response 63 My instructor, Donald Carreira Ching was a beyond exceptional online instructor. The structure of his course should be the standard by which all other online courses are devised.
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Response 66 Please provide more online courses. With the economy now, people have job(s), families, and other obligations. As students who are a little older it gives us a chance to get an education while still being flexible. Thank you for offering all your online courses!
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Response 82 Very satisfied with the instructor in this course, would recommend them to future students, very positive learning experience. Thanks.
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Response 88 It depends, I may have take another soon. But I found it difficult to keep up with because I had 5 other classes.
Response 89 The courses i have taken up to this point have been well taught. I have had no major issues in any of them. I would like to see more timely feedback and grading of assignments,if possible.
Response 90 No choice but to take it if there isn't any classes offered that fits my schedule. I would prefer to take a live class over an online class anyday.
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Response 93 I live far from campus, work and have difficulty fitting in class attendance. It seems there are only one or two online classes that fit my needs each semester. I would like to take at least 4 classes on line, so I can graduate sooner.
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Response 101 Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us
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Response 106 Although distance learning has it's challenges, it provides the flexibility that I need to manage a full-time job and a full-time education.
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Response 110 I personally don't do well with online courses, but it did help with not having to physically go to a classroom, but it was also my down side.
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Response 113 Spring 2015, signed up for three more!
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Response 119 In my opinion the BUSN 166 course should be credited 3 credits because of the amount of work a student is required to submit. In addition, it would be better to have the course start at the beginning of the semester so students have less homework each week and can focus on each assignment properly, instead of rushing through them just to get them done.
Response 120 I'm 17, not 18, but there was no option to select my correct age.
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Response 125 Maybe! I try to make it convenient for me by working around my grandchildren that are a first grader and 2 fifth graders right now? This spring of 2015 I will be at LCC Waianae, for both evening classes Mon through thrusday thus it will work out for this Spring 2015. Perhaps my next class will be in the Fall 2015 Dr. Judds Psychology class. Ahui Hou!
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Response 127 The DE courses I have taken made it possible for me to return to school and pursue my educational goals. I am very thankful for this opportunity and I'm look ing forward to my upcoming semesters at LCC.
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Response 131 It would be helpful if any required field trip type activities were noted in the course description of distance education courses. I take classes like this for the flexibility and the fact that they don't require me to get childcare. As a military spouse my husband is gone frequently, and when I find out after starting a class that I have to get childcare to visit a museum or do a community service project, it is very frustrating and inconvenient-- I end up paying for gas and childcare for classes I expected to do from home.
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Response 147 make MATH 115 available online
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Response 150 I have taken a on-line before, and I will probably need to take more in the future. I did enjoy the class I took before, but again I did not take a class this Fall 2014,
Response 151
Response 152 Teacher was very late on grading assignments. I still haven't received grades on over a dozen assignments that were due over a month ago. Teacher was also very slow with replying in a timely manner. Sometimes it took a week for a response.
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Response 159 DE courses are very convenient. I appreciate the time and effort that instructors put in to the modules by providing students with abundant resources. I would prefer instructors to provide feedback on assignments in apt amount of time to make sure that I am on track or doing the assignments correctly. I would also prefer instructors to provide different medias of resources than text, and to include model assignments to show the students what and how the assignments should look like.
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Response 163 Only if the class that I needed was offered only as a DE course.
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Response 166 I would like to take all of my classes online
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Response 173
Response 174 I just wish there was more feedback.
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Response 182
Response 183 Because, I have to.
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Response 186
Response 187 this was indeed my first DE semester taken at LCC. I found that assigrsdments and grade book was a very helpful tool. As long as the instructor followed the syllabus I knew what to expect.
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Response 201 I dropped the class with a W
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Response 218 One of the main benefits of distance learning is avoiding structured meetings and groups. I wouldn't recommend changing that.
Response 219 Some are tough
Response 220
Response 221 I appreciate that LCC offered various DE courses because it allowed me to continue my education and it helped prepare me for my next collegiate career step which will also be online courses. Thank you!
Response 222 This was my first online course, and I was very pleased with how organized, fun, and interactive it was. I enjoyed the convenience of an online class, and the materials I learned were both interesting and comprehensible. Thank you :)
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Response 251 Yes, but I hate how classes are strict on turning things on time. 5 minutes late shouldn't be an issue.
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Response 258 My PHIL 100 course was terrible and the main reason for my negative view of the classes I took this semester. The tests were not graded and scored correctly in the gradebook and laulima. My other class should not have been offered as a distance education class if it required me to take a test on oahu, the instructor said it was impossible to have the test proctored at a different campus and suggested that I fly to oahu to take the test there. I will take more distance education classes, but am very dissatisfied with the courses I took this semester.
Response 259 I have taken about 5 online courses from Leeward and they are usually the best organized DE courses. They are easy to accomplish properly because the teachers are great, knowledgeable, available and very fast with responses/grading. Of course mistakes are sometimes made (due dates, writing wrong chapter #, etc.) however they are few and far between from Leeward campus. If there is a teacher error, they respond quickly to clarify. This is very important! Some of the other online courses that I have taken from different campuses, have not been so organized, they also force proctored exams which are terribly inconvenient for someone that is taking online courses due to work/kids/schedule. I love that the teachers understand that by putting a short time limit on an exam, the student will not have the time to look up answers/cheat so you really must know the material. I think this is more motivating than trying to cram everything into memory and causing stress over a proctored exam. I really like the way the classes have been taught from Leeward and I appreciate the flexibility of online classes. I look forward to taking many more from this campus. Mahalo Nui Loa!
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Response 262
Response 263 the only thing i would suggest is more study guides for online classes you get a lot of readings and they are long and in classes such as art online you get a lot of photos and information so a study guide for tests or exams to me would help students be better prepared for those and have the study guide to know exactly what material needs to be focused on. More study guides
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Response 273
Response 274 Please spell check Power Points before sending it out to students. There were many spelling mistakes throughout the course.
Response 275
Response 276
Response 277
Response 278 Really enjoy the DE classes, mahalo
Response 279
Response 280
Response 281 Enjoyed the classes I learned a lot of new information. I will be taking more classes.
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Response 288
Response 289 1. I moved off island and the DE courses are held too infrequently; most are day courses. 2. I was really disappointed with accessing the course material. The content was good but I could not listen to the videos on Laulima. Our professor posted them on Google Chrome. The professor used non-standard pdf formats for the slides. I had difficult accessing them to print and listen. I recommend making access as easy as possible; please use power point or adobe acrobat and place them on the resources tab.
Response 290
Response 291 Distance Education in all campuses have come a long way. This past semester my course used the Kamehameha Black Board system. The assignments were not clearly presented as they would have if the course was presented in the Laulima format. Though, the formats used are at the discretion of the instructor I did gain knowledge from the respective instructor's lesson plans. So yes I will take another DE course at Leeward because it is the most convenient means for me to get my education and graduate.
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Response 298 Yes I definitely would!
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Response 311
Response 312 I've already graduated, and I did not take this class because I have dropped it before the Fall 2014 semester started.
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Response 315 I really like online courses because they allow me more flexibility to schedule them around the rest of my life. I especially appreciate courses that allow me to work at my own pace rather than insisting on a weekly schedule determined by the instructor. As a non-traditional student, I like being able to concentrate on one course at a time over a period of several days rather than working a little bit in several courses. Also, since tests have the functions of both assessing mastery of course material and providing feedback to the student, it is helpful when corrected answers are provided rather than just scores.
Response 316
Response 317 It was a great experience.
Response 318 I like the online feature for learning. However, I enjoy the hybrid class offerings best. I appreciate being able to meet in a classroom setting, receive instruction and have the opportunity to ask questions... in person. There were times this last term where I wished to have a class session on certain chapters of the online materials. It costs the same amount of money for online (do it yourself learning), the hybrid feature (do it yourself with hands on instruction), or full class attendance several times a week (full instruction). I have spent considerable time studying and wonder in the back of my mind, "How much of this material do I really understand, (or) how much of this material will I need to know when I don't understand what I'm studying?" I was very thankful Mrs. Wong set up several "study workshop" sessions for the students to ask questions and touch base while working on their project. This was most helpful.... Again, the hybrid format is my preferred online learning option.
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Response 330
Response 331 I really enjoyed the learning opportunity. It was a really good class!
Response 332
Response 333 Very convenient!
Response 334
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Response 336
Response 337
Response 338
Response 339
Response 340
Response 341 Well built course
Response 342 Great class
Response 343
Response 344
Response 345 Without DE I do not believe I would be able to further my education, so please continue to offer these services.
Response 346 I am going to take abother distance learning course but never again from this professor who doesn't help, doesn't grade fairly and who gives sarcastic remarks when I ask for a meeting due to me feeling as if I've been graded unfairly. Never will I recommend professor hurley. She is such a difficult grader and she made me feel like a failure
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Response 349
Response 350 Becoming a new mother, taking distance education (DE) course(s) are a great help. It allows me to continue my schooling instead of taking time off to care for my child and “saying” I will go back later.
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Response 352
Response 353
Response 354
Response 355
Response 356
Response 357
Response 358
Response 359
Response 360 But, I still prefer in-class courses. I would rather have the immediate interaction with the instructor.
Response 361
Response 362
Response 363
Response 364 The DE courses I have taken gave me the opportunity to take college courses with my busy schedule. From my this experience, I know that I have to manage my time wisely and put in many hours paying extra attention to provided syllabus and rubric from the instructor. I believe that if you follow along with the on-line class schedule and put your best foot forward everything will be work out fine. What's your motivation?
Response 365
Response 366
Response 367 I like the distance education classes but was worried a couple times when Laulima wasn't operating and made some work unable to turn in on time.
Response 368
Response 369
Response 370
Response 371
Response 372 Please have teachers update students grade in a timely matter throughout the semester. It helps students know how much they need to improve on.
Response 373
Response 374
Response 375
Response 376
Response 377
Response 378
Response 379
Response 380
Response 381
Response 382
Response 383 Distance Education is the kind of education that works for my lifestyle. Because I'm able to choose when to start lectures, DE class schedules work around my personal schedule. It's great. Everyone should try enrolling in at least one DE class. It really takes off a lot of stress on one's schedule.
Response 384 My answers are for 4 different classes. The HIT classes were terribly unorganized.
Response 385
Response 386 Leeward offers so many online courses and I can always depend on leeward to give me multiple options for class times and days. UH Manoa should take some tips from the Leeward DE courses because they need some work.
Response 387
Response 388
Response 389
Response 390
Response 391
Response 392
Response 393
Response 394
Response 395
Response 396
Response 397
Response 398
Response 399
Response 400
Response 401
Response 402
Response 403
Response 404
Response 405
Response 406
Response 407
Response 408
Response 409
Response 410
Response 411
Response 412
Response 413
Response 414 I do prefer face-to-face classes, but took this online class due to my schedule.
Response 415
Response 416
Response 417
Response 418
Response 419
Response 420
Response 421 Online course is convenient but is not for me. I'd rather go to a real classroom
Response 422
Response 423
Response 424
Response 425
Response 426
Response 427
Response 428
Response 429
Response 430
Response 431 The teacher used his course to push a private agenda which had nothing to do with the course which is an abuse of power. I felt I was misled
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Response 433
Response 434
Response 435
Response 436
Response 437
Response 438
Response 439
Response 440
Response 441
Response 442
Response 443
Response 444
Response 445
Response 446
Response 447 There are only of handful of teachers that I feel excel when teaching online classes. However, there are some teachers who does a terrible job at teaching online. For example, through experience, I would encounter an online class where the teachers are slow to respond to emails. In addition, they take advantage of the online courses by not assigning homework, but instead only assign students quizzes that are automatically upgraded.
Response 448
Response 449 DE is very helpful because many students work. I have also benefitted from DE because some regular classes that I want to take collide with each other (time and days). In addition, regular classes do not have the tome and days that I need. Mahalo
Response 450
Response 451
Response 452
Response 453 HWST was horrible. Teacher interaction was very spur of the moment. External course site made things very hard. Best to have everything in Laulima like religion 150!
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Response 456
Response 457
Response 458
Response 459
Response 460
Response 461
Response 462
Response 463
Response 464 This course was Med Terminology, HLTH 125. The instructor was great at getting back to us , but all our problems were relatted to the buggy new website that Pearson released before doing adequate testing.
Response 465
Response 466
Response 467 I got emails that asked me to answer for this survey. The emails were written that you need answer especially from successful students. After I took this survey, I felt that you need answer from unsuccessfully students. If a student got good grades by current system, you need improve it. I think you should ask unsuccessful students if you really want to improve the system.
Response 468
Response 469
Response 470
Response 471
Response 472 DE was a great experience overall. It was my first time using such a system. It was very intimidating at first, but the layout provided by Professor Wood and the tools provided by the DE program system made the online course an easy experience.
Response 473
Response 474
Response 475
Response 476 Is there a way to automatically sync the assignments and tests to the calendar? That would be very helpful. If there is such a way, can someone email me about it please?
Response 477
Response 478 !st experience with an online class. My Professor was an excellent instructor
Response 479
Response 480
Response 481
Response 482
Response 483
Response 484
Response 485
Response 486
Response 487
Response 488
Response 489
Response 490
Response 491
Response 492
Response 493
Response 494
Response 495
Response 496 Great way to focus on school and still be able to attend my full time job and take care of my family.
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Response 500
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Response 502
Response 503
Response 504
Response 505
Response 506
Response 507
Response 508
Response 509
Response 510
Response 511
Response 512
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Response 514
Response 515
Response 516
Response 517
Response 518
Response 519 I love the easy access to DE courses. They are able to allow me to take all the courses I need without having to sit in a classroom for a certain period of time. I really appreciate the DE courses.
Response 520 Maybe the instructors could arrange a date with everyone to meet and talk about the class with any questions or concerns.
Response 521
Response 522
Response 523
Response 524
Response 525 I have taken online courses through the Laureate Education network. I like their online classroom format very well. It is much better than Blackboard's or any other I've used.
Response 526
Response 527
Response 528
Response 529 My ENG 271 teacher was difficult. I tried to reach out to her for assistance and had no luck. I believe that her method of correction essay assignments was not very thorough. I will never take another class from this instructor.
Response 530
Response 531
Response 532
Response 533
Response 534 I am going to be taking four DE courses on my upcoming semester.
Response 535
Response 536
Response 537
Response 538
Response 539
Response 540
Response 541
Response 542
Response 543
Response 544
Response 545
Response 546
Response 547
Response 548
Response 549
Response 550
Response 551
Response 552
Response 553
Response 554 I think DE is great for people who work and can't attend classes during the day. I am thankful because without it I would not be able to attend college.
Response 555
Response 556
Response 557
Response 558
Response 559 Because I have a full time job Distance Education best fits my schedule.
Response 560
Response 561
Response 562
Response 563 I love Distance Education. It allows me to continue my busy life with a full time job and being a mother, sports mom, coach and wife. :) Thank you for having an abundance of classes online.
Response 564
Response 565 The classes were handled well, I enjoyed the online courses
Response 566
Response 567 I find distance online courses more convenient and less time consuming than lecture classes.
Response 568
Response 569
Response 570
Response 571 Modules are horrible. Maybe it was just for that specific class, but I hated having to go to the module to find out what I need to do, then leave the module to go do it and then going back to the module scrolling all the way down to do the next part of the assignments for the week. It's not user friendly. It made me not want to do the work.
Response 572
Response 573
Response 574
Response 575
Response 576
Response 577
Response 578
Response 579
Response 580
Response 581
Response 582
Response 583
Response 584
Response 585
Response 586
Response 587
Response 588
Response 589
Response 590
Response 591 The professor made the course a great learning experience. My only complaint would be the Pearson writing lab. It was more of a hinder than help this semester. Pearson was a major deterrent in the writing process because I was unsure of its cooperation.
Response 592
Response 593
Response 594
Response 595
Response 596
Response 597 I'm undecided
Response 598
Response 599
Response 600
Response 601
Response 602
Response 603
Response 604