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21) What did you like most about your distance education experience?
Response 1 No comment
Response 2 Great facilitator
Response 3 I can study at my own pace anytime even in the middle of the night or wee hours in the morning.
Response 4
Response 5 The convenience of being able to get credit for a course that was not offered at my local community college. I also liked that I could do it on my own time with out having to commute from campus to home.
Response 6 the professor was very active in class discussions
Response 7 I like the freedom of being able to do my work at my own pace and on my own time.
Response 8 I like the flexibility of online courses the most, because it allows me to work when I am going to be the most focused and productive.
Response 9
Response 10
Response 11 Convenience.
Response 12
Response 13
Response 14 The flexibility of having the course available at my disposal 24/7.
Response 15 Flexibility and freedom to juggle 3 jobs, and a family life. Being able to stay off the roads, saving time, money, and gas!
Response 16
Response 17 I could go at my own pace and I enjoyed the subject.
Response 18
Response 20 I loved the fact that I could work at my own pace.
Response 21 Powerpoint videos that discussed chapters.
Response 22
Response 23 The conveniency!
Response 24 Being able to learn at my pace and on my schedule. The video lectures are excellent. Being able to pause, rewind and review is definitely a superior method for learning. They are also efficient for the instructor; to be able to reuse their lectures and edit if needed. Podcasts also do not require any classroom resources. Questions are easily addressed and answered via email. Education with Laulima, or WebCT, along with podcasts, are the most effective and efficient way to learn, and should be available as the standard teaching method, not just available as an alternative because of distance.
Response 25
Response 26 Having more time to do homework, at your own pace, can do work at home which is more comfortable
Response 27 Schedule flexibility
Response 28 The best thing about distance education is that it gave me the opportunity to work on school according to my schedule.
Response 29 convenience
Response 30 Very convenient.
Response 31 What I really like most is that i can do my assingments on my own time and just turn it in when it is required. This class covers everything on Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. There are a lot of applications that i learned from taking this class. I wish i have a lot of time to play around with the applications.
Response 32 flexible time, sometimes the only time I have to work on classes is after 10pm until 5am. Sometimes when I can't do work for several days I try to do and submit work one week in advance. I love it!!!!
Response 33 Ability to set my pace and study at my time and pace.
Response 34
Response 35 I really like how convenient that distance education is. I get to work at my own pace on my time in the comfort of my own home. It really is a great way to learn.
Response 36 i liked that my instructor was always available to ask questions via e-mail or discussion tool on laulima. The test, tasks, assignments, etc. were clearly listed and was available when scheduled. all other materials were well organized and easy to understand in laulima.
Response 37 it taught me to be more independent.
Response 38 convenience
Response 39
Response 40
Response 41 Convenience,the organized structure, and the quick response to questions by teachers.
Response 42 I loved the variety of ways the information was presented (lots of multi media and encouragement to use multi media in portfolios, etc). I also like the PIC (participation in class) points where you applied what we learned to a post so we didn't just read and take tests, but actually applied our knowledge. I think lecturing over information I read is redundant, and as I'm more visual, with auditory my LEAST strong skill, listening to a lecture does not work well for me. This class fit my learning style well and gave me opportunity to excel. I got what I put in. And with real-life application, not just to get a grade. Well thought-out and interesting class.
Response 43 The teacher was organized and helpful.
Response 44
Response 45
Response 46 It was easy, I can see the progress (gradebook) right away, and have a lot of time to turn in assignments.
Response 47 the flexibility to work at my own pace (work ahead) on my own time.
Response 48
Response 49
Response 50
Response 51 i liked not having to commute to LCC from kaimuki
Response 52 work at my own pace kind of learning
Response 53
Response 54 Very well organized.
Response 55
Response 56 It is convenient and flexible with my work schedule. Moreover, it saved me a lot of time from catching the city bus back and forth from school. I just loved the fact I could do work when I felt like doing it!
Response 57 no need go school
Response 58 I can work at my own pace. Lots of reading but I learned
Response 59 It was very convenient and fast process to complete the work.
Response 60 I was able to complete tests and assignments on my own time.
Response 61 I favor internet courses over in class mostly because of my schedule. I also like learning through peer and teacher interaction, which is usually possible through discussions and forums, but not in this course's case.
Response 62
Response 63 Convenient, if I missed a show (or sometimes deleted off ddr accidently) I could just watch podd casts on the site very little work between classes ample time to study for tests and quizes grade results instant so we know how we are doing on a constant basis and know what we need to fix or work harder on. was easyer than I thought or heard it would be.
Response 64 I enjoyed the flexibility. Mr. Walker was really good about answering questions and getting back to me when I needed help. This is not always so with my experience with online classes.
Response 65 I find that distance education had accommodated around my busy schedule--full-time job and home tasks for me to complete my college major requirements in a timely manner. Power Point presentations and sample quizzes were helpful.
Response 66 I didn't have to go to class!!! :)
Response 67 The ability to work at my pace and to be able to complete assignments, tasks, quizzes on my own time;during evenings and early mornings. I enjoyed taking on line courses since I am a full time mother, student, employee.
Response 68 I could learn at my own pace.
Response 69
Response 70 the easy access to the course.
Response 71 doing thing online.
Response 72 able to do it on my own time
Response 73 convenient; on my own time; easy to understand
Response 74
Response 75 The convenience of doing the class at home, when my schedule allowed.
Response 76
Response 77 Very time effective. Laulima really helps.
Response 78
Response 79 I loved the fact that the instructor had posted all the forums and assignments ahead of time. That gave me time to work on my assignments and turn them in ahead of the date it was actually due. It really worked for me because I had a death in the family and needed one week off of school but due to the assignment links and forum links being posted ahead of time I was able to double up on my assignments and turn them in with out it being late and I was also able to attend the funeral with out missing school.
Response 80 It is very open to times and schedules, so people who work or have families are able to still do the work in a timely manner.
Response 81 It is very useful for me.
Response 82 Didn't need to deal with parking problem and working on your own time within limits of due dates.
Response 83 Convenience; learning on my own time and no travel.
Response 84
Response 85 Professors are really good about replying to e-mail questions and comments. I can schedle assignments around my work/family schedule. I can watch podcasts and do assignments late at night when the house is quiet. I like having podcasts where I can replay lectures, esp. when Professors speak really fast. Don't have to deal w/ parking at LCC, especially w/ mid-morning classes.
Response 86 Although the work was pretty much rushed for us to finish, the material were interesting. I also liked the projects the professor had us create.
Response 87 Some online courses required us to do class discussions, we got to introduce ourselves at the beginning of the semester, and some classes had video lectures which helped me to feel like I was still learning in the classroom.
Response 88
Response 89 Discussions
Response 90 Class interaction, communication. And, of course, mastering the subject matter.
Response 91 Its more relaxing
Response 92 Convenient and challenging.
Response 93
Response 94
Response 95 Nothing, sorry.
Response 96 Immediate access to my grades, assignments, tests, resources, syllabus, messaging, etc.
Response 97
Response 98 I enjoy having the freedom to complete my studies at a time that is convinent to my schedule. Balancing work, family, and school is easier to do with online?distance courses!!
Response 99 Convenience, flexibility. Due date is usually up until midnight :)
Response 100 Receiving feedback and gradebook, I know how I was doing and what I needed to to do to improve.
Response 101
Response 102 I like the convenience to learn without traveling to and from school.
Response 103
Response 104 Freedom to get on line at my convenience.
Response 105 I like the quizzes, homework, modules, and the exams online because you can do them anytime and any day.
Response 106 I liked how you can complete assignments and quizzes on your own time as long as you meet the system deadline.
Response 107 I'm more of a visual learner so it was good for me to follow through the assignments and the course contents for all the online classes I've taken were well-organized.
Response 108
Response 109 I can go online anywhere and take tests online.
Response 110
Response 111 everything is based on your time. You get couple days to take an exam and you can study whenever you can and you don't need to come on campus
Response 112
Response 113
Response 114
Response 115
Response 116 It was an interesting course but a very difficult course to take on line.
Response 117 I don't like it at all, but LCC didn't offer regular class. Too bad, we don't have choice.
Response 118 Being able to see our grades.
Response 119 not going to class
Response 120 I liked that I didn't need to physically leave the house in order to learn.
Response 121 Flexable schedule
Response 122 The instructor, Ms. Hurley was very knowledgable about the course material and helpful. Her instructions for assignments were detailed and clear.
Response 123 It's an independent experience yet the teachers have been really good about keeping communication doors open.
Response 124 In the initial beginning of the semester I'm somewhat anxious and nervous about meeting deadlines, but I'm able to work it out with the instructor who seems to be lenient during that time:)
Response 125
Response 126
Response 127 freedom to "attend" class at my leisure
Response 128
Response 129 It is easier for me because I have a daughter to take care of. The time given between each assignment was also very good to work with because they give a descent amount of time to get the work done. It is just that, when you take class with lots of reading it gets kind of hard to read around 100 pages in one week.
Response 130 convenience, well organized, availability and interaction of the Professor, accountability.
Response 131 interacting with my classmates
Response 132
Response 133 Free to work at own pace knowing deadlines
Response 134
Response 135 On my own time.
Response 136
Response 137 I like the fact that there were quizzes that focused on the same topic that was going to be on the exams. I also liked the slideshows because it better prepared me for the exams.
Response 138 na
Response 139 GOod teacher
Response 140 I liked that I was given 3 days to take tests and quizzes (flexibility).
Response 141
Response 142 I love that I can do distance learning courses at home on my own time. I love that I don't have to drive an hour to my closest campus!
Response 143 Flexibility.
Response 144
Response 145 LOVED being able to study/test from home on my own schedule!
Response 146 Being able to study at my schedule and from any location in which I had computer access.
Response 147
Response 148 learn a lot and understood subject matter better after
Response 149 I was able to contact my teacher anytime I needed..
Response 150 I was able to work at my pace and if I wanted to get ahead on my assignments, I was able to do so.
Response 151 The convenience online instruction provides for the working adult student population.
Response 152
Response 153 It taught me responsibility
Response 154 The instructors were available to answer any questions I had with a timely response! I did not have to scramble around to get a hold of any of my instructors! They made it easy for me to interact with them and with students.
Response 155
Response 156
Response 157
Response 158
Response 159 I like the fact that it is very easy to follow and the assignments are always there for you to look back if you need to. You can chat with other students to get help as well. I truly enjoy it:)
Response 160
Response 161 did not have to go to class and listen to lectures, study time was my time to choose.
Response 162 learning new material
Response 163 Professor was always helpful and I am able to work on my school work whenever I need to.
Response 164
Response 165
Response 166
Response 167
Response 168 Being given the syllabus at the beginning on the semester and just being able to complete things at my own pace.
Response 169 It allowed me to distribute my time between my other classes.
Response 170 Convenient schedule and you can do your work on your own time
Response 171 The ability to work freely on my own time.
Response 172 I really appreciated that distance education courses can provide students with flexibility.
Response 173 The flexible schedule!
Response 174 for the course that I took, I liked the structure of the deadlines for class assignments. the instructor kept a tight format on when parts of an assingment needed to be sent or posted.
Response 175 Flexibility for work
Response 176 it enabled me to work more housr because i need the money
Response 177
Response 178 I was able to work around my own time schedule
Response 179 There are many things that I like the most about distance education experience. The fact that I am able to learn in any environment is a big help in my education. I am able to use the internet in a different place than going to the campus. I also am able to do the assignments on my time.
Response 180 able to work at a pace/time that was comfortable for me and that fit my schedule
Response 181 Saving gas money and the environment. Hawaii is beautiful so I'd like to tread lightly whenever possible. I live far from campus.
Response 182 Flexible schedule. Did not have to go to class at a fixed time.
Response 183 I enjoyed it very much, I am a working mother going to school full time, having online courses works wonders for me. I am able to get things done on my time, it's very enjoyable and I am able to go at a reasonable pace.
Response 184 Work at my own pace.
Response 185
Response 186
Response 187 Be able to read materials, watch slides and video during the week I have time
Response 188
Response 189
Response 190
Response 191 great professors chosen for online courses!!!!
Response 192 Schedule flexibility
Response 193
Response 194
Response 195 That you had the option of doing it on your time but within a weekly time frame.
Response 196
Response 197
Response 198 convinent for students who have busy schedules, instructors were very clear in explaining assignments and tests
Response 199 I like the fact that it's completely online and you can work at your own conveience, as long as you meet the dead line.
Response 200 I could study on my schedule. I didn't have to go to campus.
Response 201 the convenience, and not having to wake up early to have to drive to campus and look for parking!
Response 202 You can work at your own speed and go ahead of your assignments. As a whole I love on-line classes because it works with my work schedule.
Response 203 I liked how we got our assignments a week in advanced. This is a lot of time to manage work, especially for those who have to work full time as a student and job.
Response 204 Being able to do the work at my own pace.
Response 205 knowledgable professors, convenient which gives me the ability to attend more classes each semester.
Response 206 I liked the convenience distance education gives.
Response 207 distance ed is perfect for me. allows me to be flexible with my busy schedule!
Response 208 Not having to go to campus all the time.
Response 209 the interaction with the students and the teachers
Response 210 Most of my classes were helpful with working around my needs in terms of time and resources.
Response 211
Response 212
Response 213 I am able to earn my degree while working full time and raising my family. I can attend class around my schedule. I can work at my own pace to accomplish my goals.
Response 214
Response 215
Response 216 It was very easy to navigate laulima and the classes made my life easier to balance since all my work could be done at home on my own time.
Response 217
Response 218 The fact that there is no standard for delivering courses. There needs to be a bare bones system that all professors follow. Such as some professors provide video lectures, which are great but others simply post assignment and test dates and then you're on your own to learn the material. I expect to be on my own to some degree but since I am learning completely new things alittle guidance from someone more experienced is nice. Also even tho I can read the book, it helps to hear something in someone elses words who has experience in the topic to enforce and clarify what I am reading on my own.
Response 219 I liked that we got to work ahead.
Response 220 Being able to do my classwork at my leisure. Also wherever I am at; like work or someones house.
Response 221 having to be more responsible and allowing me to learn at my own level and speed. Also I dont have to catch the bus to a live class on campus saving me transportation money.
Response 222
Response 223 I enjoyed the experience I had with the instructor & the students
Response 224 Interacting with other classmates
Response 225
Response 226 My instructor was so organized she helped me a lot in all my learnings in this course. Also I love all the laulima tools its so easy to follow.
Response 227
Response 228 it seems easier for me
Response 229 I really like the video lecture provided because it was very helpful and engaging.
Response 230 great instructor, Mr. Kamida. I would definately take another class from him again.
Response 231
Response 232
Response 233
Response 234 Flexibility. In my situation, where I had to complete a move during the semester, the distance education courses allowed me to complete the semester.
Response 235 Attending class from home, convenient.
Response 236
Response 237 I like the flexibility of working on the assignments when it fits my schedule. Mr Walker was an excellent online instructor. There was a lot of work but he gave us reminders on what's due this week. He responded and returned assignments very quickly and he had the percentage of our grades posted. This really helped in keeping me motivated throughout the course.
Response 238 I found doing on line courses suited my busy schedule. If I did have any questions the professors emailed me back within hours.
Response 239
Response 240 convenience of learning at own pace
Response 241 idk
Response 242
Response 243 The flexibility of do the work on my schedule without having to set aside time to go to the classroom
Response 244
Response 245 the flexibility
Response 246
Response 247 Not being restricted by a class schedule
Response 248 Professor Michael B. Nester did his best to teach his course as if we did attend class. He helped students to interact and ALWAYS responds in a timely manner.
Response 249 Being able to stay at home and still continue my schooling. Online courses make more convenient.
Response 250 I like that I learn on my own leave.
Response 251 What I liked most was the convienance and that as the semester started moving along the instructor did move everything to one website and was much more easier to do things at the same place instead of different places.
Response 252 flexibility
Response 253 flexibility
Response 254
Response 255 teacher
Response 256
Response 257 I was able to work at my own pace.
Response 258 Not having to drive to campus which is eco friendly
Response 259 How we could see everything, from grades, to past assignments and discussion messages. Emailing classmates directly through mail tool that sends them a message through their hawaii edu address.
Response 260 Independent scheduling. Able to work at my convenience day or night.
Response 261 I like being able to stay home or out at the library to do my assignments, the fact that it's convenient for me to do it when I have the time.
Response 262 I really did feel more like a traditional class. It helped me be more focused by requiring weekly assignments be turned in, quizzes be completed on time, and open discussion forums to bounce ideas off of the prof and other students.
Response 263 What I like most about distance education is the convenience and flexibility.
Response 264 Convenience.
Response 265 I can set my own hours for studying, coursework and tests/exams.
Response 266
Response 267
Response 268
Response 269 The forums was a great way for me to express myself. My reserved personality limits my ability to express myself orally. Whereas on paper or the computer I have more freedom and control over what I say.
Response 270 I liked there there were no real writing assignments. Sometimes turning in assignments through laulima or the internet can be difficult and confidential in some sense.
Response 271
Response 272 The interaction with other studtens on chat.
Response 273 It was simple to read and then take assignments and quizzes online
Response 274
Response 275 I like the flexibility study schedule. Also since the resources are online, I can access it anytime and replay/review the appropriate resources helping me understand more. I feel more in control with my learning pace.
Response 276 The professor was great and graded quiz, homework and exam asap. I want to thank the professor for a great job.
Response 277 Ability to study on my schedule. I was fortunate to choose classes with very organized instructors which made all the difference. 3 classes online. 3 A's.
Response 278 The simple fact of being able to do my school work around my schedule. I don't have to worry about getting ready and going to campus.
Response 279 the chance to be a little more flexible with my schedule
Response 280
Response 281
Response 282 The video learning section of accounting 209, Roy Kamida did a terrific job. Also the interactive tax program, helped to put the learning material into a useful format.
Response 283 It easy when you have full time job and other responsibilities. you can make your own time
Response 284 Students were very helpful...
Response 285
Response 286
Response 287
Response 288 I liked the fact that it seemed as if we were really in class. Teachers were focused and made sure we would understand each of the deadlines being met.
Response 289
Response 290 can do things on a more suitable time for myself
Response 291 It is a good way to have courses, but still be abl to do other things.
Response 292 I didn't
Response 293 The quizzes were online and that made easier especially when we were allowed to go in our own pace. But, we had to finish by 11:55pm before we may lose some points. I also enjoyed doing the discussion and feedback times because I could interact with my classmates that way. Good class!
Response 294
Response 295 Easy to contact your professor and classmates. Well organized.
Response 296 Able to log on from any computer.
Response 297 I didn't have to go to school and I could finish the assignments early.
Response 298 The grading. It goes by percentage, all my other campus classes were by points. I hated watching my percentage go from 88.75% to 88.76% switches back and forth everytime each assignment, and it was hard for me to raise up my grade higher.
Response 299 Work at your own pace.
Response 300 I don't have to go to campus. There are certain classes that are requirements for general education that I don't feel is truly necessary; therefore, I rather take these classes online, if possible, and take my major courses in person at UH-Manoa.
Response 301 Never needed to go to class.
Response 302 Very convenient. I was able to log on at any time and all of the resources was available online for me to refer back to.
Response 303 It gave me more time to work on my other subjects, the instructions were clearly stated, and everything was well organized.
Response 304 You don't have to drive to your class.
Response 305 it went with my schedule. i didn't have that stress of another class added on to my day at school. i still learned a lot. and it helped me to be an independent learner.
Response 306
Response 307
Response 308 instructions were straight forward and not confusing at all. Professor was helpful and returned emails within 12 - 24 hours.
Response 309 convenient!
Response 310 It's very convenient - no commute - which I absolute love!
Response 311 it was convenient.
Response 312 There wasn't really anything I liked about it.
Response 313
Response 314
Response 315
Response 316
Response 317
Response 318
Response 319 I like that it gives me availability to still work full time. It would be a struggle to work partime or switch to nights. DE classes teaches you alot of planning and have to be responsible and organized. It prepped me well for in-class courses as it kept me grounded.
Response 320
Response 321 very flexable
Response 322
Response 323 Flexibility in some cases depending on the course and instructor.
Response 324
Response 325
Response 326 Convenience on a busy time schedule
Response 327 Convenience and able to keep track of my progress.
Response 328
Response 329 everything else
Response 330
Response 331
Response 332 Great teacher support. Works well with my schedule. Very effective vehicle for understanding and maintaining information. I very much like distance education.
Response 333
Response 334 That I could do assigments at my convenience considering I just had a baby,.
Response 335 Ability to work on my own time.
Response 336 Being able to participate in class when I had the time.
Response 337
Response 338 Knowing how to manage every ounce of my time better, even if I have to cut into my recreations or breaks
Response 339 Not having a schedule
Response 340 n/a
Response 341 The ease of taking the course online.
Response 342 homework
Response 343 I could learn on my own time and do assignments early when I had extra time.
Response 344 The Flexibility of able to turn in assignments and do exams/quizzes on Laulima @ the students and instructors pace.
Response 345
Response 346 everything! It is so helpful and perfect fro someone like me.
Response 347
Response 348
Response 349 I love the liberty that the on line course gives me. The experience taught me a lot about self discipline.
Response 350 Flexibility
Response 351
Response 352 i can do things on my own time
Response 353
Response 354 It's very convenient and flexible for my schedule because I work full time day job and can't go to normal classes.
Response 355 I liked that it was convenient to my schedule
Response 356 sdkvjdjn
Response 357
Response 358 I love the flexibility for my schedule.
Response 359
Response 360 Easy
Response 361
Response 362 CONVENIENCE!
Response 363
Response 364 Freedom and convenience
Response 365 Easy access. Go at own pace, easier to keep up.
Response 366 I get to do my assignments anytime of the day and don't have to go on campus.
Response 367 Its easier for me with my schedule.
Response 368 Studied at my own pace.
Response 369
Response 370 I took Math on Course Compass, and it was awesome. The video lectures were almost more helpful then me going to class, making me wonder: Why can't I just take this class online?? It has the entire set up to do so! I would have gotten a better grade if I didn't spend the time going to class and worked online instead, especially with my busy schedule.
Response 371
Response 372
Response 373 The flexability
Response 374
Response 375
Response 376 PowerPoint presentations , I love it bec u can always repeat it if u don't understand and to write notes easily bec u can always go back.
Response 377 I like interacting with other students and see what they have to say on a particular subject.
Response 378
Response 379
Response 380
Response 381 I like the flexibility.
Response 382 That everything was offered entirely online. I didn't need to go on campus for tests, quizzes, or anything. I had a class last fall in which the tests needed to be taken on campus. That was a pain because I live far from campus but this time everything was a breeze!
Response 383 the convenience of learning while at home
Response 384 I enjoyed the feedback received on my assignments from the instructor and my peers. I also enjoyed the forum discussions in which I was able to interact with my classmates.
Response 385 freedom when to work
Response 386 Being able to see when all of my assignments would be due for the semester in Tests, Tasks & Surveys.
Response 387 The ability to continue being a stay at home mom and get a college education at the same time.
Response 388
Response 389
Response 390 What I like most is the fact I can go to school while having my children at home with me. It's a little harder than traditional classes because of the fact that we have to be self-disciplined, but it works great for me.
Response 391 the ability to do the work when I have time.
Response 392
Response 393 convenience.i could do everything whenever i wanted to do it.
Response 394 Being able to watch lectures when I needed to, not having to drive to campus, and the flexibility to log into UH servers and work from home.
Response 395 I loved that you could do it on your own time. Even though there were deadlines for assignments and quizzes and tests it was still easy to do it by the deadline.
Response 396 I have the ability to complete my work around my busy and hectic schedule. This semester allowed me to complete assignments a least a month ahead when I had periods of free time.
Response 397 I loved the flexibility it offers. I was able to successfully complete these courses on another island without having to quit my job.
Response 398 I am able to complete assignments from home & my instructors posted enough information to help me learn.
Response 399 Clear easy to follow instructions.
Response 400 i could do my work, assignments at my own pace
Response 401 learning about medical terminology
Response 402
Response 403 I liked that you get to do your work on your own time. It really helps when you have a busy schedule.
Response 404
Response 405
Response 406 I liked everything, especially working on assignments on my own pace.
Response 407 working with the other student and the instructor was a lot more interactive than any of my on campus classes, I really liked that!
Response 408
Response 409 I liked everything else ...P.S. in my one on site class my teacher gave us the "comment survey" right on the day of midterms...which I think is way too early in the term....on site teachers should survey us at the end of the course instead. Aloha.
Response 410 how we got to interact with classmates over via email...that was interesting
Response 411
Response 412 I really enjoyed how involved my instructor was and i could really tell he put a lot of effort into the assignments and lectures.
Response 413 -i'm able to go on whenever I have the time -it gives me more time to do other things that I have to do
Response 414 That ability to do the work week by week and do it mostly at my pace.
Response 415 Fits into my busy schedule.
Response 416 It brought great ease and comfort to my learning experience.
Response 417 My medical terminology professor Dr. Bush was great! He was very quick to answer any discussion questions or private messages. Even after the many same dumb questions posted by my adult classmates, and people asking for their .25 points that may have been accidentally marked wrong when they were right on assignments, he always seemed to be pleasant and very helpful.
Response 418 i liked how it didnt really feel like a class,, it allowed me enough time to do my assignments and be able to have a job and do other things and being able to finsih my assignments
Response 419 Your on time to do your work and test. Gives you deadline and great for people who has a family.
Response 420
Response 421 It allows me to work and go to school. I still had to come in for labs, but I was able to do my work. At times, I was able to get ahead of the class with access to the course materials early on.
Response 422
Response 423 Convenience
Response 424
Response 425 It's easy to use.
Response 426 It allowed me to do my work on my own time.
Response 427
Response 428
Response 429 convient on time and location
Response 430 I was able to take my course from home and could get into my course on my own time.
Response 431
Response 432 I can do study on my own time and the gradebook is always available to keep me updated to improve my performance.
Response 433 The interaction with students and teacher helped a lot.
Response 434
Response 435 despite my last course, I love how i can take classes and still be a full time mother to my 1yr. daughter =)
Response 436 Convenient, easy to communicate with instructor and others thru email and discussion. Most importantly, keeps education accessible for those of us with more inflexible schedules.
Response 437 My teacher was very helpful.
Response 438
Response 439 Flexibility and convenience.
Response 440 It very organized and instructors were very accommodating. They also gave opportunity's for improvement, so the subject could be better understood.
Response 441 The accessibility
Response 442
Response 443
Response 444
Response 445 i was able to adjust my time and work at my own pace.
Response 446
Response 447
Response 448 Mr. Ganne's DMED classes were great and the tutorials were very helpful.
Response 449 I didnt need interupt my work schedule to go back to school.
Response 450 The convenience.
Response 451 the rapid response.
Response 452 Ease of use and flexibility.
Response 453 Flexibility to take courses without having to be in a classroom on a set schedule.
Response 454 I am working at my own pace and I like being able to supervise my children at home.
Response 455
Response 456
Response 457
Response 458
Response 459 I liked the freedom of being able to work and study when I had time instead of being forced to work around a class schedule
Response 460 Flexibility
Response 461
Response 462 I can manage my own time without going to school. It saves gas too! It is fun and very accessible. Just keep up with all assignments,homework, quizzes, everything and you're set.
Response 463 convenience.
Response 464
Response 465
Response 466 I loved the online exams! My schedule is so crazy & to be able to take schooling online with the convienence of online exams & quizzes really help when you're busy. I used to take some courses at Honolulu Community College and we always had to go in for exams or quizzes, which when you think about it isn't really "distance edu" because you're going to campus all the time. But with LCC, it was so much easier & actually fun for me.
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Response 468 I liked the fact that in some classes you were able to study at your own pace. I like that you can print out PPTs to study from, etc. I wish that more instructors, although not a distance education course, would utilize Laulima to post discussion, or PPTs discussed in class so that the student can refer back to it and study from it. One teacher also would tape his lectures and post it on university itunes for students to go back and review via Laulima (although doesn't partain to distance ed. I think that would be helpful in regular class setting). I like the fact that you have everything at your finger tips, but wish that there was an option (but don't know if they even have that yet) if the textbook could be purchased in the form of an ebook and could be viewed on the site as well.
Response 469 it was at my own pace and amount of time (deadline) to do them was great
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Response 471 I liked the flexibility the most because it allowed me the opportunity to work on my own schedule, as long as I turned in assignments on time.
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Response 473 read the book. the education book gives me many information that will help me whne i graduate after
Response 474 how well the modules were organized and the syllabus.
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Response 477 How we had availability to all the notes.
Response 478 it was interedting and challenging
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Response 481 That i was able to work ahead at my own never know what the following day will bring so i usually work ahead so that if i do not have time to work on homework i know that i am ahead of the game and that assignment is done. I like to usually be 2 weeks ahead just in case something happens out of my control. like computer dies or have to take an emergency trip home to the mainland of parent health...
Response 482 Being able to interact with the other students and the teacher usually responses within a day
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Response 485 What I like about distance education is that its convenient. Being able to work at your own pace, not having to worry about being to class on time.
Response 486 Just the fact that it was Distance Education. :)