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19) What did you like least about your distance education experience?
Response 1 Not being able to meet my classmates.
Response 2 Everything was perfect
Response 3 nothing
Response 4 The difficulty of not having a face-to-face interaction when questions arise.
Response 5 having to upload data files from publisher's site because sometimes it took long.
Response 6 I might have just missed this feature, but it would have been a lot easier if it were possible to email instructors through Laulma rather than having to jump back to myuhportal.
Response 7 I LOVED everything about this class. I wouldn't change anything. The professor was phenomenal. The only thing I didn't like was waking up early on a Saturday morning to be at school by 9 a.m. Yet waking up has nothing to do with the class.
Response 8 Waiting for a reply (via e-mail) from the instructor.
Response 9 - a lot of bugs/errors
Response 10 At times it was hard to get a hold of the teacher because some teachers don't have a class at LCC so email was the only way to ask questions about the material.
Response 11 not being able to ask my teacher questions right then and there. i would always have to e-mail them and wait for their responses.
Response 12 When I submitted tests on laulima, I was not really able to see if the system recorded my answers correctly. Sometimes laulima would "timeout" during exams and I wasn't sure if my answers got recorded. The teacher was slow to respond to questions. I didn't really learn much outside of reading the textbook material. There was no incentive for students to actively participate in chats or discussions so most didn't. Not a very interesting class.
Response 13
Response 14 no instructor interaction
Response 15 Before laulima, there was webct. Webct was much better to navigate, easy to access, immeidately notification of an email as soon as you enter because the mail icon would be highlighted. I had hard time with laulima because it is always slow and sometimes freezes, one of my classes I couldn't email the teacher because there was no mail address and I am still having difficulty somehow in opening some links. I'd rather have
Response 16
Response 17 nothing really...
Response 18
Response 19 well, just the fact it was a distance course. I think I'd have performed better had this been an in-class regular session, but I did know what I was getting into. Overall, however, I am completely satisfied. I believe much of that comes from the professor and his hard work and dedication to making this work.
Response 20 I liked my teacher and how she did the class. It was my first time to take online class and she made it really easy to take. I would take more classes online if some of the classes I need to take are offered.
Response 21
Response 22 There was harldy interaction between the students.
Response 23 Waiting so long to recieve a grade. Test questions should not be one by one (we need the opportunity to ge back and check our work before submiting it).
Response 24 I didn't like how I had to write an email to my instructor if I had a question. Sometimes I needed instant feedback but it wasn't possible.I would suggest that the online instructors remain in the Laulima chat room for at least one hour a day (sort of like office hours) so that students may log in and chat with the instructor and ask any questions.
Response 25
Response 26
Response 27 Wasn't very instructor-student driven, which is to be expected; but no concept of having students understand material was presented.
Response 28
Response 29 My instucter was a bit slow in returning emails, but my questions were always answered.
Response 30 No open lectures from professor to students. Only notes of class subject at hand.
Response 31 There were only tests and quizes and a reflection assignment after each exam. No real interaction with the instructor or with any other students
Response 32 I miss the interaction with the instructor in the classroom. I'm used to WEBCT, so Laulima was a challenge for me but I knew my way around.
Response 33
Response 34 I liked everything about it.
Response 35
Response 36 One of my classes didn't put up a gradebook so I didn't have easy access to my progress.
Response 37 Nothing really, enjoyed it.
Response 38 none
Response 39
Response 40
Response 41 The office hours for the exams to be taken.
Response 42 The ability to log on any time during the day. I work full time but I was able to log onto my account throughout the day.
Response 43 The inconsistency between each teachers format of the class.
Response 44
Response 45 I didn't like that if i was in the middle of a test, I wasn't able to go back and finish if something happened to my internet connection. especially since i have wireless connection.
Response 46 communicating via email
Response 47 I liked distance education. There was nothing negative about it.
Response 48 Sometimes I would forget to go into my messages for each course. It would probably be easier to remember if there was a message indicator (like a number beside the message icon showing the amount of unread messages). Some kind of indicator on the main page of each course to make me aware that I have messages.
Response 49
Response 50 there were no indication when i had new email in my box. there was also no instant message capapblility, which would've come in handy while studying online the same time as the other students.
Response 51 no face to face interation with the instructor and didn't what to study in the exams..
Response 52 that i didnt get the help i needed when i needed it. i didnt know i was doing it wrong till it was too late. i also didnt like that the instructions were not clear, when i asked for help i never recevied it.
Response 53 n/a
Response 54 i had one class that had alot of technical difficulties.
Response 55
Response 56 There weren't much alerts to when everything was going to be due. Some things caught me off guard and it's not like I check laulima every single day.
Response 57 Not much interaction with classmates. There are always technical errors. Laulima sucks. Can we switch back to Webct?
Response 58
Response 59 laulima's server cannot accommodate the user load
Response 60 You needed to be motivated enough to do homework and test on your own time.
Response 61 it is not the same as WebCT
Response 62 Not helpful when i needed something clarified.
Response 63 I have taken several distance courses and enjoyed them but this time I did not take any on campus classes and I felt a serious disconnect.
Response 64 I wasn't too confined with time limits on assignments and i was able to do school when i had the time. : )
Response 65 Less interaction
Response 66 Sometimes things didn't work right or it was confusing, so it would take a while to get answers or to get something fixed.
Response 67 Nothing. My teacher was great!
Response 68 Having to arrange to take the exam at the campus lab. Taking the exam on campus is very noisy, uncomfortable, and distracting. Some classes don't require that we take the exam on campus which is great.
Response 69 not able to see who is your teacher( face or look). Can't really see or hear the lecture because you have to learn it for yourself. Theres no visual and hard for people who needs to see everything like being in class because it's in front of you and able to learn it easier.
Response 70 Instructional materials from instructor such as powerpoint presentation for each module which would enhance student learning.
Response 71 None.
Response 72
Response 73 In the ED290 Class, there was a little too much group work assigned, I feel that when you sign up for distance learning, you do it so that you can do it on your time, it was hard to make time that was convenient for all of my group members, it became more of a burden to do the assignments and schedules has to be rearranged.
Response 74
Response 75 nothing, everything was fine.
Response 76
Response 77 having to learn a new method to take my class - i.e. laulima. I understand why it was changed, but it was frustrating to have to learn a new system. It is difficult when the functionality is not quite the same as WebCT.
Response 78 the exam were one question at a time, and you were not able to go back and check your answers, as you would in a face to face class. and like a in person class, you get to use all the class time,ie. 50 min. also it was timed in such a short time, you get the pressure of finishing and i felt rushed.
Response 79
Response 80 Problems with MyITLab that could not be addressed by the professor and were not promptly taken care of by the online support. Also, communication with the professor via e-mail or phone was difficult at times due to conflicting schedule availability.
Response 81 There was nothing that I disliked being a SAHM distance education is the only way I will be able to obtain my degree.
Response 82 no face to face interaction with instructor/students
Response 83
Response 84 I did not like macroeconomics. There was no interaction like the other 2 distance education classes.
Response 85
Response 86 There is nothing I least like about distance education.
Response 87 Before the course began the book we purchased did not match the reading assignments, it was a new addition and our instructor told us to figure it out. I took an on line course to save time not to figure out my assignments, so I didn't even use the book. The on-line articles were very helpful examples of what our assignments needed to be like.
Response 88 I enrolled in an online class because I have a strict time schedule, and having to do multiple group projects completely defeated the purpose of taking an online class in the first place. Specifically in Spencer's BUS 120 class, assignments and tests were posted last minute, with little advance notice before the due date. The instructor also made communication difficult. I will be sure never to take a class with her instruction again.
Response 89 My instructor did not actually teach anything. In Econ 131 Macroeconomics (Khaleghi) all he did was use pre-provided quizzes and exams from McGraw-Hill. Every aspect of the course was done on an external site (Course Connect McGraw Hill Higher Ed).
Response 90
Response 91
Response 92 Having to work on group projects with other students because there was a conflict of time zones and lack of communication.
Response 93
Response 94
Response 95
Response 96 not having to attend classes caused me to fall behind with sessions
Response 97 Laulima is absolutely more improved than the WebCT
Response 98
Response 99 I miss seeing the teacher and interacting live with students.
Response 100
Response 101
Response 102 Computer "glitches" or losing the info I had submitted because of slow network processing.
Response 103
Response 104 I had to wait on emails from the professor to get questions answered instead of being in class to ask right then.
Response 105 sometimes the site ran really slow or it would give me an error page
Response 106 Nothing, it was awesome.
Response 107 No comemts
Response 108 I didn't like that different professors were some times hard to get in touch with. They would respond to my emails after the assignment were due. SO it wasn't the distance online services it was the professors fault.
Response 109 In the middle of a (timed) exam, my road runner went down and i didn't know what to do. i called RR and got in their queue but they said there wasn't an outage. a couple minutes (felt like hours) it came back up. i still don't know what happened.
Response 110 There was a lot of errors in layout and since the instructor is also learning to use the program there were a lot of corrections he needed to make
Response 111 Nothing because it fits my preference for a course environment.
Response 112 The "Modules" menu that displayed chapters' power point slides was slow to get access. I was able to get into one of the chapter's PP slides and slides were extremely helpful. Though, I wanted more to get into other chapters' PP slides but the process of access took too long. I completed my course and dealt with some of the flaws that existed.
Response 113 hard to get motivated to start studying
Response 114 Using laulima. I preferred using WebCT. I think laulima just needs to be a little more user-friendly.
Response 115 We were told to purchase the wrong text book.
Response 116 No face to face interaction.
Response 117 one of my online courses was with course compass. Here it was more difficult because there were things on test that I could not find in the text book or what ever the teacher provided and it would have been easier if the lab course and the bio class were going at the same pace (studying the same thing) at the same time. Sometimes the websites, both laulima and course compass were temperamental and had hiccups. I also didn't like that I really had to pay attention to were my cursor was because I accidentally ckicked and shut my self out of a test, twice.
Response 118 There is nothing I would disagree on.
Response 119 Laulima was a little bit more difficult to get used to.
Response 120
Response 121 The instructor was very difficult to reach and correspond with on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis. If I had a question, I would e-mail, send a message in laulima, and call the instructor's office with no response to any of my requests for assistance.
Response 122 Too much reading
Response 123 None
Response 124
Response 125 nothing
Response 126 I believe that, for me, I should have taken either another class or attended Philosophy in an in class structure. It was extremely frustrating for me and I didnt get anything out of it.
Response 127 Initially it was hard to adjust not being able to have a face-to-face discussion with another.
Response 128
Response 129 The convenience of being able to take 15 credits without having to go to campus and on my own time after work and family responsibilities.
Response 130 laulima gave me some problems loading pages and was slow.
Response 131 I do like it
Response 132 No discussions. It was strictly textbook learning with quizzes.
Response 133 I found it harder vs. physically going to class
Response 134
Response 135 not being able to get immediate answers to my questions about the syllabus or coursework
Response 136
Response 137 none
Response 138 It was mainly graded by how well you took the quizzes. There was no interaction with other students or professor beside a couple e-mail notice just to tell us the changes. Wasn't motivated enough. Felt like I was the only one in class having a hard time because there was no interaction between the students enrolled.
Response 139 The time limit for the exams. I think instead of 60 minutes, it should be 75 minutes. I found that with 60 minutes, I am rushing through the last 10 questions and it's quite frustrating.
Response 140 There were difficulities accessing links provided. sometimes its hard to get internet access as well.
Response 141 not being able to have more opportunity to learn the subject matter other than reading the chapter then taking the quiz. I had hoped that there would be assignments even group assignments that would help to better absorb some of the material.
Response 142 The material was hard for me to grasp without being in a classroom environment.
Response 143 Not having the ability to get points across to the instructor.
Response 144 Evening hours it took to long to up and down load. During exams, you timed out before questions could be downloaded. Too many on line for server?
Response 145 Unclear instructions on assignments. Had to ask instructor multiple clarification questions. Some assignments contained multiple correct answers because the instructions could be interpreted differently. Gave me the impression the assignments were not well thought out. The online lab course contained technical errors that I brought to the instructors attention. Not right for student to test the materials as part of the course work. For an ICS class the technical difficulties were ironic and disappointing.
Response 146 I least like that fact that i procrasinate alot more then normally because it's an online course. To me i feel that i need to take the class because i'll learn more and not procrasinate on my work.
Response 147 There was'nt anything I didn't like about this course.
Response 148 when taking a quiz, answers would change from my original response.
Response 149 Nothing, everything worked out fine.
Response 150 How I needed to come in for a test. I took an online course because I don't have time to come in.
Response 151 The way that the program couldn't upload material from word.
Response 152
Response 153 hard to manage with other classes
Response 154 Nothing. I loved everything.
Response 155
Response 156
Response 157 none
Response 158 There was a lot of registering for sites (i.e. Catalyst, Smarthinking, LILO)
Response 159 None.
Response 160 I was very happy with the course.
Response 161 test times are too short...
Response 162
Response 163
Response 164 i enjoyed all of it. Being the first time it was a great experience.
Response 165 procrastination
Response 166 1) That there was no use of forums (some of us asked). Discussion would have added to the course. 2)That "distance" is STILL just PowerPoint slides and reading on your own. If this is all that the University/LCC is willing to put out as a distance course, then turn distance learning into a credit/no credit, set-your-own-pace learning much like the "testing centers" where you keep taking the same test over and over until you pass.
Response 167 I would like to have more core or required courses offered to help those of us who work full-time earn a degree from LCC. Please offer more online courses so I can complete my degree.
Response 168
Response 169 The course test bank needs to be verified for accuracy. To many wrong answers and this is very frustrating to us students (CRN 51632).
Response 170 Nothing.
Response 171 My experience with the distance education was overall possitive. I really liked it and I would recommend it to future students who are thinking about taking it in the future.
Response 172
Response 173 Some of the pictures in the slide shows didn't work and I wish that we could view them as a true slide show rather than clicking each title individually.
Response 174 Nothing. I love distant education courses because I don't like being in a classroom.
Response 175
Response 176 Depending on the faculty, assignments are not readily available until the week due. Because of work schedule, I like when all assignments, quizzes are available for students to take at any time as I understood that the faculty would grade at a specific period.
Response 177 My schedule and my procrastination.
Response 178 none
Response 179
Response 180 It seemed like some instructors were on "auto-pilot", letting the computer system grade quizzes and tests. They were available for questions, but there was little other interaction with the instructor
Response 181
Response 182
Response 183 Only for the Laulima section - would be nice if there was some type of icon to indicate new postings, email, etc. then having to click on each tab.
Response 184 N/A
Response 185 N/A
Response 186
Response 187
Response 188 In the beginning, Laulima was very slow; it took a while to load the new page when you clicked on the link. It discouraged me when trying to obtain the information needed to complete assignments.
Response 189 sometimes it would cut me off in the middle of doing something.
Response 190
Response 191 I didn't like the fact that there weren't enough courses available. I find it very convienient for someone like me who works full time and don't have much time to commute to school.
Response 192
Response 193
Response 194
Response 195 What I liked the least about my distance education experience was the inability to go back and review that answers I already answered in a quiz.
Response 196 Acquiring textbooks. I understand that we should be buying our textbooks from the bookstore, however, for a family on a budget, if textbooks are available elsewhere for cheaper then I feel the bookstore should be posting or at least letting students know what books they will need before they are available to research other sources so that the books are able to be shipped before the semester starts.
Response 197 It is the first year that LCC has used Laulima, and I found that there were many technical difficulties that prevented me to take a quiz(s).
Response 198
Response 199 No specified dates; it goes by week 1, week 2, etc. Its confusing. SAM quizzes not so challenging as I thought it would be. Also, would be nice to see other student's final projects because we only saw rough drafts. We weren't able to communicate with other students thru personal messages. I think if students work with each other, they can learn from each other, and not just rely on the teacher for assistance.
Response 200
Response 201
Response 202 It was hard to cope with understanding Laulima, because I think WebCT was so much easier. But, Laulima isn't too bad. Just understanding the different tools took awhile.
Response 203
Response 204 nothing
Response 205 umm nothing my professor was very helpful and made my experience well
Response 206 It is hard to keep up with assignments, easy to procrastinate.
Response 207 n/a
Response 208
Response 209
Response 210
Response 211
Response 212 Sometimes the systems would get shut down for maintenance, which would affect when I can do things.
Response 213 Time management
Response 214 One class that I took the teacher was very inconsistent and did not have "set schedule". Meaning, they would state that we would have to turn in certain things weekly, but throughout the week they would have other assignments due as well without much time to check. For instance, I did not check my online class for two days because my computer crashed and I had to take it in to be repaired. When I was finally able to sign on I had missed a heavily weighted assignment that was not assigned ahead of time and my teacher did not accept my work because they had a no late work policy.
Response 215 Learning was harder.
Response 216
Response 217 Nothing, every thing was good.
Response 218
Response 219 Discussion board was difficult to figure out. I had two courses this past semester one with Lualima and the other with CourseCompass and both were difficult to feel you were in touch with someone or the instructor. These were my first on=line courses and next semester I will take two more. I hope I will do as well in those classes as I did in the ones this past semester.
Response 220
Response 221 Nothing. I liked it all for the most part.
Response 222
Response 223
Response 224
Response 225 its hard to work online because there are so many things that can go wrong. sometimes laulima is unavailable or you can be booted off the computer unexpectedly. many of the quizzes can only be accessed once and you are not allowed to come back to them.
Response 226
Response 227 The course content in itself was sometimes too wordy and confusing. There were some errors with the tests such as graphs missing etc. A chat box would be a great to to encourage more interaction and learning with fellow students.
Response 228 Lack of real communication with peers. Having limited times for exam proctoring. The overall lack of courses available.
Response 229
Response 230 There was nothing i disliked about it...
Response 231 Laulima, at times, was slow and I experienced a few problems.
Response 232 the group project (not enough time to complete it)
Response 233
Response 234
Response 235 it was hard to keep up with the class knowing that you can do your assignments whenever you want, and turn it in the day it is due.
Response 236 It was hard to navigate around laulima, and discussion boards are useless to me, at least.
Response 237 The interaction isn't the same as a face-to-face session. The pacing of the course can be pretty hectic. There were times assignments and work goes by too fast and due too soon.
Response 238 Some instructors didn't put much effort into developing their course; however, other instructors did put a lot of effort into it.
Response 239
Response 240 Laulima was very slow. There were too many bugs with Laulima and not that easy to navigate.
Response 241
Response 242 no interaction or discussion with other students (since laulima started); no educational background of fall 2008 teachers; students were not asked to introduce themselves (like autobiography); The majority of my teachers inactivated the message menu in the left corner of Laulima. That wouldn't allow you to send messages to your fellow students, but you can send email to your teachers in myuhportal site.
Response 243 I did not like the hours of the replay of the class, it was on Fridays at 12am, that was inconvenient for me.
Response 244
Response 245
Response 246
Response 247 Lack of face time with the instructor
Response 248
Response 249 There was nothing that i didn't like about the class. Everything was understandable and straight forward.
Response 250
Response 251 n/a
Response 252 I really hate Laulima. It's much harder to navigate than WebCT and has a very messy look to it. I realize why we switched from WebCT to Laulima but I think the site should have gone massive improvements before being used for classes.
Response 253 harder for people who are not self-motivated to keep up with the work
Response 254 Not having more classes available in this type of learning.
Response 255
Response 256 nothing
Response 257 no notification system of new mails or new updates
Response 258
Response 259 my grade
Response 260 Not being able to see teacher in class. Sometimes asking online is a little harder to explain.
Response 261 i didn't like the fact that the sessions for ICS 111 always referred to webct, i think it needs to be updated. i also did not like the fact that whenever i had a question, i had to email / chat. I find it easier to ask questions and get answers promptly. Attempting to type out questions is much difficult rather than expressing it verbally.
Response 262 got no complaints..if i missed anything it was my own fault no one elses.
Response 263
Response 264
Response 265 Nothing
Response 266 can't think of anything....i liked it!
Response 267
Response 268
Response 269 some of the course content
Response 270 The fact that we couldnt download the text needed.
Response 271
Response 272 n/a
Response 273 deadlines
Response 274
Response 275
Response 276 No complaints
Response 277 Watching the lectures alone without any interaction with the instructor or students.
Response 278 None
Response 279 I didn't like the structure of Laulima as much as I liked WebCt. On webct you had constant reminders as to when your next assignment, quiz or test would be due -- but on laulima the reminders were optional -- so the teacher's decided whether or not to keep our calendar current.
Response 280
Response 281
Response 282 being disciplined to watch every class episode
Response 283 I disliked the grading of vocabulary because a some points the instructor displayed typos in his work and it made the material difficult to understand.
Response 284
Response 285 One of my classes had a lot of group work and it was too difficult to complete group work when the students' schedules do not compliment each other and it was hard to get in touch with group members. Online is for people who NEED flexible schedules and/or work on their own.
Response 286 Nothing actually. It was pretty fun seeing that it was my first online class.
Response 287 no interaction with classmates encouraged in the context of the course
Response 288
Response 289
Response 290
Response 291 Since Laulime is still farely new to people, i thought it was kind of confusing with the setup of classes. Not all class used laulima and i still had it posted on my laulima in the subject area. However, it will get better.
Response 292 I took online classes because I was busy, but we had a group project that required meeting every week. The reason I took an online class is because I'm busy.
Response 293 Nothing, but I had great experience taking distance course
Response 294
Response 295
Response 296
Response 297 The hassle of going to different screens and submitting assignments.
Response 298 This is my first semester with an online course using laulima. I was so used to webct and I prefered the style and format webct used. I don't have any complains though.
Response 299 not able to open files from 'assignments'and 'modules'or the lessons. there was some problems whlie taking a test or quiz and summiting classwork. the long wait for instructors response to emails.
Response 300 Not being able to ask a lot of questions, but my teacher was a big help.
Response 301 grades recieved late, waiting
Response 302
Response 303 n/a
Response 304
Response 305 nothing
Response 306 There really wasn't anything that I didn't like.
Response 307 not having all instructors utilize the calander so that i could map out work for the days & weeks
Response 308
Response 309
Response 310 When taking quizzes/tests during a particular time of the day, I would have to constantly refresh the page. Most students had the same problem & it was said that it was because too much people would be using Laulima that same period.
Response 311 not as much enthusiasm
Response 312 Wasn't really reminded about certain things. I have to make sure that I'm staying on track and getting everything done.
Response 313 Not being able to readily communicate with the instructor, and not knowing when or when not to expect incoming messages, without checking the inbox. I found it difficult to communicate with the instructor, unless I was fully prepared with good reason.
Response 314 It has tons of reading. And its kind of harder to follow along.
Response 315
Response 316
Response 317 Everytime when I took the course tests, the Laulima site became slow up, and in many times, I had to close the screen even if I had not finished the tests yet. That things did not happen when I took WebCT.
Response 318 it was hard to contact the teacher and students when you needed help.
Response 319
Response 320 I absolutely hate the Laulima interface. Most, if not all, of the tests that I took there had errors or had a hard time getting the tests to me the student.
Response 321
Response 322 If problems with taking test occured, I felt unable to do anything. Any questions about the question being asked, I could asked the teacher for clarification.
Response 323
Response 324 i didnt find any thing that i didnt like
Response 325 server problems in the begining made me lose lots of work.
Response 326 it was pretty convenient to my already hectic schedule for work at both my jobs
Response 327 Most classes required PCs. I use a MAC, so it was very difficult to be able to complete assignments using MyItLab, and things like that.
Response 328 Limited interaction with instructor. No personalization was possible.
Response 329
Response 330
Response 331
Response 332
Response 333
Response 334
Response 335 Laulima "bug reports," timed log-outs, glitches
Response 336
Response 337
Response 338 nothing, very convenient
Response 339 None.
Response 340 I really enjoy being in person and engaing in lecture and class itself but due to my circumstances I chose an online class, but...(continued below)
Response 341
Response 342
Response 343
Response 344 Since you don't go to a classroom, sometimes you overlook some of the things that you have to do (that's an error on my part though).
Response 345 going to pick up books on campus, taking on-campus tests.
Response 346 none.
Response 347 The speed in moving from one module to another was slow especially when many people were online. Printing capabilities of quizzes limited to 1 page and you could not do anything except cut and paste into word doc which wasted paper and toner.
Response 348 What I disliked about the distance education was that there were a little bit of technical problems with the tests.
Response 349 I had difficulties with Laulima. There were many times where I couldn't submit assignments because Laulima's server was down, or sometimes it even came to the point where my mail did not send. One of my professors had sent out an email, and the next day only half the students received it. She claimed that it mysteriously disappeared from our inboxes and even from her sent folder.
Response 350 no having the lecturer readily available (physically)
Response 351 The course itself was thorough. The only thing I disliked were the glitches in laulime. It would often show error screens or freeze up when navigating between different sections of the class.
Response 352
Response 353 Some of the teachers do not repsond back to my emails.
Response 354 This was my first semester taking online courses, so all I can say is that some of my courses just went so fast. I didn't feel like i connected with my instructor as well as my fellow students as much as i anticipated.
Response 355 None
Response 356 N/A
Response 357 I could not see how other students were doing.
Response 358 that you couldn't turn in/ do homework or exams past the designated time. i think i would have taken a penalty for it being late.
Response 359
Response 360
Response 361
Response 362 Instructors were not well prepared for laulima.
Response 363
Response 364 In terms of student interaction, which the professor encouraged, most did not participate, or did bare minimum. I feel as though I would've gotten more interaction with the students had I been in an actual classroom. I feel as though many students "hid behind their computers," which is understandable, but I thought was unacceptable when the professor asked for "class-wide" interaction.
Response 365 Flaws in the Laulima test system...on one exam when my computer shut down on me, by the time I was able to get it back on again, I had run out of time on the exam...not really a problem, since I had already finished it and was in the process of reviewing, however when Laulima automatically submitted my exam at the time out, it submitted it completely blank. This happened a second time with another exam taken at a testing center on campus. My instructor let me take the exam again, but in reality this is a major issue. In a "live" class if you run out of time taking an exam, you at least get to submit what you have completed.
Response 366
Response 367 It was just boring, I guess because I prefer to be in class one on one. The classes on tv were to boring for me, I almost dredded watching the shows, but I had to force myself to watch it. Again, I think I just prefer to be in class to learn, not watch it on television.
Response 368 There is no way to IM other classmates when they are on Laulima. You can see that they are online but you cannot contact them live.
Response 369 Nothing really bothered me about the course. Everything about it is more convenient than a conventional course. Maybe it did leave me wanting more opportunities for distance learning in 300-level course range. But LCC is only allowed to teach in the 100-200 level range so that's okay.
Response 370 Content is hard to sink in when your just reading it from a book/website.
Response 371 Nothing, I have been loving it for five semesters now. I only wish more of the digital media courses were given online.
Response 372 Learning is all on our own.
Response 373 laulima's first run was HORRIBLE should have stuck with WebCT
Response 374 Nothing
Response 375 the requirement to buy a textbook, with all the online resources, i don't thinkt it's necessary.
Response 376
Response 377
Response 378 too much reading
Response 379 Interactivity with other students. The process of reading & responding was different, from another college and long distant learning. They had a string conversation that you were able to see, communicating through several windows. Mostly it depends on how each person starts a conversation.
Response 380 Some of the assignments wern't posted when said
Response 381 I completed two (2) online courses in the Fall 2008 semester and had two very different experiences from both classes. The biggest reason that I could give for the two experiences are that one class was purely objective (considered only quizzes only and 1 term paper) purely objective and the other subjective (took into consideration both quizzes and papers) I tried to interact with instructor with entire objective grading style to request a chance for extra credit as my calculations came out to 88%, 2 percentage points shy of an A, also based on the very different style of the last non-cumulative quiz, and till this day, after 4 contact attempts, have not heard back from this instructor. My final grade remains to be a "B", which is okay I guess, but overall comprehension of content material should also be considered in term paper (of which I got a 98) and the request to do an extra credit assignment or at least a response back from the instructor, would have been greatly appreciated
Response 382 I noticed a problem with each different exam having several questions with answers that were incorrect
Response 383
Response 384
Response 385 What I like least about distance education getting use to learn and teach myself without a professor or teacher presence. Also, I really do not like that Leeward have two different sites, Laulima and Leeward site. It is burdensome that students need to go to two different places (i.e. for email, register, take exam, etc.) Can the school at least consolidate them both. Moreover, Question no.9. In my understanding this survey is in regards to Laulima, right? All the question no. 9, non of them is available to be access or view. All of them are in the Leeward CC web site.
Response 386 I thought that everything about my distance education experience was extremely well. I really enjoyed using the Laulima this semester versus the web ct.
Response 387 At first I did not take the online tutorial, so I felt a little lost, But once I figurged it out I did fine and figured out more things as I went. Also in the begining the server was so slow my computer would sign me out. The only thing I did not like was when you write something in word and cut and paste it will leave a lot of extra junk with it when you post something or you have to go through a long process to cut and paste.
Response 388 That there was not much for listening, and I can learn better by listening. There were chapters that did not have nothing for listening.
Response 389
Response 390
Response 391
Response 392 Too much reading, but I guess every college course has a lot of reading whether it is online or on campus.
Response 393
Response 394 Lack of communication & one-to-one interaction.
Response 395 When I would email the teachers with questions regarding the class it would take longer then a week for them to respond and they didn't use the disscusion proterty on Laulima. That made it hard to take the courses!!! And was very fusterating when you are trying to do good in the courses and the teachers won't email you back.
Response 396
Response 397
Response 398 The exam posted on the Friday after Thanksgiving and closed that Sunday.
Response 399
Response 400 the course material
Response 401 That the laulima tool is sometimes very confusing and that there was no video lectures.
Response 402
Response 403 blah blah blah
Response 404 cannot communicate to other face-to face.
Response 405 the format was inconsistent, the products used were inconsistent, the requirements were not specific at the beginning of the class, the test were not formatted correctely and laulima would not inter-act with all the work assignements and test, so how can we be graded fairly.
Response 406 It would help if the instructor would provide a guideline as to when test and homework would be graded. Results from homework and test were very delayed.
Response 407 I didn't like how it was best viewed using FireFox since I did not have nor do I use FireFox. I would have preferred it if Laulima was easily accesible through whatever browser one might have and use.
Response 408
Response 409 Sometimes when we did peer evaluations for other students, I didn't really get helpful feedback, other than from my teacher. It was also very easy to forget to log on and it caused me to miss a quiz and one assignment, it can be hard to keep up with an online class.
Response 410 nothing
Response 411 1. Not sufficient time to take tests. 2. If you accidently skip a question (Phil 100) it doesn't allow to go 'back' (like Mgt or Acct) to change or place an answer.
Response 412
Response 413 Lots of reading! =(
Response 414 I'm not sure how to sell back my text book.
Response 415 visual tool like videos.
Response 416
Response 417 i missed the classroom setting, of meeting the teacher and interacting face to face with the students.
Response 418 N/A
Response 419
Response 420 none, I like everything.
Response 421
Response 422 One instructor was not at all helpful, answered emails very late, did not have course material ready, and just seemed plain unorganized. A lot of the class struggled with his course. I would not recommend this particular instructor to anyone. The other courses I took were absolutely wonderful.
Response 423 About having to come down to LCC to take my exams because the instructor wouldn't allow us to take it online at home.
Response 424
Response 425
Response 426
Response 427
Response 428 There were some defects when taking tests and quizzes. The computer would mark the answer wrong when it was actually correct.
Response 429 Allowed me to focus on the task at hand without other students distracting me i.e. cell phones, leaving classroom, classmate surfing myspace and ebay during classroom hourss. I enjoyed how quickly the interaction between the student and the instructor was allowed and without that fear or seeing the instructor face to face during times of problems or questioning a task or assignment.
Response 430 Sometimes there were gliches in the system when I was taking a test
Response 431 na
Response 432
Response 433 Sometimes Laulima was not working properly. Also i would like to see more course offered through DE.
Response 434 Saves gas and odometer. Free to do the chapters and quizzes any time and at my own pace. Allows me to re-take the quizzes and maybe fail without being embarrassed in front of classmates.
Response 435 Cost of the French internet service.
Response 436 The instructor took a long time, and sometimes didn't return emails.
Response 437 one time the assignment got sent to laulima before I finished and I was graded on what was sent even though I emailed the full assignment to the teacher that same day before the deadline. The assignment wasn't sent because the course didn't accept emails. I think it would be better for assignment pages to require double resonses such as "send" then a window pops up saying "are you sure you want to send" or something so that if the button is pushed just once by mistake the whole assignment isn't sent
Response 438
Response 439
Response 440 laulima system was confusing
Response 441 it lagged a lot when a lot of students in the class was logged on.
Response 442 I'm not sure which course your survey is referring to--your earlier question referenced the number of courses taken through this medium. Some courses were more effective than others--the ED course I JUST took was GREAT!!
Response 443 It is hard doing group projects in an online course.
Response 444 I didn't see or I wasn't able to interact onlime with the other students and the instructor. Only thru via e-mail was I able to communicate. I would have prefered a way to have a chat room of some kind, where the instructor can be like a moderator as well.
Response 445 Getting in touch with the instructors was sometimes quite difficult.
Response 446 Lau lima was very hard to navigate and it needs a icon or symbol when we have new mail or announcements so we actually know when to check our mail instead of having to fumble around and check them every day.
Response 447
Response 448 nothing
Response 449 some courses were really unorganized and thus the students, like myself, suffered.
Response 450 laulima down time and time out periods. on some of my tests/quizzes, i wasn't able to change my answer.
Response 451 the testing format. the tests did not allow students to go back to previous questions before they submitted their not as user friendly as webct was...
Response 452 There could have been more interactiopns with other students, more of a discussion than just a response to your question.
Response 453 The class that I dropped, ENG 255 Detective Novels with Michael Nester as the instructor. He seemed very negative to me.
Response 454
Response 455 I did not like Laulima. Too many frames.
Response 456 It was harder because you had no face to face interaction.
Response 457 When I submitted my assignment, it didn't really process through. I turned in my assignment but a week later I checked up on what my grade was, it was a zero since my professor didn't receive it. I hope there could be a troubleshoot on these kind of circumstances.
Response 458 n/a
Response 459 meeting deadlines
Response 460 Not able to interact with other students and instructor when it needs to.
Response 461 nothing.. it was awesome
Response 462 Some technical difficulties occured occationally.
Response 463
Response 464
Response 465
Response 466
Response 467 Not getting the full attention from the instructor
Response 468 Nothing.
Response 469 The myIT Lab section of the course. The myIT Lab program had a few glitches and I could not complete the material.
Response 470
Response 471
Response 472 There were many errors on the online quizzes.
Response 473 nothing.
Response 474 I didn't get a chance to meet Ms. Della Kunimune in person.
Response 475
Response 476
Response 477 working during my own schedule
Response 478 I wish i went to the orientation because i didn't know how to use laulima at first.
Response 479 I wished that there were more distance education classes offered. Laulima was not as accessible as webct. I definitely liked the webct better. Laulima has more avenues which can make the course more confusing. I hate having to go to the computer lab to take tests...especially for the classes that have 1 or 2 exams per week, only because it is hard for me to go due to personal reasons.
Response 480 It was hard to see what was really important to know from our textbook.
Response 481 I was frustrated when I couldn't alert my peers to join me in a chat. Laulima shows whos in the chat room but offers no way for me to invite my peers into the chat room. There were times that my peers and I needed to talk to one another to discuss projects or provide assistance. That was the only thing I liked lease about the DE course.
Response 482 I felt that there should have been at least one face to face class sometime near the end of the semester to give everyone a chance to meet each other and mingle.
Response 483 Had problems w/ myitlab. If you don't know an answer, you cannot back out or go forward, you are just stuck there until you figure out the correct answer. Would have preferred textbook on how to use Excel, Word, rather than relying on Myitlab. Not enough instruction given. Sometimes I was going thru exercises without knowing what the applications were for. Group projects are very difficult. Everyone has different schedules and study habits. I like to work ahead, some students prefer working under pressure making group projects difficult to coordinate.
Response 484 none
Response 485 i took 4 online classes and it was difficult when teachers scheduled exams on only one day, not giving more time to finish it.
Response 486 Nothing
Response 487 Everything was good!
Response 488 felt like there was no support when questions or problems arose
Response 489
Response 490 not being able to interact as much with my other classmates
Response 491 there is no threading for conversation. Not instant.
Response 492
Response 493 none
Response 494 nothing i really enjoyed it and i got to do my day to day things and still get to study and do work at home.
Response 495 there many things that i didn't like about the distance education classes. I didn't like the fact that both the instructors that I took online were close to unhelpful. I fought for my grade literally all semester because of mistakes that were in tests. In one of the classes, the instructor's instructions were hard to understand. It seemed like the classes were just put there so that I instructor could earn extra cash. They would just put an assignment up and not care about what might be incorrect on their assignments or quizzes. On top of that, in one class, there was WAY too much work. For some of the quizzes, we were instructed to know non-specific parts of the chapter within one week. There were no study guides and no general idea of what was important to remember in the chapter.
Response 496 nothing
Response 497
Response 498 Not being able to see Ms. Sunio. She's a really cool teacher. I really like her.
Response 499
Response 500
Response 501 I missed the student-instructor interaction. I wish my instructors had been more pro-active.
Response 502
Response 503 Sometimes the postings didn't come out.
Response 504
Response 505 sometimes the site would be down.
Response 506 Took some getting "used to" the online experience...being it was my first semester. After a couple of weeks, began to get the feel for it.
Response 507 The rude comment the instruction made and how she advised me to stay in Maui campus. She was very unhelpful.
Response 508
Response 509
Response 510 I experienced at least two instances of mixed up broadcasts of the telecourse, so I ended up missing two lectures.