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20) What did you like least about your distance education experience?
Response 1 very unpleasant process. And could not get questions answered on time. This was a horrible way to learn.
Response 2
Response 3 On the discussion page where you post your assignments I could not scroll left to right unless I was at the bottom of the page. Really I think the posting should fit on the screen so there is no need for scrolling the page but rather the content but still, formating the page different would be very helpful. I had to cut and paste opening word docs of my own just to read student postings.
Response 4
Response 5 N/A
Response 6 n/a enjoyed everything
Response 7
Response 8 That the instructor deviated from the syllabus to an extensive degree. That he did not read all of the forum discussions taking place within our team project and therefore missed the fact that I was the only one doing the project despite the private messages I also sent him. I am ticked off about how little time he appeared to take in following up on my complaints. I was led to believe that an instructor could not base our grades on assignments that were not in the syllabus.
Response 9 That the professor was only available through email and chat at certain hours.
Response 10 Not much interaction w/ other students...
Response 11 When taking tests, the answer box is uncomfortably small, especially when an essay answer is required. In the past, I have typed my answer in Word first and then pasted it into the box, but recently our instructor told us that if we move out of the Laulima browser while taking a test, we might be kicked out of the test. Also, the default font seems to be something like a Times-Roman, such as in this answer box. It would be easier on the eyes if it was something sans-serif.
Response 12 Particular Instructors seem less concerned with DE students compared to students who come to campus. Same Instructors do not seem orgqanized and do not turn back graded assignments in timely matter.
Response 13 minimal feedback from instructor
Response 14 works around my schedule
Response 15 Not knowing who you're communicating with.
Response 16 Nothing.
Response 17 I have no complaints.
Response 18 Being able to watch my son at home while earning my Associate's degree!
Response 19 Some instructors choose not to be available on-line and are difficult to get feedback on questions.
Response 20 1) Not being physically present in class makes it a little more difficult to ask quick questions to classmates or the instructor. 2) Assignments are due on different days of the week, not just on days when "class" is scheduled. This loose scheduling makes it more difficult to plan for multiple classes and work schedules.
Response 21 N/A
Response 22 i didnt like it
Response 23 Not getting an immediate answer to a question.
Response 24 The teacher graded only on tests and quizzes. If you are not a good test taker you should not take Botany with Ms. Nishimoto on line because she does not do more than 2 assignments that are not worth many points. So if you are not a god test taker your GPA WILL SUFFER and your graduation will be in Jeopardy. Also, getting to the campus and taking 4 tests and finding childcare was difficult that is why I took an on line and WWW course but the exams had to be taken at school.
Response 25
Response 26 I couldn't compare my high grades the students with low grades to make myself feel better. I like backdoor bragging.
Response 27
Response 28
Response 29 The hardest thing for me was keeping up with the schedule being that I had four distance education classes.
Response 30
Response 31
Response 32 nothing
Response 33
Response 34 As a full-time student, employee, and parent I tend to find myself trying to access Laulima or in Laulima and forced out during Laulima down time. I understand that personal scheduling adjustments had to be made, but with a full schedule like mines, I couldnt help but to find myself unable to access or signed out during 2-3am.
Response 35 N/A
Response 36
Response 37 I realized that some instructors are more passionate about the learning process for students. This was kind of a dissapointing process as this would be my fourth Distance-education course I've taken from LCC and one of my courses was poorly organized. The instructor made no effort to transition her work from WebCT to Laulima and thus most of the slides were missing, her reply would be "oops, they must've got lost in the move!" This is definite poor taste as it showed her lack of passion or drive to ensure that the learning process would be a an enjoyable and educated one. Regardless of her passion in the field, it displayed poor character that she would be employed to lead more than three sections of this particular course and I wish that she would be re-evaluated based on her organization and execution process. I believe it was very unclear in terms of understanding the concepts delivered in her subject matter and I feel regardless of my discontent in the course I will not feel OK with her teaching another course again. Please advise that this has really discouraged my outlook on the Distance-education experience and I will not recommend that particular course to anyone, neither in person nor on the web if she offers it in class.
Response 38 No Comment
Response 39 waiting for responses by instructors
Response 40
Response 41 nothing
Response 42 I don't think I received as much help as I would have in a live environment. Also, if I'm busy for any reason and can't get to a computer before the deadline I totally miss out on that assignment. It's give and take really.. There are pros and cons as in any learning environment.
Response 43 unable to get an immediate response from instructor
Response 44 Not getting to know my classmates.
Response 45 i did not like taking tests at the testing centers. if this is going to be a requirement then the teachers and testing centers should be more clear on times you can take them or be much more flexable. I actually missed the last test because the testing center closed early and the teacher did not inform us of that!!!!
Response 46 Having to tape the broadcasts of the class, just in case I couldn't watch it at the broadcast time.
Response 47 Being a SAHM and a navy wife this is the only way for me to get my degree. Ilike the fact that I can do it all from my own home.
Response 48 Grey areas have no place in distance education; it's too exact; no room for "close enough".
Response 49 I'm a visual leaner, I would rather be in a classroom where I am able to see and interact with the instructor at the same time, if I have any questions or concerns.
Response 50 Not getting the immediate information like you can get in a live class. If I e-mail the instructor for help I have to wait for an answer unless I am lucky and the instructor is on-line at the same time. Also, I think you can get more information in live classes because of the interaction with the students.
Response 51 ???
Response 52
Response 53 I don't have any poor experiences.
Response 54 n/a
Response 55
Response 56 The instructor was vague with the descriptions of her assignments and very disorganized when it came to returning them promptly and with helpful comments.
Response 57 Just tests and quizes, no opportunity for extra credit.
Response 58 I didn't like that there weren't examples for assignments or forums. I didn't know what a good response would look like.
Response 59 love it
Response 60 the professor and having to log-in everyday, which removed the flexibility of online courses
Response 61 I didn't like that the final project was started so late. The instructor should have had us working on the electronic portfolio from the beginning, so that students would have had a better time putting the content into the portfolio in a logical and meaninful manner
Response 62
Response 63
Response 64
Response 65 I hate when the site would freeze on me when i am submitting a large file for an assignment. overall it was ok not everytime it would do that to me. maybe it was just my internet connection.
Response 66
Response 67 A few of the questons in Tasks, Tests & Surveys as well as the exams were garbled or incorrectly scored (by the computer). However, the incorrectly scored/garbled questions were brought to the attention of the instructor and proper credit was given.
Response 68
Response 69 The fact that I still had to go to campus for certain tests
Response 70 Sometimes lauilma didn't work.
Response 71 The online courses I took this semester did not have much class interactions. I think it would be better if we had more discussions on our forum.
Response 72
Response 73
Response 74 no problems
Response 75
Response 76
Response 77 Wished the class and assignments were more challenging
Response 78
Response 79 This particular class was not well organized or presented well. The video presentations had powerpoint graphics that were too small to be legible on either the tv or computer screen. Quizzes were not posted when scheduled and no closing date for quizzes was given.
Response 80
Response 81 N/A
Response 82
Response 83 Not having any lectures
Response 84 When I have a question it takes about a day or two to get an answer. There was absolutely no way to turn in late homework because you would get locked out after the deadline.
Response 85 Taking distance education courses takes much discipline from the student. Much more than a traditional class that meets 2 or 3 times a week.
Response 86 Group or team projects.
Response 87 What I like least about the distance education experience? when the instructors DO NOT use the tools that are on their course file.
Response 88
Response 89 on campus orientation
Response 90 Technical difficulties w/ taking Midterm exams. Not always given advance notice on quizzes-quizzes not posted well in advance.
Response 91 I least liked that some of the modules for my ED 285 course were not available or misplaced in another part of a certain lesson. In the ICS 100 course if I did not have experience using computer programs, I probably would have not done so well in this course.
Response 92 felt like it was kind of more difficult to get quick answers to your questions and answered to the extent that you were wondering. DIDN'T LIKE THE TESTS ON LINE!!! GOT KICKED OFF AND I WAS ALMOST DONE, HAD TO RETAKE IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!! was a waste of my time,unfair, and the answers that you put in should be saved as you input them, so that things like that don't happen!!
Response 93 class discussions
Response 94 I didn't like the idea that I am always online and studying.
Response 95 Nothing.
Response 96 I would like the due dates to be more open because these are online courses and sometimes the assignments did not upload or I was having trouble so it wasn't accepted after
Response 97
Response 98 that one class stated deadline of 12a on Sunday when actuall it meant midnight Saturday. I missed a couple of assignments because I saw 'Sunday'. the deadlines should be specific like 11:59pm Saturday and not 12a Sunday.
Response 99
Response 100
Response 101
Response 102
Response 103 I did not care for the end result of my final group project. My group consisted of 3 people, one that did not respond via email for 2 weeks & another that decided independently to submit the project without any revisions or feedback from the rest of the group. Although the situation was brought to the instructor's attention, the project grade was based on the one submitted without any revisions. Resulting in a very disappointing grade.
Response 104
Response 105 None
Response 106 Its due date
Response 107 Having to work in groups was more difficult because you cant physically hear or see the person and interact with them. And with a busy schedule it's hard to make time to meet up with your group members.
Response 108
Response 109 sometimes got confused
Response 110 Honestly, it feels as if something changed with testing and assignments. I like to learn at my own pace and complete assignments in a timely manner, but again - at my own pace. It is difficult when assignments and tests are only open on specific days.
Response 111 nothing
Response 112 i liked all of it
Response 113
Response 114 Nothing much to complain about, but if you need something....the "new & improved" icons from last semester took some getting used too...more cartooney looking.
Response 115 Although distance learning is very convenient it of course lacks the personal touch and the one on one verbal interaction.
Response 116 Just change in practice test, i hope the professor will give us the correct answer to take it. Or give this as a grade test every week so that we can find out the right answer and correct our mistake. Chatting once a week i think is very helpful as well in discussing the lessons.
Response 117
Response 118 I enjoyed the classes I have taken.
Response 119 I didn't like that you had to come to the school to take the exams and also that there was no email tool within the laulima to be able to email classmates. You could see others online but you couldn't enter into a chat room to chat with them either. Announcements were made via uh portal email not thru laulima.
Response 120 very independent, must be committed
Response 121 none
Response 122 Sometimes I had a hard time comprehending what I read in the hard cover books.
Response 123
Response 124 Some instructors weren't available on weekends for questions asked. Many distance students do the bulk of their homework on weekends. To be fair, most instructors were available everyday.
Response 125
Response 126 technical difficulties.
Response 127
Response 128 Timed quizzes.
Response 129 n/a
Response 130 I thought that this course would have a bit more interaction with other students since the first few assignments seemed to indicate that it may be structured that way, but it ended up that those couple of assignments were the only times that we were required to interact with other class members.
Response 131 Having to wait for a reply.
Response 132 Laulima needs to be tested in some areas, specially the testing/quizzes section, where a number of times I would get logged out. This made it difficult because I would have to re-input my answers and sometimes upon hitting submit it would log out and not remember my answers. In some cases, it wouldn't remember me in 2 minutes, so I had to keep saving my answers really fast. This should be fixed, especially since our quizzes/tests are timed and students should be able to focus on the material being tested rather then worrying about system problems.
Response 133 nothing I enjoyed my course
Response 134 teacher feedback is less compared to "in-class" lecturing
Response 135 Although interaction with other classmates is encouraged, there were very little times when I did get a chance to talk to another student. Minimal discussions, no continuous chatting, unable to get to know other classmates.
Response 136 N/A
Response 137 That an entire AA or AS degree cannot be taken entirely online as there are certain classes and grad. requirements not offered online.
Response 138
Response 139
Response 140
Response 141 I think the challenge of not getting the face to face interaction of knowing who your instructor is or knowing what they look like is not so great. But it's expected from an internet course. Maybe a bio and pic of the instructor would help a student's experience to be more connected and comfortable as you try to build a relationship with the instructor.
Response 142
Response 143 N/A
Response 144
Response 145 Not linked directly to webmail
Response 146
Response 147 How Laulima will close on an assignment when the teacher allowed students to work on assignments after the closing deadline.
Response 148 It's a lot of reading. Time-management is key.
Response 149 no having the direct contact with the teacher for help and questions.
Response 150 I did not the way it was taught in television, the subject was hard to grasp and i had to get help in the school.
Response 151 I did not like anything about this distance education experience. It was too hard for me to comprehend some things and the instructor wasn't very helpful to me.
Response 152
Response 153 I have to figure everything out by myself. It may help to learn a lot , though.
Response 154
Response 155 The teacher's way of teaching and presenting course material.
Response 156
Response 157
Response 158
Response 159 Everything was fine.
Response 160 None
Response 161 The maintenance that shut Laulima off for an hour.
Response 162
Response 163 Technical difficulties with computer and road runner
Response 164 the fact that i have to have STRONG self-discipline to be able to do well in the course. its hard for me, but a great learning experience as well.
Response 165 Nothing I can think of.
Response 166 Technical errors. Drop down boxes.
Response 167
Response 168
Response 169 None.
Response 170
Response 171 nothing.
Response 172
Response 173
Response 174 I used CourseCompass with my online course. And I didn't have any bad experiences with this online course.
Response 175 The message system was buggy. Quite often laulima would display syntax and computer code, which made the post unreadable. Also, creating posts using that system was difficult.
Response 176 I was unsure to take this on-line class because I'd rather have a teacher in front of me to learn more. Med Terminology is a hard class to learn on-line but I can say I learned.
Response 177 Laulima would lock up on occassion, go extremely slow (not my server), and hated mandatory forums (who has time to read every post?
Response 178
Response 179
Response 180 there is alot of reading involved
Response 181 Not enough classes are being offered. Other than that, this program is great!!
Response 182
Response 183 The opportunity to communicate with instructor and get a timely response.
Response 184 The human touch. I am considering a hybrid course (part online/part classroom) which would give some human interaction and actually expand the learning avenues. Other than that, distance education gives you accessibility at your fingertips.
Response 185 I did not always have easy access to help when encountering an impasse--problems with the main interactive course tool, lack of familiarity with some content; This I resolved through inquiry locally, which, however, was not necessarily more expedient.
Response 186 the too much links and no message alerts.
Response 187
Response 188
Response 189 I didn't like that in the beginning there were technical problems. Nothing on my part but something with the program and how they didn't have that i was registered for the class so i couldn't log in for the first 3 weeks. I hope that doesn't affect my grade especially because i made an effort emailing and calling everyone i could possibly think that could help me.
Response 190
Response 191
Response 192
Response 193 I don't get to interact with the other students and professor face to face.
Response 194
Response 195 Sometimes it got confusing on where to go for my assignments
Response 196 The teacher wasn't quite clear about her lessons, mainly because she hasn't updated or completely edited her modules as time went by (ex: Due dates etc).
Response 197 lack of personal contact
Response 198
Response 199
Response 200 It wasn't like a class. Like MWF or TTh. Hard to tell when things are put up and when they are due. Had to check email multiple times a day. It is online, but they still should give an exact time when things are posted. Kinda like we had to play psychic. We'd check all day everyday and nothing. But the moment we didn't check an assignment was posted and due soon.
Response 201 occasional technical problems and/or getting kicked off site when overloaded
Response 202 NONE.
Response 203 1. slow response of instructor 2. one instructor didn't even provide her discussions for each chapters of the book. It's like do our own thing, without help or input from an instructor to make learning easier and effective.
Response 204 Just waiting for my grades for my assignments took a little long. Two of my classes didn't have a "Message" tool so I had to log into myuhportal in order to send messages - just another hassel when I was already in Laulima.
Response 205
Response 206 Not having my questions answer right away.
Response 207
Response 208
Response 209 The convenience
Response 210 none
Response 211 I did not like the amount of windows that I would need to open at a given time when trying to do the assignments. It was just too much to look at. Also, Laulima is a bit slow.
Response 212 My own personal time management issues.
Response 213 Nothing...great
Response 214
Response 215
Response 216 participation in forums
Response 217
Response 218 Too many quizzes and assignments.
Response 219
Response 220 technical problems with required textbook companion website (catalyst) took a few weeks to resolve
Response 221 not able to work on the site during the night/ early morning 2am/3am
Response 222
Response 223 I liked least when I was forced to interact with other students on the internet by instructor. For instance, I had to send comments about something to other three classmates. I also had hard time getting answer right away, when I had problem or questions.
Response 224 It was hard to stay self-motivated throughout the semester.
Response 225 none
Response 226 Gradebook.
Response 227
Response 228 Time management, but that could be said of any distance learning experience not LCC in particular
Response 229 In the beginning I was confused because the online instructors all do things a little differently, and I was taking 3 online courses at the same time; I ran into some confusion about who posts what where, but I eventually got the hang of it.
Response 230 Many teachers seem to administer sub-par performance online. Many teachers would either take inappropriately long (more than a week) to answer questions, or fail to answer questions at all.
Response 231
Response 232 Once, while taking an exam, each page slowly uploaded even though there were a small amt of people online.
Response 233
Response 234 Not being able to have instant answers to questions or concern
Response 235
Response 236
Response 237
Response 238 Sometimes the laulima system didnt respond very quickly.
Response 239 Less communication with professors. Professor woudn't reply to emails.
Response 240 n/a
Response 241 sometimes one needs hands on instruction (i.e. accounting)
Response 242 Some teachers are very vague about what is expected and instructions for assignments.
Response 243 REL 150 Laycock: I would like if the instructor made available the assignments that was on quiz 1, quiz 2 and so on. The instructor should have told us how many questions were on each exam and how long we had.
Response 244 There were times when taking the exams that the system rest the answers. Since some of the questions were essay questions i had to go back and rewrite them before the time ran out and answer all the multiple choice questions again. It would be good to have a save feature for the exams that let you save the answers that you have already filled in. If there is one already, i do not know how to use it.
Response 245
Response 246
Response 247 none
Response 248 None
Response 249
Response 250 Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on the "classroom experience"
Response 251 the discussion and private messages as well as the messages in general was not as user friendly as I expected.
Response 252 the instructor.
Response 253 My professor for MGT 125, Greg Shigemasa was really unorganized.
Response 254 none
Response 255
Response 256
Response 257 N/A
Response 258 The thing that I like least about this distance is that I wasn't interactive more with my classmates.
Response 259 Getting started with a course is sometimes a problem. Sometimes courses don't show up on time and technical support is needed.
Response 260
Response 261 I had to make my own scheduled time to study.
Response 262 When taking the test, I would pause for a while and then lost my place in the test.
Response 263 My distance education experience has been wonderful. The one thing that I dislike about distance education is trying to compromise with all of the distractions. On one occasion, during an exam, my neighbors had a domestic dispute which turned very ugly. Becasue I am a mandated reporter, I felt taht it was my duty to call the police to inform them of the dispute. Unfortunately, it was during my exam which I did not have a chance to complete it. Unplanned and unexpected distractions can cause a major issues during an exam.
Response 264 no interaction with other students... You're pretty much on your own.
Response 265 The responses for questions were not instantaneous as it would be in a classroom so when there were problems, I would have to wait to get an answer.
Response 266 It was easier to miss assignment deadlines.
Response 267 not much interaction.
Response 268 The lack of explanation of assignments. The unclearness of the communication of the instructor (there was none). There was no help and when there was it seemed more of an inconvenience. There was allot of stuff needed for the class that did not take place at the school. It was very inconvenient the way the class is structured. The materials were scattered throughout Laulima and the book was very choppy. But most importantly for students taking online classes this was a very demanding and rigorous need I say 1 credit class.
Response 269 VERY difficult to register as proof of qualfied to register for classes requiring English 100 or highter is only held at ORIGINAL campus where first registered. This information on students should be held in a cental place so that one can register for on-line courses AT ANY campus without a problem.
Response 270 Difficult to ask/show your problem when everything is done online or through email. It took longer to ask a question when in a classroom, you can simply show your instructor where you're stuck.
Response 271 Communication is always delayed. Instructors often take too long to respond.
Response 272 reading too much from the computer made my eyes hurt and printing everything out was too crazy!
Response 273 The time difference are set to Mainland time and some programs like compclass your not able to get into on all computers.
Response 274 There are not many video intructions.
Response 275 Not knowing the right answers for the quizzes because they were multiple use.
Response 276 i didn't like the group project. It is too hard to do a group project when everyone has different schedules and/or are not on Oahu. The group project was also confusing from understanding the material right away to trying to contact different people without knowing how to contact them and what to expect from these contacts. Also, the exam time limit was too short; consisting of 45 minutes for 50+ questions. She expected us to know all the answers by crystalized intelligence, but we are not all like that.
Response 277 Since laulima is a new online distant learning website, there were a few things that I didn't like about it. When taking a test, there was no "save answer button" like how webct had. There is only the "review for later" button, which does no good. Alot of times while taking a timed test, Laulima would automatically log me out or the internet would fail and I would have to log back in. Therefore, after logging back in, all my answers were deleted. This was very bad because on the tests that I took, there were essay questions and I couldn't possible re- write all the essays in 5 mins. I was very lucky to have such an understanding teacher who would re open it and let me take it again even after the due date. When using webct, even if the internet failed or you were automatically logged out, you were still able to go back to the test and your answers would still be there if you clicked the "save answer" button.
Response 278
Response 279 Sometimes professors take a long time to respond or get grades in.
Response 280
Response 281 Nothing
Response 282 --
Response 283 not being hands on live class is probably best for me and alot of information like overload is a good word for it
Response 284 There were only 4 tests, no homework and tests were on up to 7 chapters at one time.
Response 285
Response 286
Response 287 Very poor communication with instructor. Because this instructor is teaching this online class as a part-time; his full time job was in the way of communicating appropriately and on time to turn in assignments and unable to give my point of view towards the assignments with the instructor. He did not want to hear it and when asked via email; he would avoid answering the questions directly which delayed the cleared picture to understand how to do the assignment and be turned in on time appropriately. Some of the required points to earn for a final grade was very unfair (how can you have some of the points if you did not have any of those activities to it; therefore, these points were minus which is was very unfair due to a lower grade). This gave me a short of an "A" which would have given me my 3.8 GRA (Honors) to graduate this semester and this class was worth only "1" credit. I am very disappointed with this class and instructor. During the last interview with the instructor, I was able to give him my point of view and he again refused to listen and said that it was too bad because what I have decided is the final decision. I though it was very unfair and I feel sorry of all the students taking this mendatory class.
Response 288 Figuring out how the teacher organizes the course when class first starts
Response 289 no introduction from teachers (meaning no knowledge about my teachers professional experience, educational achievements, among others). Majority of the courses I had taken didn't include interaction or discussion with other students.
Response 290 Still had to go to college for a test.
Response 291
Response 292 My english course didn't use as many of the tools offered like the assignments section which may have made things easier to find, or gradebook to track how we are doing.
Response 293 Sometimes there's technical support.
Response 294
Response 295
Response 296
Response 297
Response 298 I have taken several distance courses with different campuses. The classes I took at Leeward I did not feel made distant learning easy or interesting. Some of my grades took a month to get back to me.. that is too long.
Response 299 Unfortunately there were so much assignments...Many students posted and myself got over whelmed with the class because we had so much assignments, tests, and other materials due. The reason for an online course in our view was because we could not attend the regular class, for whatever reason, so our other option was an online course which was almost a nightmare with all these assignments.
Response 300 One of my teachers was a douche.
Response 301
Response 302 N/A
Response 303 It was sometimes difficult and frustrating to upload assignments to CompClass website.
Response 304
Response 305 doing group projects online. its hard to communicate with other students from an online class.
Response 306 I didn't have enough time to focus on this course. I'm better off focusing in class.
Response 307 It's easier to have to go to class and be forced to learn it, rather than doing it all on your own. It's also hard when I'm a single mom, and trying to take a timed test.
Response 308
Response 309
Response 310 It was hard to learn things when they really was no instruction from the professor.
Response 311 I'm not sure which course you're talking about as I had taken two courses--therefore, making the above survey difficult to answer. So, I took a general view of de courses. I'm a more "person to person" type so this may be the thing I liked least.
Response 312
Response 313 the teacher had information that did not match up in accordance to the original syllabus. Deciphering grades was difficult to do.
Response 314
Response 315
Response 316
Response 317 Nothing
Response 318 It sucked! I missed a test because of the teacher not announcing it prior to one week before, the system was not reliable and didn't record all answers on quizzes and tests, the teacher was not interactive, understanding, or acted like he gave a darn!
Response 319 Sometimes waiting for a response (email), as oppose to getting a quick response in person.
Response 320 When it first began it was hard to maneuver but once you get use to using it, it goes by really smoothly.
Response 321 There was no chatting
Response 322 My main problem was forgetting to log on and actually do it
Response 323
Response 324 nothing
Response 325 More study materials would have been nice.
Response 326
Response 327
Response 328 n/a
Response 329
Response 330 Because I work full-time, I enjoy the opportunity to learn on my own schedule (late at night, weekends, etc) when I don't have to work. But sometimes I had to work a lot more hours than anticipated. Having a more flexible schedule (longer due dates) to complete the course work would be more helpful to working students like me.
Response 331
Response 332
Response 333
Response 334 having difficulties with tests.
Response 335
Response 336 Wish that there were more online courses offered
Response 337
Response 338 Sometimes the benefit of having clearer or other forms of verbal examples to instructions were lacking versus in a classroom setting.
Response 339
Response 340
Response 341
Response 342
Response 343 the exams. Covering three to four chapters can be quite a handful to remember. It would have been nice if a crib sheet of what would be covered could have been given out a few weeks prior to the exam, especially if computations were involved.
Response 344
Response 345 ther was always some hang ups with the catalyst ans peer review.
Response 346 Nothing
Response 347 nothing
Response 348
Response 349
Response 350 Whenever we had chat sessions on laulima, it would act up and have delays when you're trying to send a comment.
Response 351
Response 352 For one of my classes, my teacher didn't return my messages to me when I privately emailed her.
Response 353 I was very happy with my distance education experience. I do wish more classes were available online.
Response 354
Response 355 none
Response 356 The teacher posted work late.
Response 357 It was not the same as taking an actual class.
Response 358
Response 359
Response 360 sometimes the response of questions from the instructor.
Response 361
Response 362
Response 363
Response 364
Response 365
Response 366
Response 367 I didn't really like how the interaction with other classmates was done.
Response 368 Not much interaction between teacher and students
Response 369 We were not able to have a physical interaction that helped us to have more verbal group discussions. It was difficult to find a study group without that area.
Response 370 Too many posts to read.
Response 371
Response 372 Getting behind of work
Response 373
Response 374
Response 375 having to get a textbook that wasn't even used for the class.
Response 376
Response 377 n/a
Response 378
Response 379 i procrastinate
Response 380
Response 381 The help that could be received in a classroom setting.
Response 382 the hands on experience
Response 383 my teacher included grades base on participation, i thought the purpose of distance education and online course was for students who can't be in class because of reasons and online courses is for independent studies and therefore taking quizzes online is to reinforce what is in the chapter.
Response 384
Response 385
Response 386 No interaction with other students and having to take tests at testing centers.
Response 387 n/a
Response 388
Response 389 Everything was good
Response 390
Response 391 there were times when I would forget that the quizzes were due by 11p on sundays
Response 392 it was hard to stay on track because of the freedom that taking distance courses gives. most of the time i completed all my assignments at the last minute.
Response 393
Response 394
Response 395
Response 396
Response 397 Sometimes, it was very slow to log in and submit assignments.
Response 398
Response 399
Response 400
Response 401 N/a
Response 402 limited encouragement to learn material
Response 403 No being able to talk face to face!
Response 404 The font of the announcements should be bigger so they can draw attention
Response 405
Response 406
Response 407 The video lectures were REALLY BORING. Could hardly concentrate on what was going on because it was not engaging. Although what can you expect from a presentation in that format. Besides being boring it was difficult to get the help as its hard to discuss problems via email. Also although the prof. answered all of my emails, timely, I didn't feel that rapport with him to ask for the additional help I needed.
Response 408 There was nothing I didn't like
Response 409 No comment
Response 410
Response 411
Response 412
Response 413 How I was unaware that I needed to sign a CC Enrollment form for financial aid. I found out too late.
Response 414 if i have questions or concern cannot be answered instantly
Response 415 Sometimes, it seems that when more students were on line taking a test, the transition from one question to the next was extremely slow.
Response 416 hard to manage time
Response 417 Less teacher interaction
Response 418 Nothing it was great.
Response 419 In Ed-291, we have not had a grade in the gradebook all semester, so you really have no idea how you are doing in the class, and will not know apparently until you get your final grade. Which I think isn't very professional, we should be able to keep up with our grades and know where we stand in the class, so if we aren't doing well, we could speak to the teacher and see what we need to change or do better on.
Response 420 t
Response 421
Response 422
Response 423
Response 424
Response 425
Response 426
Response 427
Response 428 nothing
Response 429
Response 430
Response 431
Response 432 Reviews and study guides were not concise outlines to help students to remember key ideas. They were complete regurgitations of every detail of the course.
Response 433
Response 434
Response 435 nothing...except all the quizzes and tests - but really, everything was fine.
Response 436 There is really nothing I can think of. You just have to be disapline to take oan on line class.
Response 437 N/A
Response 438 not every professor do good at teaching online classes. If the material is not organized and if we don't get help from the teacher,like study guide, etc is very hard to study 100% by myself if the teacher don't put energy into it
Response 439
Response 440 Staring at computer for hours
Response 441 sometimes the assignments werent to clear...
Response 442
Response 443 I really enjoyed it but I still have issues with understanding how to use the computer the right way when I need it. But I do ask for help and somehow I did okay.
Response 444 it was good
Response 445 i think its better for me to have classes in a real teaching environment rather than online. Easier to probably understand.
Response 446 All of the online classes are just confusing in general. The teachers tend to put info about the same assignments in different places and sometimes the info differs because they only update one section or something. Dates differ, instructions differ. NONE of the classes I have taken have used the calender tool, which I feel should be required of them just so all the students have a solid point of reference to go off of.
Response 447 The site would sometimes act up.
Response 448 nothing it was a great experience.
Response 449
Response 450
Response 451 assignments werent available to look at in advance and only a week before the assignment is due.
Response 452 I felt somewhat disconnected with the campus. Even though I had group projects I missed the actual interaction.
Response 453 There is a lot more reading, which is not bad, just time consuming.
Response 454 n/a
Response 455 technology problems
Response 456 Slow reponse by instructor through e-mail and private messages...
Response 457
Response 458 I enjoyed everything!
Response 459 Very little communication from some of my instructor's.
Response 460
Response 461
Response 462 If there is some technical problem exist in the website, it's going to affect the class schedule for all the students.
Response 463 There was very poor feedback. There was no rubric for course work and since its an online course you have no clue if you are doing the project the way the instructor wants until after it is graded. I often got grades I did not expect and was graded on criteria I did not know I would be graded on. What I would consider A work got B's at which point I was very discouraged. Even more so when I turned in work that I thought was a C or B and it got 100%. There seemed to be no logic to the grading. If anything it seemed we were graded higher for using filters and other tools in photoshop that are often very tacky.
Response 464
Response 465
Response 466
Response 467 the instructor in the eng class wasn't giving very good instruction. Basically, the instructor didn't give much advice on what was wrong on certain assignments. I felt that there wasn't much teaching happening in the class.
Response 468
Response 469 Having to go to a test center for examination. The purpose of distance learning is being to do everything remotely.
Response 470 nothing really
Response 471
Response 472 I had to wait for a response from the professor rather than have an immediate response if I were to ask a question in person.
Response 473 I have had good experiences and bad. Best is interaction through forums and discussion boards at the least and even better when accompanied by a cable lecture. This class had neither of these things and I found myself feeling very disconnected.
Response 474
Response 475 Uploading files with a mac is difficult. It doesn't always go through in time and with a crunch and need for it to be uploaded, it is very frustrating!
Response 476 Having to double check my returned assignments without being given a notification.
Response 477 I'm not too sure on how other courses are with quizzes and tests, but we are not able to save the answers. In WebCT, each answer is saved after completed. That was great just in case my computer froze, black out, etc.
Response 478 waiting for a reply from the instructor!
Response 479 There were problems when using CompClass. Sometimes it did not register that I turned in my work, causing me to lose points.
Response 480
Response 481 Hard to get in touch with proffesor when needed. Messages should have a icon or display when new messages are received. It would be a lot easier & messages wouldn't be overlooked. More online classes would be great too.
Response 482 tHis course was completely satisfactory. I enjoyed it immensely, and I wouldn't change a thing!
Response 483
Response 484
Response 485
Response 486 not being in a class and interacting one on one with the teacher
Response 487 no problems
Response 488 Nothing
Response 489
Response 490 They videos used were pretty old, I think it needs some updating.
Response 491 nothing
Response 492 its there no massager system
Response 493 The test for certain classes when it said save question for later, but when you got to the end it would never go back to it. It should not offer it if you cannot go back. It caused me to not do very well on 2 test. I would have guessed if I knew it would not let you go back.
Response 494 Forgetting some important due dates because it is not something you attend on a regular basis like a regular class.
Response 495
Response 496 i took 2 classes and had 2 very different experiences. 1 prof was involved; the other not so much. some classes truely need a lecture, even if its a powerpoint presentation.
Response 497 The transition from webct to laulima, it seemed that webct was easier to use. Wish that they would offer more classes through distance learning....that way students wouldn't have to transfer or take courses in other schools. Some classes require you to take tests at the site, but it is understandable
Response 498
Response 499 Sometimes the instructor(s) took a long time to respond to emails/questions.
Response 500 The amount of work for an online course.
Response 501
Response 502
Response 503 having some of my projects graded by my peers. How can they be educated enough in the course work for them to say if I am doing a good job or not.
Response 504 a lot of work & time
Response 505
Response 506 We had team projects, which was hard to accomodate. The reason I took an onlince course was because I have a busy schedule.
Response 507
Response 508 is the classroom feeling...and the certainty of asking a question that will be answered right away instead of waiting for the instructor to reply back...
Response 509
Response 510 Less disipline, easily distracted.
Response 511
Response 512
Response 513
Response 514 I would have have rather been in class, but my work schedule did not allow it. It's a bit difficult wanting to have a question answered and having to wait for a reply.
Response 515
Response 516 I dont have problem with it.
Response 517 nothing
Response 518 Long lag between submitting assignments and receiving grades
Response 519
Response 520 The timely feedback from instructors to help me with adjusting my learning strategies, how I do my assignments and how I study and tak emy quizzes adn tests.
Response 521