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21) What did you like most about your distance education experience?
Response 1 Flexibility.
Response 2
Response 3
Response 4 The pod casts, seemed like the cable broadcast came and something happened part of the way through. The pod casts: I was able to download and take it on my laptop to work.
Response 5
Response 6 convenience and flexibility. fits perfect for my schedule and needs.
Response 7 the opportunity to plan my time
Response 8 Convenience
Response 9 Due dates were appropriate.
Response 10 dont have to go to class
Response 11 I was able to move at my own paste. Teacher responded to emails quickly
Response 12 The availability of the instructor and the willingness to help espically when it was needed.
Response 13 I loved this class so much! I enjoyed every assignment and had the opportunity to learn so much. The teacher was great with his lesson plans as everything was set up understandable and well organized. I liked every assignment because they did well to make real life kind of assignments. I also enjoyed learning how to use photoshop! It was one of my favorite classes I have every taken from the UH system.
Response 14
Response 15 The site was easy to use and the teacher was accessible to communicate with.
Response 16 Flexibility to do work on my own time.
Response 17
Response 18 i can access all the content on my computer as well as my ipod and laptop.
Response 19 additional materials given by instructor was organized and very helpful
Response 20 My instructor was very enthusiastic about the material.
Response 21 you worked on your own time
Response 22
Response 23 learn at my own pace
Response 24
Response 25
Response 26
Response 27
Response 28 I have a disability which limits my energy, and which can be exacerbated by over exertion - and it doesn't take much to over exert - so distance courses have been an invaluable help to me; without them I may not have managed to come this far. (I will receive my AA at the end of next semester; thank goodness!) The best courses are the ones with heavy emphasis on interaction between fellow students, and the instructor; this has been just such a class. I very much appreciate the forums and discussion groups/workshops.
Response 29 Getting to set my own hours.
Response 30 Reading other students work as examples.
Response 31 very convenient. work at your own pace.
Response 32 The teacher was very specific about what he wanted from us in terms of the assignments and how to do them. He also provided everything we needed to know so there was not that much things in question.
Response 33 I thoroughly enjoyed Professor Van Der Tuin's Eng204 course. She was organized, clear, and quick to respond to e-mails and questions. She made distance learning fun, and accessible, which is how it should be.
Response 34
Response 35 I could do the work/assignments at any time of the day or evening. With a family and working part-time the online experience was very convenient. I will take all my courses online if possible.
Response 36 I liked how it was very interactive it was as a online or distance education experience.
Response 37 Flexibility and personal time-scheduling makes distance education great.
Response 38
Response 39
Response 40 Easy to navigate.
Response 41 The interaction with the course instructor who was always very helpful and accessible.
Response 42
Response 43 My own pace.
Response 44 flexibility to learn when I wanted to
Response 45 Being able to interact with students somehow. Teachers being organized and having set due dates!
Response 46 Great resource for future careers and I enjoy the convenience of working at home.
Response 47 It was convenient.
Response 48 i could do it at home. and i learned alot about art history from the book...that i didnt know already.
Response 49 It was convenient.
Response 50 I can't ask the instructions in person without making an appointment.
Response 51 It's very flexible to where I can finish the work on time.
Response 52 I enjoyed the discussions and interactions with fellow students.
Response 53 It was easy to get ahead in class because the work was put up before hand.
Response 54
Response 55
Response 56 It allowed me to take the take the class I need even though my home campus did not have the class this semester.
Response 57 The flexability is what helps me with my degree.
Response 58 Convenience
Response 59 It's convenient with my schedule.
Response 60 nothing will never take a distant course with LCC again unless i just absolutely have to
Response 61 Being able to choose my own times. Taking courses not available at my own college. And gas savings!
Response 62 Convenience
Response 63 my hybrid class, which came in handy just in case. I had problems and questions during study and tests. PLEASE KEEP HYBRID CLASSES FOR ALL ONLINE COURSES, MUST HAVE IT AT LEAST 1 A WEEK. THIS OPTION MAKES IT MORE EFFECTIVE LEARNING TOOL.
Response 64 This course was very organized and very clear on what i needed to do.
Response 65 ease of use
Response 66
Response 67
Response 68
Response 69
Response 70
Response 71
Response 72
Response 73 The convenience.
Response 74
Response 75
Response 76
Response 77 Access in the comfort of my own home or anywhere else without having to be in class at a certain time.
Response 78
Response 79 The convenience of being able to take the course online. It was very helpful.
Response 80
Response 81 It was for the most part working at my own pace. There were deadlines but often extended.
Response 82
Response 83 I liked that we were able to get feedback from our classmates on our paper. We got a chance to correct our paper based on other peoples ideas. Usually when you take an online english class, you only submit a final paper that will be graded.
Response 84
Response 85 Being able to take classes online
Response 86 I didn't have to get up and talk in front of the class. It was also more convenient.
Response 87 I like everything about leeward distancce learning. other campuses should use the same methods to better there distance learning.
Response 88 Courses were interesting and presented in a manner that helped me to be engaged in both material and class discussions.
Response 89 What I like most is when they give answer/feedback right away from students messages and questions.
Response 90 I can schedule my study time.
Response 91 The course was straight forward and easy to understand the objectives and content. I liked that I did not have to take an inordinate amount of time to post mandatory discussions. I took a DE course because I didn't have the time in my schedule to take an additional classroom course (and this course only offered as DE).
Response 92 it was good and easy for working student becasue you can access it on your own time.
Response 93 my own time mangement and learning on my own skills.
Response 94 The convenience and the later deadline times. :) Don't need to get ready... and also don't need to find parking. A++
Response 95
Response 96 I really enjoyed the interaction I had with my english professor. She was very hands on and seemed like she was open to anything her students needed.
Response 97 The freedom to learn at my own pace.
Response 98
Response 99
Response 100 Flexibility.
Response 101 The fact that personally interacting with other students wasn't mandatory but could be done for extra points. I take online classes because at times I cannot be at a regular class. So making appointments to meet up with other students to work on projects doesn't exactly work for me. I do appreciate the opportunity to do so though. I think that interacting with fellow students on the forums allowed us to share and discuss issues. At the same time we could do so on our time, making it extremely convenient.
Response 102 work at own pace
Response 103 I am able to do my work on my own time.
Response 104
Response 105
Response 106 My own pace. Examples. Resources online. Do not need to leave my house.
Response 107 I like the flexibility it gives me and it is so convenient. I wish all the classes were available online. I really appreciate it. Thank you.
Response 108 i liked how things were due on mondays and fridays so i knew i wasnt missing an assignment or anything.
Response 109 The flexibility of being able to study and learn anytime and anywhere you are connected to the internet. The fact that you don't have to drive to campus for every class, taking time in traffic and costing gas.
Response 110 I like the flexible schedules and how I am able to submit assignments online.
Response 111 I felt the instructor was very organized with her curriculum. She is very through and explains in detail. I really enjoyed this course.
Response 112 it is so much more convenient for students that work and that dont recieve financial aid. Also some of the classes taken online dont require the use of textbooks so it makes it more affordable. I liked the availability of online classes as they do not interfere with other available classes at leeward.
Response 113
Response 114
Response 115 I didn't have to go to school to learn for the first time, but rather, on the internet.
Response 116 I like being able to do my work at my pace at the time I decide to. Campus schedules are very difficult to maintain as a mother of 3, one of whom is disabled and needs constant care.
Response 117 I love distance learning because it allowed for flexibility in managing my time and worked around my schedule
Response 118 The links that were only used were provided, there were no additional links that served no purpose & the ease of navigation, straight forward links.
Response 119 Without on line courses I would not have even been able to begin to reach my educational goals. Online courses are an intraquet part of scholastic attainment.
Response 121 I like distance learning because it gives me time to work and spend time with my family. Plus I really don't like lectures that much and if I can be ahead with my online classes I would much rather get things out of the way.
Response 122 Absolutely nothing.
Response 123 Most of the time I like the fact that you can go on your own pace with the course load.
Response 124
Response 125 That I didn't have to go to the campus.
Response 126 The convenient schedule and how I can work that around my employment
Response 127 I liked the flexibility of deadlines.
Response 128
Response 129
Response 130 Being in the comfort of my own home and learning.
Response 131 free to learn
Response 132 Not having to drive to a campus, unless need be.
Response 133 It opened my eyes to other career possibilities.
Response 134 There were a lot of new technological tools I was able to learn about and use in this course. I really enjoyed all of the assignments and interacting with classmates in a new way
Response 135 not way the instructor uses the tools to navigate students through the course
Response 136 it was very flexible
Response 137 i liked that my teacher had good notes in her modules for every chapter.
Response 138 the distance learning doesn't require a certain place to learn. Good for busy person.
Response 139 nothing
Response 140 Being able to access courses and materials at odd hours of the day
Response 141 I liked working together in small groups. Sometimes it was a challenge, but for us to build our own project from the bottom up was rewarding.
Response 142 i really liked how we got to do assignments on our own time.
Response 143
Response 144 The time frame I was given to do my work. The classes worked wonderfully with my schedule.
Response 145 The entire experience was very educational and rewarding. I learned so much and Professor Hurley is absolutely fabulous. She was always available for questions and was also very helpful.
Response 146 What I loved most about this online class was that even though we weren't face to face with our instructor she showed her positive attitude through her comments. I wished I could have taken it in class.
Response 147
Response 148 I learned a series of steps that have helped me to form a much better paper
Response 149 I like most about my distance education experiences that I am able to work on assignments, take quizzes/tests, and retrieve and review resources on my own time and out of class. Furthermore, I am able to communicate with instructor quickly and received a quick responds, as well as, to meet deadlines of assignments and quizzes/tests in a timely manner. Distance education had been extremely accommodating and very supportive for me on my schedule time. Thank you.
Response 150 I like how easy it was to navigate my way through the course and it was very easy for me to do what I needed to do. The way this class was set up in Laulima made it very easy for me.
Response 151
Response 152 How i can get really interested on certain subjects of the book we go through and how it helps me understand it more.
Response 153 interaction with other classmates.
Response 154 Easily accessible. Very kind and helpful professor and TA.
Response 155 It was very independent
Response 156 Convience.
Response 157 Flexibility with podcasts. I didn't watch the cable broadcasts at all, instead I preferred the podcast download and replay.
Response 158
Response 159 For this class....Nothing but the convience of doing online because of my family and work.
Response 160 nothing
Response 161 You're able to manage time a little better when doing assignments. I can do my work within the comfort of my own home.
Response 162
Response 163 I liked how Professor Losch used outside material that was appropriate for the class. This is the most learning I have done in any Hawaiian Studies class. I also leaned basic Hawaiian language! She also presented informative and easy to read power point presentations. I enjoyed this class very much!
Response 164 Interacting with other students with weekly forums.
Response 165 The availability to manage time. I was able to manage 2 online courses, 1 resident course, full time job and take care of 2 children.
Response 166 I like not having to go to class.
Response 167
Response 168
Response 169 As mentioned, the experience enjoyed the most was the convenience of distance education. For me, these courses would have been more meaningful to have it like the Botany class I took from McMillan where there was an televised portion in addition to the online.
Response 170 The thing I liked the most was that I could do assignments and work when it I was most convenient for me.
Response 171 I love everything it offers. So many good elements and reasons why I do.
Response 172 ACCESSIBILITY, MOBILITY: I could access the required websites anywhere, anytime. This allowed me the freedom to choose my own work schedule, and to accommodate employers on an immediate basis.
Response 173 Ms Hurley from Eng 209 was such an effective writer that I could almost hear her voice as I was reading her words. I loved her input and interaction with the class. It was fun to learn. The DE experience allowed me to access class times on my schedule rather than a set class time.