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Response 12 I think it would benefit students, faculty, staff and the whole University System if courses were more streamlined. Seems like Laulima is just a "homeroom" because not all professors will use it like its meant to be used. I'm grateful that my classes this semester had very consistent schedules, but if all assignments due were input on the Laulima calendar, that would be a huge plus and make taking classes more organized and easier to manage.
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Response 16 My grade for my online LCC course was not updated to my grades
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Response 18 Since I had more than one class I averaged my responses to the questions. One class was better than the other.
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Response 27 Great and diverse class available to take online every semester and so far all professors are great ... they have been extremely helpful and encouraging to understand and complete work while learning the material in a upbeat and fun far they have been great with understanding and adjusting to individual needed or challenges... thanks for providing great diversity in online classes...
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Response 35 I am currently enrolled for two courses this coming Spring 2017
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Response 52 There should be more.
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Response 63 My instructor never used the announcements section that often almost made me miss exams and I even ended up missing the final. While the course was simply wonderful, I would like more announcements sent informing students of exams and when they're open and due. Granted, while I understand I am in charge of my own learning, with all my other classes and work too, it wouldn't be very helpful if I had reminders from time to time. However, thank you very much. I appreciated and enjoyed the online class I took here.
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Response 66 Professor abortion is an awesome instructor!
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Response 71 The Distance Education Courses at Leeward CC for this semester was fun and a good learning experience for me. However, sometimes Laulima would have to update or solve problems from the website or system crashing which was a problem. Other than that, I really enjoyed my time using the DE and I'm comfortable with online than in-person. I'm taking this DE courses again and I'd recommend this to other students as well if they wouldn't want to go to classes. It was made pretty simple and easy for students to use and there really was no trouble. Please continue the good work!
Response 72 I personally believe more classes should be given a distance learning option. As someone who learns better independently, I was better able to learn and understand what was being taught through distance learning courses.
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Response 77 I had an excellent experience and enjoyed the learning process.
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Response 80 This was my favorite class I've taken. Human Biology is often boring and uninteresting to someone not in that major, but David Chong created a class and learning materials which were outstanding! I wish I could take more classes from him.
Response 81 It was my first year in college and I really enjoyed my online course. I was not aware of an online orientation if there was any, however the instructions in the sylabus was clear and really easy to follow.
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Response 89 allready registered. what I suggest is that the instructor not copy and paste previous semester assignments without updating dates. And also review date deadlines as to not conflict or lose days for assignments. in other words, when one assignment has a deadline of 7 days and another like assignment has deadline of 5 days, and another 10 days.
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Response 93 I'm taking more next semester!
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Response 103 it's very convenient and using Laulima doesn't have much problems.
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Response 108 I've marked all applicable questions as sometimes because I took two DE courses this semester--Microbio 130 with Prof Kae and Astrology 110 with Prof Mohanan. The two courses could not have been more different. Professor Kae's class was extremely well organized. He kept to a regular schedule--I knew what was due when, had ample time to do all required work. Everything was set up and prepared well in advance. Professor Mohanan's class, on the other hand, holy christ. I'm sorry, but jeezus. Assignments were sent out at fairly arbitrary times. The start and end dates of quizzes varied anywhere from three to seven days. I keep every one of my classes' syllabuses in my folder for quick access, but the one for this class is utterly useless. One would need to religiously check Laulima every day in order to be sure that they weren't missing anything. But even with that, there are questions in his exams and quizzes that pop up more than once--the same questions appearing multiple times--never mind all the grammar mistakes from a college professor. The worst experience I've had in a DE class thus far and I have to take him again next semester.
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Response 127 I had great time taking online course. I recommend other student to try and take at least one online course.
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Response 132 It depends though
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Response 139 I had a lot of difficulty learning how to use Dream Weaver.
Response 140 Awesome program! Would highly recommend it to any student!
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Response 152 Absolutely!! Thank you for working diligently to offer these online courses. It's given so many access to education.
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Response 162 It was a good class, very organized. I new what to expect every week regarding my assignments. the schedule was followed what i find very helpful. The professor was available by email to communication. And always got a fast response. the assignments were graded in time. There was an issue between the office program i was using and the one the professor had, and some of my assignments were seen different by the professor. (I lost some point, because of this) The only thing I will change, not sure if its possible. will be to find a way were the assignments file is return to the student showing the errors and correction in order to know what was done incorrectly and have the opportunity to learn how to do it. Thank you
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Response 167 It took me a couple of weeks to get a routine going each week for that week's assignment. I would have preferred if the assignments were available early in the week so that I can "chip away" at it until the due date. Many times it either wasn't available until 5 (or less) days before the due date or else was changed 2 or 3 days before the due date. Also, it would be extremely helpful to my schedule if the due date is not on a Sunday. The due date of the 2 classes I took was 11:55 p.m. on a Sunday. Sunday is actually my "Sabbath", and due to religious reasons, I'm not supposed to be "working" on Sundays. Saturday became the only free day I had to focus on my school assignments. If I started "chipping away" on Wednesday, that made me cram everything in on Saturday and leave the polishing and styling of my writing assignments to be done on Sunday. If the due date and time were changed to Saturday at 11:55 p.m., then I can focus on religious activities on Sunday and then on Monday or Tuesday start working on the next week's assignment. Thank you for reading this!
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Response 177 I just have a preference and comfort level with distance learning. I like not being tied to a classroom meeting schedule. I do feel distance learning is not for everyone, though. This semester, I took 3 online courses and one hybrid course. My responses were my overall thoughts of all of the classes I took rather than one specific class. For the most part, I was content with the experience. Only one out of my 4 instructors was slow to respond and also was not very clear with due dates. His communication could have been better.
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Response 184 I learned a tremendous amount from taking DE courses at LCC and enjoyed them very much!
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