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20) What did you like least about your distance education experience?
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Response 3 I really don't like the non-face to face interaction.
Response 4
Response 5 So far nothing
Response 6 Respond from the instructor was slow whenever I had an email question.
Response 7 n/a
Response 8
Response 9 Keeping up with the assignment dates was a challenge.
Response 10
Response 11
Response 12 Basically everything; forced Forum topics that once I wrote, and never crossed my mind again; not really learning anything because I didn't have someone there to teach me.
Response 13
Response 14 Nothing
Response 15
Response 16 There isn't anything that I don't like about my distance education experience.
Response 17 Laulima went on "downtime" while I was about half way done with one exam, & I was unable to complete one matching quiz, which was the fault of the wireless connection &/or laptop I was using.
Response 18 Everything about this class was in great order and the rest was up to each individual student to complete. I liked all that was offered from this experience.
Response 19
Response 20
Response 21 Would have liked more specific feedback on assignments such as what were good points and what neddes mprovement and why.
Response 22 The way the instructor explains his aspects of learning.
Response 23
Response 24 Waiting for the teachers to email me back.
Response 25 It depends on the teacher not the course - I had a teacher who would not grade our work on a timely basis although i submitted my work on time because of a given due date emails were not returned and questions stayed unanswered - i felt abandoned with no teacher contact learning was boring but i still got all my work done without seeing any grades -
Response 26 Quality varies depending on professor. There needs to be more training for professors on how to arrange and conduct classes online so that students can depend on certain level of quality regardless of the professor.
Response 27 Everything, it's very conveninent especially for my schedule
Response 28 Timed exam.
Response 29 Well, this answer would depend on the instructor of the course. I dislike disorganization and unclarity. I also donʻt like when there is no classwork/homework, and grades are based strictly on quizzes and tests.
Response 30
Response 31 Sometimes its difficult if the instructor doesn't response right away.
Response 32 None.
Response 33 As of today I have had nothing but a great experience in distance. If all my classes were offered this way I would love it.
Response 34 reading/memorization
Response 35 I have taken many online classes and I have to say that the thing I liked the least was the fact that not all classes are organized on Laulima in an orderly fashion. I'm not talking about the class I just took. I'm referring to another that I was forced to drop because I felt it was just a big mess. I'm not entirely sure what the modules section is supposed to contain but in one class the content in the modules was basically just the assignments we were to do. Why that couldn't have been placed in the "assignments" section was beyond me. The syllabus for the same class was a mess. The assignments and projects we were to do were vaguely referred to but they did have links. Unfortunately when you clicked said links you weren't taken to a page that explained the project, instead it was one that stated the benchmarks it met. And when I went to the "Assignments" tab not everything that was glazed upon in the syllabus was there. Of the many classes i've taken there was only one that had these problems. I'm not sure if this one class was just able to slip under the radar when it came to editing or approval but I really feel it is important to have organized classes. Especially when it comes to ones taken online. The syllabus, course calendar/assignments, resources, etc. should all be made crystal clear, with no need for a student to go searching through the page.
Response 36 I am hard pressed to find anything I disliked about distance education classes.
Response 37 Nothing.
Response 38
Response 39 Sometimes a teacher hardly ever responded to student's questions/concern. Yet, they frequently change what they're asking from the student, making it very difficult to understand course material.
Response 40 N/A
Response 41 lack of face-to-face interaction with the teacher and other students.
Response 42
Response 43
Response 44 n/a
Response 45 The whole on campus experience.
Response 46 None.
Response 47
Response 48 I didn't have any dislikes
Response 49
Response 50 It often feels that these DE courses require more self-teaching than an instructor. It's hard to believe that a 20-30 min lecture video, powerpoint, or notes cannot be provided to allow the same education experience as those on campus. I've already taken 3 DE courses that have assigned only textbook pages to be read and failed to provide any other learning resources (i.e. their own lecture video or notes) that could've been helpful. After all, that is the job of the instructor, not the textbook.
Response 51 I honestly hated the deadlines. I think students take these courses so they can move at their own speed until the class has ended.
Response 52 It depended on how well the teacher took advantage of the course tools set up and delivered it to the students. Some of the best classes I have taken where I learned the most were online. On the otherhand, some of the most confusing and discouraging classes have also been online. The two most important factors in an online class are that the teacher constructs a well organized virtual classroom and second that the student is self disciplined to assert themselves to do the tasks. Some classes are a disaster from the start because a teacher does not organize the class or have practical systemic applications that each student can gauge themselves and achieve.
Response 53
Response 54
Response 55 Nothing.
Response 56
Response 57 I still had to go to campus to take mid-term and final at a "proctored site"
Response 58
Response 59
Response 60 i wasn't able to download some of the assignments that were given. i didn't like how the assignment were organized.
Response 61
Response 62
Response 63
Response 64
Response 65 Not able to view some of the links or videos.
Response 66 Timed quizzes and exams. I focused more on running out of time than the exam itself.
Response 67 At certain times, probably due to high volume usage such as tests/exams, speed of transmission slower than normal. With of the advice of instructor, was advised to take tests/exams before high volume periods.
Response 68 I like face to face. I tried to learn but It was trying. Some classes I needed were on line classes. I will try this device learning a little more harder than ever.
Response 69 One of my online course was equivalent to the work of a monday-friday course. I was hoping that the assignment scheduling would be different, so that I wouldn't feel overwhelmed with the amount of work given. I thought having an online course would be much easier than an in-class course, however that is untrue.
Response 70
Response 71 Not having the face to face time with a teacher.
Response 72 Laulima always logged me out.
Response 73 The whole searching for the answers in the textbook sequence and then typing out the answers online. The assignments came up so fast towards the end of the semester that I accidentally missed 4 assignments and missing those points made a huge difference in my grade.
Response 74 One of my classes (English) didn't have very much teacher feedback. So I had no idea what I was doing wrong. Another class (philosophy), kept changing test dates and the quizzes or exams as I would could them, had material from different books not related to that particular quiz. Also, the final re-take of the exam didn't open up in the morning.
Response 75 The amount of reading/assignments some course require. I take these courses because I work so much and don't have the time to go to lectures. I don't mind working hard on my own time, but doing 20 assignments/required reading a night to be discussed or due the next day is unbelievable. Please do this only one or two days a weeks so that I can make time off my 3 jobs to do so or have it so that the 25-30 assignments/required reading must be done by a certain day during the week like Mondays or Fridays.
Response 76 It can be difficult to find classes. With a larger population of students having to work while pursuing their education, I thing it would be helpful to have more opportunities for online classes.
Response 77 When taking an exam the internet went down and I had no other alternative to complete the exam.
Response 78 I found the online classes to be alittle mote dificult than lectured classes. in the amount of material covered and required in regards to quantity of assignments
Response 79 Nothing. I got an A and it was easy to use. No lie!
Response 80
Response 81 Peer evaluations on graded material. I'm not a big fan of my peers evaluating my work before I turn it in.
Response 82 I thought that there were too many links that needed to be printed which made the work seem overwhelming.
Response 83 Nothing
Response 84
Response 85
Response 86 I am not an online person I would rather have my classes in person. So I had a hard time transitioning to having an online class.
Response 87
Response 88
Response 89
Response 90 I find it very hard to stay self-motivated, but that's more of a personal problem.
Response 91
Response 92 When I ask a question by email. I have to wait for the reply. That was what I don't like it.
Response 93 Have to be motivated and not slack off
Response 94
Response 95
Response 96 No one on one learning hard to ask questions.
Response 97 Not to clear on due dates
Response 98 Laulima is slow most of the time. While taking exams or quizzes, it often logs me out or does not respond that it takes time off my quizzes/exams.
Response 99 Not much interaction with other students. Could have made the class use forums more as a "class."
Response 100 No least experience.
Response 101 making sure my computer was compatible with all the requirments of working online
Response 102
Response 103
Response 104 Nothing
Response 105 Different classes used different methods of using Laulima. Some were confusing and others helpful.
Response 106
Response 107 Lack of personalization with classmate and teacher. I also don't like waitibg a few days to get a response back from a question I asked to the teacher.
Response 108
Response 109 none , i liked my distance education experienc
Response 110 Why is "Process of acquiring textbooks" something that is being evaluated?? I didn't know you had an option to get textbooks anywhere else but the campus bookstore (through LCC at least). I've purchased textbooks for classes through Amazon (and it was much cheaper than the bookstore price btw) but it wasn't promoted through the syllabus or the teacher. I took the Compass test to qualify for ENG 100 and received a high score on my Math compass score to qualify for various ICS courses, but the Compass scores weren't entered into the registration system and for classes requiring my Compass scores. I had to go to the counseling office on campus AT LEAST 3 TIMES to get an override for registration for different classes because I was blocked from registering at home without this override.
Response 111
Response 112
Response 113 Two assignments needed a little bit more explaining and not having the instructor present at the time was a bit annoying, but its an online course. No other problems.
Response 114 If there is difficulties, you have to wait for correspondence
Response 115
Response 116
Response 117
Response 118 N/A
Response 119
Response 120 Macroeconomics seemed like a foreign language. The online resources weren't easily accessible. For Hawaiian Studies I wish I had the classroom interaction. The convenience was great but personally I think that class would have been awesome if I took it on campus. Great class full of information.
Response 121 One of the course I took is not in full harmony of inclusive education where good will is sought. Instead, when students come out of a class with increase prejudice, spirit of marginalization and lack of acceptance of diverse races is a bad compendium of a curriculum. what it (courses) does is: it will perpetuate racial tension and intolerance. In America. everyone should have the spirit of e pluribus unum. Nativism must be retired and forgone if peace and harmony is intended among peoples of diverse cultures, ethnic and religious traditions. Therefore , books must be sanitized before it is recommended or required for its use and or balance it with the opposite premise, with another perspective to avoid radicalization of minds and brains.
Response 122
Response 123 testing centers, crowded at time and had to ask instructor to reopen exams.
Response 124
Response 125
Response 126 sometimes i can be forgetful, and not do hw. that is my fault though. to take an online class, a person needs to be dedicated.
Response 127 All instructors have different formats and methods of using the laulima website. It would be easier for students and more effective if instructors would follow a similar format for instruction and also for due dates. It is very confusing when some assignments are due at 12 noon and some are due at midnight. Also, distance education courses are very limited and it is impossible to complete a degree entirely through distance education. This makes it difficult for adult learners who work and have families to get ahead. I have been in an Associates program for five semesters because it is difficult for me to take physical classes on campus and all the classes I need for my program are not available through distance (Business Program).
Response 128 there wasnt enough time for the quizzes and exams.
Response 129 Most instructors were very timely with their feedback, yet others had very little interaction.It was that lack of interaction that liked least.
Response 130 scheduled maintenance
Response 131 The teacher seemed to be a bit harsh and rude.
Response 132
Response 133
Response 134 Things not getting submitted on time or at all when I know that I clicked on the submit or post button causing me to lose out on grades. I got an F because of it.
Response 135
Response 136 Classes sometimes get filled quickly but, the waiting list helped me this semester.
Response 137 Nothing, I enjoyed it.
Response 138 I think there should have been more time allowed for the exams. Some people type slower than others and I had difficulty typing what I felt were sufficient answers in the time allotted. I also had a problem with one of the exams where Laulima froze up and I was unable to finish the exam at all. Luckily the instructor worked with me to allow me to complete the parts of the exam that I missed.
Response 139 In one of my classes the professor would send us an exam prep sheet but she did not use that information on the tests.
Response 140
Response 141 i only had one class that i was unsatisfied with. It was alot of work and I felt very unsure on how my work would be graded.
Response 142 communicate with teammate.
Response 143
Response 144 I didn't like how things were organized in the Busn 188 class that I took. I feel that the teacher were not understandable at times and etc.
Response 145 Sometimes Laulima would be slow, and would not load my timed quiz questions.
Response 146 Laulima not working properly sometimes....
Response 147 N/A
Response 148
Response 149
Response 150
Response 151 I have never been dissatisfied with my experiences in distance education.
Response 152
Response 153 not much dislike except for certain instructors overall most of them good.
Response 154 A lot of reading. But thats alright, it has helped me to focus better.
Response 155 In discussion section, some of the students left some unpleasant messages.
Response 156 did not agree with format, at times.
Response 157
Response 158
Response 159
Response 160 Nothing! Everything went well.
Response 161 The wide array of differences in how instructors use each of the tools for similar outcomes and/or purposes which can lead to some confusion, especially when toggling back and forth between classes (Tabs) in the beginning of a course. And sometimes even throughout the semester.
Response 162 nothing
Response 163 Personal assistance and social with peers.
Response 164 When I would copy something from a microsoft word document and paste it into any assignments, there would be a bunch of weird text and numbers on top of what I pasted.
Response 165 nothing
Response 166 None
Response 167 can't really think of anything negative...if anything its more of a reflection on myself and my self-discipline...forgetting a deadline or confusing dates and assignments with different courses..learning through a computer took some time to get used to.
Response 168 If this is for my art class then I would say that the teacher wasn't really available for a lot of the course.
Response 169
Response 170 I personally prefer face-to-face classes much better. It is a more productive learning environment for me and can focus much better in a classroom setting.
Response 171 No room to forget an assignment, you always have to check & discipline yourself.
Response 172 N/A
Response 173 My instructor for MGMT 125 was unavailable most of the semester and refused to return emails or answer discussion board questions regarding this issue from myself and other students. He also unpublished the class before submitting the final results on our grades. I taught myself the course. I hope I taught myself correctly.
Response 174
Response 175
Response 176 Some of the instructors like HIST 151 were so messy and confusing I could not finish the course.
Response 177 N/A
Response 178
Response 179 It upset me why other people would take when I needed it more since ill be off the island in another state.
Response 180 Nothing at all.
Response 181 What I least liked about my distance learning experience was the unclear assignments I was given.
Response 182 i felt that all of the resources that were provided were well useful
Response 183 In some of the classes I've taken, the professors aren't easy to get intouch with. You can email them, but they take a very long time to respond. Some of them aren't clear with what they expect out of you.
Response 184 It's easy to forget about class.
Response 185 My experience with not being able to receive an answer from the instructor the same day.
Response 186
Response 187 I never learn anything from online classes.
Response 188 Not as much social in interaction.
Response 189 The least thing I didn't about the DE experience was not being able to hear from my teacher right away.
Response 190 Na
Response 191 Sometimes there were difficulties logging on to Laulima or it was running slow (which proved to be problematic during timed tests and quizes).
Response 192 For one teacher, she did not input majority of the grades until the end of the semester. I didn't even have a clue of where I stood in the class when the withdrawal period came. It was a shock to finally see what I scored on each assignment.
Response 193 Face-to-face time with instructors and classmates. Sometimes, I find it easier to learn about a topic or get other perspectives in a classroom setting.
Response 194
Response 195 None really.
Response 196
Response 197 .
Response 198 N/a
Response 199 That's some classes wasn't completely online, I had to stop fly up for some classes. For me that's difficult because I live on a different island I work full time and I'm a single mother, so that's why I take online classes. But some classes require you to come to a live class which makes it hard to take that certain class.
Response 200
Response 201 Teacher was rude when I contacted her regarding discrepancies in the syllabus.... so I dropped the class
Response 202
Response 203 Having to wait for quizzes and tests to open rather than having everything set, as a distance learner, one is already learning the material from the text book on their own time and should be able to go ahead in quizzes/tests/assignments. Rather than having to wait for a new input from the instructor via Laulima.
Response 204 that there is a lot of reading.
Response 205 While taking test/quizzes, laulima would log off or lag which affect time left to take test/quizzes.
Response 206
Response 207
Response 208 no personal interaction with other students.
Response 209 Having to use a different website other than laulima
Response 210 I took 2 online courses, there isn't anything bad about course but different instructors presented materials very differently, so I'm comparing instructors rather than course. One was more easier to understand.
Response 211
Response 212
Response 213 None
Response 214 I'm content with distance education experiences.
Response 215 Response from the insturcutor, lack of online help or tutors available.
Response 216
Response 217
Response 218
Response 219 Lack if immediate response to questions
Response 220
Response 221 Sometimes, there was too much work.. Unrealistic when taking an online course.. The purpose of online course is because students are unable to go to class because of work and children.
Response 222 Just one in particular. I dont like that we take a distance learning class but we still have to come to the school to take proctor exams. I dont understand whats the use in it being a "distance" learning program if you still have to head out to school and take your exams. I would like them to be a bit more convenient to taking tests at home or whereever you are that you have access to a computer. The reason that many students take online classes is because they dont have time to come to the school or because its more convenient for them to do at home.
Response 223 Convenience, accesibility, flexibility, gas saver :)
Response 224 How far it is to my house.
Response 225
Response 226
Response 227 I enjoyed every bit of the course! I enjoy taking distance courses
Response 228 I did not like the fact that I had to take this class online in the first place. I would much rather be in a class room setting, but this class was only offered online. the only reason that I said I would take a class online again is because there are more class that I have to take that are only offered on line.
Response 229 n/a
Response 230
Response 231
Response 232 Nothing I liked least
Response 233 that laulima kicks you out after a few minutes and sometimes your work is not saved
Response 234 I didn't enjoy the "Forum" tool. It was very overwhelming because I didn't receive updates when new posts were written by my classmates and had a lot of "unread" messages.
Response 235 None.
Response 236
Response 237 not being able to interact with the instructor and other students face-to-face.
Response 238 Nothing
Response 239 The fact that I could not ask a professor for question in person.
Response 240
Response 241
Response 242
Response 243 Some accounting concepts were difficult and hands-on would have helped
Response 244 no comment
Response 245
Response 246 Nothing
Response 247 None
Response 248
Response 249 Nothing
Response 250 na
Response 251 Lack of one on one instructor time.
Response 252
Response 253 nothing
Response 254
Response 255
Response 256 nothing
Response 257 I could work at my pace on my time.
Response 258 Some classes were so fun that I wish I took it in school.
Response 259 What I liked least about my distance education was there were time limits to exams and quizzes.
Response 260 the fact that only one of my online instructor wasn't prompt in letting me know that my homework needed correction, or what needed more to be done.
Response 261
Response 262
Response 263
Response 264 Nothing'
Response 265 nothing.
Response 266
Response 267
Response 268 The relatively small variety of classes.
Response 269 I have to say that I did not like that there was no immediate response to anything submitted. I had to be patient to see my grades, get help etc. However, I did get to practice patience.
Response 270 Nothing at all, because it is the sacrifice of getting an good education that is my goal
Response 271
Response 272 None
Response 273
Response 274
Response 275 some classes doesn't encourage interaction with other students.
Response 276 some instructors were lacking in response to questions i emailed them ar sometimes didnt even give me a straight answer!
Response 277
Response 278 registering for on-line resources (mcgraw-hill)
Response 279 I was pretty satisfied
Response 280 That I procrastinated and was a bit stressed.
Response 281 It was hard to keep the dates and due dates in check.
Response 282
Response 283
Response 284
Response 285
Response 286
Response 287 Having multiple places to check for announcements can make things confusing and allows certain communication to be missed. I would prefer if all my instructors used the UH email system to communicate with students because it is more reliable than laulima (as it's run by google) and instructors can be sure the students received the message. I often miss communication when I have to check multiple sources each week (email, laulima announcements, laulima forums, laulima messages, or laulima discussions) not to mention personal email, Skype, big blue button, and whatever other 3rd party software a professor may require.
Response 288 confusing due dates. for example, professors would put due 12:00a 01.11.2012, some would think it was due at the end of the day, when in actuality it was due at the beginning of that day (i.e. it would be due after 11:59pm 01.10.2012). the due dates should be 11:59 or 12:01, so that it's not too confusing, or use military time. also, a lot of people take online classes because they really don't have the time to go to the school because of work or other conflicting schedules, it's hard to take off from work every week just to go down to the school to take an exam. if they had the time to go to the school once a week, they would have signed up for a hybrid class.
Response 289 Sometimes the calendar and schedule had different due dates.
Response 290
Response 291 Sometimes the site is slow especially during the first week of class. There was this one time when I lost internet connectivity during a exam. These kind of problems are not present when taking classes on campus but I guess that's what you have to give up for convenience.
Response 292
Response 293 I dislike the fact that internet explorer does not do well with laulima courses. I do not like firefox.
Response 294 Using Mac /pages was a little bit hard when pasting it on the page, it shows as different letters and messes up the whole document.
Response 295 What I didn't like was there were some glitches in the exams where I was unable to complete them or had trouble completing because it froze my computer screen. It may have been an internet connection malfunction.
Response 296 Internet lag time. Sometimes laulima is slow.
Response 297 At times prior to class starting it was confusing, not knowing a little bit ahead of time for class.
Response 298
Response 299 I find it very easy to follow and understand. No complaints
Response 301 Nothing
Response 302 Nothing.
Response 303 Nothing that I can think of at the moment.
Response 304 I have only have favorable experiences... I hope more courses are offered online.
Response 305 haven't completed to course yet.
Response 306 Some instructors were confusing cocnerning expectations for work and also wanted the class to meet in groups aside from the times stated in requirements when registering.
Response 307
Response 308 Takes a while for the teacher to respond to emails.
Response 309
Response 310 When it came to doing digital art online, it was really hard because my professor just did not know how to explain things clearly for me to understand. His concepts were hard to understand and he wasn't very helpful with answering emails on time.
Response 311
Response 312
Response 313 Nothing, I prefer distance learning or online classes.
Response 314 I dont like the fact that MOST professors cant enable the Gradebook funcation so I would never know the status of my grade until the end of the course
Response 315
Response 316 I think some teachers were very clear about there expectations and others were not. The teachers that gave examples leading up to the assignments made the asignments easier to understand as appose to those teachers who gave none.
Response 317 Being able to work on my speed. Working full-time at one point allowed me to work on homework easier by not having to stress out because I didn't have time to finish it. Everything was online so I didn't really need to come to campus which make it easy on me since I didn't have time to go and take my exams. Also I was able to finish the class early if I worked threw it on my free time.
Response 318 I can't think of anything.
Response 319 my oraganization of the schedule
Response 320 n/a
Response 321
Response 322 N/A
Response 323 Mandatory chats and responses
Response 324 Sometimes it took too long for the teacher to respond to my emails, and some of the assignments were not explained good enought.
Response 325 Time - too short.
Response 326
Response 327 Lots of reading
Response 328 Nothing at all.It's great but you really have to motivate yourself to do it.
Response 329
Response 330 NA
Response 331 That they give the students more work!!!!!!!!!!!!! and sometimes the things they post DO NOT work on your computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Response 332 nothing
Response 333 Sometimes it takes awhile before professors would return messages, resulting in delays on some work being done
Response 334 Did not like having to go to the testing center to do tests because the hours of operations would hard for me to fit into my schedule.
Response 335
Response 336
Response 337 Some instructors were not timely in returning graded work. Also, discussion forums don't flow as well as face-to-face discussion.s
Response 338 Having more work as usual
Response 339 It's hard to remember when most of the work needed to be done.
Response 340 I didn't like how laulima is sometimes slows down when theres a lot of people signed in. I almost had 2 or more assignments almost turned in late because of this.
Response 341 group work
Response 342 None
Response 343 One of the online courses required too much work or had too many assignments, while having very little support from the professor. Also, a worksite for another course I took was super confusing because on the announcements page i had to click on other links called "announcements" to get to the information; i think it would've been easier if there was only one link to get to announcement information.
Response 344 Unclear
Response 345 I feel that the only thing I disliked about my distance education is trying to keep track of the time consumed for each class as well as having to motivate yourself in order to do well in all of your online classes.
Response 346
Response 347 Sometimes it was hard to contact the instructor. Having face to face contact with an instructor helps alot when questions and problems that arise that need to be answered right away.
Response 348
Response 349 the time it took for teacher interaction. I feel like the teachers should do web videos of instruction to make things clear of their expectations.
Response 350
Response 351 more reading on the computer...instead of paper. Having to print everything out. One coarse I had it was very difficult because I read the chapter and what was assigned and could not find the answer anywhere, it felt like a lot of people were having a difficult time in this course, not too sure if it for the same reason though. He said we could purchase the cheaper text book and the additional online book was not necessary to purchase. I had to withdraw the Mircrobiology class because of this.
Response 352 For two courses I had taken, I was required to purchase the textbook with the Access Code. However, the instructor did not bother to use the code; I could have purchased a used textbook w/o the code and saved myself money.
Response 353
Response 354 none
Response 355 The Gradebook was never kept up to date. Some of my grades weren't even posted til months after they were turned in. I couldn't keep track of my progress this way.
Response 356 A few instructors did not exploit the online tools to the fullest. I also think that even classroom instructors should take advantage of Laulima to enhance the students' learning. What's puzzling is that ICS and DMED, the two majors that you would think would have a lot of online courses, have only a few!!
Response 357 Nothing
Response 358
Response 359 I was upset about the amount of classes offered. There seems to be a shortage of on line classes available to the students. I am a full time and until recently single mother. It is hard for me to make it to classes with a full work load, a daughter, and job responsibilities. I wish more courses were available on line so I could pursue my dreams of obtaining my bachelors degree. I also wish there would be less group work.
Response 360 dont have anything to complain about
Response 361 My past 2 course were excellent. The GEO that I just completes was hard to navigate in the power point,and there was no inter action or feedback from instructor or fellow class mates..The instructor did answer questions that I emailed.
Response 362 It seemed like some classes were a little too fast paced, too many tasks were due in a short time. However, these classes should be more intense because they are more independent, so I understand that they may have to be this way.
Response 363
Response 364 nothing
Response 365
Response 366
Response 367 Nothing. I really enjoyed the distance education experience.
Response 368 Having to work in groups, For distance education is suppose to help be able to go to school when i physically can't be ther for. I really dislike having to interact with other students using forums and discussion boards.
Response 369
Response 370
Response 371 I felt my English lit courses were unorganized and cluttered with unnecessary excess. This would confuse and frustrate me which is why I dropped them. Same goes for my HWST course. I liked my English 100 course it was well organized and everything I needed wasn't spread out all over the site. When instructors use all the tools for every necessity it gets confusing and overwhelming. When u are trying to open all these tabs and pages and it is loading slowly because everyone else is trying to access it, this becomes frustrating.
Response 372 N/A
Response 373
Response 374 I thought it was great!
Response 375 that laulima does not work well with Safari, and i didn't know that i had to download firefox. so when i took a quiz, once it opened the time started running and i was using safari and it froze and the time ran out. :( but other than that no complaints..
Response 376
Response 377 The part that I liked the least about the distance education was the timed tests and quizes because it seemed as though I did not have enough time to complete some of them.
Response 378 Nothing.
Response 379 My procrastination.
Response 380 Is there a way where you could have more than 4 class tabs at a time instead of it showing only 4, then a More Drop Down Tab.
Response 381 Not more courses offered
Response 382 That there were a zillionty downloads instead of one download per week.
Response 383 Not being able to chat with an instructor or classmate
Response 384 Not. Clearly organized
Response 385 Only that sometimes my internet acts up.
Response 386
Response 387 nothing, i like it a lot
Response 388 It was all based on tests and quizzes, and there was very little chance for much extra credit to make up for any poor tests.
Response 389 What I least like was the overload and how it would slow down. I especially dislike the maintenance, but I understand the need for it.
Response 390
Response 391 The only negative comment I have about distance education is that once I had a professor who had little interaction with students. I would have appreciated a little more interaction.
Response 392 No sms/text messaging service that would remind me I had work to do...
Response 393
Response 394 None
Response 395 Didn't get to good explanations on how to do something as you would from the instructor in class.
Response 396 I wasn't able to resell my textbook.
Response 397 I really enjoy the classroom environment. I enjoy listening to other students comments or inquiry. It helps me to expand my learning and thinking process. Forums and other media technology are helpful but the classroom environment motivates me in my learning.
Response 398 Depending on the professor, some were difficult to reach. Sometimes the website would shut down or there would be a glitch in the system. I had an issue with an exam I was taking at school and there was a glitch in the system. I had to convince my professor to let me retake it when the problem was fixed.
Response 399 I would be nice to meet my instructor face to face. May be there should be an orientation night to meet the instructor and online mates as well as to go over the syllabus and to answer any questions the students may have. Also, having at least one online class per subject would be great especially for those who work full-time.
Response 400 I don't like it when professors dumb everything in the resources tab or modules tab. I don't like it when they do not label whether it is a video clip, pdf file, lecture notes, and power point slide. I prefer if the syllabus and class schedule is put in one so that what is expected for each assignment is found in the same area. However, further information for the assignments should be found in resources or modules. I do not like it when the mail tool is not available on Laulima.
Response 401 Forum discussions were graded
Response 402
Response 403 It is harder to seek help than if you were in a live class.
Response 404
Response 405
Response 406 Sometimes during exam, the laulima freezes or slow. There are some applications that could not be open in Apple devices.
Response 407 When I do have questions or trouble with the work (technical problems), it is sometimes harder to get support or clarification from my instructors because it is a distance learning course. Sometimes I didn't know if I would be able to get my problem resolved in time to submit the assignments.
Response 408 I liked it because it was self-directed and that I could work at my own pace.
Response 409 Nothing.
Response 410 It was confusing for the first couple weeks of the semester because I wasn't quite sure what was expected from me and when and I had a difficult time finding where all the tools and assignments were located.
Response 411 A few quizzes were not opened by the professor by the open date, therefore there was confusion on where we were supposed to take the quiz, Laulima or another site.
Response 412
Response 413 In some of the forum activities there was, in my opinion, unnecessary grumbling. Sometimes it was difficult getting on Laulima. I still struggle with trying to cut from a word document and then paste it into a forum reply ... I end up attaching it instead and have also retyped it into the response box.
Response 414
Response 415 I have had to mark 11-19 undecided as I have experience such a wide variety of experiences. I have had courses and professors (see below) that have been outstanding, engaged, created a positive learning situation, including a place for students to exchange information, and have made their site clear and accessable. Unfortunately I have also had two of my worst experiences at this site with professors who are unengaged, unaccessable and obviously creating a class where they can do as little work as possible. I have been confused about who and how to contact someone with my concerns about poor classes.
Response 416 None
Response 417
Response 418 A couple of the classes required a proctored written exam. Being that it was written and had to be proctored the available times to take the exam defeated the idea of having a distance learning class. It was difficult for me to fit into schedule and the test center itself was chaotic and hard to sit and concentrate due to the hustle and bustle environment.
Response 419
Response 420 Not having a classroom environment with a teacher to elaborate with me in person any questions I had.
Response 421 maybe it's my fault for not being a "techie" and when I can not log on correctly or the site will not accept my password ...I tend to get upset and hate doing things online because I need to get the reading assignment done and this is the last week to read the article. I have read my email and I get confused because I can not tell what is new mail and everything "laulima" is in my box???? wth???? why????