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20) What did you like least about your distance education experience?
Response 1
Response 2 nothing. it was good
Response 3 I can't think of anything negative. I had a great online experience!
Response 4
Response 5
Response 6 Not sure if attending lectures would enhance understanding of course.
Response 7 The least liked experience would be the not having a face to go with a name or written discussions.And,just maybe because the mail is sent to LCC instead of being read on Laulima site, it was harder to help others that had a question. This is because I don't regularly check the LCC site as I do Laulima.
Response 8
Response 9 The fact that students still had to take exams on campus.
Response 10
Response 11
Response 12 I have no cons about it.
Response 13 Not enough interaction with instructor. If there was a problem with questions on the tests or quizzes, you would need to cut & paste the question, and would need to let instructor know which session it was or it the problem could not have been addressed. Should there be a way that the instructor be able to see how many times the test was taken, and what the error was?
Response 14 no social life. some teacher put everything under one tab which i think is confusing and her grading style or the way how she post/calulate everything was confusing.....
Response 15 nothing
Response 16 PSY240 was awful. There were no instructional materials were provided by an instructor and no opportunities to interact with other students.
Response 17
Response 18 n/a
Response 19
Response 20 I didn't like that some of the hw assignments and exams could only be taken during a certain time period. I would often want to get ahead, but they would only be open at a certain date. I then would forget later on in the week to do them sometimes.
Response 21 As with any distance learning class, no face-to-face interaction.
Response 22 The trouble I had with the module we were using. Our class was testing the module out.
Response 23 None
Response 24
Response 25 Sometimes while taking a test the computer would freeze and you would not be allowed to retake the exam without proper evidence...when it was beyond my control.
Response 26
Response 27
Response 28 Sometime's there'd be too much tools to use that it gets confusing and there's too much things to click.
Response 29 In general the instructors that are doing their job, and are active in the course, and answer their emails are the ones who are doing this online/distance education learning its due. While like every system there are those who will abuse it, and ride the boarder line of making anything worth wild or reasonable into something that no one wants to experience again because they got the short end of the instructor list.
Response 30 Laulima doesn't seem totally user-friendly. The amount of "Seats available" could be increased. Also the limited amount of courses available.
Response 31 wish i could meet the far ive had excellent professors who respond to messages, discussions and posts quickly.
Response 32 i didn't like that laulima would start to lag when there were a lot of students online
Response 33
Response 34 I liked everything.
Response 35 Sometimes Laulima would be very slow. Forums took a long time to pop up. Laulima is not set up to view on a smartphone/microbrowser.
Response 36 Not making new friends in class.
Response 37 Doing an online class
Response 38 Out of the four online courses I have taken so far, only one was not very good. It had nothing to do with the online process, but with the instructor's lack of organization. Her assignments frequently changed and often she posted conflicting assignment instructions in different areas, such as assignments and announcements.
Response 39 sometimes homework files are too large, so it takes long to upload assignments.
Response 40 Nothing...
Response 41 The price of the book for the course and the fact that the bookstore can buy it back from us because it was a short course.
Response 42 nothing
Response 43
Response 44 The limited amount of time students interacted with one another.
Response 45 The wait time to get results from exams. Also when there is a power point question and answer, there should be a way that it can be printed for those who need to see it visually in their hands.
Response 46
Response 47 Communication can get lost in the "Net"
Response 48
Response 49
Response 50
Response 51
Response 52 How sometimes Laulima wouldn't work.
Response 53 The interface when taking tests on Laulima. It worked, but I thought it was terrible. Marking questions for review did not do anything to make the question itself more noticeable to remember to not overlook a question. Also, the clock when taking a test was only at the top, so it was a real hassle to keep on scrolling up to check the time in the middle of a test.
Response 54 That it was my fault when I forgot about an assignment and I didn't have that "luxury" of being in class everyday to have the instructor to remind us there is an assignment due.
Response 55 N/A
Response 56 There is no one set standard that instuctors are suppose to follow, each instuctor is left to decide how to present the course which means some instuctors do really well and others don't. All instuctors should be required to provide lecture video's in the learning modules. That doesn't mean they need to video tape themselves giving a live lecture. It means they should use powerpoint, examples from the book or some other visual aid along with audio that compliments the course material. M. Fujita, R. Kamida, and E. Wong are good examples of how to provide lecture material online. Some instuctors simply give the assignments and that's it, which is not a good way to conduct an online class. Having a basic set standard for how to present online classes would promote consistentacy. It would be nice to know with certainity that any course you take online would provide a lecture, examples, and assignments.
Response 57 One class was perfect in every way. The other provided NO interaction with anybody. No forums, no discussion; my work was graded (eventually - but I felt largely ignored) with a few nice comments, but, basically, I felt as if I could have printed the syllabus, memorized the key terms, ignored the(terrible)textbook (which I wish I had done), and completed the work totally alone. My comments above attempt to include both classes, but they were so opposite it is hard to answer clearly about them as a whole.
Response 58 The interaction with the teacher. But then again it is an online class so it is expected.
Response 59 no real complaints. would like more classes offered on-line
Response 60
Response 61
Response 62 Everytime you open a link from laulima, it closes your current window (like if youre taking a test or doing an essay). When posting on the forums, I usually type my document in a word program and I copy and paste it, but when I paste it, all this "coding" comes up. And I have to go through it and delete everything.
Response 63 a few difficulties with laulima during an exam. the test screen was only two inches high.
Response 64 For one class, there was hardly any communication from the instructor, not like my other class, there was constant communication with the instructor.
Response 65 That being on campus for tests was necessary.
Response 66 I didn't like anyting about distance education. It really helps me to work a part-time job and be a full-time student.
Response 67 Input into assignment page. Frequents loss of material input when i return key? Very frustrating as all data lost and need to re-type. A remedy that worked out was actually a two-step process. Creating response on word doc and then cut & pasting into submission window.
Response 68 there was nothing that i didn't like.
Response 69 I feel disconnected; as if I need the human contact but I don't have the time to get to the campus.
Response 70 always remembering to check online for things due? Not been allowed to make up work or earn extra credit,
Response 71
Response 72 It was a little hard to go to the campus to take exams. It cut into your time to be doing other things, whereas if it was accessible at home you would save more time and get the most time out of quick last minute reviews. Sometimes the professors weren't online often enough to answer your questions as quickly as you needed them too - causing you to be stressed.
Response 73 I LOVE distance eduacation!!
Response 74
Response 75 the fact that on our quizzes, we couldnt see where our mistakes where.
Response 76
Response 77 The instructor was unwilling to control the class.
Response 78
Response 79 Some teachers treat online students as if they are lazy, and are not as lenient or willing to help as they are to on campus students.
Response 80 The big problem is when you have a question, no one is there to answer it for the most part, for lets say 24 hours. You can email your instructor, or call him or her, but if you need an immediate answer to a question you are out of luck. That is why I belive that some courses can be taken on-line and it is okay for learning. For myself, I belive that I must take most of my accounting classes in person so I will learn the most, and be able to interface with the instructor right at the moment I need to. Distance learning is great however, and I will continue to do it.
Response 81
Response 82 none!
Response 83 Not seeing my classmates was somthing I couldn't get used too.
Response 84 Didn't retain much information. Individual assignments didn't have much to do wit what we were reading about; not interactive enough.
Response 85 N/A
Response 86 Immediate interaction to questions.
Response 87
Response 88 I enjoyed my Anthro 200 distance learning class, however psych 100 assignments did not integrate with the exams as well as a total lack of communication with instructor and other students
Response 89 Group projects which required face to face meetings.
Response 90 Not being able to take online exams during the weekend. Some of us students are working and have children and that is why we take an online class. It would help us out if the testing centers were open late or on the weekends. It was also difficult to find "quiet" places to study with WiFi at night & on the weekends. Starbucks can get noisy, public and school libraries are closed early and they don't have WiFi (generally speaking in the Leeward area).
Response 91 not that many courses to chose from, I would like to see many more in the future, very convenient way to take classes
Response 92 nothing, it was just fine. Didn't really want to interact with other students anyway!
Response 93 because the courses are DISTANT, communication was also, i think that the communication part was the least i enjoyed
Response 94 For this semester, there are no comments.
Response 95 Due to the change in venue, the course initially was fully online including exams. Then, it changed to two proctored exams. Luckily, I was able to adjust to those changes. Coursecompass is a good tool to use and should be considered for future usage due to the interactive exercises.
Response 96 Not being able to see what my teachers were like in person.
Response 97 It is difficult to work on Group projects because of people's different schedules. It is hard to collaborate and coordinate with each other and view each other's progress and work. It would be useful to have a Document worksite like the one available through Word 2007 or Microsoft Live meeting. Another difficulty is the Professors have different time of days that assignments must be completed or tests taken. Most I notice require tasks be completed by 11:55pm which is realistic for me because I work and that is the reason I am taking online courses. However there are a few Professors that require tasks be completed by 5pm. That due time is really hard for me in particular to adhere to. I think that there should be a uniform time that tasks be due to eliminate any confusion and stress. To my knowledge most people take online courses because they work or are otherwise obligated and cannot take part in normal classtime. We have to work on assignments and take tests during "off" hours.
Response 98 response time of instructor and how she held her class discussions. There were two discussion tools, I think she should have been using the discussion feature where it was easy to view all the students response. The one she was using was a bit challenging and slow to navigate through.
Response 99 Alot of writing just because it is not my strong point. Otherwise, loved it.
Response 100
Response 101 The art course that I took online had slideshows that were included in the course. Although they were very detailed and informative, they were also a bit confusing. The instructor had quite a bit of typos or confusing sentences, that I wasn't sure what the point of the slide was. Some of the links for pictures on the slides were invalid. The instructor's study guides were labeled confusingly. I wasn't too sure which was for worksheet was first.
Response 102 Laulima or the UH portal would be down at times; however, I am still required to turn in my work by the stated deadline. Being a full time employee and full time student this became difficult at times. Since I had limited amount of time to complete my work, I relied on the up status of these services.
Response 103
Response 104 the particular course I took did not have any online assignments. We basically had to read the book for all the info and then take the online test. I would've learned better if there were available powerpoints.
Response 105
Response 106 everything was great
Response 107 I was in the middle of a timed exam and my computer was extremely slow.
Response 108
Response 109 What I liked least about the online class is the fact you cannot interact face to face. But it is an online class.
Response 110
Response 111 The convenience of accessing my classes on my own time. Since I am a single mother, this has been wonderful.
Response 112 time limit.
Response 113
Response 114 sometimes I'd forget or procrastinste.
Response 115 Greg Shigemasa's Finance class was not well organized. He was unclear about what he expected on asignments and when I asked a question his answer had nothing to do with my question. It took him weeks to return test grades and he never was clear about the material that was on our tests.
Response 116 posts to forums
Response 117
Response 118
Response 119
Response 120
Response 121 I have used laulima in the past and had many other courses online and i have enjoyed them. I was really not happy with the instuction on this course that i took. The instructor was not very helpful in answering questions and teaching on the subject.
Response 122
Response 123
Response 124
Response 125 N/A
Response 126
Response 127
Response 128 I thought everything was fine. Nothing wrong in my eyes.
Response 129 N/A
Response 130
Response 131 n/a
Response 132 Some classes were better organized than others. I really enjoyed Helmet Kae's Microbiology format the best. He was available almost daily. All of his assignments, tests, quizzes helped me stay on tract and learn.
Response 133 Sometimes discussion on some troublesome aspects of course were hard to initiate with other students due to schedule/time conflict.
Response 134
Response 135 Navigating through the system was ok, but I felt that some of the instructors were not use to the system, for they would tell the class where to find an attachment, but the attachement wasn't where the instructor said it would be.
Response 136 I failed because I couldn't make heads or tails of the material. I think that class specially should have been taken, by me anyway, in a classroom.
Response 137
Response 138
Response 139 a teacher wasn't there if i needed help, but it is what it is i had to figure things out on my own which makes me learn more.
Response 140 Only one: People can see who else is on Laulima when you click on course.
Response 141 Nothing, is was great.
Response 142
Response 143 N/A
Response 144 When a lot of students logged on, much slower. Worrisome, especially during tests that it will jst kick out.
Response 145
Response 146
Response 147 For one of my distant courses, we had to download a different browser from Insternet Explorer in order to view our work entirely. I don't think we should have to do that, when Internet Explorer is used by most students.
Response 148 additional software from various companies in order to complete assignments and specific requirements that made it difficult to complete homework.
Response 149
Response 150
Response 151
Response 152 Sometimes it took forever for the teacher to respond to a question. And since it was an online class and there was a misunderstanding about an assignment or test, quite sometime would go by before the teacher got back to us and then the due date would pass and we would get no credit. If they want us to be religiously checking our account for assignments, then they need to demonstrate the same in responding to us as well.
Response 153 each class had a different set of links or tools, so it was difficult to find a certain link to send a message to the instructor
Response 154's always a pleasure to take classes from LCC. It's the best!!
Response 155 Lack of lecture videos/resources in some courses.
Response 156
Response 157
Response 158 The time it took for the teachers to get back to me.
Response 159 Reminders should be sent out to students weekly to help them keep up with work.
Response 160
Response 161 At first you need to discipline your time management to be productive as a student but once that becomes proactive online classes are GREAT!
Response 162 no voice interaction with power point to make materials a little more understanding.
Response 163
Response 164 One professor stated that he makes the class (Psychology 100) hard because it is online. He didn't have any discussion. He deducted points for wrong answer for the exams which constituted 80% of the final grade. There is no difference between online and on campus except it takes more discipline and motivation.
Response 165 I liked least was the pacing. It seemed too fast for some areas of the work. Also there's not many interaction with the other students in the class.
Response 166 waiting for reply from instructor but that can't be helped its a online course.
Response 167
Response 168
Response 169
Response 170
Response 171 Only a few tests, we found out prior to a few days before it was due. and the final exam was within a week before it was due. We knew there was one coming at the end of the course, we just didn't know what it was about until five days that it was dued.
Response 172
Response 173
Response 174
Response 175 N/A
Response 176 The group project that was assigned was a little difficult to complete due to the fact that other students were on different schedules.
Response 177 It is not as easy to get a quick answer to a question from your professor as it is when you are in a classroom setting.
Response 178
Response 179 The instructors can be rather slow regarding grading assignments
Response 180 Some instructors did not answer questions in a timely matter.
Response 181
Response 182
Response 183
Response 184 There are some programs that were offered in the online classes that I had problems with. CONNECT was the biggest problem for me. I could never get my work to submit. They need to fix that problem quickly, That program gave me nothing but grief the entire semester.I was Always stressed and worried about how to get my papers in on time. Not a healthy way to get educated. Most of my time on CONNECT was trying to figure things out, when it should be as easy as a click away to submit.
Response 185 Group work with students with varied availabilities (Understandable however)
Response 186 Although the classes are very good for my schedule, i always feel like I'm missing out on something by not being in a classroom around other students and the actual teacher.
Response 187
Response 188 nothing bad, all good.
Response 189 N/A
Response 190 An immediate grade, or progress.
Response 191
Response 192 Lualima! The system has so many issues, the worst web based system I have ever used!
Response 193
Response 194
Response 195 under controle my time management is sometimes hard.
Response 196 Some instructors weren't clear about assignments. I didn't know that there were videos online that my professor posted.
Response 197
Response 198 Being that this was the first time taking an on-line course, I don't have anything to add to this.
Response 199 ART 175 - Lack of interaction between teacher and students, and between students.
Response 200 the onsite testing
Response 201
Response 202 When there is an issue with something I need to learn, email sometimes don't help.
Response 203 i noticed there wasn't really any interaction between the professor and us, but other than that i actually liked it
Response 204 not being in a room with other students and being able to interact with the students and instructor.
Response 205 The Laulima team doesn't respond well to suggestions. They should emphasize that the system goes down at 3-4am for maintenance. The most irritating part is being away time zones and having the Laulima system go down in the middle of the exam. Not smart.
Response 206 The hands-on experience that the classroom has to offer, but it was a personal choice to take this course online.
Response 207
Response 208 Not having access to a computer all the time
Response 209 The least I liked about DE classes is making sure that the site is not under maintenance. I work during the days and sometimes the only time I can take a test is when maintennace is happening in the late hours which they presume most are either sleeping. But for me my schedule was more geared to doing it after work rather than before work as my mind is clearer after work.
Response 210 The fact that we could not speak directly to a teacher when I had questions.
Response 211 Nothing didn't like anything least about my experience. However, I do think that if more of a variety of distance education classes offered it would be great.
Response 212 The only complaint I have is that all courses should have an online option.
Response 213 Writing a ten page paper in a Freshman history course.
Response 214 Learning to make time
Response 215 Minimum human interaction.
Response 216
Response 217
Response 218
Response 219 there was nothing i didnt like
Response 220 Not coming to class via car...
Response 221 with the teacher I had previous it took her awhile to get back to me. But it wasn't the system it was just her!
Response 222
Response 223 no one on one time with teacher
Response 224 that it took a while for classmates to get back to my question. b/c not everyone is online around the same time.
Response 225 Some Communication wasn't made clear & too late for students to check.
Response 226 There was nothing to dislike. It was excellent!
Response 227 Not being able to interact with my classmates.
Response 228 The one I like least about distance education is when the instructor/professor does not respond right away with students questions or concerns via email.
Response 229
Response 230 I was able to do the work in the evening while working during the day.
Response 231
Response 232 no face to face contact
Response 233
Response 234 I tended to procrastinate at times.
Response 235 If the internet is slow, then you're screwed.
Response 236 Nothing
Response 237
Response 238 I liked them all.
Response 239 class time was very flexible. I could log on and conduct my work when it best fits my schedule.
Response 240 Having to wait for the grades to be posted although most instructors are really good in getting the grades posted as soon as the course is finished.
Response 241 I have goals to attain a Bachelor's degree and was hoping that if I don't state my plan to achieve this goal, my counselor would suggest or better prepare me for alternatives. And there was a little conflict with due dates that conflicted with my job.
Response 242 No comment.
Response 243 There were a couple of times during exams were all my answers had been erased and I had to contact my instructor to re-take the exam. What if my instructor had not been willing to re-set the exam. I would have been screwed.
Response 244
Response 245
Response 246 So far, I have been very fortunate with my online classes. I do my research and find classes with good instructors. I check with other students and rate my If the reviews are not good, I don't bother taking the class. Because of this practice, I have not had a bad experience with online classes.
Response 247
Response 248 Having to go to a campus to take exams
Response 249 The syllabus was a little confusing at first but the instructor cleared things up for me.
Response 250 I had to remind myself to sign on at least twice a week or else I would fall behind, but that is for every online class.
Response 251 Since it was my first semester dealing with the distance education it was very difficult for me to manage my time and discipline.
Response 252 N/A
Response 253 not being able to ask a question and getting an immediate response. the assignment drop box had no 5 minuet grace time to upload and turn in your assignment. sometimes I would miss turning in my assignment by a minute because it took awhile to upload my assignment to laulima. It would help to have a late drop box or a 5 minute grace period for each assignment.
Response 254
Response 255
Response 256 Took a while to get used to the format.
Response 257 the timing . i wasn't able to make my own schedule with assignments.
Response 258 Studying on your own.
Response 259 It was hard at first to understand the process of online classes
Response 260 trying to find certain assignments. sometimes the system wasn't working correctly
Response 261 That all the classes I need to take are not available through DE learning.
Response 262 I had a hard time remembering to do assignments.
Response 263
Response 264
Response 265 not having the face to face with professors.
Response 266
Response 267 N/A
Response 268
Response 269 There was nothing that I didn't like about the LCC distance learning class.
Response 270 There was absolutly nothing that I was disatisfied about.
Response 271
Response 272
Response 273 too much info to learn in such a short time
Response 274 The material was difficult to understand, as were the instructions in how to complete it.
Response 275 nothing
Response 276 Waiting for responses
Response 277
Response 278 -
Response 279
Response 280 N/a
Response 281 I didn't like my HLTH 160 class. The experience for that class was bad. It seemed the instructor for that class did not care about the students at all. Ms Hamada didn't have her gradebook up, she wasn't a very active instructor, etc.
Response 282 Communication with other students are not accessible and doesn't help in the learning process.
Response 283
Response 284 that tutoring is a little hard when you would need it because learning through email is kind of hard so you would have to maybe meet up with the instructor
Response 285
Response 286 my MGT124 course set up was a little harder to navigate than ENG200 and PHIL100.
Response 287
Response 288
Response 289 I believe that there is to much content to go over in one semester. So I would raher see this course in two parts like maybe a Blaw200 and Blaw201. Covering 50+ chapters is not ideal when trying to actually learn from the class. Its not that I dont like like doing a lot of course work its just that 3+ chapters is not ideal to learn and be able to fully grasp the content of the course.
Response 290 Less time to ask questions.
Response 291 Allows you to work wihin your own schedule.
Response 292 being in class 24/7
Response 293 No interaction with teacher and classmates. Sometimes it made it difficult for teacher to understand my questions and concerns versus if I were to ask them in person instead of having to write a long email.
Response 294 nothing
Response 295 sometimes the website doesn't work that fast, so when I would take tests the my test time would waste because the website was acting up. Also sometimes the website wouldn't properly upload assignments.
Response 296 for one of my classes we had to meet up in groups, but thats hard for me because i have a baby. the reason i took an online class was because i didn't want to leave the baby with a babysitter. and that same class would post the assignments at random times instead of all at once
Response 297
Response 298 n/a
Response 299
Response 300
Response 301 No face to face interaction or hands-on activities.
Response 302 response time for questions to the instructor was sometimes lengthy.
Response 303
Response 304
Response 305 going to the campus to purchase textbooks
Response 306
Response 307
Response 308
Response 309 The varying deadline times amongst teachers. It took almost a month for me to finally remember which teacher wanted the assignments in by 11:59pm, 11:00pm, 10:00pm, and 8:00am.
Response 310 Testing Center (on campus) Exams. Limited accesiblilty of instructor/assistant, communication issues.
Response 311
Response 312
Response 313 Nothing really.
Response 314 It was good
Response 315
Response 316
Response 317 No opinion.
Response 318 seemed to have more content then a regular class would have
Response 319 one class didn't grade according to his own grading policy.
Response 320 I usually enjoy the DE courses. Some instructors engage all of us and have us working together. This time around we had first time instructors that have never taught DE and they had a difficult time which made it harder to learn. Additionally, one instructors closed out the study modules 4 days before the exam. That was rediculous.
Response 321
Response 322 nothing i enjoyed it very much i would have to rate my instructor for the course a 9 out of 10.
Response 323
Response 324 The only thing that was hard for me was changing my mindset from "instant gratification" to that of a online course. Other then that, there wasn't much that I didn't like.
Response 325 I was happy with the experience.
Response 326 self study.
Response 327 No comment.
Response 328 I couldnt interact with the instructor since it was an online course and he didnt give me feedback (grades) right away so i wasnt sure if i was completing the work to his par.
Response 329 Psychology online had PowerPoint modules that were not accessable on iPhone like other class modules are. But that's okay. Also exam feedback from teacher would be found in the syllabus section which seemed a little odd considering Laulimas abilities(message or even a forum would have worked in this class).
Response 330 The thing I liked lease about my DE experience is during those few times when the service was unavailable due to maintenance, etc.
Response 331
Response 332 taking distant courses cost more
Response 333 nothing in mind
Response 334
Response 335
Response 336
Response 337 every thin
Response 338 none
Response 339 n/a
Response 340 n/a
Response 341 N/A
Response 342 I wish there were more claases that were offered. It is very difficult for working students like me to take all the required classes at night. Online classes provide an opportunity for me to get my AA more quickly.
Response 343 I don't like the new email system in Laulima - you have to log into your LCC account in order to see if you have mail. I liked the WEBCT, because if you got mail, you could view it right there at the WEBCT site. It also took longer for instructors to get back to me.
Response 344 Still had to go to a campus testing site to take the exams
Response 345
Response 346 Nothing really.
Response 347 n/a
Response 348
Response 349 Having to give feed back in the discussion board.
Response 350
Response 351
Response 352 I didn't really dislike anything about them. I think my only issues were because of personal reasons, being that I like immediate answers. The instructors were pretty good at responding to e-mails the same day, but I discovered that I'd much rather enjoy a classroom setting where I can raise my hand if I have a question.
Response 353 information given in modules weren't in some of he exams and tests and i was fairly difficult.
Response 354 Little interaction between my peers and I. It would have been helpful to collaborate with my peers in order to find solutions to certain homework problems tasked with throughout the semester. For example, the only interaction provided in one of the two online courses that I enrolled in this past semester was feedback/comments from my peers on pieces of writing submitted. The other course had zero collaborative opportunities and was difficult to grasp the lessons, as assistance was not easily accessible. I had to work and rework problems before I understood how to find the correct solution to the problem. I guess I just need to set aside additional time for future classes like these in order to understand and master the course content.
Response 355 I couldn't talk to the instructor in person at the time I needed help right away. Sometimes I felt loss my later got it after getting help from fellow classmates who also attended the online class.
Response 356 It was all positive.
Response 357
Response 358 Discussion; I think there should be more.
Response 359
Response 360
Response 361
Response 362 I felt that things could have been a bit more organized. However this is more on part of the instructor, rather than the institution.
Response 363 Nothing it was just what I needed. Flexable and still a class where I could learn. Email updates about due assignments would be nice but thats up to each individual to keep track on homework due dates etc. It was very easy to go online and see when assignments were due.
Response 364 getting used to the class on line time.
Response 365
Response 366 Some professors where unorganized.
Response 367
Response 368 none
Response 369 Ebsco navigation, it was cumbersome and difficult to find exact material one is looking for. If you need an article review on a specific subject matter, you may spend all night just trying to find it!
Response 370
Response 371
Response 372 certain things were not able to be made up. One of my exams was due a certain date and I really lost track of time and wasn't able to make up the grade. so my grade at the end of the semester turned out to be a B when it could have been an A.
Response 373
Response 374 n/a
Response 375
Response 376
Response 377 The professor did not organize his material very well.
Response 378 Nothing to complain about, it was better than I've anticipated. What a quality education I've received from Dr. Tanji. He's a great educator.
Response 379 It works out with my busy schedule to get school in as well as work and home life.
Response 380
Response 381 As with all distance education, communication with the instructor is not instant.
Response 382 the in class lectures... i miss that. otherwise, i can't complain.
Response 383 I dislike that the lesson in general is entirely visual. For example, there are tons of reading content and PowerPoints. Teachers should try to record an audio lecture maybe...?
Response 384
Response 385 A teacher organized his syllabus and assignment section in a confusing mannner.
Response 386
Response 387
Response 388 Generally, loved all my online courses, just one that really stumped me, materials did not go with the exams. I was lost most of the time. Not being able to talk with the professor via private discussion and messages for that particular class made it hard to ask questions. He did not have it as an option.
Response 389 Not actually speaking with other students.
Response 390 none
Response 391 Group projects and trying to hook up with other students.
Response 392
Response 393 Too much to read!
Response 394
Response 395 nothing..
Response 396 the instructor always got back to me within 24 hours
Response 397 The time delay when e-mailing the instructor, especially when a test is graded incorrectly.
Response 398
Response 399 Not knowing how the people you interact with look like. A little impersonal, sometimes.
Response 400 nothing
Response 401 1) Personal issues with my WIFI prevented me from working on assignments. 2) At times it felt as if some instructors provide an abundance of "busy" work to compenstate for not having live lecture classes rather than providing meaningful and applicable assignments. 3) I was very unhappy when some teachers did not provide the function to go back to the beginning of a test to double check and change answers. This is not realistic when compared to other types of classes. Students should be allowed to review their answers collectively prior to submittal. Some teachers make similar and tricky questions that the answers vary by minor details. Tests without the function to review provide a great disadvantage and works against the success of students.
Response 402 every teacher is different, some teachers use the right tools to promote learning while others didn't. typing a summary and forcing students to drop generalized feedback is not a good way to incite critical thinking and discussion.
Response 403
Response 404 It was a bit difficult to complete homework obline on a timely basis for the fact that the lack of remembrance of having the class. Easily forgot the class
Response 405 The programs are great I just had some personal faults.
Response 406
Response 407
Response 408 The software chosen was not ready for use (I had a similar problem with a business course I took and suffered a grade lower because of it which was unfair but I did not pursue any action) and the instructor was overloaded with other classes/students apprently. In addition to being overloaded with other classes/students, the instructor also stated his PhD work as a reason for the numerous delays. The wait for any feedback/grade was too long. If the instructor cannot handle the work or student load, then that is a problem. This is the first time I had this problem and I don't believe it should be a problem that paying students face.
Response 409 n/a
Response 410 There was no interaction with other students. But that was what I had to give up to be able to take the courses and try to earn my degree.