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20) What did you like least about your distance education experience?
Response 1 Not being able to set up appointments with teacher.
Response 2 teacher is lazy
Response 3 Not being able to meet other students in person. We only know each other through e-mails and forums. It was hard trying to figure out who was who when I did see them in person.
Response 4
Response 5 the system would time out or it would log out on its own sometimes.
Response 6 asking questions through email takes longer than asking during in-class sessions
Response 7 No one to ask questions.
Response 8 I did not like having to go to the testing center for tests. I take DE classes because I do not have time to take regular classes, my schedule is very demanding and having to find time to make it to the testing center was near impossible. I also wish that more classes were offered via DE.
Response 9
Response 10
Response 11
Response 12 The material wasn't available after the due date like the practise quizzes.
Response 13 I dislike DE courses that are designed for the textbook/multimedia to do all the teaching. It would be more helpful for the teacher to do a lecture on the week's learning objectives as if conducting a class on campus. At the University of Iowa, their instructors for DE courses record classes that's on campus, and upload it for students who are doing the online version. This way, both campus and online students get to be taught by the instructor equally versus having to just read the textbook and do the assignments while being self-taught.
Response 14 What I liked least about DE is experiencing any technical problems, it hindered productivity.
Response 15 I actually liked it all. The instructors were totally great. I learned about the concepts on course materials for my major, etc.
Response 16 N/A
Response 17 Nothing
Response 18 For this course, it was difficult because I never understood what I had to do.
Response 19 I like the distance education. However, you have a strong motivation to do it by yourself.
Response 20
Response 21 As far as the online course that I had to drop this semester, I didn't like how the professor neglected to respond to emails from the students. Professor Garcia constantly changed his mind and forgot about assignments. He wasn't at all clear about what his expectations were.
Response 22 The syllabus had specific chapters that were to be on the test, but the test was not in line with it.
Response 23 I don't have the constant reminder that we have homework due and if I don't go onto the computer because I can't connect or I'm just too lazy.
Response 24 The no interaction at all, maybe because I did not know how
Response 25 Not being in a class.
Response 26 I didn't care for how the assignments were set up and how I hardly knew how I was actually doing in the course.
Response 27 Things were grade in a reasonable time...wish there were more auouncements and checkups
Response 28
Response 29 N/A
Response 30 Getting back into the swing of things...reading textbook materials and time management after 20+ years.
Response 31 Before the email was linked with gmail I had a difficult time checking my email
Response 32
Response 33 When submitting your work at a certain time, and you missed it my a minute or so. I think the instructors should add another 10 minutes because during that time of cutting and pasting, I/students want to make sure that everything is correctly done before submission.
Response 34
Response 35 I think communication should be instant instead of waiting for a reply through email. Maybe text messaging or instant messaging should be offered as an option if you are taking an online course.
Response 36 The system like Laulima is very slow and cumbersome. At times the process was very irritating and de-motivating to learn.
Response 37
Response 38
Response 39
Response 40 I have no complaints. :)
Response 41
Response 42 N/A
Response 43
Response 44 none
Response 45
Response 46
Response 47
Response 48 No interaction with other students; it's not really a problem for an online course, especially this one, but it's what I like most about in-class courses and I kind of miss it when taking an online course. I'm not sure how that could be changed though.
Response 49
Response 50 When I had a question, it sometimes took a while for a response. The instructors always answered in a timely fashion, but you would still have to wait for them.
Response 51
Response 52 You had to turn in the assignment on the dot. One minute late versus 1 week late = is all the same in the eyes of distance education.
Response 53 Nothing.
Response 54
Response 55
Response 56 Lack of interaction and disadvantages in communication with instructor.
Response 57 Teacher didn't give credit for one assignment because I accidentally submitted it under the wrong assignment/date. An online course may have some errors in electronic submission, so I think he should give students a chance to resubmit. However, he told me that I still had a good chance of getting a good grade even though I made that error. I'm glad that I received an "A"
Response 58 n/a
Response 59 Nothing.
Response 60
Response 61
Response 62 One of my professors rarely ever came in contact with our class via-email. There was less guidance, and when there was, it would be at an unexpected moment.
Response 63 Nothing. My Professor was awesome. Very excellent at explaining detail for detail. My Professor also showed examples of how the work should be done.
Response 64 I didn't like that there was not enough interaction. But it makes sense since it is an online course.
Response 65 Some teachers did not utilize tools or disabled certain features of laulima that I would have preferred to use such as knowing my current grade in grade book.
Response 66
Response 67 I wish that I had more student interaction.
Response 68 The course that I took this semester included a lab where I was able to meet with the instructor and classmates once a week. If it werenʻt for the lab, it may have been more challenging. Distance education is really for the self-motivated student. I am very selective about the classes Iʻve chosen to take online, but I really prefer to take classes on campus.
Response 69 I worked faster than the content was available.
Response 70 I just think in general, any science class should be taught in class and not online. Honestly, I wasn't that motivated to do the work and most of it was because it was a science online course. I feel that any science course should be taught in class especially to understand the material a lot better.
Response 71 N/A
Response 72
Response 73 I liked everything about it.
Response 74
Response 75 The instructor does not returned email messages in timely manner. Grade is not posted in right away.
Response 76
Response 77 Not being able to communicate with classmates in person.
Response 78
Response 79 Nothing.
Response 80
Response 81 No other grading besides tests. No room for excellence in other areas (discussions, forums, essay, etc.)
Response 82 I have no complaints.
Response 83
Response 84
Response 85 N/A
Response 86 Tossed between each class in evaluating. When a question arose, it was hard to get an answer in a timely manner. Not having a chance to go over different techniques in the program, to make sure every student really understood. User friendly.
Response 87 I sometimes forget to check when assignments are dued.
Response 88
Response 89 The least I liked about this distance eduaction experience is the fact that it takes a lot of time to complete work and the deadlines have no excuses.
Response 90
Response 91 i would like to have the same professor have at least one face to face class. this way if i got stuck in my online course i could attend the face to face class to understand the topic better.
Response 92 The textbooks were hard to acquire because I actually had to go to LCC to pick up the books. I wish distance course books could have been purchased online from the bookstore.
Response 93
Response 94 NO, it's good
Response 95
Response 96 No notifications about upcoming assignments due the day it's due. If it's integrated into Laulima's calendar, it should also be synced in with our Email calendar as well.
Response 97
Response 98
Response 99 my professor didnt upgrade the gradebook. so i had to calculate my own score to determine what i was getting in the class.
Response 100 The only thing that I liked least about this course was the turn around for assignments. Unfortunately, when I checked my gradebook on our final day of class I still had grades pending for assignments from earlier in the semester. Perhaps it was for the better, it motivated me to put more effort into my other assignments and final paper.
Response 101
Response 102
Response 103
Response 104 The confusion on some assignments that were not clear.
Response 105
Response 106 When my computer or internet connection have problems, I couldn't do the work I was planning to do.
Response 107 Nothing.
Response 108 I could learn more things about economics
Response 109 What i liked the least was the fact that i had to remind myself about the class and class work.
Response 110
Response 111 I did not like that there was a group project. All of us being on different schedules and having different program types made it hard to work together.
Response 112 Written assignment was very unclear, I was only given 24 hours to complete 2nd assignment, and it seemed that many things had to be discovered or clarified by attempting to contact other students through discussion board
Response 113 nothing to dislike
Response 114 Nothing
Response 115 There were no type of deadline reminders. I would sometimes miss assignments because no one would remind me that they were due. My fault I should have paid closer attention. I was just too busy.
Response 116 If there is a group project, it is difficult to community with the group members.
Response 117 My least favorite part of my LCC experience has been the rude student workers at the Academic Advising office. The counselors are wonderful, but the people I had to deal with just to get to the counselor were anything but. Please get real customer service professionals in the reception area, rather than rude, unprofessional individuals.
Response 118 Flexible time
Response 119 Not much interaction between the professor and students
Response 120
Response 121 Great experience, no complaints!!
Response 122 n/a
Response 123 A bit more info on how grading worked on one course. The other was well explained.
Response 124 na
Response 125 Getting used to not being in a traditional classroom
Response 126 Took me some time to get used to the CompClass website and how to upload written work.
Response 127 All the grumbling and drama in the chat room.
Response 128 n/a
Response 129 the tests
Response 130
Response 131 Not as hands-on as in class.
Response 132 I miss the in teacher student relationship.
Response 133 When I was in need of more assistance from the professor, I was unable to meet with him. Instead I had to go to the LRC, and although they were great help they did not know what the professor was looking for in the assignment.
Response 134 Some courses do not offer interaction with others, and only limited interaction with the instructor. I prefer those courses which have more interation, so I do not feel so isolated with my exclusively-DL schedule.
Response 135 The discussion board was not used as efficiently as it could have been. Because of this, there was extremely limited "conversations" with other students. Also, the full schedule of assignments for the semester was not available. The actual assignments were made available weekly which made it harder to work at my own pace. Because I work full-time, I like to do as many assignments as I can when I have large chunks of time (weekends, holidays).
Response 136 I enjoyed them all.
Response 137 none
Response 138
Response 139 This has nothing to do with this course, more of a personal observation, but it was/ is essential that I keep at doing work for this course daily, habitually. Which I haven't completed to the best of my ability. I feel that if there was the laulima tool of Chatroom available where we had discussion on some subjects it would have enhanced the class. But that is just a suggestion.
Response 140 The time frame in which you recieve a response from the instructor if I were to have a question.
Response 141
Response 142 The lag time in communications. E-mails, private messages.
Response 143 NOTHING.
Response 144 I just prefer to interact in person and also be forced to be on a set routine and use it as an excuse to be left alone from other people.
Response 145 I don't really like waiting for quizzes and homeworks to open up. There are times where you want to get more things done for the course but cannot because you have to wait for a certain day and time. Maybe having so many quizzes and homeworks open at a time because everyone is different and some weeks are busier than others. So, by being able to do a few assignments ahead of time would help during busy weeks.
Response 146 The multiple answers on exams, which could either gave you alot of points or put you in the negative for each question.
Response 147
Response 148 It was basically just reading the chapters and going to the website to take the test. It was routine. I wanted more interaction. If videos or power point were a possibility it would make learning the chapter more exciting to learn about.
Response 149 no one on one connection with the instructor
Response 150 I guess the fact that my internet was iffy, but that was on my part.
Response 151 sometimes getting responses to questions from instructors were lagging
Response 152 Completely cut off from the professor and fellow students. This is obviously not a format that works for me. I can see that I need personal interaction when taking a class. Sometimes just sitting back and listening to everyone's perspective really enhances my own formation of ideas and understanding. This was not possible with an online course.
Response 153 I wish that the instructor would allow the students have more than one chances of taking the exams and quizzes. Because it was hard for us to understand the materials the we read on the book and powerpoint.
Response 154 No comments. It works best for me.
Response 155
Response 156
Response 157 Laulima needs a "back" browser.
Response 158 No interaction with other students
Response 159
Response 160
Response 161 sometimes, I coul not to access to laulima (mid night). Also intenrt exprorer 9 could not work well with laulima.
Response 162 I discovered I understand better with a teacher in front of me giving lectures instead of reading power points or watching youtube lectures on the computer.
Response 163
Response 164
Response 165
Response 166 being able to stay home with my children and get an education at the same time.
Response 167
Response 168 Nothing really its all so easy to access and to work with.
Response 169 I have no complaints
Response 170 Nothing at all :-)
Response 171 majority of the classeswould have work every single week and couldnt work at my own pace instead of setting a due date to where it is all due.
Response 172 I do not learn anything in online classes. I just use them to graduate faster.
Response 173 I did not like that there were so many student interaction assignments. It is difficult to work and manage a family when you have to rely on others in order to complete required coursework. I did not like the fact that there is such a limited number of course offered through distance education. A working adult cannot continue their education and support family through the limited resources.
Response 174 Some Professors take the time to set up a learning environment that will help a person succeed, while some you need to figure out how to get to the finish line!
Response 175
Response 176
Response 177
Response 178
Response 179
Response 180 In one of my classes (Anthropology) her essay questions were kind of hard to understand and thre was not enough time given to present these answers also trying to answer the other questions.
Response 181 I love distance learning! Nothing I didn't like
Response 182
Response 183 Making sure I remember to complete all of my assignments, tests, and quizzes on time.
Response 184
Response 185
Response 186 n/a
Response 187 nothing
Response 188
Response 189 Not being able to complete future assignments due to other engagements.
Response 190
Response 191 Bobbie Martel and Ms. Silva both had excellent online classes and all of my comments are regarding those. The only criticism I would have is that the multicultural class should be very clear regarding the Kamehameha class in bedded within. If a student has a full schedule this is like taking an extra class for that time period. On the other hand Psych 240 by Ms. Yuen was a terrible experience. She was unfriendly, unhelpful, and almost rude to the point that after 1 week I dropped the class. I would never take a class with this teacher after that short experience.
Response 192 One of my professors was not good with communication and I never got any replies via email.
Response 193 I could see having more classes available online as a definite plus to all the campuses.
Response 194
Response 195 Not as many emails/reminders from the instructors as I would have liked.
Response 196
Response 197 A lack of professor feedback. There was none unless I emailed the professor first. I think it would be very beneficial to have more true essays written in this course with direct feedback from the professor. Actually if somebody could email me back at I would be happy to provide a more detailed account of what I think the programs could use and what they are doing well etc.
Response 198
Response 199
Response 200 nothing
Response 201
Response 202 1. One professor seems to have no accountability. He did very little except correct exams, no lectures, no instruction. Just gave tests. All learning came from reading the textbook. And the class cost over $800. For the other classes I took, the lecturers were sincere and responsive. 2. The courses should have flexibility. Distance learning is great because I can't get to a campus and travel for work. That should be kept in mind that sometimes access is not possible so that MP4 downloads of lectures should be provided. The on-demand video is not very good. Poor quality and interruptions while buffering.
Response 203 It's sometimes hard to get in touch with the instructors since there is no in-classroom meetings.
Response 204 Nothing I enjoyed it very much
Response 205 I think one of my teachers felt as if he was disconnected from the class and therefore uncareing of our feelings.
Response 206 I wish all instructors used the messaging in Laulima. I found it quicker to contact them and get answers to questions or concerns than e-mail.
Response 207 no interaction whatsoever! IF the teachers are going to have the exams be multiple answer, they should at least be required to make the questions straight-forward & not tricky. My Psychology class failed all the exams. The average mean was below average. I did understand the content of the textbook and did great on quizzes and class assignments. I am praying I don't have to take this class over, as I did not receive my grade yet...:(
Response 208 none
Response 209
Response 210 not being able to meet my classmates
Response 211 I did not like the way MyIT lab required me to be exact. Specifically in PowerPoint, I had to move things on the horizontal and diagonal ruler. It was very frustrating because my computer at home could not show me how to do it. I would have to do a "hard shut down" of my computer.
Response 212 it was good overall
Response 213
Response 214
Response 215
Response 216 not being able to ask teacher questions
Response 217
Response 218 The split screen view for some of my ed classes made it difficult to view the 2 sections of content at the same time. Some of the syllabi was confusing (instructor's fault). Sometimes Laulima would time out and I'd have to sign in again. On my last psych exam, my computer shut down for updatates during the exam (ugh!!) The professor's office hours were in a chat room!!
Response 219 Soemtimes I feel like there are too many different links and it takes sometime adjusting to an online class schedule that works both for me and the class
Response 220 I did not get my concern answer right away, I have to wait for my instructor to get back to me. However, if we have chating room somewhere it will help alot.
Response 221 Note one thing did I like least.
Response 222 When the material is difficult to understand and I needed help from the professor; the emails that they sent back to me didn't help me enough. Clarification wasn't always there quick enough. When you are taking classes on campus the professor can answer your questions right away and it's easier to understand.
Response 223
Response 224
Response 225 none so far
Response 226
Response 227
Response 228
Response 229 The instructor.
Response 230
Response 231
Response 232 not to much comm. with the instructor
Response 233 Its was hard learning the material by myself without an instructor!
Response 234 Not being able to actually learn on my own. I had to read sections on my own & no one to remind me that things are due.
Response 235 Every distance learning experience is different and I believe it is due to what instructor you have and how they organize their subject and how they communicate when they teach online. I have had a couple bad experiences and made it through and the rest were excellent!
Response 236 Nothing
Response 237 time
Response 238
Response 239 some techers run their online classes different so in the beginning it's somewhat difficult to understand but you get used to it.
Response 240
Response 241 I don't know how to go on submittimg my work on laulima.
Response 242
Response 243 My Philosophy 101 course, which was administered by Joseph Chernisky, was essentially an independent reading course, with three exams. I did not feel as though I absorbed the information AT ALL. When a course is set up like this, it encourages the student to learn only what they must to pass the tests. This is terribly ineffective. There should have been more homework assignments, projects, and papers for us to write. Not to mention, our grade was entirely based on just those three exams; exams which did not have sufficient study guides. I am curious to see if anyone in this course received anything higher than a C, because the exams were poorly designed and the exam questions were often difficult to understand. Another thing, there was no forum offered within this course, thus no support system in place for students to discuss these important philosophical questions. I was VERY disappointed with this course and will not encourage others to take it.
Response 244
Response 245 laulima gets laggy and slow on weekends, effects test/quiz taking sometimes
Response 246 what i liked least was some of the teachers didn't respond back fast enough.
Response 247
Response 248 The instructor never responds to emails which made thigs very frustrating.
Response 249
Response 250 NA
Response 251
Response 253 It was a little bit hard to post a comment in the chat or submit an attachment if when I was using Mac computer. I would click enter but it wouldn't show right away and for the homework attachment on homework , my teacher couldn't open if its Pages or Numbers from Mac program. It would be nice if its Mac compatible .
Response 254 Slow server at times made uploading assignments difficult.
Response 255 Unexpectedly losing work that was being done.