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21) What did you like most about your distance education experience?
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Response 2
Response 3 Convenience
Response 4
Response 5 That I can log in when I have the time. I work FT and am a mother of 3 so a lot of time I log in and do work after 8pm. I love the convenience of it.
Response 6 convenience, I can do it anytime and anywhere.
Response 7 grades, assignments, and announcements are always available.
Response 8
Response 9 The ease of working at home and not going to class.
Response 10
Response 11
Response 12 Having the gradebook there. But this is a non-victory too -- my face-to-face classes have gradebook through laulima too.
Response 13
Response 14 I could do it from home on my time.
Response 15
Response 16 I like the convenience of it. I feel more in control of my college experience. I like that I am able to complete assignments at my own pace (while meeting the deadlines). If I want to start an assignment early, I can do so.
Response 17 The professor & his assistant were always very prompt about replying to my messages:D
Response 18 The most I liked/enjoyed was the Observation and Responses to Observations activity held in forums.
Response 19 It gave me the time to work on my pace without attending a specified time class and I feel I was able to talk to the ihstructor more privately than inside a classroom.
Response 20
Response 21 I liked the flexibility and the challenge to research topics in question.
Response 22 n/a
Response 23
Response 24 The convenience.
Response 25 And on the flip side i had a different course and the teacher returned all email questions and graded our work in an acceptable time frame. Communication was strong with the teacher and made my learning comfortable and enjoyable
Response 26 The ability to learn at my own pace and repeat material that I struggle with, slower learners are able to work harder without slowing the class down or being embarrassed in front of the class. Can work as slow or fast as I need, some material I can learn once over other I need to go over and over several times, with an online class nobody knows or cares how many times I go over something to get the grade I want, an "A" of course.
Response 27 Everything..
Response 28 Participating in your own pace
Response 29 Again, this answer depends on the instructor of the course. Best overall experience is a professor with a well organized podcast that is both oral and visual (Professor Ashburnʻs biochem 241, for example). I also find the ʻdiscussion and private messagesʻ section to be useful. It allows me to feel connected to my classmates, but only if the professor encourages interaction/participation in this section. If not, it tends to go unnoticed by students.
Response 30
Response 31 Work at my own pace.
Response 32 The freedom to complete assignments at our own pace and free time instead of having to go to a regular class with set times.
Response 33 I like that I can fit it into my daily schedule and that I am given the opportunity to move ahead on some classes.
Response 34 I was able to do everything from my home computer.
Response 35 I liked the convenience of being able to do my work whenever I had time, making it easier to be "in school" and working a job at the same time.
Response 36 Laulima can be accessed from mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. It saved me a couple of times when my home wi-fi network went down, and I was able to complete a quiz on my 3G iPad.
Response 37 I wasn't sitting in a classroom and could do my work in the privacy of my home.
Response 38 I liked the flexibility of doing assignments and or tasks at on my own time at my own pace.
Response 39 I love being able to take online courses/cable courses. I wish there were more distant education courses available! In this economy it's so hard to be a full time student (physically, in classes) and having a job. Distance education allows me to do my work late at night, at my own pace. Even though it takes much more focus and dedication to keep up, I prefer it this way. As odd as it sounds - it's easier for me to challenge myself at home, than at school. It is less likely for me to "miss" a class at home, than it is for me to drive to school. THANK YOU FOR HAVING DISTANCE EDUCATION!
Response 40 Flexibility
Response 41 being able to work when it's convenient for me!
Response 42
Response 43
Response 44 n/a
Response 45 It allows me to work full time to help pay for school.
Response 46 I liked the Laulima tools provided with the courses I had taken.
Response 47
Response 48 I liked being able to participate from home at a schedule that suits my needs.
Response 49
Response 50 These courses are definitely more convenient if you're working and have a schedule that is difficult to plan around the times of campus classes. Rather than having daily assignments, a lot of my online classes usually announce assignments on Monday and have them due on the weekend which gives us the opportunity to complete the work when we're available as well as do the same amount of work as a campus student.
Response 51 I like how i didn't have to go to class.
Response 52 Flexability, that is key for us working students. Without the online classes I would not be able to achieve my degree.
Response 53
Response 54 I liked that I was able to complete a course without being on campus.
Response 55 Everything can be done from Home.
Response 56
Response 57 The convenience - I am a non-traditional student and am not able to attend regular classes. Distance education is giving me the opportunity to earn my degree while working full-time.
Response 58 Weekly Instructor interaction on discussion boards or in messages/announcements was key to making courses relevant.
Response 59
Response 60
Response 61 Being able to check my grades as I progressed through the course. Mailtools were very helpful and responses were received in a timely manner.
Response 62
Response 63
Response 64 the powerpoint presentations
Response 65 Easily accessible
Response 66 I didn't have to go to a testing center for quizzes or exams.
Response 67 What I liked most about the distance education experience, not having to spend valuable time commuting to and from campus. Elimininating travel added to valuable time in time management of preparation and study. Very convenient course of study, that almost impossible for one not to succeed. Thank you for the distance education experience! I consider the experience top rated!
Response 68 The interest was group interaction. I enjoyed reading other students reaction on a subject that we exchanged. It was fun.
Response 69 I really liked the fact that our exams were open for three days. My online courses were definitely convenient because I wouldn't have to drive to school everday. Also, the amount of information taught was sufficient. I would take more online courses.
Response 70 Professor was very organized, prompt and clear.
Response 71 The flexibility to work on things at my own pace and in my own time instead of having a set class schedule.
Response 72 The emailing tool was great to use.
Response 73 My distance education experience turned me into a more independent learner and boosted me to take more initiative in reading for the assignments. It trained me to stay focused when I read and now I love to read more because of these online assignments.
Response 74 The convenience of doing work at home and self stud was great. Majority of the teachers (exept english) would answer questions right away through email. Majority of the teachers (except english) were motivational.
Response 75 The fact that there are no specific meeting times for chatting (either text or video) or odd due times. (like hw is due at 4:00pm vs. the usual 11:59pm)
Response 76 The opportunity long distance education has given me is immeasurable. If not for the opportunity to study online rather than in a classroom, I would not be able to pursue further education.
Response 77 Self-paced.
Response 78 the convienence of setting one's own schedule.
Response 79 Do it whenever I wanted within the alloted time frame.
Response 80
Response 81 Every class I have taken so far has had a great deal of resources. Communication was good between myself and my instructors as well.
Response 82 The time allowed to complete assignments and tests were reasonable and I was able to work on them when I had time.
Response 83 Everything
Response 84
Response 85 I got the help and response fast for a distance class. All contacts I made was quick and was gvien help when i needed it.
Response 86 It was a class that was at your own speed.
Response 87
Response 88
Response 89
Response 90 I love how easy and accessible my course material is on laulima. I also like the freedom opthat comes with distance learning.
Response 91
Response 92 Flexible time
Response 93 Can do work anytime of day
Response 94
Response 95 convenience of not having to travel on campus
Response 96 Do thing on your own time.
Response 97 the easy of taking the course
Response 98 Very convenient.
Response 99 Worked around my schedule
Response 100 Is getting comfortable with the computer. I am able to continue to work and be with my family while they are home. Able to train myself to have a good time management. I would like to see more classes online.
Response 101 I could start & stop a lesson or my work when ever I needed to
Response 102
Response 103 Ability to learn on my own pace rather in a classroom.
Response 104 Flexibility to complete assignments and interact with students and teacher
Response 105 I liked how much more focused on the material the powerpoints were.
Response 106
Response 107 Flexibility
Response 108
Response 109 being on tome on test and quizes
Response 110 Flexibility to view lectures, work on assignments, and take open book tests.
Response 111
Response 112
Response 113 The convenience and the opportunity to get ahead on assignments.
Response 114 Your own pace and do not have to be held up by other students
Response 115
Response 116
Response 117
Response 118 How it was online and on my own paced.
Response 119
Response 120 I loved the convenience of the classes. It allowed me to atrtend school and take care of my family etc.
Response 121 I like the freedom and flexibility when to study. Saves me gas and the fact that I am not a contributor of a traffic congestion.
Response 122
Response 123 Convenient, because I work full time
Response 124 I enjoyed being able to work at my own pace.
Response 125
Response 126 it was easier for me, since i have 2 jobs. i wish there were more classes that were offered online.
Response 127 Distance education allows the student to have a job and to furthur their career possibilities while attending school. It also alllows parents more freedom to expand their education and build a career path while raising a family.
Response 128 ease of use
Response 129 The convenience of working on assignments at a time more suitable to my schedule. I also liked that I didn't have to drive or negotiate parking.
Response 130 Professors provided tutorial videos to help understand lecture better.
Response 131 The instructor made sure to incorporate everything we learned into a test and his instructions were more than clear.
Response 132
Response 133
Response 134 It was good that it taught me to manage my time and to always come on to check stuff.
Response 135 convenience...I could go into the testing center whenever I had free time to take the exams. I didn't have to physically go to class.
Response 136 Being able to work ahead so I am able to fulfill any commitments that may cause me to be away from my computer.
Response 137 The schedule and assignments were very straight forward, set and well prepared. I hate when the teacher makes many changes to the assignment schedule and sends one e-mail the night before an assignment is due. It makes it difficult for the student.
Response 138 The instructor provided a lot of material and additional websites that made the course very interesting.
Response 139 I was able to do the classes on my own time.
Response 140
Response 141 Flexibillity, teachers help & participation. It was an all around good experience.
Response 142 flexible, do not need to come to class, save time
Response 143 The convenience of online classes with an extremely busy work and family life.
Response 144 The other courses like Busn 123 and etc were great. :)
Response 145 It allowed me work at home, and to work at my own pace.
Response 146 Being able to do the assignments etc. on my own schedule
Response 147 i dont have to go to school.
Response 148
Response 149
Response 150 Distance Education provides convienence and less traveling to school.
Response 151 The way each instructor (even with their differences) makes their courses simple to navigate and still add a touch of fun in the teaching/learning experiences.
Response 152
Response 153 the convenience for working people and no need to travel much.
Response 154 Al the reading ad being able to do the work at my pace.
Response 155 Practice test was wonderful way of retaining all of the informations and it was unlimited. It was an enjoyable and fun way of learning.
Response 156 interaction at my own pace.
Response 157
Response 158
Response 159 The self pace at which you can work. How you can do everything online.
Response 160 The flexibility and convenience is wonderful.
Response 161 Accommodates my work and training schedule.
Response 162 The interaction through chatting
Response 163 Work on my own time with my busy schedule.
Response 164 I ease of doing things from home.
Response 165 everything
Response 166 Convenience.
Response 167 DE allowed me to work on my own time and eased me into the academic world which I have been absent from for quite some time.
Response 168 I liked the convenience of the class working around my work schedule.
Response 169 Great instructor who still tries to communicate as much as possible with students
Response 170 Being that I have a child and work 2 part time jobs, the distance education courses allowed me to work from home and at my convenience.
Response 171 It was nice knowing what assignments way ahead of time I had before hand so that I could finish early if I wanted too.
Response 172 Not having to show up in class at a certain time and that time is flexible depending on schedule.
Response 173 I like that I can work at my own pace. I prefer when the instructor has the entire semester available to work as quickly as I'm able instead of opening things up with one to two days before the due date. The purpose of online education for me is to be able to work on it when I can and before the due dates. With only two days available, that limits my availability. Other than that, I love to work when it's convenient for me. I also like the ability to complete courses early.
Response 174
Response 175
Response 176 I like that I can do it whenever and I don't have to go into LCC, wish the classes on tv could be watched on the web too because waking up at 5 a.m. is not that great.
Response 177 N/A
Response 178
Response 179 N/A
Response 180 The flecibility
Response 181 I like the convienience of online courses because I can log in when I am available.
Response 182 it was very productive and compatiable to get used to
Response 183 I like that it's flexible. Taking online classes frees up my schedule.
Response 184 Being able to keep up with class on my own time.
Response 185 The convenience and flexibility of completing assignments at your own pace.
Response 186
Response 187 Mostly easy A's
Response 188 It allowed me to stay home with my toddler and not have to find a babysitter while I go to school.
Response 189 The most thing I like about DE classes is that I didn't have to travel to the campus to attend classes. It works better for me because I have children to care for.
Response 190 I got to learn at my own pace. It was easier without the stress of having to show up to class everyday.
Response 191 It was a lot more convenient than attending classes on campus and were complements to my already busy schedule.
Response 192 I am able to balance both school and work. I am also able to complete the assignments on my time.
Response 193 The flexibility it offered, as well as the ability to work at my own pace. I also liked that it was very organized and easy to locate different resources and materials.
Response 194
Response 195 Convenient
Response 196
Response 197 .
Response 198 Convenience
Response 199 Convenience of online classes
Response 200 Flexibility of time
Response 201
Response 202
Response 203 Grades for tests and quizzes were instant.
Response 204 organized, know what is expected from you and dates for quizzes are most times are different than in class courses.
Response 205 User friendly and the opportunity given to students who work full time during the day.
Response 206
Response 207
Response 208 organization
Response 209 The ability to do my work at my own pace and my own time. Flexibility was so great!
Response 210 I put the time and effort into my online courses and I was still able to interact with other students so it was almost like a class setting..minus the joking around part!
Response 211
Response 212
Response 213 It allowed me to further my education while working full time.
Response 214 Podcasts were available to me right away, opened at 12 midnight made it easier for me to watch on my own time
Response 215 being able to complete the course from home.
Response 216
Response 217
Response 218
Response 219 The flexibility
Response 220
Response 221 It's convenient
Response 222 I love being able to stay home and log in any hour of the day to do my assignments. I also love that I work at a pace that is comfortable for me and a school schedule does not conflict with my work schedule.
Response 223 Limited face-to-face interaction BUT that is just part of distance learning.
Response 224 How I got to learn new things
Response 225
Response 226
Response 227 how easier it seems than actually taking a class in school!
Response 228 Nothing really. I would rather be in the class room.
Response 229 i can do it on my own time
Response 230
Response 231
Response 232 Everything
Response 233 the convenience
Response 234 The instructors mini lesson power point presentations. The content was easier to understand when the teacher explained the material in the mini lesson slides.
Response 235 I like it because I can spend time with my child and the flexibility to do studies/assignments.
Response 236
Response 237 content and knowledge of instructor
Response 238 Do work at own pace.
Response 239 I loved the fact that I had more than an one day period to take a test or exam.
Response 240
Response 241
Response 242
Response 243 Ability to continue employment while enrolled in courses
Response 244 no comment
Response 245
Response 246 The work was easy
Response 247 I like the video lectures. You can do all the work at your own time.
Response 248
Response 249 All can be done at home.
Response 250 convenience
Response 251 Flexibility
Response 252
Response 253 no having to go to class
Response 254
Response 255 many teacher run their online classes the same therefore it makes it easier between different online classes since the formats nearly the same.
Response 256 I like that I am able to do the work at my own pace and just have to keep deadlines and due dates in mind.
Response 257 Allowed me to have lots of felxibility.
Response 258 I could work at my own pace and time.
Response 259 What I liked most about my distance education was it was very organized and easy to navigate.
Response 260 it fit in my schedule
Response 261
Response 262
Response 263
Response 264 Meeting new people. Convient for me.
Response 265 The instructor was very clear about his class and I knew what assignments and tests were due.
Response 266 The video material.
Response 267
Response 268 Doing a course on my own schedule.
Response 269 I could do my lessons on my own time and I did not have to go to the campus for most of the course. You can complete the course early if you wanted to.
Response 270 Gaining the opportunity to take class over at LCC, students more friendlier, a lot of diversity on campus and parking isn't an issue!! Great campus, i can i would make it my home campus!
Response 271
Response 272 I can do it anytime at my own time.
Response 273
Response 274
Response 275 I can work at my own convenient schedule.
Response 276 It gave me a chance to take care of other responsibilities and still be able to continue my education!
Response 277
Response 278 The classes are well organized and allows me to forecast ahead of time when assignments are due to meet deadlines.
Response 279 everything had a due date. everything had a guideling to what was expected and when it needed to be turned in by. It pretty much let me work at my own pace, but at the same time, it still gave me deadlines and I was always well prepared.
Response 280 Easy to access course content and that I could study at my own pace within the deadlines for tests and quizzes.
Response 281 It showed how I can balance time
Response 282
Response 283
Response 284 conveinence of not coming to a class
Response 285
Response 286
Response 287 Most, if not all of my instructors have been very understanding of mitigating circumstances and are generally very flexible and willing to accommodate hectic lifestyles. This is a great relief in an unforgiving world which demands precision and professionalism beyond all else.
Response 288 i like how some professors do understand that some have busy schedules and so they make quizzes and exams available online. if some had doubts of whether the student was learning or not, they would make the online test time shorter (yet reasonable enough) so they are assured that the student studied and is not just flipping through the book while the test is taking place.
Response 289 The flexibility to go at your own pace.
Response 290
Response 291 the convenience. I don't have to take off of work in order to attend class or sit in traffic, find parking, etc.
Response 292 Everything
Response 293 The convenience in time, since I work as well as go school.
Response 294 Everything
Response 295 I was able to do the work on my own time and whenever I wanted. So whatever effort I put into my work is the grade that I definitely deserved.
Response 296 The flexibility to make my own class time
Response 297 ease of use, time management and working at your own pace.
Response 298
Response 299 Its very easy to understand. It makes you feel like your in a class with the discussion board.
Response 301 Its very convenient being able to cover course content outside of typical class times.
Response 302 The structure and management of the course.
Response 303 That I have the opportunity to work and finish my courses at the same time.
Response 304 It's perfect for my lifestyle. The convenience to fit study into my daily schedule provides me the opportunity to enroll in college courses. Online courses are time savers, no time wasted on traveling to class, it saves valuable study time.
Response 305
Response 306 I like that it allows me to learn at my own pace and I can fit my schooling into my busy schedule when I have time for it.
Response 307
Response 308 Straight forward
Response 309
Response 310 What I liked most is that I didn't have to go to class at a certain time and I could learn things at my own pace. All i had to remember to do was hand in the assignments on time and take the quizzes/exams on the designated due date.
Response 311
Response 312
Response 313 I could do all my work at the tiem that is available to me.
Response 314 It makes professors be organized and clear stated about their goals.
Response 315
Response 316 I like the fact that i could work at my own page. I knew when my assignments were due and so that gave me time to get organized and make time for my studies. I also like the fact that could take face to face classes and not have to worry about my online classes because i could do those assignments any time of the day as long as I completed the work befor it was due.
Response 317 Some professors didn't upkeep with grading the assignments or they would post assignments late and not give extra time to complete the assignment.
Response 318 I enjoyed the videos and additional websites and articles that were provided
Response 319 the fact that i could be at home studying anywhere anytime
Response 320 everything
Response 321
Response 322 Flexibility
Response 323 It was well organized and easy to understand.
Response 324 I like how it works with my schedule and that i am able to work at my own pace.
Response 325 Instructor Greg Walker was an excellent. Presentation was very interactive.
Response 326
Response 327 Not driving to campus, manage my assignments on my own time
Response 328 I could do it anywhere and i dont have to be on campus and in a classroom. I would also have alot more time to do other things.
Response 329
Response 330 Availability and opportunity to do other things.
Response 331 The new ways to do work
Response 332 Very easy to access
Response 333 Even though it was through online, professors gave some opportunities to have chat sessions and the fact that I can be anywhere to do my work
Response 334 I liked having the freedom to choose when I can view lectures and assignments and to do assignments thoughout my day, but still had set dates to turn in assignments.
Response 335
Response 336
Response 337 I liked the fact that I could work at my own pace, at my own schedule. While discussions with other students is lacking in distance education, I can work faster without a lot of unnecessary chatter too.
Response 338 Learning at home and not traveling to the campus.
Response 339 I didn't have to wake up to go to school.
Response 340 I like how I can go on my own time and work at my own pace.
Response 341 convenience
Response 342 Very convienent to work on my own pace and everything was all online, so easy to use and navigate.
Response 343 Most online professors are very helpful and reply to questions quickly. I like how I can still take classes without having to go in, its really hard to find "face to face" courses that aren't conflicting with my work schedule. So in other words, I liked the flexibility the most.
Response 344 Work from the comfort of my own home.
Response 345 I like that fact that I was able to relate to other classmates even if we never met face to face.
Response 346 I love the fact that I am able to do my school work and class at my own time at my home! I really hate having to go to class according to what school schedules class. Personally I wish all my classes were online. Thank you for having classes like these.
Response 347 I enjoy being able to learn and read at my own pace and without leaving my house. Going to LCC is fine , but being able to take less classes in an actual classroom is a weight off my shoulders.
Response 348
Response 349 The structure of the course and the convence to do things at my own time.
Response 350
Response 351 able to do my quizes on my own time
Response 352 I love the fact that, for the most part, I am able to complete my coursework on my own time and from any computer I choose; flexibility is key to my lifestyle and personal needs outside of school.
Response 353
Response 354 everything!!
Response 355 Ability to work when I had the time.
Response 356 The flexibility and being able to work around my work schedule. It's great for working students like me. Please offer more online courses!!!!
Response 357 Convenience
Response 358
Response 359 I loved the freedom it gives to me so that I may do other things in my life. It was simply amazing!
Response 360 the layout was easier to understand because course schedule provided what needed to be done and when it should be done.
Response 361 In previous courses the instructors were very involved and online frequently, making it feel more like a classroom.The accountability of weekly post improved the experience. Not so for the GEO class, but I guess the amount of time given to complete quizzes in our own time was generous. The obvious advantage is not having to drive to the class and the oppurtunity to take when it was not available on my own campus.
Response 362 I like the way I could save time from transportation to the campus and the way some courses challenged me to share my opinions more often in the asssignments.
Response 363
Response 364 the interaction with others at ny time and the convience.
Response 365
Response 366 I like how we could do everything at our own pace and turn in some things early than the deadlines.
Response 367 I liked how it worked with my busy schedule.
Response 368 Im able go to school when im not able to be there physically.
Response 369
Response 370
Response 371 I liked my English 100 course the instructor had everything neatly organized and her syllabus was concise. I like laulima. Instructors organizing skills are what effect it though.
Response 372 It was very convenient for my schedule and studies.
Response 373
Response 374 That i could do assignments on my own time.
Response 375 that i am able to go to school and care for my children.
Response 376 fit my schedule. no wasted time in lectures that aren't needed.
Response 377 The part that I liked the most was that there were many resources provided to get help in learning the material.
Response 378 It was very easy to understand what was going on the instructor was very clear with their assignments, tests, and instructions
Response 379 Being able to work whenever I could.
Response 380 It was great!
Response 381 Convenience
Response 382 It was well-set up, well organized, and the teacher took it seriously.
Response 383 Being able to go online anytime I feel like it.
Response 384 WOrked around my schedule
Response 385 I like how it allows me to be flexible with my time.
Response 386
Response 387 honestly, i like everything about it.
Response 388 Ease and convenience of being able to study when it suits me.
Response 389 I like the understanding of the teachers. Also the calendar is very important. I keeps us in check. Chat rooms help as well!
Response 390
Response 391 I like that the schedule is flexible enough that I have a few days for quizzes and exams. I like not having to log on at a certain time.
Response 392 Easy, flexible schedule.
Response 393
Response 394 Instructors respond to my emails as soon as they can. Less than 24 hours. =)
Response 395 Flexible schedule
Response 396 The communication from the instructor was very good.
Response 397 I really appreciated being able to manage my time to be able to complete the course work in a somewhat flexible manner.
Response 398 Depending on the professor, they were really helpful. They also added A LOT of resources for the student to succeed in the class. They also had ways for the students to interact with each other like a normal classroom.
Response 399 Being that I'm a wife, mother, and work full-time, I liked the convenience of learning from home according to my schedule.
Response 400 Not all Professors have the same layout. This made each distance course a different experience all the time. It should all be the same as much as possible. The distance course that had a very organized layout, which made it easy to follow, was Sociology 100 with Professor Jane Bopp for fall semester 2011. Her syllabus and assignment schedules were kept in one. To find detailed information about the assignments were all found in the resource tab. I was able to tell the difference between video clips, reading materials pdf or not, and power point slides. She had labeled each one as it was, while some professors dump everything in the resources tab and not label whether it was a video, text, or power point. Sometimes the assignment reading or video clip could be found in two different places but in a different format.
Response 401 It was easier for me to learn at my own pace and I could turn in homework whenever I had time between work and everything.
Response 402 Very convenient for my daily schedule.
Response 403 It gave me the opportunity to do my work at my own pace.
Response 404 convenience!
Response 405
Response 406 Convenience.
Response 407 I can work on my own time schedule. I have two children and being able to work late at night on homework and submitting the assignments helps. I like not having to fight traffic, find a parking, and walk all over campus! :)
Response 408 Overall, very good.
Response 409 Very challenging. Easy access. The professor is easy to communicate through email. :)
Response 410 I didn't have to go to class. This was especially great because the online classes I was taking were ones that I could basically teach myself.
Response 411 The flexibility.
Response 412 The professor was very helpful and made every effort to guide us in each chapter. I felt that he really prepared us when it came to exam day.
Response 413 The flexibility to complete assignments in the comfort of my home. In one case being able to get ahead at times. I also found using the Pearson Labs very helpful.
Response 414
Response 415 I would like to comend Professors Khan, Kosasa and currently Adler, for classes that were/are outstanding as described above. I enjoy being able to take online classes which fit in with my life style and allow me to continue to learn although I already have a degree(s). This is a valuable asset to our community and I recommend online learning as a accessable tool to use for anyone who may have limitations in attending on site courses.
Response 416 Provided a lot of useful information.
Response 417
Response 418 I liked being able to access at my own time and with the syllabus provided being able to go ahead especially on topics where I needed to spend more time in to understand.
Response 419 What I like most about my distance education experience is gaining the knowledge without leaving my home.
Response 420 The supportive online learning community. The opportunity to keep connected with everyone in the class without going to class. The resources available 24/7.
Response 421 hate it.