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21) What did you like most about your distance education experience?
Response 1
Response 2 did not like it
Response 3 What I liked most about this course is that I could do the assingments at my own pace and not have to come into class every week. This gave me a lot of time to do errands and other things during the day.
Response 4 Convenience and quick grading
Response 5 the flexibility of access to assignments, teachers, etc.
Response 6 having the class go around my schedule
Response 7 Very convenient.
Response 8 The convenience
Response 9
Response 10 flexibility
Response 11
Response 12 The material was accessable all the way upto the due date; where I could do my online work at anytime.
Response 13 I've really enjoyed DE courses that are completely online. Campus Testing Centers are usually open during usual work hours and close at typical times when employees are just leaving work. It really makes it hard when instructors assign tests once a week to be completed at a Testing Center when you are also working. The same is for midterms and exams. Therefore, I was really happy to have been enrolled in LCC's DE courses that have all tests and exams administered through Laulima which can be accessed at convenient times.
Response 14 I like the convenience of distance education.
Response 15 The convenience of doing it from my home and making long distance friendship, working with devoted instructors who are friendly, helpful, and dedicated in helping people learn or gain a higher education toward their major.
Response 16 Very convenient, especially for students with busy lifestyles or who work.
Response 17 I liked how well organized it was. It made everything very easy and enjoyable.
Response 18 I was able to do my work whenever I wanted to.
Response 19 I can do it at my own convenience, anywhere, anytime.
Response 20
Response 21 I liked that it was online and that I could do things at my own pace (philosophy with Proffessor Laycock). At the very beginning he put up all of the quizzes and notes so that you could finish the class whenever you wanted and that was great. I'm taking another course with him next semester, he's a brilliant and passionate professor.
Response 22
Response 23 How I got so much help, from classmates and the teacher and also I can do everything on my own time, I like to do things fast and get the course over with in a couple weeks or months. Also, because it's an online course, all my professors has kept up with the gradebook on laulima, so I can access it whenever to check up on how I am doing.
Response 24 the ability to move at my pace and finish early, instead of being held back so the overall can learn at different paces
Response 25 USing more of the technology around me.
Response 26 it was easy.
Response 27 I learned a lot from the course taken.
Response 28
Response 29 The course was available anytime that I was ready.
Response 30 Learning new technology and working with a group online. That was cool!
Response 31 i like the convenience of the course
Response 32 Flexibility to work a head. All study resources immediately available. Easy access to communicate with fellow students and instructor.
Response 33 Watching the videos...if I don't understand it at first, I can watch it as many times until it make sense to me. And learning at our own pace.
Response 34
Response 35 The most beneficial thing to me was the fact that I didn't have to worry about attending class. I had the flexibility to go online and do my work at my own convenience.
Response 36 Distance education provided an opportunity for flexibility.
Response 37
Response 38
Response 39
Response 40 I like how it was easily accessible and well organized. The instructor helped a lot to make the course material understandable through his powerpoint slides and he was very up-to-date with everything. I also liked how I was able to communicate with other students through the discussion tool, our instructor gave us a lot of time to complete our tasks, and I just liked the overall online learning experience.
Response 41 Professor Fachan was very patient and kind in everything that regarded his students.
Response 42 The accessibility...the tools, and the capability of doing work and checking Laulima any time!!
Response 43
Response 44 no traffic to class
Response 45
Response 46
Response 47 The distance education provides flexibility and working at your own pace.
Response 48 It's very flexible and I can work it around my schedule.
Response 49 that i could do my assignments on my own time. The professor was very flexible and explain the concerns that i had about the class.
Response 50 Being able to work at my own pace and time of day.
Response 51
Response 52 It was convenient with my schedule.
Response 53 I love how everything was done at my own pace.
Response 54
Response 55
Response 56 Convenience.
Response 57 I liked the convenience and the ability to manage my time with studying, work and family schedule. The online courses allowed me to receive my degree quicker than I expected. I am transferring to UH - West Oahu and I was told that they give outer island and international students first priority when it comes to online courses. I hope I am blessed with more online courses, or it will take me a long time to receive my bachelors degree.
Response 58
Response 59 I liked the flexibility of the distance learning course. I enjoy reading on my own and taking open book tests; I think I learn best this way.
Response 60
Response 61
Response 62 I enjoy many of its features because I get to work on my assignments, quizzes/exams, at the comfort of my home where I can concentrate better.
Response 63 Everything. Professor was really cool just by looking at the messages. Professor wasn't strict just down to earth and cool.
Response 64 I liked the convenience of having an online course. Mainly the convenience is due to time-wise, due dates for assignments, and works well with flexible schedules.
Response 65 The convenience of accessing courses on my own time.
Response 66
Response 67 I loved how it was so easy and organized for an online class.
Response 68 Doing my assignments at home, at my own leisure.
Response 69 I was able to work from anywhere
Response 70 I liked it because I could do the work on my own time as long as I turned it in by the deadline. But still, I think it should be taught in class.
Response 71 Managing my own schedule, for better or worse.
Response 72
Response 73 I liked that it fit right into my schedule and that I could easily access my work on a computer. I enjoyed my class and the teacher. He was very helpful throughout this first time experience.
Response 74
Response 75 I am able to take turned my test, quiz, and assignment before the due date.
Response 76 I had one week sometimes more to complete assignments. The professor made the assignments understandable and relivent to situations we will be in for our jobs and life. I could use notes and the book to complete tests and quizzes. Professor responded to e-mails within a day
Response 77 Fits my schedule and can work at my own pace.
Response 78
Response 79 When correcting essays, it was easy to see where in the essay my teacher's and my peer's comments were located.
Response 80
Response 81 Great subject, easy to navigate, and availability of tests since day 1.
Response 82 If I had questions, the teacher made himself readily available. My questions were answered right away.
Response 83
Response 84
Response 85 N/A
Response 86 When the instructor was up on what the students questions were, & responded. Freedom to choose your time to study/homework. I would like to have with DE, ability to have a hybrid class. I had several classes like this, & it really helped to understand, especially with detail information.
Response 87 It's all online.
Response 88
Response 89 I like the fact that it is flexible and that it was great there was no need to go to a class at a certain time everytday.
Response 90
Response 91 no commute, no gas, flexibility.
Response 92 I thought the material provided by the teachers was very helpful. It was very detailed and a lot of information to supplement the lectures/powerpoints that were provided. Overall my experience was good.
Response 93
Response 94 I like that the instructor gave us enough or plenty of time to complete the assignment
Response 95
Response 96 Ease of access and flexibility of time to complete the assignment.
Response 97 Convenience.
Response 98
Response 99 i thought it was a great experience.
Response 100 I really liked the conferences with the instructor. Since the conferences were not on a voluntary basis, it allowed me the opportunity to touch-base with the instructor. These conferences reassured me on my progress in class and provided the opportunity to get an immediate response to any further questions that I had regarding ongoin and future assignments.
Response 101
Response 102
Response 103
Response 104 I liked how I could finish it faster than regular classes.
Response 105
Response 106 I can schedule my own study time.
Response 107 It was convenient, well organized, and the grading system was presented in the beginning of the course. Also, I appreciated the instructors support and encouragement in both the World History and ICS courses.
Response 108 I can do my work on my own time.
Response 109 I liked have to be able to work more and still get an education.
Response 110 I could learn at my own pace for the most part.
Response 111 I could get my classwork done when I wanted, within the time limits of course. I did not have to worry too much about work interfering.
Response 112 Ease of completion at home
Response 113 You could do work on your own time
Response 114 As a mother of 4 children and a job it is way easier to take online courses, I love it and I can go on my own time.
Response 115 It was very convenient for me as I have a full time job, with alot of overtime. I could just come home when I had time and start my work. No time wasted on comuting to and from the campus.
Response 116 Time would be more flexible.
Response 117 My instructor, Mr. Kawano, was a great instructor who always graded fairly and kept us informed about what was expected of us and any changes in the course schedule.
Response 118 I can arrangge the time that I want to. That is what I like the most for an online courses.
Response 119 A good time period for which assignments were due. Clear test & task instructions.
Response 120 flexibility
Response 121 I like the flexibility, you're able to go on and learn (within a given time) when time permits.
Response 122 n/a
Response 123 I loved being able to sit and take control of my education from home.
Response 124
Response 125 Not having to drive to school.
Response 126 The fact that I could do the work from the comfort of my own home. This meant I didn't have to drive to school and it allowed me to maintain a flexible schedule for my job.
Response 127 I never cared for history in high school, but really enjoyed this class. The book "Connections: A World History" by Judge was well organized and had excellent maps and pictures. Professor Garcia responded promptly to e-mails and answer all my questions and offered guidance when needed. I felt that the flexibility with regard to the papers we had to research/write during this course, provided an opportunity for me to delve into a subject in history which piqued my interest. I very much liked being able to complete assignments from my home at the time when I am at my best.
Response 128 Assignments can be submitted online through laulima.
Response 129 the extra credit
Response 130
Response 131 Works well with busy schedules.
Response 132 I could complete and turn in my assignments anywhere I went.
Response 133 I do like the convenience of working/attending class form home or when I am traveling for work.
Response 134 Conversely (re #20), those courses which do offer interaction opportunities gave me a more comfortable feeling of being part of the college community. Also, and probably even more important in the "like most" category, the content of every class I've taken has been excellent and a very worthwhile investment of my time and tuition/books dollars.
Response 135 I especially like that I can work at my own pace.
Response 136 I enjoy the flexibility and self time management.
Response 137 the due dates for all assignments, exams and term papers were all in place, this made time management easier especially for a busy mother like me. In addition, most of the courses i have taken were presented in an organized manner, easy to understand and follow. Keep up this good work and continue on to the improvement of online courses.
Response 138
Response 139 I liked that it was accessible whenever I needed to get on. Easy to navigate through. I enjoyed the lab part of this course I think it really cemented the course objectives or subjects that we students had to master (or try to).
Response 140 the convenience of completing assignments and lectures at home and at your own time and pace.
Response 141
Response 142 That ease of use and the ability to set your own schedule.
Response 143 It gave me time to do my work at my own self-set schedule. The directions and instructions were always there for me to go back and check as often as i needed to. Also more time for me to do my homework without being rushed.
Response 144 I had a lot of time to complete what I needed to.
Response 145 I did like how prompt the professor was. Whenever you post a question he responded very quickly. He was very straight to the point so it was easy to understand what he expected out of you. For some strange reason I feel like this professor was more available than some of the professors I have at my home institution.
Response 146 The information the course gave me. I had alot of Oprah moments. The activities of the course also made me do alot of thinking. I really enjoy doing the distance education experience. I do think that it is good for the course I took, not so good for a class like math, where the professor plays a vital role in making you see what that course is trying to teach you.
Response 147
Response 148 It was really straight forward.
Response 149 didnt need to go to class
Response 150 The communication was excellent. I had a great professor
Response 151 All in all it was a great experience! I am already signed up for next fall and can't wait for it to begin. Loved being able to do the work on my own pace, so when I had free time I could move ahead of the schedule.
Response 152 Nothing, the Professor was a very polite person, very understanding. This in no way is a reflection of his ability but simply my own needs were not met with an online course of this type. Any course that is open to discussion and varying opinions would prove difficult online. I am not sure what class would work as we all need to think, digest and share one anothers thought process. Perhaps a computer class would have worked for me online.
Response 153 I like the convenience that I do not have to be in class because I am working full-time and the class schedule does not fit my work schedule.
Response 154 I liked it because I didn't need to go to class, flexibility, and worked best for me.
Response 155
Response 156
Response 157 Can work at own pace and schedule.
Response 158 On my own time
Response 159
Response 160
Response 161 I took another on line course at KCC. This Micro 130 on line course is best on line course I had ever take. Class schedule and mataerial were well organized. Also Dr.Kae's lecture was excellent.
Response 162 I didn't have to go to class, I could complete all the assignments and quizzes on my own time.
Response 163
Response 164
Response 165
Response 166 personal connections with peers and instructors
Response 167 Accessibility and flexibility
Response 168 Ability to finish work and tests after work at home.
Response 169 I love that I can do my work anytime, anywhere without going to a physical class. Very helpful for me because I work full-time and have a family.
Response 170 The instructor and his teaching method helped us to study and understand the course very well. Thank you for giving me a chance to take this online class!
Response 171 that i did not have to sit in a lectured class
Response 172 I don't need to spend time on it. For example I took Political science and Philosophy this semester and I may have spent 10 hour total on both classes combined which included all assignments and test.
Response 173 By offering courses online it allowed me time to manage my family and work accordingly while gaining a college education.
Response 174 The professors I have had this last semester at Leeward have been some of the best in my online courses. Great job!!
Response 175 I felt that it was the same exact process as taking the course on campus, without having to go to campus. There was not much that was different, which is great because I didn't feel like I missed out on anything.
Response 176
Response 177 I enjoyed being able to work on this course around my own schedule.
Response 178
Response 179
Response 180 Both teachers were organized
Response 181 I love the fact that I don't have to fight the traffic or the parking in the morning. I get to spend more time with my family and I can log in and do work when I have the time as long as I meet the deadlines.
Response 182
Response 183
Response 184
Response 185
Response 186 Being able to do it on my own time. Given a week to complete it, it gave me the chance to go ahead or stay on task.
Response 187 the convienece
Response 188
Response 189 The convenience of holding a full time job, take care of my children and attend school at home was amazing. Distance education also gave me the opportunity to collaborate with other students online. I was able to interact with other students and meet up although this was an online (distance) course.
Response 190 Having the schedule/syllabus ahead of time. This gave the ability to plan and work at my convenience.
Response 191 Ms. Martel makes her class very interesting and interactive. I loved it! She answered her email within 12 hours most time and was very helpful and made it possible to excel in her class. Same with Ms. Silva's class.
Response 192 I get to do my assignments on my own time.
Response 193 It obviously saves time,money and most of all gas for those on a strict budget. But overall I like not being tied into a class schedule and having to attend lectures at a specific time.
Response 194
Response 195 Easy access to course materials and the overall convenience of having a online course.
Response 196
Response 197 The course felt more interactive and gripping than a traditional sit in class and get lectured. Working at your own pace really allows learning to flow much more smoothly, as long as the self-discipline is there. Which it usually is. Working at your own time saves lives. It wasn't too bad.
Response 198
Response 199
Response 200 The interaction with other students, teacher availability through emails, an organized format of course content. I like that you know what exactly is expected of you.
Response 201
Response 202 1. The convenience. 2. Good lecturers. 3. It allows me to take classes that I otherwise can't because I can't get to a campus. It's great! Just need more consistency and more classes. Its the wave of the future. If I can't find a class from the UH, I look online and can take classes from all over the country. That is now the competition for the UH and the program needs to have attention from the top and resources dedicated to it. Your market is national. It needs to have that quality. Mahalo.
Response 203 It's convenient and I can easily take tests/quizzes on my own schedule.
Response 204 It was easy for me to accomplish my assignments and still perform my daily duties
Response 205 I was able to access the class from home or anywhere with enternet capability while still being able to communicate with the teacher .
Response 206 Getting my course work completed on my schedule and anytime of the day or night.
Response 207 Convenience
Response 208 all
Response 209
Response 210 not having to drive and be in class, online I really spend my time wisely
Response 211 I liked the way Ms. Wong laid out the work. I was glad to go ahead of schedule when I knew I needed to focus more on my other subjects.
Response 212 its flexible...
Response 213
Response 214
Response 215
Response 216 self-paced.
Response 217
Response 218 Ease of access, convenience, videos, content, ability to take 2 classes off-campus.
Response 219 flexibility
Response 220 Save me gas and time. I can get the task done on my own time.
Response 221 Darn-I wrote out a great piece on how much I enjoyed this class, only to have the site kick me off thus losing my train of thought. I a nutshell-I'd recommend this course and definitely Mr. Brent Harata.
Response 222 I loved how I could manage my time better between school and work.
Response 223
Response 224
Response 225 convenience and flexibility
Response 226
Response 227
Response 228
Response 229 Flexibility to complete my assignments when I had time.
Response 230
Response 231 Being able to complete tasks at your own pace and on your own time. It is very convinent to my schedule!
Response 232 flexable time frame, able to work at home or work, instruction on web was informational and understandable to where things what put on my terms on my learning abilities.
Response 233 That i didnt have to go to class
Response 234 N/A
Response 235 I personally enjoy having a couple online courses now because for one, I am a full-time mother. Online courses are designed for every individual that may have a certain reason what or why they use the online service. I like it because it gives me time to adjust my schedule with studying hours while fitting in time for my 2 year old son. However, I do enjoy face to face classes a little more because I like to communicate personally.
Response 236 Ability to manage my own time and learn at my own pace.
Response 237 The professor was an excellent instructor, she made learning on line a good experience for me.
Response 238 Online student interaction/feedback Forum posting
Response 239 easier on my schedule, not have to worry of all the aspects of attending in class courses.
Response 240
Response 241 I have no idea about how to use the computer for all my courses. so I submitted everything on hard copy. I would prefer face top face instruction.
Response 242 Not having to physically go to campus. This is a perfect solution for working parents
Response 243 I like that we can learn at our own pace. However, just because it is a distance course, does not mean the professor should put less effort into teaching their students. If they don't have the time to properly educate us, DON'T OFFER AN ONLINE COURSE. Are we not paying the same fees? Are we not entitled to the same information? I have taken distance courses from professors who take much pride in their online courses and have prepared outstanding curriculums, and were actively involved EVERY WEEK in making sure that we are given the opportunity to learn properly. Unfortunately, this was not the case with many of the LCC distance learning courses I took this semester. It's unfortunate that the distance learning courses are so inconsistent. There should be a standard for all courses. Bill Boryk (HIST 101) provided a FANTASTIC curriculum last semester, as did HCC's Marty Nikou (ART 101) this semester. They were involved, organized, and helpful. Professors providing distance learning courses should take notes from these two educators.
Response 244
Response 245 easier to time manage and save time commuting
Response 246 What I liked most about my distance class is that some of my teachers were free enough to meet in thier office rather than just online.
Response 247
Response 248 I didnt like it.
Response 249
Response 250 Convenience. Less pressure.Well structured. I just signed up for more online classes with LCC
Response 251 The professor was very helpful towards his students. very nice. =]
Response 253 Being able to do my homework at my own pace . Resources helps a lot.
Response 254 Not driving to campus everyday.
Response 255 The convenience and flexibility.