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21) What did you like most about your distance education experience?
Response 1 Nothing.
Response 2
Response 3 Let's face it, we live in the best counrty in the world. I'm 36 and just decided to change course and here I am. You guys are doing awonderful thing. The more online content the better. God Bless Guys! Mahalo!
Response 4
Response 5 I liked the fact that I could see my gradebook. I am able to calculate my grade on my own. It is also very convenient to get to do my work at home. It is less stressful. I would definately consider taking another distance education course.
Response 6 it was online. convenient
Response 7
Response 8 The thing that I like most about distance education is that I do not have to travel an hour to get to school.
Response 9 That I was able to complete the work in my time but still within a specific time frame and was able to communicate with other students in the class.
Response 10 Going at my pace...
Response 11 Learning at my own pace and the extemely short "commute" to class!
Response 12 I feel more comfortable sharing my written assignments with people I do not see face to face (less peer pressure). I also enjoy being able to work ahead (when Instructors allow).
Response 13 flexibility
Response 14 i miss classroom-like discussions
Response 15 The instructor being very patient and helpful
Response 16 I really enjoyed the convenience of taking online courses to fit into my schedule and busy life. This was a perfect way to be a full time student and never needing to drive anywhere but home to "attend" class and submit work.
Response 17 We were allowed to take exams at home, whereas with other distance courses I've taken in the past, it was required that we go to a testing center for a proctered exam. This was a lot easier and way more convenient.
Response 18 I like the schedule and all of the teachers responded to my questions very quickly!
Response 19 Study and work on assignments according to dates on the internet but never having to go into a classroom.
Response 20 1) Ability to access class info in many different ways, eg lectures available on tv AND on my iPod, and lecture notes that can be viewed from any computer w/ internet. 2) The use of social media to encourage student interaction was very successful. The use of Twitter as an informal communication tool between classmates and instructor was a perfect fit in this distance course. Twitter conversations helped me through several assignments as well as quiz and midterm studying.
Response 21 the advance time to do the homeworks
Response 22 i didnt like it
Response 23 I could work at my own time & pace.
Response 24 Convenience of watching the lectures recorded and taking quizzes on line.
Response 25
Response 26 Easy to use. Do the work on my own time (before deadlines).
Response 27
Response 28
Response 29 I could work at my own pace and had constant access to all materials.
Response 30
Response 31
Response 32 completing the assignments within a week
Response 33
Response 34 The fact that having a full-time job and a family, I am able to complete my course requirements in a timely manner. I would hope more courses become available through Distance Learning, so that I could keep my full-time status.
Response 35 Convience
Response 36 it allowed me the flexability to do my coursework around my busy work, school and family schedule.
Response 37 I liked that I had the ability and freedom to complete my work at my leisure. This helps as I take care of my mother and and seeing PT employment.
Response 38 No Comment
Response 39 away from campus
Response 40
Response 41 It works around my schedule. I work part time and i'm a full time mom.
Response 42 I liked that I could do it on my own time, and didn't have to take more time out of my already busy day to attend a class. It's easier to fit into my schedule.
Response 43 Overall,very convenient and average paced
Response 44 Being able to turn in assignments at any time rather than only in a certain time, like how actual classroom courses are.
Response 45 having my own time.
Response 46 I could access my assignments, course content and exams at any time of the day. I didn't have to be on campus for the class.
Response 47 I wish LCC offered more distant classes. I have to take some from KCC in order to get my degree.
Response 48 It's convenient and self-paced.
Response 49 It is at my own pace.
Response 50 Not having to drive to campus and also the ability to work on my own time.
Response 51 I really like distance education...I've taken 2 classes with Neils for the mere fact that everything was clear and concise. I learned alot through the distance experience.
Response 52
Response 53 I didn't have to go to a campus. If I wanted to work online at 3 am I could.
Response 54 easy, convient, available when I was ready to work.
Response 55
Response 56 Not having to commute to class; being able to learn either faster than or at the instructor's pace.
Response 57 Easy and convenient.
Response 58 I like that the course was flexible and i could complete the assignments at own pace knowing the deadlines.
Response 59
Response 60
Response 61 I got to learn about new technologies and softwares that I could use in my future classroom.
Response 62
Response 63
Response 64 i learned alot just as if i would be sitting in a classroom. Although this time i was doing it right in my own home.
Response 65 i like working at my own pace and i like how it allows me to learn on my own because it made me become more of a independent learner and making my self become more time manageable.
Response 66
Response 67 Convenience. Cable lectures were helpful and added information to what was in the text and the handouts. Professor responded quickly to e-mails, even at night and on weekends. I didn't expect but appreciated the quick responses.
Response 68 I enjoyed the freedom to study the course material at my leisure. I also enjoyed the istructor.
Response 69 The freedom it gives me to do my work at my own pace
Response 70 We can go on our own time as long as we know when everything is due
Response 71 What I like most about my distance education was the flexibility that it offered. Most of the assignments and exams were given a week prior to the due date. So overall, I had a week to complete a certain assignment or exam.
Response 72
Response 73
Response 74 The reflexiblity, convenience
Response 75 the convenience
Response 76
Response 77 Not having to commute. Instructor was good about balancing workload, setting deadlines that made sense and thoroughly explaining procedures, expectations, etc at the beginning of class.
Response 78
Response 79 Being able to work on my own schedule.
Response 80
Response 81 The distance education courses fit well with my home and work schedule. Without them I would only be able to take 1 night class at a time and probably take forever to get my degree. The set up and implementation of the courses that I have taken so far is wonderful because as I said it is very difficult for me to make it in to the college for courses so taking tests and exams on line as well as turning in assignments has been extremely helpful and convenient for me.
Response 82
Response 83 Being able to take courses and care for my children.
Response 84 I can go at my own pace. I like not having to attend a class at a set time. I could work on my assignments and tests when it was convenient for me.
Response 85 My instructor. He was excellent and our labs tied our science into real life events.
Response 86 Ability to do coursework at my convenience. No scheduled "class time" allowed me to learn and study around my work and family schedule. The ability to be "portable" when needed.
Response 87 What I like most about the distance education experience? when the tools are used effectively in the course.
Response 88 I liked having a syllabus that had the whole semester lined out. What we would be studying, when to expect test, what assignments would ne given and when they would be due. That was the greatest part of both of my online classes. My husband had an online class that would post assignments and tests randomly throughout the semester. I was soooo greatful my teachers had it all laid out in the beginning. It helped me stay prepared and ready.
Response 89 it was really suitable for my schedule
Response 90 Distance learning is my only means of acquiring college credit. I live on an isolated island that does not have college programs that provides a wide range of courses.
Response 91 I loved that my professor in my ED 285 course was always available to ask my small questions and I learned A LOT! I loved in the ICS 100 course that we were able to take as little or as much time on our assignments as we wanted. The proffessor responded to my questions promptly.
Response 92 didn't have to go to class regularly and sit through someone boring just so you have the material. it allowed me to do the assignments when i had time, giving me more freedom for the classes that require uneven amounts of time to complete throughout the week
Response 93 convenience
Response 94 That I am able to do homework at any time. I am also able to access the information I need.
Response 95 That I can do things in my own time at my own pace.
Response 96
Response 97
Response 98 i could study at my own time and MY OWN PACE and not the pace of everyone. i could study at home anytime and take tests anytime from anywhere including work. IT'S GREAT.. i'll actually get the degree.. without online classes i wouldn't have the ability to get a degree.
Response 99
Response 100
Response 101
Response 102
Response 103 I was able to focus on this course at my convenience. I was able to go to work & come home, submit my assignments or take quizzes, take a break, & continue with the course. This course proved to be more convenient & time efficient for someone with my busy schedule.
Response 104
Response 105 The best thing that I liked the most about the distance education experience was that I was able to complete the course at home and was able to take care of my kids!
Response 106 Less work load for this course
Response 107 I liked how I could have a class pretty much all on my time. It worked around my schedule.
Response 108
Response 109 time flexibility
Response 110 The teachers!
Response 111 easy and convenient.
Response 112 not driving! and good instructor
Response 113 I can work on my classes at home after my kids are in bed.
Response 114 Provides me with the flexibility to take courses without having to physically be "in" a classroom, which would be difficult for someone like myself that works full-time and raising 2 young children as a single parent. I am well on my way to fulfilling my goal/dream of obtaining a college degree because of the Distance Learning Program!
Response 115 The flexibility and convenience. Without the distance learning opportunity I would not be able to attend school and I'll be earning my Associates degree this semester.
Response 116 Its very convenient the professor is up to date. She is very prompt in announcing the new up coming events on our class.
Response 117 The ability to be able to study when it was convenient for me.
Response 118 Convenience.
Response 119 The quizzes gave me an almost immediate grade as long as there wasn't a written portion attached to it.
Response 120 flexibility
Response 121 Although i have a full time job, it gives me the opportunity to even go back to school and learn.
Response 122 Long distance education provideded convenience when it came to taking tests, papers, and final exams. The courses gave more than enough time to complete the work.
Response 123
Response 124 I can complete my education requirements without having to wait until the classes are offered at my home campus. Additionally, notes, lectures, learning materials not found in the text are always available. I can work from home, on campus, on vacation. With some classes, I knew exactly what my grade was from day one.
Response 125 i liked the freedom. i didn't have to log on everyday to pass the course. i don't have a whole lot of free time and the course wasn't time demanding
Response 126 forums.
Response 127
Response 128 Gradebook.
Response 129 convenience
Response 130 It allowed me to work according to my schedule and at my convenience.
Response 131 Majority of everything. Without it I would not be able to attend college. DE is the best thing that colleges has ever offered.
Response 132 I liked its convenience and weekly modules. The professor for this class made excellent PowerPoint slides that were clear, concise, engaging and very applicable to real life work experience.
Response 133 The convience of my own computer at home and the time. I made my own schedule and it kept me more disciplined because I knew what exactly was due each week and the exams. Excellent class!
Response 134 Its good for my schedule and i can fit it in on my own time!
Response 135 I liked the instructor most of all. EVERYTHING was so organized that it made my first online course a bit easier to understand from the beginning-this helped a lot!
Response 136 I thought that distance education is a positive experience because sometimes people tend to be busy during the day and can't find a way to school. They may take online courses to help them achieve their goals in life. I like using Laulima. It is very easy and simple to use. I have no problems in using this distance educational route.
Response 137 The convenience of being home when I had time 15 minutes or an hour or two to sit down and check Laulima, and that it could be almost 24 hours!! (except for the downtime each morning 2-3 a.m.?) After each semester begins, I will usually stress a bit the first 2 to 4 weeks, until I have my deadlines and required work patterns for each class on a sort of schedule - and from then on - I love it. I only wish the entire degree could be completed online.
Response 138 I liked that I was able to be home with my children and yet learn online.
Response 139
Response 140
Response 141 I like knowing what to expect day to day. The course requirements and time frames are clear. You know when things are due and can pace yourself and really do the assignments during times that will work best for yourself.
Response 142
Response 143 Convenience.
Response 144 i really like distance ed because it is convienient for me being a single parent and also working that i am able to attend college in such a busy schedule that i have.
Response 145 The instuctor made the class enjoyable.
Response 146
Response 147 student interaction.
Response 148 I can work on assignments on my own time. I don't have to go to class (and I can wear PJs). I can submit homework at 4:00 am. :) That's the best part!
Response 149 convienently log on when needed and helped me to stay on task as a full-time worker and mommy.
Response 150 Convinient when it comes to test/quizzes
Response 151 Nothing.
Response 152 That I only had one deadline each week instead of like in a classroom where you'd have to turn things in the next class. And plus it was on your own time.
Response 153 Flexibility.
Response 154
Response 155 I can do it on my own time.
Response 156 I liked how the due date was already set for the semester. I didn't have to worry about turning in my work or taking quizes and exams on time because I knew exactly when it was due. This made it easier for me because I could do it anytime during the day and night. It was perfect for me especially since I'm still working. I wouln't mind taking another distance education class.
Response 157 The teacher.
Response 158
Response 159 Flexible schedule to study by my own.
Response 160 The convenience
Response 161 The distance experience. It came in handy that everything is done online. I don't have to worry about going to campus for anything.
Response 162 I was able to work at my own pace, in my own time, and from my home. I wasn't required to show my face or be somewhere at a certain time.
Response 163 My professors and how they organized the online class experience
Response 164 i was able to do the work on my time and didnt have to wake up early to go to campus.
Response 165 I could do the assignments at my own pace.
Response 166 The flexibility to work around personal schedule, and provide me adequate time to submit assignments.
Response 167
Response 168 I was able to work on things at my own pace.
Response 169 I liked that I could access my assignments from home. I also liked that I could email my professor and she would respond quickly. I also liked the tutoring that was available.
Response 170
Response 171 I could do my work and tests on my own time, around my own schedule.
Response 172 I really liked how most classes gave you the list of assignments for the whole semester and I was able to complete them and turn them in early to be graded. This way I didn't have to worry so much about the deadlines.
Response 173
Response 174 Coursecompass was very structured and simple to understand. This was my first online course and I had a very good experience. I will definitely do another online course.
Response 175 The fact that it was online; I didn't have to come to class! I really hope more courses are offered online.
Response 176 My teacher and other students asked a lot of questions and I found answers very easily. When I asked my teacher a question I got a response very fast.
Response 177 Convenient, suited to my schedule
Response 178
Response 179 It was good to learn from home and to turn in assignments on your own time.
Response 180 you can do you homework any time you want to.
Response 181 It is a great opportunity for full-time working parents to have access to a UH system education.
Response 182
Response 183 That I was able to do it conveniently from home.
Response 184 Extremely convenient! Great for busy schedules.
Response 185 The instructor posted some very informative and helpful links on the class website; As well, the interactive "lab" tool was very helpful, "instructing" to the extent it could. The only difficulty was addressing problems that fell outside the realm of the tools' purposes--instructing particular tasks.
Response 186 The calendar
Response 187
Response 188
Response 189 That i didn't have to get out of the house on a busy day. I can easily get things done around the house as well as get some schooling in.
Response 190
Response 191 I liked that the course was challenging. Also that grades could be easily seen throughout the semester.
Response 192
Response 193 That I didn't have to drive to class
Response 194
Response 195 i still got to interact with other students and the professor.
Response 196 It was great to be able to earn credits at home because of a busy schedule.
Response 197 flexibility for time management.
Response 198
Response 199
Response 200 Flexibility.
Response 201 convenience and timely replys from prof.
Response 202 I like the convenience of working from home I have enjoyed all my laulima classes
Response 203 i can do my class whenever my time permits.
Response 204 That I could do the coursework on my own schedule. I liked that the information was available 24/7, so I could access class information at like midnight.
Response 205
Response 206 Not having to travel to the campus; love the convenient of doing my work day or night.
Response 207 It's much more convenient for me. Having the ability to complete the assigned assignments ahead allowed me to work at my own pace.
Response 208
Response 209 Less interaction
Response 210 accessible anywhere
Response 211 I liked that I could do the work on my own time.
Response 212 That I was able to do the assignments and quizzes online on my own time and at my own pace.
Response 213 Convienent.
Response 214
Response 215 gave me flexibility
Response 216 everything!! I will take as many on line as I can! thank you
Response 217
Response 218 Ability to study while in my pajamas.
Response 219
Response 220 the forums allowed me to learn and communicate with my classmates
Response 221 most of the time was able to work ahead
Response 222
Response 223 I do not have to be on certain time at certain place. I could work on my pace and on my way, which is very important.
Response 224 I was able to attain the credits I needed while still keeping up with any previous responsibilities.
Response 225 easy online course work.
Response 226 Interactions with other students
Response 227
Response 228 Instructor was prompt with grading and assignments were straightforward and achievable
Response 229 I'm a stay-at-home mother and the online courses worked best with my schedule. Without them, I wouldn't be able to take very many classes each semester and finishing school would seem impossible.
Response 230 Convenience and self-paced learning works best for my learning style and lifestyle. Offering more distance education courses in the future would encourage me and others like me to commit to college (because it is convenient).
Response 231 Convienent and a great instructor!
Response 232 I liked the due date the most.
Response 233
Response 234 The ability to work at my own pace from the comfort of home.
Response 235
Response 236 The ability to do my work anytime during the day which was a big help since I do work and have other courses during the day and evening.
Response 237
Response 238 I liked the way this professor had all his material mapped out and organized!
Response 239 convenient
Response 240 i love it...
Response 241 availability at one's own personal time
Response 242 My class time can be during any time of the day or around my schedule.
Response 243 I love that I can pace myself.
Response 244
Response 245
Response 246
Response 247 my instructors
Response 248 Flexible studying time
Response 249
Response 250 I like the flexibility that distance education offers.
Response 251 everything else was great
Response 252 the convience to get credit from home.
Response 253 There are a list of assignments you can do ahead of time.
Response 254 go at your own pace, helpful and meaningful assignments
Response 255
Response 256
Response 257 The convenience of taking quizzes and tests online instead of going to school. Being able to do this made it easier to work more but yet be able to study at times most convenient for me. It allowed me to have longer periods of time to study. The teacher I had was awesome and explained instructions very well.
Response 258 The thing that I like most about this distance education experience is that its organize, easy to follow directions and able to give us chances in our work.
Response 259 It is available to me 27/7, most times.
Response 260
Response 261 I was at home taking this course.
Response 262
Response 263 What makes distance education a great experience for me is that I don't have to sit in a freezing class with 25 other students for 2 hours. Being at home with my family with all of the distractions all worth it.
Response 264 You can do things on your own time and at your own pace.
Response 265 It allowed me the freedom and independence of working on my time and at my convenience.
Response 266 I could set my own pace
Response 267 with some teachers you can work at your own pace and finish classes faster
Response 268 Nothing!!!
Response 269 A chance to fit in learning with complicated schedules etc. Teachers who are most flexible (i.e. allowing papers or quizes/tests to be presented/available AHEAD of time) are particularly helpful for students with complicated lives. Positive interaction from teacher is also helpful.
Response 270 Allowed more flexibility for personal schedule.
Response 271 Didn't have to leave home.
Response 272 i could go to class whenever i wanted and the study guides were prepared at the beggining of each unit.
Response 273 convenient.
Response 274 I am able to manage my schedule since I am a full time worker.
Response 275 Getting reminders about the tests and getting feedback from the instructor.
Response 276 she was reasonable to some degree and she was available if we had questions about the course, assignments, or project.
Response 277 It was very convenient for me. I liked how I can see my grade right away and estimate what my final grade will be. I also love the convenience of on line classes.
Response 278
Response 279 I liked that i can make my own schedule and not have to attend classes when it's hot in the day.
Response 280
Response 281 I love the flexibility in schedule. It allows me to earn my degree while maintaining a busy schedule.
Response 282
Response 283 being able to determine time of study when its convients for me
Response 284 I didn't have to go to class to complete it.
Response 285
Response 286
Response 287 Nothing.
Response 288 the flexibility
Response 289 Flexibility, professors are very considerate, clever, knowledgeable of their course teaching, among others.
Response 290 Able to complete it as quickly as possible.
Response 291
Response 292 The whole set up of my comp class was really easy to use and the gradebook feature was wonderful the use of the calender made life really easy with tracking all our tests and assignment due dates.
Response 293 I always liked taking online courses. It fits in with my schedule.
Response 294
Response 295 Being able to do the work when it fit my schedule and that all the information was easily attainable. Also the instructor was easy to a hold of, for questions, answers, or concerns.
Response 296
Response 297
Response 298
Response 299
Response 300 Didn't have to leave my house.
Response 301
Response 302 I liked the convenience and that I could kind of set my own pace and schedule. I wish more classes were offered on-line.
Response 303 I liked the flexibilty it afforded me.
Response 304
Response 305 i can go on when i want to. i don't have to go to a class.
Response 306 The scheduling of the assignments and quizzes.
Response 307 I don't know if there's anything I liked the most, but I really enjoyed the course material.
Response 308
Response 309 The easiness of the course and not having to report to a classroom. Being able to work at my own pace. And also the the openness of the teacher with communication.
Response 310 The freedom to get things done on my time.
Response 311 The convenience.
Response 312
Response 313 the ability to work from home on my own time.
Response 314
Response 315
Response 316 everything, save gas!
Response 317 I enjoy knowing that I am able to continue my college education in the comfort of my own home and still hold a full-time job.
Response 318 It would be great if everything worked correctly and there was a teacher who cared!
Response 319 Very convenient and easy to navigate/understand!
Response 320 I was able to work at a reasonable pace and did not have to wait for the instructor to pass out assignments.
Response 321 It was a very clear course and easy to understand
Response 322 I liked the convenience of it
Response 323
Response 324 For the type of course I took, which was a business technology, computer-type course, there was really no need for classroom activity or student interaction. This class was perfect for distance learning since it was self-motivating and the student simply needed to follow instructions and learn the material on the computer. The instructor was easy to access through email and any questions I had were taken care of promptly. The teacher was there for keeping the student on track with deadlines and reminders. I would definitely take another distance course depending on the topic; it was a wonderful experience since I could work from home and could work when I had free time. You simply can't beat a long distance course for absolute convenience! Although I don't think it would work for every kind of course, where discussion and interaction with teacher/students are extremely beneficial.
Response 325 It fit my schedule perfectly and was easy to navigate around
Response 326
Response 327 the fact that i didn't need to drive to the campus
Response 328 I liked that there were opportunities for me to interact with other people taking the course. The forums was the best thing I liked because I got to input my opinion but also read and get input from my fellow classmates.
Response 329
Response 330 See above. It's primarily the flexibility to learn online at my own schedule, especially since the times I can study are the times when onsite campus classes are limited (late at night and weekends). Plus I find the professors much more responsive in an online class than onsite classes. Thanks for the opportunity to learn. This is probably the best way for me to eventually get my AA from LCC.
Response 331
Response 332
Response 333
Response 334 Didn't have to go to class.
Response 335
Response 336 able to learn on my own time and fit it within my schedule
Response 337
Response 338 The ability to study and utilize class material from home.
Response 339
Response 340
Response 341
Response 342
Response 343 1. Always the convenience and flexibility of distance education. 2. Quizzes and exams were all done online, which should always be when it is deemed a distance education course. 3. Team assignments - the ability to interact with other classmates in the chatroom was fun and helping each other out.
Response 344 I like how we can do our work in advance, able to see the result of our quiz/test asap. I also like how the teacher gives feedback. I enjoyed it.
Response 345 It was convenient and the information was put together well.
Response 346 I was able to access the course on my own time which made it easier for me to succeed in the course.
Response 347 ability to work on my own time
Response 348 I liked how we could do everything on our own time. It really helped with my busy schedule.
Response 349 very convenient
Response 350 It was convenient and helped me fit school into my busy schedule.
Response 351
Response 352 It's accessible anywhere and on some tests you could even view your scores right away. Forums makes it easier to do group assignments.
Response 353 I liked the freedom to log on when I was able to dedicate my time to my classes. This took a lot of time managemnet to be able to submit assignments and complete exams on time. But all in all DE classes really fit into my busy schedule.
Response 354
Response 355 balancing my work and studies is hard enough online classes gives me more time to prepare and time is flexible helped me out a lot
Response 356 I liked not having to meet at a specific time.
Response 357 I like that it was at home and in a comfortable environ.
Response 358 Availability
Response 359
Response 360 the flexability, the comfort and online support of your classmates and teacher.
Response 361 I would recommend that everyone take HLTH 110. Excellent instructor-Schmidt!
Response 362 It saved me traveling time and to do school work online is really convenient because I have work.
Response 363 It let me have a lot of freedom with my time management and learning process.
Response 364
Response 365 I have a job and the online classes exceeded my expectations. This past semester I took a combination of online and on campus classes and I felt that the online classes provided much more in depth information in a way that did not feel as rushed as in an on campus class.
Response 366
Response 367 It was self-paced which made it easier and more manageable to do with my other classes.
Response 368 Fairly straightforward -- read the textbook and take tests.
Response 369 It made my life so much easier. I didn't have to waste so much gas coming to school, and it helped boost my independence when it came to learning new material. It was quite a positive challenge to help me stay organized and focused at the same time trying to balance the rest of my classes.
Response 370 Modules and projects. It was clear the instructor put a lot of time developing everything. Instructor also varied the type of assignments (oral, games, projects, etc). I'm glad my first LCC online class was with Ed Media instructor.
Response 371
Response 372 The self-learning & self-discipline that was needed to stay on task
Response 373
Response 374
Response 375 It was convenient for my schedcule
Response 376
Response 377 scheduling.
Response 378
Response 379 professors are very helpful
Response 380
Response 381 More time to do work whenever i wanted without having to be in class a set time.
Response 382 that i could do my studying in the comfort of my own home.
Response 383 the grades were updated most of the time..
Response 384
Response 385 The grading system
Response 386 Flexible schedule.
Response 387 n/a
Response 388
Response 389 The distance education
Response 390
Response 391 i liked that i could do sections/modules at my own convenience and at my own speed.
Response 392 even though it was one of the things i least liked, i liked having the freedom to do the assignments/test when i wanted to within the time limits given.
Response 393
Response 394
Response 395
Response 396
Response 397 I like the tools for forums because I can interact to my classmates online and also to my teacher.
Response 398
Response 399
Response 400
Response 401 I could do the work on my own time. no assignments between Tests so i only had to worry about quizzes and tests.
Response 402 convenient
Response 403 I was able to do the work in the comforts of my home around my work schedule and kids!
Response 404 Inconveniences
Response 405
Response 406
Response 407 Nothing. I will NOT take another distance education class. It lacks so much in what you get from a regular class room environment.
Response 408 I liked the labs because it varied; also I liked the info that was chosen for us to learn - they were interesting.
Response 409 I liked the modules and the grade book part of Laulima because I was able to learn by using the modules as well as keep track of my grades throughout the semester.
Response 410
Response 411
Response 412
Response 413 It was at my own pace.
Response 414 i can do my task and assignment anytime and anywhere i want
Response 415 Ease of convience
Response 416 the variety of activities, lots of work evaluated all areas
Response 417 Flexibility and convenience
Response 418 the convenience of having an online class and being able to have a more productive work and study schedule.
Response 419 the fact that they are just that, distance education courses. I have a 2 year old and this is the only way for me to do school right now.
Response 420
Response 421
Response 422
Response 423
Response 424 I liked that I could do my classes when it was convenient for me! I have a full-time job and the distance education program helped me alot!
Response 425
Response 426 It was fast and easy. There was hardly any interaction with the teacher or other students, but sometimes that's what's most convenient. I liked working by myself for most of the projects. I took an online course so I could do it fast. Too much interaction probably would've slowed me down.
Response 427
Response 428 everything
Response 429
Response 430
Response 431 Able to complete class without having to attend classes daily.
Response 432 You're able to see your assignment scores/grades quickly after completing assignments.
Response 433 I can take my own time to do assignments
Response 434
Response 435 using old skills and acquiring new ones and at the same time I was able to be creative with my project assignments.
Response 436 i really like the way the instructors keep themselve orginized. Everything is right there, all that needs to be done is all perfectly put together. NO problems for me.
Response 437 N/A
Response 438 studying on my own schedule
Response 439
Response 440 Convenience
Response 441 that i could do it when i had time
Response 442 I was able to take this course in a way that allowed for a more flexible schedule than regular classes.
Response 443 It was fun doing the "forum" and communicating with other students and the staff. Just doing the work online was totally interesting in spite of the personal issues I had because I don't really know the "ins and outs" of getting from one program to another. But I know more today than I did when I first started so I feel good about it and want to continue doing online courses as much as possible. I work late and can't always get into the classes I want to and if I can take a class online, then I'm happy.
Response 444 I can experience other system
Response 445 i like that i can do things on my own time but have to be real disciplined.
Response 446 Not having to go to class is great. Being able to learn when I want and how I want is great. Online classes are good for when you have to take more than 4 classes because you don't actually have to add on another hour to your school day, you could just work on it on saturday or whatever. I also think these classes benefit people who don't own a car or can't drive a car to school everyday. Online classes are awesome.
Response 447 I was able to do it on my own time and at my own pace. The prof was very helpful and inviting. It felt as if I had met her before. She always made herself available when I needed help or had any questions. Her teaching skills were not lacking even though it was an online course.
Response 448 The quick and easy access to all required materials.
Response 449 Dr. Khan was the best part of this distance learning class experience. Excellent!
Response 450 accessibility
Response 451 The freedom for time and accessability.
Response 452 Easy to manage and navigate. Instructors very helpful and promt with email responses.
Response 453 Convenience! I can work anytime, usually late at night while the family sleeps.
Response 454 how convenient it was for me.
Response 455 able to do work at any location
Response 456 Being able to do it when available...
Response 457
Response 458 my instructor's support.
Response 459 I always find that these classes work best for me.
Response 460
Response 461
Response 462 I can stay anywhere outside of Hawaii, or don't have to go school everyday to attend the class, which is very convenient and helpful for students who have to work and study at the same time.
Response 463 I could do work on my own time and not have to worry about going to class.
Response 464 Distance education allows me to obtain learning at my pace.
Response 465
Response 466
Response 467 The convenience.
Response 468
Response 469 I didn't have to commute to the classes. Save time and money. Also, I like to learn privately in my own home and I didn't have to interact with anyone.
Response 470 the fact that i could do it from the comfort of my house
Response 471 studying on my own time and not having to drive to class
Response 472 I didn't have to go to class and I could do my own learning at my own pace provided that I met certain deadlines.
Response 473 Unfortunately I am not very bright when it comes to science so it was a struggle, but on the up side I love to learn and found the subject enjoyable if somewhat unfathomable.
Response 474
Response 475
Response 476 The ability to not drive the distance, yet receive the same course.
Response 477
Response 478 not having to drive to campus, able to do school work at my convenience.
Response 479 Having a distance course gives me more time to do things on my own thank going into a classroom.
Response 480
Response 481 Online classes are very helpful!
Response 482 The professor was very accessible and responsive. She was also very exacting and demanding. I learned a lot! I also very much appreciated being able to work and attend school at the same time, without having to adhere to a physical class schedule. That was most valuable to me.
Response 483
Response 484
Response 485
Response 486 that it could fit within my schedule at my time.
Response 487 Podcasts on available on Laulima were very convenient. Production quality was high. Although encoding quality could probably be better, the video is clear enough to see the text and powerpoints.
Response 488 Everything
Response 489 That it was avaialable anytime.
Response 490 Being the one to decide when I would watch the lecture.
Response 491
Response 492 its easy access
Response 493 I was able to do it on my own time. I work fulltime and go to school online fulltime. I liked the timed test that let you see the whole test at one time.
Response 494 I liked that I was able to complete assignments on my own schedule and it work very well with my schedule.
Response 495
Response 496 the normal stuff: save on gas, convinence, reduced threat of flu:), self paced, no problem finding parking (like UH),
Response 497 That alot of courses allow you to take tests at the comfort of your own home. That you are allowed to take other online courses at other schools without having to transfer.
Response 498
Response 499
Response 500 Power Points and notes
Response 501 I could do the work when it was convenient for me.
Response 502 it's online and i didn't have to go onto campus, except for the books.
Response 503 The time it affords me to work full-time
Response 504 excellent learning experience. Fair.
Response 505
Response 506 It was convienent to do my work on my own time!
Response 507 The flexibility to do work around my schedule.
Response 508 ****TIME*****..oh yeah! i like it that there is no rushing....i can do all my works, quizzes, and exams on the pace that im comfortable with..i can also review the modules everytime i need to understand something in question...
Response 509
Response 510 got to do work on my own time
Response 511
Response 512 Convenience to learn at home on my own time.
Response 513
Response 514 I enjoyed the fact that i could go at my own pace.I knew the deadlines and i just had to make sure that the reading and tests were done by the due date.
Response 515
Response 516 Everything
Response 517 interacting with my instructor and classmates
Response 518 Content delivered at my convenience.
Response 519
Response 520 The chance to do my studies independently on my own time. With a very full professional schedule this was paramount.
Response 521