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20) What did you like least about your distance education experience?
Response 1
Response 2 I learn less than taking real classes.
Response 3 Whenever it's down time. Should have more DE classes where there is no need to go be on campus.
Response 4
Response 5
Response 6
Response 7
Response 8 Na
Response 9 One of my teachers, his quiz questions/ exam questions were not in the book or lecture at all.
Response 10 None
Response 11
Response 12 None.
Response 13 couldn't move ahead in lessons because we had to wait til it appeared.
Response 14 No comment
Response 15 There was a lot more writing than expected.
Response 16
Response 17
Response 18
Response 19 There is very little that didn't work out fine. If I had to nit-pick, I would say that there was material that seemed to be offered, but actually required an additional purchase to access. It wound up being misleading, but honestly, not that much an issue. I would have loved it if I could have worked faster that the pace of the calendar as far as the quizzes went, but I understand there would be some difficulty providing that.
Response 20
Response 21 Not having ability to see instruction online in lecture form. I like to take notes and it did not seem easy enough to do this, but this is my first time online, so maybe it's just me. I could have used a lab capability with my education class. Although I was not very impressed with Pearson's lab. There are many errors on test and they require newer versions of computer software, which a lot of us struggling student's do NOT have.
Response 22 when teachers were not prepared. i had a teacher that claimed to be "always available" yet when i needed him, he wasn't available for days. online instructors need "office hours" when they are ALWAYS available. they also need to be readily available at other times, but there must be specific times that we know we can reach them. there were questions above that i would have responded negatively had i been answering specific to one class. however, in fairness, i just answered "agree". in most of my classes i would have "strongly agreed". when evaluating online classes, the teacher makes the most difference.
Response 23 Nothing
Response 24 No face to face with the instructor.
Response 25 Lack of meaningful online discussion
Response 26
Response 27 Getting counseling because I live on another island.
Response 28 Had a great professor (Jeff Judd), who made the class easy to understand and interesting to learn.
Response 29
Response 30 N/A
Response 31 Only thing that I would like least would be not to have opportunity to meet the classmates.
Response 32 One teacher had a participation grade with no real explanation of how we were graded for it
Response 33 Nothing.
Response 34 The lack of human interaction can lead to confusion and misunderstandings when attempting to get clear guidance on issues.
Response 35 N/A
Response 36 I missed the face-to-face interaction with the instructor and other students.
Response 37
Response 38 being a procrastinator
Response 39 N/A...
Response 40 It was hard to communicate to the teacher. Questions were answered lte
Response 41 There was nothing I did not like.
Response 42
Response 43 The only thing I dislike about the distance learning program at LCC is that there are not more online courses.
Response 44
Response 45 I missed the person-to-person interaction within a classroom.
Response 46 Teachers would take long to respond
Response 47 None
Response 48
Response 49 I was in ICS111. It would have been nice if there were Tutors for this class to talk to
Response 50
Response 51 With the keyboarding class I did not like the part where we had to put one space after a period. It feels so wrong to learn the wrong way to do something. For someone like me who has been working for 30 years it's just not right. For a person who never typed before it will get them into the habit of doing something wrong.
Response 52 I missed an exam because I expected to get an email reminding me about it (as was done with assignments).
Response 53 none
Response 54 no problems
Response 55 Nothing
Response 56
Response 57 At times it could be stressful attempting to resolve problems with little experience, but the instructor responded well with necessary resolutions.
Response 58
Response 59 Waiting for a response from my instructors.
Response 60 not having that in person experience with the professor
Response 61
Response 62
Response 63 This survey is difficult for me because I had five classes on line this semester and each one was very different from the other. Some were amazing! And the interaction was outstanding. Another one has barely any interaction with students and less with the instructor. This is why I undecided for all of my answers. each class was very different.
Response 64 nothing
Response 65 Not having that face to face instructions and interactions. It's not that bad but when I'm stuck sometimes I would like a better explanation from the instructor or examples to help me with certain assignments.
Response 66
Response 67 None
Response 68 No immediate feedback from instructor
Response 69 Difficulty to get in contact with teachers. Long wait for response.
Response 70 What I liked east about my distancce education experience is that I'm not 100% capable of using my computer and all its functions to its fullest potential. I need to learn the skills neccessarry to be able to accomplish future assingments using my computer with less effort. Not being able to meet other students and professors in person.
Response 71 Study guide was too broad. Need to streamline it more and keep the answers to the exams updated.
Response 72 For our final project, our teacher didn't give us examples.
Response 73 Sometimes the answers were right, but marked wrong.
Response 74 n/a
Response 75 Waiting for the grades to post.
Response 76 The amount of material in some of the chapters was high
Response 77 Nothing
Response 78 Lot's of homework.
Response 79
Response 80 Only one course in particular I had difficulty getting the instructor to respond to my questions in a timely manner. This same course only offered 4 exams to complete our grade. There were no forums or responding to our classmates or projects to add to our grade and understanding of the concepts.
Response 81
Response 82 I would prefer nit to work on group projects in an online course. Everyones schedule is busy and it was very difficult working in groups .
Response 83 at the beginning, if the instructor is not clear, it is difficult to understand what they expect.
Response 84 Sometimes had problems uploading files into "Assignments" tool
Response 85 nothing, overall everything was a positive experience.
Response 86 I do not like the respond to other students questions disxussion questions and posting it. Seems a lazy way of instruction. Found no learning benefits from it.
Response 87 I liked least about the online class was the inablilty to talk to other students about the class and hear them explain the material in there own words or provide their input
Response 88 its harder to ask questions when its through email
Response 89 In laulima, I had copie and paste my assignment,and I tried to submit it. The screen froze for more than ten minutes,and I couldn't resubmit because it was too late.
Response 90 Some teacher don't always keep in contact with the student
Response 91 The experience varies widely, based on the instructor. Some instructors know how to use online tools well, which enhances the learning experience. Some instructors seemingly do not know how to use online tools at all, so the experience is poor. Then there are instructors who fall in between.
Response 92
Response 93
Response 94
Response 95 Time consuming and time management.
Response 96 You had to wait for a response from other classmates and professor via email but I really didn't mind.
Response 97 Not enough online ICS courses.
Response 98 I had a specific online course this semester that was so difficult to manage that I almost failed, I passed but not with a grade that will enable me to get my financial aid reinstated. Thusfar my online learning experience has been excellent. My Anthropology 150 course with M Conran was confusing in its content and pace. Too much information was provided in different sections. Posting to class discussions was so contrived that sometimes it would appear several; times or not at all. Her posting and response format did not allow attachments .
Response 99
Response 100 I didn't get much feedback on the way projects were graded, only weekly assignments.
Response 101
Response 102
Response 103 When we had to use Hawaii University website. I had a difficult time understanding on my Mac. Bought MS so I could do assignments better, but to use Hawaii University website, still took time to learn. A link in Laulima, would have made it easier to use. A benefit would have been a tutorial for each one. There probably is one, but was unaware. Another area, is communication with instructor on a more regular basis.
Response 104 N/a, I loved this class!
Response 105 It was easier for me.
Response 106
Response 107 the unnecessary email notifications from posting on the fourma section in laulima or even questions and the fact that students send out mass emails to the class 10-15
Response 108
Response 109
Response 110 The convenience of learning, and taking quizzes, or exams at home, on a time that is convenient for me.
Response 111 the unfamiliarity... and the instructor was not very understanding when I missed the very first quiz because it was not on the list. Since I missed it , it effected my final grade by 2%.
Response 112 I have taken most of my. Courses online, this semester was more difficult to navigate than usual. To understand the direction my professor wanted to go and what was expected was confusing for two of the three classes I took. This took up more time per class than needed to have a clear direction on the subject.
Response 113 the first distance learning class i took had a site that kept crashing or wouldnt let me on half the time. this makes it difficult to do the required work.
Response 114
Response 115
Response 116 There were some technical difficulties.
Response 117 At times professors were not prompt enough to respond to messages/emails from myself or fellow classmates.
Response 118
Response 119
Response 120 I bought the supplemental book to go with the course, but didn't even need it.
Response 121 None
Response 122 I missed the classroom experience and working face to face with the professor. I also felt like I didn't always understand the assigents or how they were going to be graded.
Response 123
Response 124 Sometimes the times that assignments were due were a little hard to meet, especially when they were earlier in the day or early evening. Being that I have full-time and a part-time job as well as mommy duties, I really had to try extra hard to meet some of the deadlines and sometimes just couldn't make it in time.
Response 125 What I don't like is how we don't physically interact within the classroom. We may be communicating through technology, but at times, it isn't the same as face-to-face.
Response 126 I didn't like how we had the chat line but most of the time there was no reply and would have to wait later, within like two or maybe half a week for response. In ways we had to be sure we did our work way before the due date just in case we get lost or had questions. It was hard interacting with other students and the teacher. I wish we had webbing available for the course so we could help each other much more easier and effective to understand more. And see how others would do their assignments, etc.
Response 127
Response 128 the tests
Response 129
Response 130 Instructors did not always respond quickly...sometimes it took 2 days for a reply.
Response 131
Response 132 There really was nothing that I didn't like. I liked everything!
Response 133 Nothing I thought it was great!
Response 134 Being online, you don't get to meet your instructor or classmates. No problem of the class itself.
Response 135
Response 136
Response 137
Response 138 There were many places to go to access tools, as a new student it could be confusing and overwhelming.
Response 139 The only think I did not like was the textbook for the class. It was confusing. There were two different page numbers, so the index was difficult to use, and not all the pages we numbered, and it skipped chapters.
Response 140 NA
Response 141 No comment!
Response 142 Problems with DVR for cable show; difficulty working through the complexity of the assignments on my own; online "office hours" were not convenient for my working schedule; email answers were brief and lacked strong explanations where I was struggling to aid in my learning.
Response 143 messages section should have more options than just "instructor" because there were several times I would think i was sending a message to my instructor but it would go to three people whom i didnt know. Also, the assignments link should not say "not started" because it's confusing for assignments that nothing need to be uploaded for.
Response 144 Not enough online courses. Need more!!
Response 145 none
Response 146 In a way, it makes me lazy to do work.
Response 147
Response 148 the time limit of the 10 minute quizzes and the exam time limit.
Response 149 when there are computer software issues I really found my Eng. 200 class much easier to find and complete my assignments. There were some frustrations with the comp lab site, but our teacher was flexible with alternatives, i.e. email her.
Response 150
Response 151 certain formats did not match up with the assignment
Response 152
Response 153 No real interaction with the instructor but I guess that's to be expected.
Response 154
Response 155 I wish there was a platform on Laulima to collaborate together with other students on group projects in real time, something like blackboard collaborate or google docs.
Response 156 none
Response 157 One of my courses had an instructor who was very unorganized and to my assessment had NO CLUE on how the tools worked which is why I rated a lot of things on here very poorly. The tools are only as good as the communication with the instructor.
Response 158 The technical support not being able to solve my issue in a timely manner.
Response 159
Response 160 I did not like having to do group projects and meet with group members face to face to do work. I have a very busy schedule which is why I take my courses online.
Response 161 My Eng 200 class never corrected my homework, so I never really knew what I was doing wrong. My Psych 240 class was too abstract. I didn't really know what to study from the book.
Response 162
Response 163 *Every student was very interactive. *The final project was fun and a good learning experience.
Response 164
Response 165 Laulima logged me out for 15 minutes while doing a timed exam.
Response 166
Response 167
Response 168 Initially it was very difficult to determine what exactly was needed each week.
Response 169 Na
Response 170
Response 171 Forgetting when assignments were due and not being able to turn them in late.
Response 172 I feel that we need more instructor interaction. We posted in the forum and interacted with the other students. Having some chat or discussions with our professor would be nice. Some powerpoint slides, blackboard collaboration, etc. Having a little more uniform and structure on Laulima would be nice. I feel that professors should get together to make their laulima sites the same. Same tools. It can get confusing when 2 teachers have a discussion/ chat tool, 1 labeled forum, 1 labeled blogger. It can get confusing if you are taking multiple online courses. The most important thing is learning the course material, not wasting time with the little computer stuff.
Response 173 The response time from a teacher via email.
Response 174
Response 175 Teacher was using 17 year old material and hardly knew anything about Hawaiian culture or language but was teaching bot 130.
Response 176 At times I was uncertain what was expected from an assignment. A sample assignment would have helped.
Response 177 One class did not have an introductory process, Professors should include this in their first week lesson plan so the class can get to know each other. Even though we will not see each other, we should have an introduction game or some way we can get to know each other. It makes it more interesting and fun when you have an idea of who your classmates are.
Response 178 That I was not able to ask questions directly to the instructor, other than that the experience of taking this online course is a great experience.
Response 179 that my teacher never posted grades, so the through out the course none of my classmate or I knew our grade until it was to late, which i will talk to the Admin. about it.
Response 180
Response 181
Response 182 it was my first one so I was confused in the beginning
Response 183 no group interaction with teacher or students. Maybe too easy needed some forum interaction
Response 184 The lack of help either through laulima or the professor. Laulima has a lot of features and I feel they weren't utilized to the best of their ability. Moreover, the test could have been created by the teacher and she could have proofed them before sending them out to be taken.
Response 185
Response 186 Having to remember to complete assignments before deadline
Response 187 It wasn't as much a learning experience as it would have been on campus.
Response 188 I like everything.
Response 189
Response 190
Response 191 At times it was slow - I had to do couple of assignments over because I took to long doing them Nd was timed out
Response 192 Some instructors don't response to students.
Response 193
Response 194
Response 195 Just having to get used to managing my time more wisely
Response 196 none
Response 197 Not being able to meet the instructor and my classmates face to face
Response 198 Not enough reminders and time to do work
Response 199 I've expereienced twice being kicked out of laulima(Around 2am-5am HST) while attempting to complete a online quiz, which affected my grade in a negative way.
Response 200 Progress relies on when teacher posts updates.
Response 201
Response 202
Response 203 I would like if the teacher's could input at laulima calendar all test and assignments dates. It's not any professor that do that ( I had one in three last semester)
Response 204
Response 205 Sometimes the teachers take forever to grade activities.
Response 206 For some hybrid courses, namely Customer Service and Supervision, there wasn't enough time to cover all course content. We felt rushed when in class, and when out of class, there was much work to be done, also. I would rather have had those two specific courses as on-campus courses, only, even though I would have compromised my ability to work at my own leisure. Those two particular courses should be offered on-campus during day and evening (alternate every other semester) to allow instructors to cover all course materials imperative to learning about customer service and managerial supervision for "real-world" business situations.
Response 207 Compclass. Dates sometimes didn't match up with the assignment schedule given by the teacher. Submitting assignments became difficult as files reformatted changing the appearance of work turned in. Sometimes assignments went overlooked. It was all together not the greatest tool for submitting assignments.
Response 208 I wish they offered more online classes like math and englsih because I work, it just makes it that much easier for me.
Response 209 That it's easy to fall behind if not self-disciplined. But then, that is a personal problem, not a problem with any DE course. That being said, I can't think of anything I didn't like about the DE course(s) themselves.
Response 210 Mandatory times to meet during the day, how much student interaction we had to have in order to receive credit, and some teachers did not have an organized schedule (which in my opinion makes or breaks a class). Assignments due midweek before 11:55pm proved to be very inconvenient as well as schedules for finals were conflicting.
Response 211 Not enough classes are being offered which may cause me to seek other colleges.
Response 212 None
Response 213 The difficulties I experiences was truly understanding the material through study materials and online discussions that were provided. I would not say that I disliked this experience, but rather found difficulties with managing this online course with two other online courses.
Response 214 Nothing. I loved the independent learning
Response 215 Some professors are horrible with giving back the assignments on time.
Response 216 for the course the syllabus was great. i find the syllabus is of no use for other online courses if the teachers do not stick with the syllabus.
Response 217
Response 218 I would say having to "self teach" at times. Also Laulima not being able to recognizing my iPhone when trying to submit work or a message.
Response 219
Response 220 When I have computer problems.
Response 221 I just wish that I knew what other students looked like. Everyone was so friendly and helped each other on every assignment. For all I know, I could have walked passed them or even ate lunch next to them everyday at school and not realized it.
Response 222 Inconsistency from one professor to the next. Not all professors are familiar, comfortable or enjoy teaching in an online environment. When the professor is familiar and comfortable with the technology the course is set up well and it's a great environment to learn. However, it's equally important that student understand their own learning style and be self motivated. When both the professor and student are prepared online classes are a highly effective mode of education. In fact for students who do not do well in the normal classroom environment, or may have a learning style not suited to the traditional classroom online classes may actually be better suited for such students. Online classes allow students to move as quickly or slowly or to review material in a manner best suited to the student. Students needing to hear or view something several times before being able to comprehend new material are able to do so without feeling uncomfortable. Students who learn quickly can move ahead and avoid becoming bored.
Response 223 I loved everything about it. This was a good first experience with online courses!
Response 224 no face to face interactions with teacher
Response 225
Response 226 lab materials did not always match the information given in the computer and text books- the lab book had different labels than the text book and some pictures used in the lab book were too fuzzy for most of us to tell anything and that we had to label. If the picture is too fuzzy how are we to match it with anything- smears and splotches are impossible to distinguish layers and internal structures of cells and micro cillas only look like smears not separate structures. We could not do the work at home because sometimes it was impossible to understand and interpete due to the difference in multiple texts that did not agree on all subjects of were could not locate because the subject was not listed in another text. depending on a computer that get funny or drops things or functions and the computer lab at school is not available on weekends or holidays or late evening or very early morning when we online students have problems -since that is when we do our homework.
Response 227
Response 228
Response 229
Response 230 N/A
Response 231 At one point, the teacher used a very new version of apple/Mand keynote presentation and it was hard opening on our end bec we didn't have the newest version. Teacher should make both keynote from Mac and PowerPoint from Microsoft for their resources.
Response 232 sometimes not being face to face with a teacher in certain lessons that were kinds difficult
Response 233 Nothing about the system, more so on the internet access that I have at home. the systen that LCC has is fine.
Response 234
Response 235 Lack of personal interaction with instructor and students. Some courses, specifically psych 240 were very confusing. Some were not organized. could not play some of the media. Computer problems at home.
Response 236 Timed tests. I don't like the fact that once I start an exam I'm not able to pause the time and come back to it at a later time. This is mostly due to the fact that the majority of my tests took about an hour and a half. That is a long time to consistantly sit in one area with multiple distractions i.e. kids, work, etc.
Response 237 Sometimes time has to be managed really well.
Response 238 I didn't like the way one instructor laid out their assignments. The syllabus dates didn't match the dates in the assignments.
Response 239 Laulima would randomly log me out when taking a quiz or exam.
Response 240 Some teachers didn't put up your scores of what you got.
Response 241
Response 242 Some assignments were hard to understand without having to contact my instructor personally to clarify it with me.
Response 243
Response 244
Response 245 Some students didn't give great feedback, some did.
Response 246 some of the assigments to me, didn't seem to pertain to the course itself.
Response 247 It's hard to capture all aspects of a subject without real time interaction with a teacher.
Response 248
Response 249 The process of getting the book !
Response 250 Could not receive help immediately, as I could have during an in person class.
Response 251 I needed to be self-motivated and remember to complete the assignments on my own because there is no particular "class time".
Response 252 Nothing, I enjoyed this course and learned a lot about different religions and their cultures. I gained a deeper understanding of self.
Response 253 Nothing in particular that I didn't like.
Response 254
Response 255
Response 256
Response 257 I didn't really have any problems with my distance education class.
Response 258 A little interaction with classmates.
Response 259 The book was a waste of money and didn't seem to help at all.
Response 260 Sometimes confusing and hard to understand some things over the internet.
Response 261 n/a
Response 262 The face-to-face interaction with the teacher and other students; the 'feel' of the campus
Response 263 Not being in the class room atleast three times a say.
Response 264 Since the class is online deadlines can be on weekends. I had to give up my weekends to meet Sunday deadlines. Teacher was not available on weekends to help even though we had work due over the weekend. Weekend deadlines can work but not if the last assignment deadline was a Thursday and students only have Friday-Sunday to complete work for a weekend deadline. I work full time and Friday evenings is not a night that I would do homework. That leaves Saturday-Sunday to complete the work and the teacher was rarely responsive on those days.
Response 265 Nothing, I had a great experience.
Response 266 I wasn't able to speak to the teacher directly and it made it hard to understand some of the work.
Response 267 Not too much interaction with others
Response 268
Response 269
Response 270 Interaction with other students.
Response 271
Response 272 On the tests, even though there could be multiple answers. Only the answer that was chosen would be marked as correct even though there were other answers as well.
Response 273 none. i thought it is hard to contact instructer but actually they resonse quickly.
Response 274
Response 275
Response 276 noTHING
Response 277
Response 278 It was hard to grasp certain concepts that would be better taught in class
Response 279 There is limited student and professor interaction when taking a course entirely online.
Response 280 nothing negative to say about my classes
Response 281 Not being able to remember the assignments and doing them on time.
Response 282 Highly prefer the student to instructor, student to student interaction. Online classes are so impersonal. Why pay for education if you need to self-teach yourself?
Response 283 Not having the full in class experience.
Response 284 Nothing
Response 285 Sometimes there would be too many people online taking a test, therefore it's really slow and I would have to refresh the page after almost every question.
Response 286 Each instructor communicates in a different way and responds to emails on different timeframes. Some instructors are exceptional while others could improve so that students do not lose time waiting for a reply.
Response 287
Response 288 My inability to stay focused.
Response 289
Response 290
Response 291 A lot of the Professors are unorganized and unclear about the assignments that will be given during the semester. One professor had several different assignments in various folders which she had failed to point out to the class. Also, I don't think it's fair when the professor won't open up all the assignments/quizzes/tests ahead of time. I think the point of a distance learning course is to be able to do it during your free time since one of the reasons people take these courses is because they don't have time to sit down in a classroom.
Response 292 Lots of reading
Response 293
Response 294
Response 295 alot of work
Response 296
Response 297
Response 298 There was no discussion opportunities between instructor & other students. Many of the exam questions were worded in such a way that was very confusing and unclear to the number of answers.
Response 299 I didn't have a problem with any of it.
Response 300
Response 301 Course navigation within the system. There is no simple way to move from one module or content area to the next. Once a webpage is opened within a module you must fully exit to return to a specific module instead of back out of it to return where you were.
Response 302 When some assignment are not clear, it takes time to get an answer. The clarity of the question(s) in the email is a factor in the instructor's response. when asking a question in person, I could ask the instructor to re-explain, whereas this is not possible when communicating through emails.
Response 303 A few times there were technical glitches and its hard because we are not a physical class so it does take time to respond to each others comments and questions.
Response 304
Response 305 I bought the book and then later found out that it wasn't really required.
Response 306 This is my 6th distance class from Leeward. My answers reflect the last class that I took. I had a really good experience for all my learning from your campus, EXCEPT this last semester.
Response 307 I found this semester's distance education to be sufficient.
Response 308
Response 309
Response 310
Response 311 dealing with 3rd partys. we had two days to set up appointments with a 3rd party and that course didn't say anything about what if the 3rd party doesn't take your call right away, that it's okay just to leave a message. the feeling of not knowing what to do about that was not good.
Response 312
Response 313 The lack of other courses offered as distance education
Response 314 no face to face time
Response 315 nothing
Response 316 I couldnt figure out how to contact my team members
Response 317 None.
Response 318
Response 319
Response 320 Small glitches on external (Pearson Lab) website with course content being unavailable. Cost of paper textbook was unnecessary because material accessible with online code. Finally, textbook package included web access, which could have been purchased separately, so the bookstore didn't offer anything for buyback (less than 50% of book price).
Response 321 I liked doing my homework and assignments in the evening. If I got stumped on a question I was not able to get an immediate response because I had to wait for e-mail to be answered. But on the other hand, the teacher has to sleep sometime and cannot be available 24/7. I am sure this can happen in a classroom setting as well. If you have a question that you come accross away from classtime it cannot be immediately answered.
Response 322
Response 323 Every class is different. This semester I really enjoyed my art 112 class and my business writing class was okay.
Response 324
Response 325
Response 326
Response 327 I really like the couse i took in all
Response 328 I love the classroom experience, therefore, not being able to interact with my peers and professor face to face was hard.
Response 329
Response 330 I had to order a book from LCC and not at my home campus which delayed me from doing any assignments in the beginning at the right time.
Response 331
Response 332 Nothing.
Response 333 Not having the opportunity to correct mistakes on assignments.Not having the oppportunity to be able to have the chance to earn the 20 points I needed to pass the course.
Response 334
Response 335
Response 336 There was nothing wrong with the course its self. However, I felt that the students lacked proper classroom etiquette in the online forums.
Response 337
Response 338 I couldnt talk face to face with instructor about anything
Response 339 Variety of classes limited, going to campus for books, counseling etc. The registration process was filled with multiple, unnecessary visits to campus. The reason I took online classes is because it is hard for me to get to campus. I am a returning student receiving veteran benefits. It would have been helpful if the process was streamlined. Also, why is it a requirement to request transcripts from other UH community college systems repeatedly? Is there a more beneficial way for students?
Response 340
Response 341 My laziness.
Response 342 The forums, I think they are a total waist of time on everyone's part. I have never gotten any useful information from them.
Response 343 There was nothing I like least about It.
Response 344 Sometimes the setup of online classes could be a little confusing I'm not saying all just some online classes.
Response 345 N/A
Response 346
Response 347 One course I couldn't withdraw soon enough and the instructor wasn't very clear on assignments and due dates. It was very frustrating so I failed the course because of unclear communication.
Response 348 I disliked one of my online classes which was BUS with Lum because she was very disorganized, she didn't answer messages right away, and many of the students were confused, including me.
Response 349 I was able too do it on my own time and my class was at home
Response 350 Undecided
Response 351 Forums where confussing on my Micro class
Response 352
Response 353 Requirements to interact with other distance student via online. Usually I was too busy with my life outside of school to worry about my interactions with other students, which is why I took an online course. Though I did appreciate the ability to interact with them if I chose to do so, not required to do so.
Response 354 I personally prefer in-class interaction with teachers and other students, however the convenience of taking courses online overrode that.
Response 355
Response 356 it takes a while to get a response for student's questions
Response 357 the instructor did not give us a clear idea of difficulty of first exam other exams we were given a practice exam which helped
Response 358
Response 359
Response 360
Response 361 Too distant
Response 362 You have to be extremely self motivated to keep on top of these classes. Sometimes I found myself falling behind or cramming for a deadline. Also, I've never had a "group project" experience go well.
Response 363
Response 364
Response 365
Response 366
Response 367 Nothing
Response 368
Response 369
Response 370
Response 371 The instructor's/tutor's feedback. It would take several days for them to respond back on certain assignments.
Response 372 My largest complaint is that Laulima would sometimes have difficulty when run on internet Explorer, but using Firefox seemed to be better.
Response 373
Response 374 Having to make sure to be self disciplined and remember to submit assignments on time.
Response 375
Response 376
Response 377
Response 378
Response 379 less engaging
Response 380 Too much exams and homework
Response 381 nothing.
Response 382 n/a
Response 383 that you have to organized and keep up with the hw.
Response 384
Response 385
Response 386 The opportunity to have more choices in classes available to people like me who live on the neighbor islands.
Response 387
Response 388
Response 389
Response 390
Response 391
Response 392 Some teachers were hard to get ahold of even by email. She never replied back.
Response 393
Response 394
Response 395
Response 396 The technical difficulties at time, such as down time for maintainence.
Response 397 less interaction from teacher and classmates
Response 398 Some of my teachers did not use the grade book through out the semester or when they did they did not use it all the time.
Response 399 It gets a little challenging when following instructions. It just needs to be a little more specific.
Response 400
Response 401
Response 402 nothing. You get what you put into it.
Response 403 Nothing
Response 404 I felt I was graded only on my test scores,being timed on a test online was stressful for me, I feel their was to much content to be tested on all at once(like 5 chapters at once.)I felt I knew the material but I wasn't able to do well on the tests.
Response 405
Response 406
Response 407 Some chapters in the textbook was difficult to understand
Response 408
Response 409 Some of the conetent would of been more clear as a regular course.
Response 410
Response 411
Response 412
Response 413 I do not think there is nothing that I dislike about the course.
Response 414 The particiation of other students
Response 415 availability of the instructors. The assumptions the instructors make about their students without having met them personally.
Response 416 There were somethings that would have been easier to understand in a classroom.
Response 417 group work. many 18-20 year old students are not yet responsible enough for anonymous group projects.
Response 418
Response 419 The way exams were graded.
Response 420
Response 421
Response 422 The instructor didn't show our grades often. Very inconsistent with our scores or assignments & tests.
Response 423 not much. I enjoyed everything about it. superb teacher!
Response 424
Response 425
Response 426 Group activities. I felt that doing group activities were not efficient online. Trying to communicate with others and doing a group project is hard when no one answers you messages in your group and your stuck doing it by yourself in the end to get the points.
Response 427
Response 428 I didn't really take to my online math class. I didn't take to the teacher very well. He wrote his own book and he overused words to complicate simple math topics.
Response 429 Nothing.
Response 430 none
Response 431 nA
Response 432
Response 433 Signing up for online classes is confusing: hard to tell which ones are available or how to gain a seat..
Response 434 Almost all of it because I am more of a hands on learner, distance learning is not for me.
Response 435 Nothing. I loved my online courses.
Response 436
Response 437 some quizzes or exams werent given enough time to complete
Response 438 The lack of communication with the other students taking the course when I sent an email and now response came back. You could see that they were online but did not want to help each other throughtout the projects.
Response 439
Response 440 Not quite enough student interaction in some classes.
Response 441