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21) What did you like most about your distance education experience?
Response 1
Response 2 i liked that i could take it from home, and not drive so far. It was convenient because i didnt have to find a class that "fit my schedule." I could do the work anytime from my own computer
Response 3 I enjoyed the freedom to go at my own pace. I also liked the opportunity to go online at any time and be able to complete my assignments and take my tests.
Response 4
Response 5 Being able to complete task when i was able to as long as it was by the due date. Having 3 kids online courses lets me tend to my kids first.
Response 6 Able to work at home at my convenience. Avoid traffic and parking problems at LCC. Really liked ability to work ahead and finish tests/exams so did not conflict with work and home responsibilities. Prof Teraoka made himself available and responded to my e-mail questions very quickly.
Response 7 It's often easier for someone that timid to communicate through writing than in person. So, I really enjoyed the forums/discussions the best.
Response 8 It was very convenient during my busy schedule. Assignments and Tests were open for more than a day so I was able to do it when I had time. Communicating with other students and the instructor was simple and easier than traveling to the instructors office.
Response 9 I can pretty much make my own schedule and do things at my own pace and on my own time.
Response 10 the freedom to do my work at my convenience
Response 11
Response 12 It was easy to maintain and felt as though it was a real in-class course, except when we had the opportunity to do it on our own time. And the due dates were great.
Response 13 Not much, but I'm not letting this experience keep me from taking others. Just that if it's a course that you know you'll need hands on help with its best to take it at school. Maybe if there would have been some kind of video that showed how problems could be calculated it would have been a more successful class
Response 14 ....where as the teacher i liked how the assignments and test were separate and the grade book was easy to read. also i didnt have to worry about waking up early and worry abolut being late.
Response 15 convenient
Response 16 I don't have to fight to a traffic.
Response 17
Response 18 convenience
Response 19
Response 20 I liked how it was organized. Where we would have hw assignments followed by an exam in a couple of weeks.
Response 21 The flexibilty to complete the assignments.
Response 22 Being able to be at home more, rather than stay on campus longer.
Response 23 Convenient
Response 24 It worked with my personal schedule and helped me to be able to go to school without having to drive to school. It is convienent and saves time.
Response 25 The ease of which the material was presented and I could work and still do my work when ever I had a spare moment and internet access.
Response 26
Response 27 the distance
Response 28 You were able to do things on your own time.
Response 29 Wow, is all I can say. Done half way decently, with the knowledge and potential gained from students, it is amazing what doesn't require a classroom to learn. (Still wondering why classrooms are still basing a large part of grades on attendance B.T.W.) I truthfully believe that the students who wish to learn and pass the course, are going to pass just as they would if not better(because they learn at their own pace rather then running with the class...) Actually, running is a good example, doing a marathon, not everyone is going to finish at the same times, or run at the same speeds but they get to the finish at some point. Training harder or lesser, based upon physical and mental ability, leaves you with a time or weather you quit the race. But everyone, every single person out on that track will run at a different pace because of their own individual abilities. Force all of them to run at a medium pace and surely a percentage of them will be barely breaking a sweat, while others will be sucking wind. Transfer that over to any field and it will have co-existing similarities. Given a equal chance and a course that is mapped out correctly, the runners should all reach the finish line in time, some quit because of personal reasons, or they give up. But here's the problem, some online courses are not made from the streets, rather they take an old way, and the roads are more like hiking trails, which have no markings and no definitive path in which to go. I am experiencing such a class right now as my Psychology course, where the majority of the students of both online classes are failing. Not receiving average grades(times in case of running), but failing grades of a level 100 course. Which would make taking another course even though I have enjoyed many others, rather a risky thing, and an unsettling event.
Response 30 The ability to most to the mailland and still complete my course work.
Response 31 can work at my own pace and its works well with my work and family schedule.
Response 32 i liked being able to do my quizzes and tests when i wanted to
Response 33 i liked how you get to learn at your own pace. it was better that we could take our quizzes when we had time since i have such a busy schedule.
Response 34 I appreciate still being able to learn and earn credits without the hassle of attending a lecture, dealing with traffic and parking.
Response 35 Extremely convenient. Later (hour) assignment submission deadline times.
Response 36 I loved the convenience! I also love to read the book and learn on my own, this fits me perfectly.
Response 37 Having an online class and doing your work and quizzes/tests and your own time.
Response 38 I liked the opportunity to work on assignments at times that were convenient in my daily schedule. Most of my instructors have been very organized and from day one I knew exactly what to do. These instructors also were available for help when I asked. I also like the online tutoring.
Response 39 Attend class anytime and no final exams, just a lot of work that must be do in a timely matter
Response 40 That I could complete the course on my own time, but at the same time keeping track of deadlines
Response 41 It was at my convenience.
Response 42 the ease of access
Response 43
Response 44 Quick responses from instructor and support.
Response 45 That you are able to work at your own pace and that the response from the professor are very fast.
Response 46
Response 47 The flexibility
Response 48
Response 49
Response 50
Response 51
Response 52 The flexibility of my schedule.
Response 53 convenience of being able to do things at anytime was very helpful.
Response 54 Everything! I like online classes because of my schedule and although it pushes you to really get the work done and to understand it all on your own I never felt like I was alone and didn't have an instructor to ask.
Response 55 The convenience is definately a plus! I have relied on online classes to juggle my daily schedule. The oppurtunity to do online classes is the reason I decided to return to higher education.
Response 56 When done well by providing lectures and examples of problems worked out I really appreicate being able to go over the material as many times as needed to gain a better understanding of the material. Also, the ability to study and complete assignments, within a time frame of course, at my convenience is really great. I can work, take care of my family and earn a degree, it's really too kewl!
Response 57 The other class - where there was well-guided regular interaction with everyone, terrific video lectures (with supplied basic notes) by a knowledgable and engaging Professor, and a great textbook. Both classes had clear, well-organized formats. This one had an engaged instructor - the other one did not. I expect more than a list of assignments from a college class. But I love and appreciate DL classes, and ALL the campuses from which I have taken them over the past five semesters. Glad you're there!
Response 58 The ability to work on your own time and to work from home rather than go to class.
Response 59 convenience
Response 60
Response 61
Response 62 I can work at my own pace.
Response 63 flexibility to plan assignments around my personal schedule
Response 64 I was able to work at times that were convenient for me.
Response 65 My teacher was great. He responded quickly to questions/concerns. The course was explained very well (detailed).
Response 66 I just interacting with other students from other places than Kauai. Distance learning is something that I enjoy and is able to set my priorities straight to finish assignments on time. Also, it makes me a more responsible person. I liked all the tools that we were able to use to communicate with other students and the professor!
Response 67 Convenience and conducive to adult work schedule.
Response 68 The teacher was AWESOME and he had a great sense of humor. The questions for exams and quizzes were good the grading was good and he gave us all extra credit opportunities to attend plays, or debate/sessions that had to do with the section in which we were reading. I had a great experience with Dr. Khan in online class with HIST 151.
Response 69 I liked the independent and flexible pace that I was able to set myself at.
Response 70 working at own pace
Response 71
Response 72 You could access the site and assignments when you were available instead of going to a physical classroom. You were able to see the points that you had already accumulated in the course so that you could calculate the amount of points to keep yourself on track. Having the resources allowed me to access power points of the course and served as an aid in my learning experience. Taking the quizzes and assignments from home were also time savers instead of having to go to the campus to do them.
Response 73 Everything it was awesome!!
Response 74 Long distance course helped to a lot maximum usage of time to study, eliminated travel time in traffic and on road to/from facility. On-line availibility of course lectures and material 24 hours a day helped retention of course material, clearing questions, etc.
Response 75 I can do it from home in my pajamas, day or night and the easy access.
Response 76 I liked that you did it at your own pace:), and you still could communicate with others, even though not in person..I would definitely do this again..
Response 77 The time flexibility and opportunity to take a class from home.
Response 78 So far I have taken two online courses, what I liked most about both of them was that they were easy to use. Online courses can be intimidating for someone who has never take one before. But so for I have had great experiences and very helpful instructors.
Response 79 Learning at my own pace and the ability to finish work early when possible.
Response 80 I like to flexibility of taking classes on-line. Now a days people are very busy, and these courses on-line are a life saver, time wise. I enjoyed meeting some of my classmates on-line, and for the most part the teachers were fine.
Response 81 Convenient and easy to follow course
Response 82 It is good because it saves me time and money from driving to school.
Response 83 My instructor gave right resources, like updating resumes, preparing ourselves to the changing job market out there and I think that's very important part in our lives. She's also fare in grading and the assignments she gave.
Response 84 Didn't have to take the time to commute to real life classroom.
Response 85 I love online courses period. Taking these kinds of courses enables me to work @ my own pase, which I really like.
Response 86 Flexibility in schedule.
Response 87
Response 88
Response 89 Convenience of taking classes around my work and family schedules. Not having to waste time with traffic, parking, and sitting in classes (learning at my own speed).
Response 90 Being able to plan out my own schedule in doing homework, test, quizzes, etc. I loved that!
Response 91 very convenient for a forking individual
Response 92 Didn't have to go to campus or participate in group activities. Working as a group tends to favor those who don't do the work, because they get by through other's efforts. for those who do the work, we are being used by lazy students.
Response 93 i like that the distant courses worked around my scheduale,like with my full-time job and my two kids.i also liked that i could take all my exams/tests/quizes online and not having to worry about driving on campus =)
Response 94 I liked being able to get access quickly to Laulima through MyUh and to Tab into my course number, etc. without any problem.
Response 95 The faculty's consistent communication about the course and responding to student's questions. Faculty was always positive and never downgraded anyone. That was quite appreciated. Also, appreciated that the faculty took additional overload to accommodate students. Thank you.
Response 96 Extremely well organized, clear, detailed instructions. I was able to communicate with my teachers and other students easily. The course work was easy to understand. I learned so much this past semester and because I enjoyed the online class so much, I will definitely take more in the future. With my hectic schedule, I am still able to get an education when the time suits me, on my time, and I can fit my busy lifestyle in and still learn.
Response 97 The most important benefit of distance education for me as a working mother of 4 is the fact that I can log on whenever I have a spare moment. This same freedom can also be a negative if I start to procrastinate on my assignments. This forces me to manage my time better.
Response 98 ease of access.
Response 99 Our instructor was thorough, well organized, very fair, clear, encouraging, returned emails with questions promptly with very interesting and thought provoking lessons, teaching and testing methods. I enjoyed her class.
Response 100 Having a syllabus readily available was very helpful as I was able to complete coursework at my own pace within the deadline.
Response 101 I like the convenience of online classes. I don't have to worry about traffic or parking. I don't have to worry about being late for work or not being available to work. I liked the idea of working one on one with the instructor through online classes. I don't have to worry about group projects and working in a group with students that I haven' met and probably never will.
Response 102 Although I did have two on campus classes, not having a class schedule for all of my classes, allowed me the opportunity to enroll in college for the first time as a full time student with a chosen degree.
Response 103
Response 104 I liked how the instructor encouraged online interaction with the class through the discussions module.
Response 105
Response 106 the test taking. Very simple and convenient.
Response 107 I had access to my class anytime that I needed the class.
Response 108
Response 109 What I like most is the organized structure of the online class. The lay-out of the website made it easy for me to navigate.
Response 110
Response 111 Although, my courses were online, I thoroughly enjoyed my professors. They were all amazing.
Response 112 can go to class anytime.
Response 113 the ability to do things on my own time with regard to deadlines.
Response 114 it was fun and something different
Response 115 Richard Yanagi's Business Law 200 class was great. He had us do quizes to keep up to date with the chapter reading and explained what was going to be on tests.
Response 116 ease of availability
Response 117
Response 118
Response 119
Response 120
Response 121
Response 122
Response 123
Response 124 Very well executed, the instructor kept the class up to date by utilizing the announcement tools and the site was easy to navigate once I got used to it.
Response 125 That I was able to be at home and take a course. I was able to work on my class work at my convenience.
Response 126
Response 127
Response 128 I liked how some quizzes would be graded right away instead of waiting. Laulima was also very easy to use and I didnt even go to a workshop
Response 129 How I can go online on my own time. It fits well into my busy schedule.
Response 130
Response 131 assignments and tests could be done and taken anytime we're available.
Response 132 Flexibility
Response 133 The convenience of taking a course whenever I'm free, it's great for students who have heavy course loads or who work.
Response 134
Response 135 The convenience; not having to go to the campus helped a lot.
Response 136 Convenient.
Response 137
Response 138
Response 139 CONVENIENT
Response 140 Every thing is great - Professors, website (Laulima), LCC faculity, course content and student all enjoyable!
Response 141 Being able to complete the course without having to go to the campus.(parking, traffic, inconvinence, etc.)
Response 142
Response 143 That it's so useful to navigate and understand.
Response 144 Gives me the flexibility in my schedule to work around work and family life...moreso than being in a physically classroom.
Response 145
Response 146
Response 147 I liked that powerpoints about the weekly material were available along with the use of the textbook. The powerpoints also allow students without a textbook to view the material and do the assingments.
Response 148 At my leisure
Response 149
Response 150 --Access to school opportunity is probably the most attractive aspect of online coursework.
Response 151
Response 152 The flexibility to work full time and still achieve a degree.
Response 153 The fact that i did not have to attend traditional sit down instruction and was abe to learn on my own time
Response 154 The instructors are so awesome! They are the absolutely best instructors! Note: I only took one class from LCC this semster. But I took several in the past years.
Response 155 Convenience and organization.
Response 156
Response 157
Response 158 The freedom of being able to arrange my own schedule and do my school work when time allowed.
Response 159 Convenient way to take a class. More classes should be offered through distance learning.
Response 160
Response 161 That I was able to work on school during hours that worked with my other job as a mom.
Response 162 working at my own pace
Response 163
Response 164 convenience; allowed to juggle school and other stuff.
Response 165 I got to stay home and work at my own pace for assignments.
Response 166 I could access any info i needed at naytime and send out questions and get replies even though I wasn't in a class.
Response 167
Response 168
Response 169 Instructors allowed you to go ahead in the ciriculum
Response 170
Response 171
Response 172
Response 173
Response 174 easy and time saving
Response 175 I loved that I could do class on my "own time". I also appreciate that online courses cut down on commute time for those of us that live more than an hours drive from the closest campus. Finally, I learn best from a book and computer tools, so for some learning styles online is simply best!
Response 176 It was nice to not have to go to a classroom for instructions. I could complete assignments at my leisure, within the time alotted.
Response 177 The flexible due dates made it surprisingly easy to manage my online class with my on-campus classes and other responsibilities.
Response 178
Response 179 It allows me to have a flexible schedule
Response 180 The course material were easy to understand and what was expected out of you ahead of time. It gave me the time to learn and keep up with my family.
Response 181
Response 182
Response 183 I liked the fact that we could track our grades, do tests at home, and on our own time
Response 184 It all depends on the class in hand. I like being in a class and online.
Response 185 The amount of time to do work was nice however sometimes I felt some time for work may have been allotted for too long.
Response 186 I like that it caters to the working student. Most of the teachers are really good about giving lots of advance notice for assignments and such.
Response 187
Response 188 This was the first online course, out of many others, that i have taken at Leeward that i was most satisfied with. The online course was well organized, engaging, and motivated me to learn. This course exceeded all my expectations and i felt that i had learned the most out of this online course than i had ever did from my previous courses. I also feel that this instructor really utilized laulima and other technologies in my learning. This instructor has really changed the way i view my online educaiton and all other online courses should be modeled after his course. (ED 297A-Brent Hirata)
Response 189 I'm able to set my own hours as far as studying and when to do the assignments.
Response 190 Flexibility of coursework.
Response 191
Response 192 The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, very helpful, and just a wonderful guy, I would highly recommend the teacher to anybody, but I would say take the class on campus, and not on-line. I am not saying the teacher did not do a good job, he was great, it is just laulima had so many problems you would be better off taking the class in person!
Response 193
Response 194
Response 195 giving my reaction to others
Response 196 It's most convenient!!!!!
Response 197 Everythng! save travel time.
Response 198 I think the instructors were exceptional. They were organized and responsive. The best part of the course was having on-line lectures to access at my convenience.
Response 199 ACC 134 - Prof. Kamida has the teaching a DE class down to an art.
Response 200 flexibility and no commuting
Response 201
Response 202 That it is YOU that determines what to learn and what time.
Response 203 its always there, unlike taking a campus course at a specific time. this class could be managed into my busy life so i could do it later.
Response 204 i was able to do the work at my own pace and not have to rush to go to school. overall, i had a good experience =)
Response 205 I like how my professors are always available to answer my questions and all I need to check is my Mailbox.
Response 206 The idea of forums and being able to interact with students from the class via cyberspace ;)
Response 207
Response 208 Flexibility for my schedule
Response 209 The most I liked about DE classes is the teachers show a commitment to making the classes easy to navigate and provide resources for those students who need the extra information. for me personally, DE classes are not too difficult as I maintained a schedule to stay on point with the reading materials and have a good understanding of what is required. But overall, I like the flexibility as I wouldn't be able to get a degree if it wasn't for DE classes as I can't afford to stay off of work.
Response 210 I could do work at my own paste and time. It allowed me to work descent amount of hours.
Response 211 I liked everything about my distance education experience. I am a self-learner so these courses were perfect for me to take.
Response 212 Easy to use, great for students that work or have families to take care of. Everything was clear and self explanatory.
Response 213 It didn't take much time
Response 214 Ease of course
Response 215 Easy flexible study time.
Response 216
Response 217 Well for Mr. Acoba (eng 272wi KCC) and Mr. Lee (ics 100 LCC) They made the online class easy by being very informative & interactive. The class syllabus and content was well laid out, planned and communicated. There were no suprises or last minute additions to course content. I've heard several HORROR stories from other friends and classmate w/ online classes that they just hated due to the instructors. They were jealous of my experience.
Response 218
Response 219 we got to do forums which helped us interact with other students.
Response 220 technology
Response 221 That I could do it from home and where ever I was that had a computer!
Response 222 I liked that the teacher had her own modules that made it easier for me to understand. I also liked how she gave us opportunities to better our grade.
Response 223 freedom
Response 224 i could go at my own pace for weekly assignments
Response 225 It's easy to check grades & take quizzes online.
Response 226 My professor. He was very knowledgable, approachable, affable and dedicated to helping all of us succeed at learning.
Response 227 Being able to take my test/quizzes at any time I wanted to. I like the unlimited time to take my tests/quizzes.
Response 228 What I like most with my distance education experience is, I can do my homework/assignments on my own pace (without going to school and always rushing to beat the traffic everyday). Also, cost less when you take classes on line because you don't have to buy gas.
Response 229 That I actually learned the course and was sucessful with the requirements. I will take what I have learned and actually use it in my profession.
Response 230
Response 231 time to do it after work, around my schedule
Response 232 flexibility
Response 233
Response 234 The course was easily accessible. I liked the way the instructor presented the material.
Response 235 It's very convenient, especially for students like me, who are full time students, live far from campus, AND work 20+ hours a week.
Response 236 Everything
Response 237
Response 238 I could set up my own schedule.
Response 239 Independent work, must be discipline to keep up with course deadlines. Choosing my own hours to attend "class" worked well while working full-time.
Response 240 It allows me to complete majority of my courses I need online. Without distance education I would not be able to attend college let alone enroll full-time. Distance education in my opinon is the best thing colleges could of came up with for working parents. I hope it never goes away.
Response 241 The ease of access that I can learn from home with being able to interact with other students and the professors as well. I enjoyed being able to challenge myself to be able to do a distance education, because for a while I th ought I really could only learn-by-lecture. This semester has opened my mind to new horizons that I can be a self-achiever as well.
Response 242 I liked how the quizzes were online so we could take them at our own convenience over the weekends.
Response 243 It fits with my schedule, and I can do it on my own time.
Response 244 easy access
Response 245
Response 246 I don't have to carry heavy books. I find the online classes to be very convenient and enjoyable. The key to these classes is to have discipline, and make time to complete the assignments.
Response 247
Response 248 Very convenient
Response 249 The flexibility of taking an online course, especially since I work full time and I'm a mother of 3.
Response 250 My teacher was great. She was very experienced and understood how busy our lives are.
Response 251 I love that i was able to work a full time job and still attend school.
Response 252 I liked how there weren't many deadlines, and things could have been done on the student's own time.
Response 253 It was convenient and my book was online so it was easy to access on line.
Response 254
Response 255
Response 256 Ease of use and not having to attend a proper classroom environment.
Response 257 i didn't have to attend the campus
Response 258 Flexibility of time.
Response 259 I could go on whenever
Response 260 i can do it anytime i want and i have no need to go to scheduled class several times a week
Response 261 It is such a convenient and enjoyable way to complete school. I wish I could take all my classes online.
Response 262 The teacher was very helpful and always available.
Response 263
Response 264 convenient
Response 265 The ability to work at my pace and access material at any time was a great thing for me as my work hours are not set and that helps to be able to do that.
Response 266
Response 267 I like how quickly the instructor responeded to my emails.
Response 268 Quick response time from instructors.
Response 269 The instructor (Dr. Khan), by far, was the best. He laid out all of the instructions clearly in the start of the term and sent plenty of reminders throughout. He so CLEARLY wanted his students to succeed in his class. He gave ample extra credit opportunities that perfectly aligned with the course material! He asked for feedback at the end of his class. He returned grades promptly after assignments, and I always knew exactly where I stood as far as my grades in his class. He is amazing and I will be taking him again for my second history class.
Response 270 I liked that I was able to work my assignments into my schedule. I also liked that it was all very organized and easy for me to understand.
Response 271 being able to do things on my own time.
Response 272
Response 273 the instructor provided various tools to use and learn from. he seemed to understand that people learn differently.
Response 274 The interaction between peers.
Response 275
Response 276 The convenience of it
Response 277
Response 278 -
Response 279
Response 280 Instructors were helpful
Response 281 I thoroughly enjoyed my POLS 110. The professor, Eiko Kosasa, made good use of all her tools. I used many of them to do my assignments. There was a good variety of grade assessment activities. My professor gave quick and helpful responses. I just enjoyed how she basically ran her online class.
Response 282 I like the fact that I can study at my own pace.
Response 283 Convenience
Response 284 that it's convenient and don't have to drive anywhere
Response 285 Convenience
Response 286 I liked that it was able to fit into my normally busy schedule; however, due to unexpected personal issues, I was unable to finish the courses even though they were online and easily accessible.
Response 287 Flexible schedule
Response 288
Response 289 I liked that it was conveinent for me being that I live on the WIndward side of Oahu. I didn't have to treavel to LCC and that amount of time saved could be used for other things like ASUH-WCC, my family or studying for other classes.
Response 290 No actual class time, besides labs.
Response 291 Instructors that extend deadlines and don't grade on a timely basis. I hate when deadlines are extended the most, especially when I turned my stuff ahead of time.
Response 292 the flexibility
Response 293 Convenient.
Response 294 Being able to learn while at home, work, or outer island.
Response 295 it's convenient
Response 296 one of my classes gave me a good amount of time to do the assignments, and she posted all the assignments at once.
Response 297
Response 298 relibablility and accessibility; interactin among students and teacher
Response 299
Response 300
Response 301 Flexibility
Response 302 freedom to choose when and where to view the "lectures" and the ability to study on my own schedule.
Response 303
Response 304
Response 305 straight to the point with assignments, instructors are very helpful
Response 306
Response 307
Response 308
Response 309 I knew when assignments were due and could turn them in at my convenience, as long as it was by the due dates.
Response 310 At home assignments.
Response 311
Response 312
Response 313 Being organized. Also being able to see my progress like my grades I got for each assignment.
Response 314 Being able to get some credits out of the way without driving to school
Response 315
Response 316 I could do my assignments when I wanted before the deadline. I could interact with other students and the instructor and gain more understanding of the material. I had opportunities to see whether I was understanding the content through the tools provided. The instructor replied to inquiries in a timely manner which helped keep communication open.
Response 317 It was very convenient for me due to that I have a busy schedule on my shoulders. The online classes made so much easier for me and it fit perfectly in my schedule.
Response 318 flexible test and study time
Response 319 how easy it was to interact with the instructor and classmates when needed.
Response 320 Like I said I usually like the DE courses. I work two jobs and have a child so being able to set my own schedule is important to me and allows me to be a better student.
Response 321
Response 322 it works around my schedule while i work a full time job i am still able to go to school full time
Response 323
Response 324 Realizing how much I have to be self-discipline to succeed in my 2 class.
Response 325 It was very easy to use.
Response 326 i can pace myself.
Response 327 Doing work on my own time at my own paste.
Response 328 Because there were no due dates i was able to complete the assignments when convenient.
Response 329 Anthropology 150 as directed by G.Miller, Fall 2009, is a fine example of how an online course should be run.
Response 330 Having all of the online services at my fingertips. Grading, announcements, syllabus, resources, etc.
Response 331
Response 332 convenience and more classes were offered than my home campus does.
Response 333 the class was interesting
Response 334
Response 335
Response 336
Response 337 how challenging it was
Response 338 none
Response 339 Convenience
Response 340 convenience
Response 341 CONVENIENCE
Response 342 The flexibility was great. The online professors were very responsive and helpful. It was much easier than trying to schedule appointments to talk to the campus professors for the campus classes, especially at night.
Response 343 I liked that you could view your exam/tests right away to see which ones you got wrong. I don't think the WEBCT gave the correct answer - but I don't know if that was because the instructor set it up that way. I also liked the fact if there was a new announcement it showed on your first page when you first log into that class.
Response 344 Covenience of 24 hour access
Response 345 I am able to manage when I want to log on and off with no pressure of missing class.
Response 346 I liked how we are able to work at our own pace. I didn't feel as pressured.
Response 347 being able to schedule everything on my own time (to a certain extent).
Response 348
Response 349 Could do the work anywhere, and almost at anytime.
Response 350
Response 351 I could do my homework at my own pace.
Response 352 I enjoyed being able to do my work whenever I have time, even if it was at midnight for example.
Response 353 some instructors were very lenient and understanding when i wasn't able to complete assignments when due.
Response 354 The ease of doing the work within the parameters of the class and assignments. I work full time and have a family to care for, so online classes are an amazing tool to continue my education at my own pace, within the set deadlines of the course.
Response 355 I could go to class on my own time and terms, I had a chance to meet others that are learning the same things and who are also going through the same problems or situations in their line of work too.
Response 356 I could access my work/assignments when it was the most convenient for me.
Response 357
Response 358 Convenient.
Response 359
Response 360
Response 361
Response 362 Accessibility.
Response 363 Teh flexability of it.
Response 364 the timeframes were clearly laid out.
Response 365
Response 366 The ability to take classes and still be at home with my child.
Response 367
Response 368 easy to use anywhere.
Response 369 Flexibility with my schedule to help me achieve my goals towards a degree.
Response 370
Response 371
Response 372 I don't think that going to classes would have done any better. At the same time, its very convenient for me because I have a daugther and I was able to do the work during her sleep times as well as when she was gone for the day.
Response 373
Response 374 n/a
Response 375
Response 376
Response 377 The learning activities made the course somewhat interesting, but the Professor and students did not have any interaction or board discussions.
Response 378 The conveniece of the schedule and to be able to work with my own pace.
Response 379 It is easy for me to get my work done on my own time and at my own pace.
Response 380
Response 381 The flexibility of an online course is advantageous when working full time.
Response 382 the experience and materials.
Response 383 I like that we can do our lessons and homework on our own time and not at a scheduled time.
Response 384
Response 385 The learning could be done at my convenience.
Response 386
Response 387
Response 388 i was able to do my assignments at my pace, deadlines were always spread apart evenly and gave enough time for me to understand the assignments.
Response 389 FLEXIBILITY!!! :)
Response 390 everything that I can access in laulima to complete my course objectives
Response 391 Convenience.
Response 392
Response 393 We can email our work to the professor and not have to worry about turning a hard copy in...
Response 394
Response 395
Response 396 nothing. i enjoyed mrs.berkkes class
Response 397 Easier to work in the comfort of my home or where I choose to do my work.
Response 398 Convenience
Response 399 I could study when I wanted too, even if it was in the middle of the night when it's much quieter and least likely to be interrupted by anyone!
Response 400 everything
Response 401 1) I love the convenience! Like many community college students, balancing work, school and family is very difficult. Distance education allows me to work on assignments and tests at my leisure. It also forces me to prioritize and be responsible about my school work. 2) I like being able to take test online as well. I am a hard working student, but a horrible test taker. Online tests greatly minimizes the stress factor when taking tests.
Response 402 the teachers that did it right, did it right.
Response 403 It has forced me to be more self reliant and I could do the assignments at any time.
Response 404 The availability of the teacher and his support, much time for assignments (deadline wise) and not to much pressure for requirements. Which made it easy to think clearly about all my other responsibility.
Response 405 You can learn at your own pace and very convenient.
Response 406 I enjoy having a syllabus that gives me the whole semesters outline, deadlines, assignments and expectations from the professors. I also like being able to contact my professor and also like how quickly they respond to me.
Response 407 Distant learning enabled me to work at my own pace and own my own time.
Response 408 The online option is the most convenient for working professionals.
Response 409 I read/learned/worked at my own pace.
Response 410 It gave me the opportunity to take the courses and not miss work because I wanted to further my education. The courses made me accountable to do my own work and create a schedule so I could complete my studies.