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21) What did you like most about your distance education experience?
Response 1
Response 2 Convenient.
Response 3 Distant Learning in Xtremely Xcellent!! Keep it up.
Response 4
Response 5 Convenient, clear, and very organized. Allowed me to go at my pace and do assignments according to my schedule.
Response 6
Response 7 The professor.
Response 8 Easu access
Response 9 on your own pace.
Response 10 Everything
Response 11
Response 12 Convenient.
Response 13 I was able to work at my own pace and on my own time. (within the time allotted for each assignment)
Response 14 No comment
Response 15 Actually learned a lot.
Response 16
Response 17
Response 18
Response 19 Easily the best part was setting the pace and timing of the the homework and quizzes (within a structured class pace, naturally). I very much enjoyed choosing the day and time I was going to take a quiz.
Response 20
Response 21 I really enjoy the method of teaching that Michael Cawdrey provided and the way our modules were put together to learn in a step by step process. He is a very capable teacher and very affective, but I would have enjoyed to see his lecture in class while I learned on the internet. Teaching seems to be quite reflective of one's own ethics and I believe more students should be required to take education classes in order to learn about the education changes and the effect it has on our society as a whole. Mostly, how it affects children around us and the ability to be PRO-education. This seems so important on our island!
Response 22 i love the classes where the instructor has taught it before, when they have the course outlined from day one and i can work at my own pace. i recognize that some classes must incorporate new laws, etc so this is not always possible - but love it when it is all laid out ahead of time.
Response 23 That the whole process of my distance education on my online course was very smooth.
Response 24 The flexibility of 24/7 availability of the courses.
Response 25 My History Lab
Response 26 ability to inquire on deadlines, communicate with instructor and students, gather additional tools like PowerPoint presentations given by instructor, ability to view syllabus at any given time, monitor gradebook to allow for improvements
Response 27 My accounting teachers were extremely helpful,
Response 28 Great professor!
Response 29
Response 30 The freedom to complete assignments and modules on my own time.
Response 31 It was great that eveyone can open to express thier feelings and opinions.
Response 32 Making my own schedule
Response 33 The flexibility of turning in assignments earlier than due date.
Response 34 The ability to do school work from the comfort of my own home. Gas and vehicle maintenance are becoming more and more expensive and I relish any chance I have to not spend money on either of the two.
Response 35 The flexibility of the class is very convenient.
Response 36 I liked being able to work when it was convenient for me, not at scheduled class times.
Response 37
Response 38 not having to go to class
Response 39 All instructors quickly responded to emails, questions, etc...especially Prof Laycock. I really enjoyed the flexibility to do assignments on my own time. Online classes have been essential in helping me get a degree since I work fulltime. Please continue them...
Response 40 Convenient.
Response 41 I'm a very self taught person so I loved it and it bought me a lot of time.
Response 42 Not having to come to campus.
Response 43 I like the flexibility online courses offer. I can "go to class" at whatever time is most convenient and it is much easier to keep track of my grades in these courses. It also cuts down on excess pieces of paper cluttering my house up. Some of my more raditional classes also make use of the tools in laulima. I wish more instructors took advantage of it.
Response 44 I can work at my own pace with instruction from the professor. I can always email the instructor when I have any questions.
Response 45 The ability to take online quizzes & exam at my convenience.
Response 46 i can go at my own speed
Response 47 Being able to complete a course completely online!
Response 48 Very convenient and interesting.
Response 49 I think the teacher was very good and helpful. When i was stuck she would answer emails and explain what i was doing wrong
Response 50
Response 51 I like that I did not have to go to the campus to complete my coursework. I also like the time flexibility to complete my assignments.
Response 52 The fact that I didn't have to go to a class and spend an hour in class if I could get it done quicker and the fact that I could go at my own pace.
Response 53 the ability to work at my own time.
Response 54 the clear communication between teacher and student on what we as students were expected to do
Response 55 It's very convenient and it worked out fine with my schedule. The online courses are easy to access.
Response 56
Response 57 I like that the instructor actually responded in a reasonable time. The course was well planned and easy to follow. I liked seeing previous students work as it was encouraging.
Response 58
Response 59 It allowed me to attend school full-time and be able to take the classes I need since I work full-time and I have children. I was able to graduate this year from LCC which would have not been possible without distance education.
Response 60 it was on my own pace and it worked with my schedule
Response 61
Response 62
Response 63 I like that I can work on my time (for the most part).
Response 64 I have more time to do my homeworks
Response 65 Most definitely convenience. I am able to do many of my assignments, quizzes and tests at the time that I have available to do so.
Response 66 What I liked most about my distance education experience is the teacher's professionalism and patience.
Response 67 Flexible times to take quizzes and submitting assignments.
Response 68 Ability to work at own pace, can finish early if able
Response 69 Do homework, run a business, & be a single mother of two.
Response 70 I can work on this course according to a schedule that works best for me. Also,I don't have to deal with unneccessary annoying students or professors. The distractions of a classroom setting is eliminated and thestress of going to a classroom is reduced.
Response 71 The flexibility and the time allotted for exams.
Response 72 I liked that despite not being in a classroom setting, we were able to interact with our classmates through weekly discussions.
Response 73 That it is available at anytime, with extended timelines for homework/assignments.
Response 74 I love distance education. If I could do all my classes on-line I would.
Response 75 Easy to navigate
Response 76 I like that I am able to complete the material independently and at a distance. I have very little time so the only way I can continue my education right now is via on-line learning.
Response 77 The ability to learn at my own convenience while still being able to work full time.
Response 78 The teacher was very helpful and always available for questions.
Response 79
Response 80 I enjoyed all the other distance learning courses, because every instructor made themselves available with office hours, emails, quick responses, and offered extra tutoring time, etc.
Response 81 I enjoyed being able to be a part of class while being at home rather than commuting.
Response 82 The entire experience was truly educational and a great experience. It was a terrific class.
Response 83 It works with my schedule.
Response 84 Assignments were given at the beginning of each week and i was able to complete them when I had the time, at all hours of the day.
Response 85 Gives me a great alternative towards reaching my education goals without having to go to campus live. Students these days come from all walks of life and distance education makes college more approachable and easier to complete. I am thankful for the option of online classes.
Response 86 work on it when you have time
Response 87 I liked the ability to do the course work at a time that was convienent to you and fit with your schedule
Response 88 great teacher and much easier to work around my schedule
Response 89 It is at my own time.
Response 90 The other teachers are very helpful. I like when they contstantly send emails
Response 91 It's convenient, and mostly easy to use.
Response 92
Response 93
Response 94
Response 95 Gaining and sharing knowledge.
Response 96 I was able to learn the material at my pace, on my time and still had human contact.
Response 97 Convenience. Flexibility.
Response 98 My History 152 course with B Nakamura is how every online course should be formatted. The content was presented in an organized manner and easily accessible.The ability for posting disussions and replies were simple and direct. There was no redunency in content. This was an online learning experience where I enjoyed the interaction with other students and the instructor. This course should be a hallmark for all online courses.
Response 99
Response 100 It fit into my busy schedule.
Response 101
Response 102
Response 103 Time well spent in keeping organized. The freedom to choose your study hours and to work ahead if, possible. I enjoyed distance education experience, it has pro's and con's, and it was good for me.
Response 104 Syllabus was straight forward and the professor was really nice and returns to your messages right now. I liked this course and I wouldn't mind taking another course from this professor.
Response 105 I could work around my schedule.
Response 106
Response 107 less time on campus amd was convinent and easy
Response 108
Response 109
Response 110 I was able to learn at my own time and maximize my learning experience, which translated with me receiving the highest grade possible.
Response 111
Response 112 As always, online courses work well compensating for time with my busy shiftwork schedule. I think that LCC has some of the best teachers and online classes in the UH system ( I have taken classes from other UH campuses.)
Response 113 my spring classes were style so that you learned just as much online as you did in a classroom
Response 114
Response 115 I work full time and it allows me to be more flexible.
Response 116 I could access the material(assignments & quizzes) at anytime.
Response 117 That I can take a class from home.
Response 118 I like how I could complete the work ahead of time and at my own convenience.
Response 119
Response 120 The content was easy, and I didn't have to leave my house.
Response 121 Easier and more accessable
Response 122 I think the conferences with the professor were very helpful and enjoyable. I also felt like the journals, tutorials and videos helped me understand the material and writing process better.
Response 123 The convenience of doing work on my time after juggling full days of work.
Response 124 Overall it was a great experience. This was the first time I was taking an online course outside from the Kauai Community College campus, so I was a little apprehensive especially because it an outer island class. However, Mr. Knuuti did a great job in keeping the class abreast on what was going on through announcements and online chats. He also did reply to messages in a timely manner. It was nice that we were encouraged to respond to other students posts on the forums, that way we were able to interact to some degree. I enjoyed the course.
Response 125 I like how you transportation isn't involved where it spends money and time. Even if you have a job, taking online courses are helpful.
Response 126 It's at my own pace I don't have to worry about being late for anything.
Response 127 Enough time given to complete assignments. Able to go along at my own pace but still keep up with the course.
Response 128 the lessons
Response 129
Response 130 Convenience
Response 131
Response 132 The ability to work at my pace and learning ability rather than to someone else's idea of scheduled learning.
Response 133 That I could fit it into my very busy hectic schedule. Without it there would be no way for me to do some of these classes.
Response 134 Having to learn how an online class works. The convenience it had for myself.
Response 135 I like being able to learn at my own pace. I am task oriented and keep pushing myself to move on. I don't like having to wait for others to catch up to me.
Response 136
Response 137 convenience of working anywhere
Response 138 Assessibility
Response 139 I liked to discussions and interaction/feedback with classmates.
Response 140 I enjoyed the forums because they gave everyone a chance to review the work of other students.
Response 141 I like it because i had to have plenty time to do test or Quizes and i dnt have to worry about my other classes because i have enough times.
Response 142 Podcasts for the cable show were posted online; instructor responded quickly to emails (in most cases).
Response 143 Laulima is generally set up in a straight forward manner. It's pretty easy to understand.
Response 144 Flexibility with my work schedule.
Response 145 al
Response 146 I can do it on my own time. I know things still have to get done at a certain time but I have more freedom. There is not really a set time of when I need to be "in class" and when I can get out.
Response 147
Response 148 I liked what I learned about our physical geography of the planet, the weather, the oceans, and the winds, it was very interesting.
Response 149 comp labs - easy to use deadlines - gives me the extra 2 hours at night if I need to finish something chat room - teacher is ofter there or other students will answer no driving or walking
Response 150 When teacher have video cast so u can replay if needed.
Response 151 you become disciplined in completing your assignments
Response 152 I really liked being able to be flexible when it came to the classwork.
Response 153 I had more control of the pace of my studies.
Response 154 Being able to do school work when time permitted due to a busy lifestyle
Response 155 Schedule of assignments was very flexible and provided enough time to learn new concepts.
Response 156 Convenience
Response 157 Learning and accessing material at my leisure and not being required to physically drive and/or attend a live class. This is extremely important for someone like me who has a physical disability
Response 158 Being able to go online anytime I felt like it.
Response 159
Response 160 I love the convinence of doing work when I have free time, not a scheduled time everyday. I have a hectic and being able to fit school work into my regular workday makes recieveing post secondary education a possibility for me. I am very grateful for distance education courses!
Response 161 Most of the classes had a curriculum. The most complete class so far was from Eng. 209 Ms. Pat Hurley.
Response 162
Response 163 * I never got to meet the professor in person.Professor Letoto, is a wonderful professor. I learned many new things from taking her Political Science 130 class. I wish we were able to have at least one class meeting, but I understand that there are students who live on neighbor islands.Yet, she was there for the black-board and e-mails, and she even gave the class her number in case we had any questions.
Response 164 I liked the flexibility the online course provides.
Response 165 The ease & use of the site.
Response 166
Response 167 Comfort of your home.
Response 168 That I can go on anytime during the week. There wasn't a specific time required.
Response 169 Flexibility when arranging my schedule
Response 170 I could go at my own pace. If i didn't understand I could go back and review again or ask a question or see if someone else had the same question as me and if it was answered.
Response 171 Being able to work at my own pace.
Response 172 The convenience.
Response 173 Flexibility, conveniance, and freedom of a DE course
Response 174
Response 175 I learned so much and I could go to class when I had time. Being outside of a classroom encouraged me to be more focused on the course work.
Response 176 Very convenient.
Response 177 Professor played an introductory game so we got to know each other.
Response 178 that I was able to spend time with my kids while doing my assignments online and being able to interact with other students all over the world and I did not need to hop on a plane to do it.
Response 179 that it was online.
Response 180 sticking to the syllabus so that i could fit this class into my busy schedule
Response 181
Response 182 the convenience..
Response 183 it was efficient and to the point. very clear on goals and outcome of course.
Response 184 Since I work in the medical field time is important. I enjoyed being able to take this class on my own time from the comfort of my home. More importantly, to be able to take classes from other schools and receive this credits toward my overall goal.
Response 185
Response 186 Interaction with other students
Response 187 I could work on it when I was ready.
Response 188 I like everything.
Response 189
Response 190
Response 191 Flexibility , accessibility
Response 192 I can study on my own pace. With a responsible instructor, students might learn more than real classes. Lucky, most instructors at LCC are good, responsible instructors.
Response 193
Response 194
Response 195 lots of resources like itunesU and videos and lectures
Response 196 all
Response 197 The class was awesome the instructor was great and well informed, she also was on top of things in getting information out to us in time. The instructor was very encouraging and keep the class up to date on everything.
Response 198 Instructor was nice.
Response 199 I enjoyed majority of the learning and techniques to become an effective technical writer.
Response 200 Convenience.
Response 201 Everything was online and very convenient.
Response 202
Response 203 I like study the modules any time I want.
Response 204
Response 205 User-friendly. I am very much satisfied with the set-up especially that notification is sent through our email. Online courses are big help to working parents like me:-)
Response 206 I could do my work at my own leisure and at my most productive hours: 9 p.m. - 2 a.m. Leeward's distance education provided me with opportunities to work during the day, and do my schoolwork at night or in the early morning hours. I could also take exams remotely from my home computer, and all exams were open-book; closed-book exams only test for memory capacity of students, so open-book exams allow students to learn while taking exams = BETTER WAY TO RETAIN INFORMATION.
Response 207 Meredith posted a lot of video tutorials that helped explain a lot. She posted sample work and had 2 conferences during the semester where you could talk out problems or difficulty with work or other questions you had regarding the class. As many students as she had, I felt she got back to me through email within appropriate amount Of time.
Response 208 I like that we can still have contact with our peers and instructor.
Response 209 The convenience to go over course materials and complete quizzes/exams at days/times that worked around my non-school schedule.
Response 210 Some of instructors allowed assignments to be handed in by Sunday at 11:55pm which really helped because the reason many take online courses is because of conflicting schedules with school. Most of my instructors had clean, clear, and well organized schedules and syllabus'. And really loved that most of the grades because there is a lot of testing were instantaneous so it helped me keep track of where I am and where I need to be.
Response 211 The teachers are always available even though its online and the ability to work at my own pace (within a given time frame).
Response 212 The instructor provided valuable lessons for each unit and encouraged us to engage in our forums.
Response 213 Being able to communicate with other students was helpful. Despite being separated by ocean we are all still able to collaborate and help each other out.
Response 214 Being able to complete my work anytime I wanted to before the due date and also getting work that is due two weeks before it is given done early. And I loved the fact that some of my classes I could complete early.
Response 215 It's super convenient.
Response 216 ease of completing tasks as they were outlined ahead of time
Response 217
Response 218 I enjoy how I am able to work on my courses at my own convenience and that I am able to access Laulima almost anywhere and at anytime. When directions are clearly stated, learning the subject is easier and I can easily understand the material. I also liked how my grades for my assignments can be seen. It helps me keep track of where I am at in the course andd what I may need a little more improvement in.
Response 219
Response 220 Convenience of doing classes at home.
Response 221 I like the way the other students were actively involved in the discussion of homework assignments and tests. We all helped each other solved problems that our fellow students had a hard time with. In this class, this helped tremendously.
Response 222 Being able to work at my own pace and at times that fit my schedule. I have work and a family, online classes allow me the flexibility I need. Also, I do have some learning quirks and often need to go over the material several times before understanding new concepts and I love being able to do so without feeling like somebody is watching or everyone is waiting for me to get it so the teacher can move on.
Response 223 Hemlut Kae was a great teacher, online. I'm glad I took his course as my first online course ever.
Response 224 how teacher utilized different systems (example: laulima, myhistorylab, internet, etc)
Response 225
Response 226 Being able to do the work at times that were more convient to my work schedule-and taking care of sick relatives and volunteer time. Having multiple information sources and practice test available and videos and a computer site that most of the time could get you some help if you need help.- being able to get tech help at school for problems with the computer for free at school .
Response 227 The professors were really helpful.
Response 228
Response 229
Response 230 Flexibility, accessibility, and useful tools
Response 231 Resources and videos
Response 232 works somewhat around your life schedule
Response 233 It is very convenient for people who work and gives us more time to work on other subjects that we have.
Response 234
Response 235 convenience, can do work at all hours.
Response 236 The simplicity of Laulima.
Response 237 Resubmissions and allowed flexible hours.
Response 238 I liked going at my own pace. I find I work well that way. Thank you for making distance courses available!
Response 239 It is very convenient.
Response 240 I just liked how everything was online.
Response 241
Response 242 I liked that I didn't have to go to a classroom to interact with my classmates. I also enjoyed the fact that assignments were more condensed that normal classroom work.
Response 243
Response 244
Response 245 Forums, Communication with professors, clear instructions.
Response 246 I love the convenience of being able to do the course on my own time.
Response 247 You can usually work at your own pace.
Response 248 I was able to work at my own pace, which was very helpful. I was able to be more flexible with school and had more opportunities to see my professors because i had more time.
Response 249
Response 250 I can choose to watch lectures, do homework, etc. at my own convenience. Saved me a lot of time, which I always appreciate.
Response 251 To be able to learn the materials of the course when I have access to a device that connects to the internet.
Response 252 That I could work at my own past, which proved sufficient for me as a full-time student and mother.
Response 253 It was very interactive, and allowed for me to work at my own schedule.
Response 254
Response 255
Response 256
Response 257 One thing I liked most about a distance education class were that the instructors are always willing to help outside of class.
Response 258 I was able to complete one of my pre-reqs from home, online.
Response 259 I could take my class on my own time.
Response 260 Not having to be in class.
Response 261 I was able to work on the assignments on my own time and was given sufficient time to complete the task.
Response 262 The opportunity to be a student while working to help pay for it; the experience of something different from what I am used to; the chance to learn and use technology
Response 263 I got help whenever I needed it.
Response 264 I really like the fact that I do not have to go into a classroom at a specified time. I can set my own schdule with an online class as long as I meet the deadlines. The flexibility is great.
Response 265 Self-directed, could go at my own pace.
Response 266 I didn't have to sit in a class with a bunch of students.
Response 267 Do things on your own time
Response 268 Being able to stay home with my son.
Response 269
Response 270 Freedom.
Response 271
Response 272 Very conveniant especially since I live so far
Response 273 you can study your own pace.
Response 274
Response 275
Response 276 bEING ABLE to do it on my own time at home, work, or anywhere.
Response 277
Response 278 You could do the work on your time so long it was submitted on time
Response 279 I liked the flexibility of schedule by attending an online class.
Response 280 the flexibility in being able to do my work 24/7
Response 281 Not having to attend class.
Response 282 You study at your own convenience.
Response 283 Very easy to navigate and clear expectations!
Response 284 Many things
Response 285 It fits my busy schedule and I am able to work at my pace. It also gave me the opportunity to work on assignments ahead of time.
Response 286 I liked how Roy Kamida implemented video lectures in his classes. That was very helpful because it was his own lecture and not a website associated with the textbook.
Response 287
Response 288 The organization of the this class.
Response 289
Response 290
Response 291 I like that it frees up my time so that I can do other things like go to work and that some professors open up things ahead of time so I can get it out of the way and not worry about it.
Response 292 Very flexible
Response 293 convenient
Response 294 ability to self learn
Response 295 Micro 130 with Joachimedes was a very in-depth course. There were timely deadlines for assignment, keeping me on track with the course material and examinations. This kept me engaged and fresh for the work. It felt like a full fledged course, just not in class.
Response 296
Response 297
Response 298 When it was over! The content of the course was very interesting, it just would have been more helpful if there were discussion opportunities so we could clarify ideas and questions.
Response 299 I loved the flexibility for my busy schedule.
Response 300
Response 301 I did like the modules. They were helful because they were seperated and each learning objective or assignment was contained within the module itself. I enjoy online courses and so far it has been simple to use and understand.
Response 302 I got to work at my own pace and I could complete assignments outside of the traditional classroom. Additional comments: I did not use tutoring services. Questions in #10 should have a N/A selection as I have given up trying for financial aid as I am consistently told I do not qualify if I have already earned a degree.
Response 303 It can be done at my convenience: at home, work and school and can be done at any time
Response 304
Response 305 The convenience to do the course work on my own time.
Response 306 I have taken a total of 14 online classes from different UH universities. It is the only way that I am able to get my degree. Thank you for offering these classes to your students. It has been very helpful.
Response 307 What I liked about distance education is that it's flexible with your schedule, and convenient for those who live far. I liked that our schedule of assignments and tests were pre-planned and easy to follow.
Response 308
Response 309
Response 310
Response 311 didn't have to use up my gas to drive to school, saved alot of money.
Response 312
Response 313 The flexibility of doing an online class
Response 314 convenient, easy to use
Response 315 I got to do homework at my own pace
Response 316 I could do it when I had time
Response 317 Able to do all my work at my own pace.
Response 318
Response 319
Response 320 Independents studies and variety of media available to study material.
Response 321 Convenience to do homework and all online activities when I had the time to complete them (Not a specific set time) before the specified assignment submission time.
Response 322
Response 323 Convenience and flexibility. I think the best course to date was with Meredith Lee. Her ENG 200 online course was extremely well organized, had great interaction, feedback and productivity. I believe she was one of the professors that really cared and set the bar extremely high for other online courses which have yet to compare. I wish my other online course could use her as an example because her layout was the easiest for me.
Response 324
Response 325
Response 326 I liked the organization. I knew what I had to do, and when everything was due. Professor K. Knutti, and Eioki did an excellent job.
Response 327
Response 328 I had all my assignments, grades, and modules right at my fingertips so that I could complete the class at my own pace.
Response 329
Response 330 Having a class online allowed me to have more free time during my busy schedule.
Response 331 That I could study at my own time and at my own pace.
Response 332 Working on my own schedule
Response 333
Response 334
Response 335 I am able to work at my own time and get my homework done. My professor have all been helpful and if i need to contact them about questions they are always available and get back to me quick.
Response 336 What I like most about the distance learning experience is that my professor was very organized and timely. He kept my grade updated and quick responses to any and all assignments.
Response 337
Response 338 Nothing. I mostly wish I had dropped it. Considering personal circunstances
Response 339 Flexibility.
Response 340
Response 341 Everything was mapped out on a weekly basis: the readings, tests, exams. I knew what I had to do and what date I had everything had to be completed. I like knowing what I have to do every step of the way, instead of getting surprised by a last minute assignment/test.
Response 342 The instructor being reachable and available when help was needed.
Response 343 The fact that I don't feel rushed or I can go ahead in my classes.
Response 344 I can work at my own pace. I also find it convenient with being a single mother.
Response 345 Informal manner of contacting professors.
Response 346
Response 347 I enjoy that it is flexible to my schedule and I can complete my coursework on my schedule.
Response 348 I really like my other online class which was HLTH 125 with Aaron Bush. He is very organized, he answers all questions as soon as possible, and he sent reminders frequently to keep his students updated. His instructions were clear and I enjoyed taking that class. The evaluation survey would have been rated higher if it weren't for the business class I took online.
Response 349 I was able to do everything at home
Response 350 Undecided
Response 351 The way test are automatically graded
Response 352
Response 353 The flexibility, clear cut expectations, and prior knowledge of assignments due. Also the accessibility of my professor for any potential problems.
Response 354 It was extremely convenient and flexible, making it easy to work around my in-class courses and work.
Response 355
Response 356 flexible study hours
Response 357 no driving
Response 358
Response 359
Response 360 I enjoy thee independence in the course. We are responsible to read and learn the material in order to do our assignments. I also liked that we were able to have longer durations of time to complete assignments, because those of us who work or have other courses, really don't have set times we are able to do homework. Having a long window for assignments and exams is perfect. I also enjoy that the exams are opened in a timely manner as well as assignments. Nothing feels rushed.
Response 361 Convenience
Response 362 I didn't have to waste time commuting to campus for a class. Instead I was able to move at my own pace when it was convenient for me.
Response 363
Response 364
Response 365
Response 366 I could do my work on my own time
Response 367 Helps me keep track of classes when I'm traveling.
Response 368
Response 369
Response 370
Response 371 The online resources were great in assisting my studies.
Response 372 I loved the flexibility. As a parent and a performer, I have a very busy schedule. With distance education I was able to work on location before going onstage, or at the park while watching my son play. I am very grateful for these classes being offered.
Response 373
Response 374 Everything! Teachers are extremely helpful and respond to emails regarding the course material very quickly.
Response 375 I didn't need to go to campus to take tests, quizzes, or exams, which was convenient to my schedule.
Response 376
Response 377
Response 378 I like the flexibility that it allowed me. All the dates were clearly stated in the syllabus, so we always knew what to expect, which I really liked!
Response 379 flexibility of my schedule, convenience
Response 380 covenient
Response 381 it was very conveinient for my busy schedule to not have to go into school.
Response 382 the opportunity to recieves an education and raise my new born and toddler
Response 383 it was something different
Response 384
Response 385
Response 386 I could perform most of the work on my schedule. I did not need to report to a classroom.
Response 387
Response 388
Response 389
Response 390
Response 391
Response 392 Meeting new people and much easier schedule for me since I have children
Response 393
Response 394
Response 395
Response 396 The ability to login anywhere at anytime to access resource tools and complete assignments at my pace.
Response 397 Give you much free time to do other things
Response 398 It was interactive and I was able to get the help needed.
Response 399 It was convenient, and I could learn at my own pace.
Response 400
Response 401
Response 402 the forums allowed you to talk to classmates and see how they were doing. The teacher was always there for help also so it didn't feel like i was working alone.
Response 403 I got to do it from my own home
Response 404 Not having to physically go into a classroom.
Response 405
Response 406
Response 407 You didn't have to go to class. I could read the chapters at my leisure and have 3 days to take test
Response 408
Response 409 Flexibility
Response 410
Response 411
Response 412
Response 413 I like everything about the distance course. I get to talk and meet other student through get to know forums sharing ideas and comments. I gain experiences more on things that I never understood and know about.
Response 414 The convience
Response 415 They worked with my schedule.
Response 416 It worked well with my schedule.
Response 417 Good teacher
Response 418
Response 419 Finishing assignment at my own pace.
Response 420
Response 421
Response 422 Very organized & easy to find everything.
Response 423 The teacher! I learned well and I was comfortable with the class.
Response 424
Response 425 Convenient, easy to follow, without it I would not be able to pursue my degree.
Response 426 Taking quizzes online and having time to finish majority of your work by Sunday midnight. Especially when you are busy working all week and taking other courses in class, the online classes give you a little bit more time.
Response 427
Response 428 I enjoyed not having to be in class.
Response 429 Very easy and time consuming.
Response 430 everything
Response 431 N/A
Response 432
Response 433 Had a fair, hardworking instructor & was able to complete a course I otherwise could not have taken this semester!
Response 434 The ability to do the work when it fit my schedule.
Response 435 Fairness of grading. Due dates for hw and projects were fair. The work was appropriate for each class.
Response 436 Flexiblity.
Response 437 quick and fast, hw and assignments were given ahead.
Response 438 That i could do it at my convience as long as it was before the deadlines.
Response 439 Being able to work at my own pace and it gives me a convenient way of doing the work on time and preparing for tests and quizes.
Response 440 Not having to be in traffic !
Response 441