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20) What did you like least about your distance education experience?
Response 1 Nothing.
Response 2
Response 3
Response 4 Easier to get behind.
Response 5
Response 6
Response 7
Response 8
Response 9 None.
Response 10 nothing
Response 11 There was no one to push me to excel
Response 12 Sometimes it felt like not enough time to complete but teacher was very helpful.
Response 13 In the final project we had to upload the webpages and I tried about four or five different softwares which all don't like the uh username and password. I am not sure what the problem was... Other than that technical difficulty it was a perfect class that I enjoyed!
Response 14
Response 15 The class was a great introduction to graphic design! Good communication and helpful discussion boards. It was easy to use all the resources and the teacher was helpful with his critiques.
Response 16 Some of the courses were unorganized and some of the instructors were hard to get a hold of.
Response 17
Response 18 none
Response 19 no activties, grade is based on 4exams and 1 paper... not much room for improvement
Response 20 The class that I am taking (ICS211) can be difficult at times. There is no tutor for this class. There should be an in class version of this class.
Response 21 it was fast pace
Response 22
Response 23 N/A
Response 24
Response 25
Response 26
Response 27
Response 28 My current online course is one of the best I've taken, but because some of your questions referred to past experience with Laulima, I am not sure whether this question refers only to the current course, therefore I will include some information about the one distance class I've taken that was distinctly unsatisfactory. I've appreciated the convenience of all the distance classes I have participated in. The only one I had difficulty with was one in which the instructor had virtually no interaction. The assignments were posted on laulima with links to videos, and that was the extent of interaction other than an initial packet, and the assignments and exams, which sent and received via snail mail, and even those had no personal notes. She simply included a blanket letter covering a few general errors that had been fairly universal among the students, cautioning all students to take heed. She made it clear that she did not return email, and gave the distinct impression that while she would take calls, they should be kept to a minimum. The videos were VERY old, and much of the materials were outdated; some of the nutritional and FDA information for instance, was dated 2000. 'Nough said?
Response 29 Scholarly databases were not available when I needed them.
Response 30 Being distant
Response 31
Response 32 With the amount of reading we had to do, the deadlines for some assignments weren't always that easy to meet. The time limits for the quizzes were also very difficult because I don't have the best internet connection so I wasn't able to answer all the questions within the time frame.
Response 33 I did not enjoy Professor Pascale's on-line course at all (sp151). Her course was the only one out of the 11+ online courses I've taken, that I struggled with communicating with the professor about assignments. She was never available, didn't leave clear instructions, and didn't correctly apply the on-line learning environment for her students' use. Her grading, syllabus, and course outline was not flexible to changes (i.e. missing group members, lack of participation) and I believe she needs to re-evaluate how she applies on-line learning before attempting to teach another course.
Response 34
Response 35 That I wouldn't meet the instructor, but because he was in his office when I had an appointment with my counselor, I did get to meet him.
Response 36 Nothing.
Response 37 You have to explore Laulima for yourself to see if there are any modules/assignments to read. It would be nice if things were a bit simpler.
Response 38
Response 39
Response 40 Flaws with copy/paste.
Response 41
Response 42
Response 43 None.
Response 44 due dates are more frequent
Response 45 n/a
Response 46 I miss meeting new people in class and having face to face time.
Response 47 Teacher didn't get back to me.
Response 48 i feel that the teachers should spend a little more time teaching. just telling us to read the chapter then making us write a lot of comparisons isn't really teaching.
Response 49 I actually had to read the entire chapter for each module because there were no lectures.
Response 50 I don't have to come to campuse everyday.
Response 51 Not being able to communicate with other students in person.
Response 52 too much work. I have taken a number of on line courses (even 300 level through UH) and found that this was the most intense course ever. There are too many exams which are too lengthy.
Response 53 n/a
Response 54 I didn't like my geog 101 because the teacher never talked to the students on line. He never returned any of my emails and he never helped with class.
Response 55
Response 56 I wish the teacher had provided a few video lectures to demonstrate the process of how to get the answer (Ex: payroll)
Response 57 Not being able to get the one on one with the instructor as one would in a class.
Response 58 Lots of assignments
Response 59 I did not like how there were no lectures or powerpoints for our lessons, which I find to be very helpful. Instead, we were given reading assignments without guidance from the teacher.
Response 60 hated every portion of this course! *Instructor was not clear on course work *Unsure of how the instructor was grading the work * Course required students to meet up -- the whole point of taking a distant class, is that i don't have the time to MEET UP! *The requirement to work in groups during an online course is very challenging and it lower my grade! the students were not interested in doing online meet ups and scheduling group time was nearly impossible -resulting in poor assignments ... there were 4 projects were we had to meet the same people all over again! way too many with the amount of challenges that distant course provide. *Instructor was out of touch! * I taught myself the whole class, which was expected somewhat. however the instructor did not provide any type of online lecture or brief explanations of the module... she didn't even point out any main points or areas of focus... nothing just do the work and then the instructions weren't clear VERY DISAPPOINTED!
Response 61 Its very easy to forget some deadlines without a teacher reminding you in person all the time. But I guess its not really their responsibility in the first place. Im okay most of the time. Keeping a calendar is VERY important for online classes.
Response 62 Not having the face to face learning experience
Response 63 wanted more sight and physical contact with instructor and other students. preferred questions answered quicker, by sight instead of a waiting period.
Response 64 Nothing
Response 65 not sure
Response 66
Response 67
Response 68
Response 69
Response 70
Response 71
Response 72
Response 73 The time lag for responses to questions
Response 74
Response 75
Response 76
Response 77
Response 78
Response 79 Not having physical interaction. However, that doesn't directly apply, since this is a distance education program.
Response 80
Response 81 There was some problems with the software but it was eventually fixed.
Response 82
Response 83 N/A
Response 84
Response 85 N/A
Response 86 n/a
Response 87 none
Response 88 Experience was good this semester.
Response 89 The least that I like about distance education experience is, you cannot get the feedback/answer right away. Some teachers have cell phones that they can get the student messages and try to answer as much as they can in a timely manner.
Response 90 My computer or the website system stopped working while I was taking the test.
Response 91
Response 92
Response 93 when laulima network is down right before i need to turn in my assignment.
Response 94 Took 5 online classes in one semester. Of course, each teacher had their own set-up, but some of the functions were used interchangeably: forums/discussion, tests & quizzes/assignments, announcements/email. It was okay for me to navigate because I'm an avid online student, however, it's not necessarily user-friendly.
Response 95
Response 96 One class was very disorganized, the instructor kept on changing due dates, and seemed like she did not want to help the students.
Response 97 I didnʻt have any problems with my online classes.
Response 98
Response 99
Response 100
Response 101
Response 102 textbook
Response 103 Sometimes its confusing when looking for our assignments. Like i wouldnt know which tool to look under.
Response 104
Response 105
Response 106 I dislike being graded on things announced on discussion boards. It does not show in assignments or calenders or even an announcement.I forget about it.. and lost a lot of points. Tend to slack off more than inside a class.
Response 107 n/a
Response 108
Response 109 You miss out to a certain extent of not having classroom intruction and/or interaction with other students in the classroom. It's a give and take.
Response 110 Having to keep track of all the due dates for assignments. But the schedule tool helps solve this problem.
Response 111
Response 112 Depeding on the teacher, they need to be specicfic when describing their requirments for test and projects, as we are not able to see them on a daily basis. Also teachers need to respond back to students asap so that they will know how to do things that need to be done.
Response 113 With one class I was very disappointed in the timing of online tests being turned on. The instructor would say it would be turned on at 6am on a specified date; however, at 6pm on that day the test would still be unavailable. Being a student, wife, and mother of two small children, I use my time wisely and I would have to stay up extra late to take a test because the test was not available on time where I had made arrangements to take my test when it was best for me.
Response 114
Response 115 I can access to it anytime and have the opportunity to study more for my other course exams.
Response 116 The course itself was fine. Finding and making time to do the assignments were the most challenging, but very possible.
Response 117 I did not like the fact that certain online courses did not offer the test to be taken on line as it was with my economics course
Response 118 Nothing really, maybe the same link for every class, one of my classes used Portfolio while everyone else used Assignments. The Discussions link is new and started out being a little confusing, but easy to understand.
Response 119 LCC needs to have math courses avaliable online.
Response 120
Response 121 There's nothing I didn't like about it.
Response 122 This class seemed to almost be a joke. The textbook had enough typos to make me think that a 12 year old wrote it. Along with the text being junk, it seemed as though the quizzes and exams were written by a 12 year old as well. I found mistakes on exams and quizzes throughout the year. I feel that if I hadn't emailed the professor asking why I was marked wrong on certain things, these mistakes would have never been caught. That leads me to believe that many students missed points throughout this semester that they shouldn't have. What is the deal? This, to me, is completely unacceptable. I will definitely not take another course through LCC and I will advise others not to as well. You are expected to provide an education. How are you accomplishing that if throughout the semester I spend most of my time pointing out all the mistakes?
Response 123 I took a course that had a lot of group involvement that we were graded on. Being a working student is why I opted for some of the online classes. My work schedule many time interfered with getting together with the group, so I was unable to complete some assignments due to this problem. I would have liked less group work in online courses since its difficult for all of us to get in sink with scheduling conflicts; I think many students who are working take online classes because of this. I just found online class group work frustrating as compared to group work in actual class setting where you can meet with your fellow classmates, etc.
Response 124
Response 125 How my history class didn't really involve instruction, but merely reading assignments and tests. I prefer a lecture, at least, so that I can see some perspective other than the text book. My English Lit. class, however, was well diversified and interactive.
Response 126 Nothing really, this was the first time I experienced long distance classes and it was not as bad as I thought it was going be. Surprisingly, there was more that enough information, links and one on one help if needed via email
Response 127
Response 128
Response 129
Response 130 Feedback was unclear sometimes not provided. No interaction with other students.
Response 131 cannot interact with the instructor face to face
Response 132 None
Response 133 I didn't have enough time for this class and I didn't have the programs necessary to open the assignments and some resources.
Response 134 Since it is not face-to-face, sometimes it can difficult to remember that it's there, especially if you also have other responsibilities. If I didn't stay organized, I would forget to do the assignments on time.
Response 135 not all the instructor use the tools for the same reasons
Response 136 forgot to do assignments because its online
Response 137 exam testing was only for 2 days until it closed.
Response 138 It's hard have a clearly communicate with instructor. It's take time to understand on the same page with the instructor. Hard to get some help from classmate and instructor. when I did a mistake on the assignment no way i can fix the work that already submitted. No excuse or second charge to revise the work.
Response 139 I didnt like that the tests and quizes were the only form of grading sometimes the tests and quizes was not available on time and there were no emails reguarding my progress or anything
Response 140
Response 141 In the beginning I felt a little lost until I figured out how the class would run. After the first few weeks it was better.
Response 142 i guess the class interaction, just being face to face so you can be encouraging for you classmates on a more personal level
Response 143
Response 144 There wasn't anything I didn't like.
Response 145 That I did not have more time on my hands to do I needed to do.
Response 146 Because of the course I was taking, I wished there were more examples of what was expected. I wasn't sure if I was doing my work correctly; especially the case study.
Response 147
Response 148
Response 149 Too frequent interruption or cut-off while taking quizzes/tests and while viewing 'Oiwi video at Laulima.
Response 150 Nothing...this professor was well organized and made herself available whenever I needed help!!!
Response 151
Response 152 How the homework helps out with the studying for our quizzes or exams.
Response 153 The class quizzes was not relevant to the context read.
Response 154
Response 155 It was difficult to use the book at times. No chapters were specified.
Response 156 I tend to learn better with instructor and at times its like I have to learn the material on my own.
Response 157
Response 158
Response 159 The most thing that I least liked about this class was that the instructor did not live up to her promise. She stated that in the syllabus she would give only grades for our major essays which I did not get any grade until a few weeks ago and it was for my very first essay. I did not find that it was a usefull way after the fact that the class was ending and that I have turned in all my other assignments. I could not go back and change anything in my other assignments because she stated in the syllabus that she will not take any late work. So my question is how am I as a student able to grow and learn if the instructor does not live up to her promise or in other words is not able to do her job. I did not know if I was doing good or bad on any of my assignments because she did not give any type of feedback. I also had to email this instructor several times about assignments because she did not understand what I was saying EX: What was stated in the syllabus such as essay 1 5 pages and then the instructor would post as the homework assignment as essay 1 7 pages. With one assignment she was talking about a specific essay topic but when I double checked and asked her about it, after many emails and then I finally just copied and pasted what was in the syllabus and then in her homework assignment...She said oh it was a typo......But it took me going back and fourth in email to her in order to get it straight which gave me only a day to finish the assignment which I thought was not fair because she was not on top of things. She also stated in the syllabus that she had 3 days after class ended to post our final grade which I think is a bunch of crock......She was not able to follow through in a timely manner to give us any feedback on any of our assignments or essays and then she wants to make me wait 3 days after the class has ended to even see if I passed or not. What kind of instructor is this? I am very up set that i have paid good money for a class and ended up with an instructor that doesn't even use the gradebook. If this is more of what is to come then maybe I might just think about changing colleges. I do not want to find out at the very end if I passed or not, nor do I want to find out if I was doing the right thing or not in class. I want to find out as I learn, so that I can make the changes and corrections nessasary to pass the class. Not just doing assignments after assignments in hopes that I am doing it correctly without any feedback from my instructor. I need to know if I am doing something wrong so that I can correct it in a timely manner or for the next assignment. Not find out something that I need to improve on at the end of class but it was pertaining to my very first assignment. What kind of feedback is that? and how is that suppose to help me after the fact? All I know is that i will not be recommending this instructor again to any or my friends, family, other online students and work staff because many of our work staff are taking classes from LCC. She is not a good online instructor, sorry to say that but as a student who is paying good money for an education I believe she should not teach anymore online classes unless she 100% commited.
Response 160 I studied everything, thought I was prepared, and still got a low score.
Response 161 Doing exams online. I guess it depends when you go online to do it. Other then that, this class was a great experience.
Response 162
Response 163
Response 164 Missing deadlines.
Response 165 Course material and resources was unorganized and very hard to correspond to the midterm and final exams. Also, 35 mins to do 50 multiple questions (close book) was based on speed versus quality of answers.
Response 166 I didn't like that she had us take our tests in two different areas. We used WileyPlus and took our exams there and did homework there. Everything for our course was there but she had us take quizzes in laulima. Most weeks I forgot to take the quizzes because I had forgotten that they were in there and not in WileyPlus.
Response 167
Response 168
Response 169 My least liked experience would be the distance. Unfortunately, while this mode is very convenient, it would not have been my first preference as I enjoy a person to person learning situation.
Response 170 The thing that I disliked the most were that the various laulima menus are difficult to navigate, such as if I wanted to go to a previous page I could not simply hit the "back" like all other websites, I had to go to the submenus instead, which is inconvenient
Response 171 I became involved in a very serious court battle in the final 2 1/2 weeks of school, therefore unable to stay real focused in study and finals.
Response 172 COMPUTER PROBLEMS: This is NOT the fault of LCC nor Distance Education. However, computers will always provide a means of errors, and therefore, the opportunity to create havoc when trying to turn in assignments at the last minute.
Response 173 My Eng 209 was excellent - I wouldn't change a thing. My Econ 131 had a lack of teacher participation. The content was too difficult to have just the textbook and classmates help. Thorough Teacher explanations would have been better. The DE experience was fine.