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20) What did you like least about your distance education experience?
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Response 2 N/A
Response 3
Response 4 I can't find anything that I disliked.
Response 5 I would be logged off automatically in an unreasonable amount of time after no activity. (too short of a time, no activity but actually reading content on screen where clicking/typing was not needed)
Response 6
Response 7 LCC doesn't offer enough online classes.
Response 8 Not interacting with classmates and professor in person.
Response 9 Slight misunderstandings with a few assignments. I thought i could have gotten a better grade if it was explained more thoroughly.
Response 10 The fact I sometimes forgot I had class.
Response 11 N/A
Response 12 some professors dont respond to email as quickly as others and may be uard to get a hold of dlfor questions on assignments due
Response 13
Response 14
Response 15 No complaints.
Response 16 I can't always get into contact with the instructor.
Response 17 Having no understanding to what the instructor wants. Sometimes I study the course work and when the test comes it is totally different.
Response 18 My internet connection was bad at time which made it difficult and stressful to finish an assignment, quiz, exam, and etc.
Response 19 Little/no interaction with the other students
Response 20
Response 21 Most of the time instructor does not respond to email promptly. For example they would take 2-3 or even 4 days before they respond. It can be frustrating when I am trying to work on a homework, and I do send them a week or so before it is even due.
Response 22
Response 23 My Psych 100 was okay but compared to my other classes we didnt have too much interaction as a group in which my other instructors made it a point that we had to check in or provided online group discussion or forums.
Response 24 Sneaky project deadlines and not being able to communicate in person with the instructor.
Response 25 No interaction with the other online students in my class
Response 26
Response 27
Response 28 Everything was done in the book and considering its expected in an online course, there should be more variety that just sticking strictly to a textbook.
Response 29 I really liked it, my only problem is that it is easy to fall behind or forget due dates. So there isn't anything that I disliked about the course itself, its just different in a way. The student has to be very independent, although the professors announce due dates frequently and that helps a lot.
Response 30 Not being in a classroom and seeing the instructor face to face.
Response 31 no comment
Response 32
Response 33 Unability to get immediate help with any issues that came up.
Response 34 I really can't think of anything negative about the long distance learning opportunity.
Response 35 laulima can be difficult to navigate
Response 36 Forums as they are absolutely a waste of time. I am not interested in other people's opinions. Course was not condusive to getting ahead as assignments were only made available on a weekly basis, often having to prompt the instructor to post the assignments
Response 37 Depends on the teacher if they're organized and they go by their grading scales.
Response 38 The instructional materials were flawed in Accounting and BUSN. At the beginning of the semester, I spent a considerable amount of time on the line with customer support. The issues that occurred were not fixable and were only solved by sending an email to the professor and hoping that he/she would understand why the assignment was incomplete or incorrect. Sometimes the programming would only accept a wrong answer.......It was very frustrating.....
Response 39 Not able to get questions or concerns answered right away, have to wait for instructor to email back.
Response 40 It's really hard to be a distance learning student when all of the teachers use Laulima differently. There really needs to be some sort of uniformity. I feel that all distance education professors should actively utilize the calendar feature. It's really hard to keep up with assignments when only 1 out of 3 of your professors don't use the calendar feature. Basically what I'm getting at is that there needs to be a set standard for all of the professors. It's hard to keep up with 4 different professors all utilizing laulima differently. I understand that although some professors need to use other features more than others, my main concern is using the calendar feature. It would make EVERY STUDENTS life easier, where as we can sync the calendar with our phones & emails allowing us to constantly be reminded of our assignments whenever a new one is added. The world is advancing in technology quickly, it would be awesome if everyone could be on the same page.
Response 41
Response 42
Response 43 The lack of face-to-face interaction with my professor and fellow classmates.
Response 44 some teachers don't respond to emails in an efficient manner
Response 45 the only problem that I have is when you're on a site that's being paid for and always being bounces out of it... especially LAULIMA... the more people is on the site, laulima can't handle the capacity. and even though it's a distance learning class, having to take an exam at the school.. isn't the purpose of distance learning is away from campus... professors should know that especially if exams are being timed, there's no way anyone is able to use their notes.. not enough time to do that.
Response 46 N/A
Response 47 although the instruction maybe clear, finding what the instructor is asking to do for example- blogging about certain video, i cannot find location.... or link he is talking about.
Response 48 I would like to have grade posted on the claa page.
Response 49
Response 50
Response 51 once the site went down for about 30 minutes, it was frustrating at the time
Response 52 no opinion
Response 53 I dislike that I am taking a distance course but forced to interact with other students. If I wanted to do group work I'd have taken a traditional course.
Response 54 That one of the test was after thanksgiving.
Response 55
Response 56 Lonesome and no participation by classmates
Response 57 Not being able to speak with my professors right away. like you would be able to like regular classes
Response 58 The only thing I didn't like is that an online class takes a lot of time management skills, which can be difficult since I tend to procrastinate.
Response 59 N/A - I love the distance education program(s) at LCC, and wish they were available for more courses.
Response 60 The required book for the course was made rather poorly. Each time I would turn the page to read the next assignment or paragraph the page would fall out. Now this book was manufactured specifically for LCC Econ 130. I have a serious problem with this because I could not return the book to the bookstore for a refund at the end of the semester due to the condition that it was in which was all caused by the poor manufacturing of the book in the beginning.
Response 61 I wish more classes were available online through LCC, thats my preferred campus.
Response 62 I didn't like that there was a time limit for every exam and quiz.
Response 63
Response 64 The schedule for the assignment deadlines were a big confusing in the beginning, and with so many different projects occurring at the same time, an extensive amount of time was dedicated to gathering information, research and collaboration with team members.
Response 65
Response 66
Response 67 Takes a long time to load.
Response 68
Response 69 That some online class work are only announced week by week instead of announcing it all at once
Response 70
Response 71 There was no good communication with the teacher I was basically on my own even if I asked for help. There were no examples or guidelines on how to write papers.
Response 72 Expensive textbooks and online programs from the publishers are not satisfactory. For the type of content, many of these books are bloated with either excess material or are not straight to the point. Online programs from publishers also provide an unpleasant experience that is too rigid and does not always accept right answers but only answers known to the publisher's program. This opinion varies upon the class and instructor. Some experiences are decent, some are good, and some are just horrible.
Response 73
Response 74 sundeimes I was unsure of what the teacher wanted in answers, but I asked and received clarification.
Response 75
Response 76 Nothing bad comes to mind.
Response 77
Response 78
Response 79 The Pearsons program which I we had to spend quite a lot to access online. Other than that the overall experience was rather enjoyable.
Response 80
Response 81 I took 4 online classes in Fall 2012. Three of the four classes used online methods well to help students interact through forums, online discussions and BBC
Response 82 The instructor didn't give feedback on our assignments or forum posts. The quizzes were completely random and so finely detailed from the lesson.
Response 83 Sometimes my internet wouldn't work.
Response 84 Nothing. I enjoy distant Ed courses
Response 85 Having to take tests at the school (I only had one class that required this).
Response 86 Everything was good.
Response 87 Not having face to face contact with instructor
Response 88 Having to buy our own softwares just for the class, which can add up if a lot of online classes were taken.
Response 89 Actual interaction with others in classroom setting.
Response 90 The subject I took would probably have been better taken in a class
Response 91 the amount of time to submit assignments in the discussion board
Response 92 That othr students were not able to follow directions when emailing the professor the required essays that we needed to do. Instead of emailing them just to the professor, I along with others received a bunch of unwanted essays.
Response 93 N/A
Response 94 Can not interact with other students and teacher face to face
Response 95 Many questions
Response 96 My accounting class, terrible online class. No guidance, no help from instructor, pad program to use to teach students. Over all BAD. Would not recommend to a friend.
Response 97
Response 98 Strong use with textbook and no other resources.
Response 99
Response 100 I loved the online class that I took last semester. I have nothing but great things to say about the online class I took last semester. My experience with this online class which I took was beyond exceptional. I now encourage other students to take online classes.
Response 101
Response 102 If laulima was down it made things hard.
Response 103 The only thing that I liked least was the fact that I couldn't communicate with my teacher when I wanted to I had to wait till they responded to my e-mail.
Response 104 Especially for group projects, it can be hard to coordinate with other classmates. Also, if there could be some way to increase compatibility of powerpoints and documents posted on Laulima because some formats don't always work on everyone's computers. I was not able to get some of the audio files for the lectures.
Response 106 didnt like the other online tool used by tge teacher
Response 107
Response 108
Response 109 the freezing of the computer during test and quizzes
Response 110 Nothing at all.
Response 111 Not going to class.
Response 112 I did not like taking the exams on Fridays and an hour is too short. They should at least give all students 1 1/2 to do the test/exams and close it on Sundays.
Response 113
Response 114 Nothing.
Response 115 The amount of course material we covered was difficult to balance with my other classes.
Response 116
Response 117
Response 118 No immediate response to questions I had.
Response 119 Nothing
Response 120 The time limits on testing.
Response 121 Too many papers, test, quizes. Proof of learning could have been tested in other methods.
Response 122 I had a very difficult time communicating with my proctor and could not get questions answered that I had about the testing process. After emailing her twice about two different tests regarding some of the questions on the test and trying to communicate there were some confusing questions that needed clarification, I got cryptic messages back that showed she really wasn't interested in getting it resolved. I felt if she were interested she would have gone out of her way to make sure my concerns were addressed. There was no class interaction only quizzes and tests, so communication in general was lacking in all areas. Some of the assignments that were mentioned in the lectures were not being required from her distance courses. This needed to be updated and should have been communicated better before we began that video session. The study guides used seemed repetitive in a few areas, unless she was trying to get a different answer to her questions, in which it again was not clear. Completing the study guide and watching the lectures were helpful with about 95% of the tests, and the remaining was questionable as stated above, and I think negatively reflected in my final grade.
Response 123 For my previous class Eng. 209 (Hurley) I felt like the online class system was very confusing. You had to go through so many different areas to see what Is due. You couldn't just got to the grade book to see. I wished that part was a lot easier for us students.
Response 124
Response 125 Sometime it slows down due to the number of users.
Response 126
Response 127 Not being able to see the answers I got wrong after taking it.
Response 128 What I didn't like about distance courses was that some Professors did not answer questions in a timely manner. I think this is the most detrimental aspect of taking an online course, whereas in class if you have a question it is answered immediately because your teacher is right in front of you. I took four classes in the fall semester;I am happy to say that three of my teachers courses were very organized,well put together and they were very responsive; it made it very easy and enjoyable to take distance courses. Unfortunately, one teacher was hard to get in touch with and answers were not always given in a timely manner and course material was sometimes confusing. This made it very difficult and frustrating.
Response 129 It was very time consuming. Even with being able to accomplish assignments on my own time, it was still very time constranted since there's studying to be done as well as actuall activities and tests.
Response 130
Response 131 The 'human' interaction
Response 132 The class group discussion homework.
Response 133 i love every moment of distance education, but i wish the teachers can do more podcast tutorials or lectures on important and necessary material.
Response 134 One time the test exited before i could finish, but i was able to resolve that problem with the professor.
Response 135
Response 136 The only thing that i least like about distance education experience is when i have a questions then it takes a little bit longer for my instructor to response.
Response 137 Had to manually add the duedates for each assignment to my calendar (google calendar). Its terrifying not knowing if you have something due today and no class or classmates discussing what they're working on right now.
Response 138 Sometimes the instructor didn't make it clear about what assignments were put out and when it was due. there was some what confusion sometimes.
Response 139 I love distance learning and if I could take all my classes this way, I would.
Response 140
Response 141
Response 142 Depends on the teacher. I had some that made exams more of an opinion rather than an answer kind of questions.
Response 143 I like everything about distance education. Every tools and skills were all important and easy to deal with. Instructors were so amazing too.
Response 144 N/a
Response 145 What I liked least about it was that if I didn't understand something, I had to figure it out on my own.
Response 146 I wish there were more distance education classes to chose from. I work full time and it is difficult for me to make it to campus. I am dreading the day that I run out of classes that I can take online. So far, distance education classes have been the main reason that I have been so successful in school. More classes would definitely be beneficial.
Response 147 Professor had more important things going on than to participate in education, as noted in the email describing health issues.
Response 148 I had problems with loading the course to start.
Response 149
Response 150 only when it goes down, otherwise, you guys are doing a great job!
Response 151 The only thing that makes the distance education difficult is not coming to class. I like live sessions because I can ask questions straight away and I don't have to wait for awhile for a reply. By sharing desks with students, you can learn from each other very fast, and distance education is leaving you to your own "devices."
Response 152 group assignments assigned by teacher
Response 153 I didn't like having to meet up for group projects due to hectic schedules.
Response 154 Internet connectivity, sometimes it would be available & it wouldn't.
Response 155 The registration process- it allowed me to be put on waitlist but no info as to what happens after: how long is the wait, who will contact me. and when will I get contacted by, tec. The system was overloaded therefore it was very slow and most times did not load info during online registration- called the IT they said to keep trying so I did for the past 3 days. It took so long:(
Response 156
Response 157 I did not like how some teacher's were unable to reply back to my e-mails in a timely manner. Also, some teacher's that I had were behind on updating the gradebook.
Response 158 This was my first distance/online course and in the beginning had no idea how the process/s worked
Response 159 That sometimes the work was reptitive. It was a set schedule for the whole course. I like those type of classes usually, but a little variety here or there would make the course more interesting.
Response 160 none
Response 161 The overloading of people on the site, which makes the site lag and that the site goes down nightly.
Response 162 I was unable to take tests early because I was on a different island.
Response 163 There was no syllabus to follow, which made the course hard to achieve anything. Grades were not explained, matter of fact nothing was explained very well. I would never take another course with the professor for my English course again if offered. The history course was very clear and easy to understand I would take another course with him.
Response 164
Response 165
Response 166
Response 167
Response 168 too much homework because we are not in a class.
Response 169 In this last class I got confused about deadlines a couple of times in the beginning but I think it was the format. Once I understood that I was able to meet the deadlines.
Response 170 Math
Response 171 constantly checking for announcement updates and assignment deadlines
Response 172 Sometimes our assignments would not be returned in a timely manner by some professors.
Response 173 Students should not have to attend manditory online meetings with classmates. Also, student's shouldn't have to do group projects. The reason many people are taking online courses is most likely because they don't have time for that kind of social interaction.
Response 174 Don't like insteuctors who dole out assignments or related resource documents a little at a time. This severely pints the student's ability to understand where the course is going. Doing this also significantly negatively impacts able students to advance at their own paces. And lastly, it makes it very difficult to manage time and other obligations. Please feel free to contact me for specific examples.
Response 175 Not having a face to face instructor.
Response 176 All instructors should use Mailtools as their way of communicated with students. I found that some instructors wanted to be contacted only by their email address which made me confused, if I wanted to ask a question. Should I use Mailtools or email? What did this instructor prefer? Otherwise, I really enjoyed the long distance education I received at Leeward.
Response 177
Response 178
Response 179 N/A
Response 180 The fact that after the weeks lesson was over, it didn't allow you to reopen the module. There were more than one occasion I would have liked to review something from a past lesson that applied to the new lesson but was unable to.
Response 181
Response 182
Response 183
Response 184 None.
Response 185 can't always open files that need to be open to do the work.
Response 186 None.
Response 187
Response 188
Response 189
Response 190 Not much communication
Response 191 I did all activities, tests, and quizzes but some of them showed 0 which made me get a low grade.
Response 192
Response 193
Response 194 I didn't like that there could be sudden changes and if you finished early and weren't on the computer you missed it.
Response 195
Response 196
Response 197 Grades based on tests ONLY.
Response 198 Not be able to have face-to-face communication with the students and build rapport.
Response 199 Forums would sometimes take a long time to load and post. While taking a test or quiz, the website would freeze and log me out of laulima. This affected my score due to logging back in since it was a timed test or quiz.
Response 200 No face to face contact
Response 201
Response 202 This last english class, the instructor seamed to have never had a on line class. Assignments turned in sept. Were returned in oct. Or nov. I never had this in any other on line classes. Assignments given 7daysbefore due date. I travel so like ti have assignments two or three weeks in advance.
Response 203 No face to face interactions with my professor.
Response 204 I liked being able to learn at my own pace and complete assignments after work...
Response 205 What I least liked was sometimes submitting assignments was difficult or slow, and so I'd accidentally submit the same assignment twice due to the uncertainty that it was submitted in the first place.
Response 206 I had the hybrid classes from previous semesters and this is the first time that I will take a completely online class. From what I have experienced from the hybrid classes were satisfactory and had no problems at all. No bad experiences either.
Response 207
Response 208 The website itself is too plain and simple. We need some web designer to fix that problem.
Response 209
Response 210 I missed being in a classroom setting.
Response 211 Internet problems
Response 212
Response 213 The quality depends on the professor and the tools used. I had one class from UH Manoa where the professor had no lectures, very poor course content and all the learning was through reading the text book. All the other Distance Learning courses were excellent, well prepared and thought out by the professor. Tools were very good. See below. One thing that is badly needed is higher level courses via Distance Learning. We can only cover the lower level basics with Distance Learning now and working full time does not permit many of us from attending daytime classes. There just aren't enough classes via Distance Learning. All course that don't require lab work should be offered via Distance Learning.
Response 214 Technical difficulties
Response 215 None
Response 216
Response 217
Response 218
Response 219
Response 220
Response 221 just this past semester (fall 2012) I've had technical difficulties causing me to turn in assignments late. Other than last semester, I've had no problems.
Response 222 i dislike not being in a class room. This class was everyone at their computer not interacting. This style of learning is very impersonal
Response 223 I did not dislike anything about my distance education experience
Response 224 Bus 101, Fall 2012 A. Disorganized B. At first, unclear of instructor's intent, direction.....assignments etc. C. Workload irrelevant to class....artifacts and community wall? d. Far too much workload for 1st year class Bus 120 Spring 2013 A. Text not available at start of class
Response 225 One thing I liked least with these courses is that they were some teachers that provided little information or resources to complete assignments or activities which made my experience really confusing. In addition, I've felt that some teachers were very unorganized when placing vital information in their modules which made it so frustrating to complete anything.
Response 226
Response 227 Time management
Response 228 When the course materials for certain classes are spread out and it's difficult to be sure that everything has been completed at the appropriate times. Sometimes is takes 3 weeks to become comfortable with the layout and location of the activities. I also would appreciate a slightly faster grading in the beginning so I am able to see if my writing is up to par or if more guidance is necessary.
Response 229 The only thing that I don't like is the way the couseling office works. I wish the counselors would do couseling over the phone instead of asking online students to come in to their office to see a counselor in person. The reason why I take an online course is because I work full-time and I can't get to the campus during the day.
Response 230 Delayed Teacher responses
Response 231 Not having the face to face interaction, has it disadvantages as well. You don't have the up front information questions and answers right there. You kind of have to try and figure a lot on your own. There is the interacting parts and ways to ask questions, but it is different from a class room experience.
Response 232
Response 233 Having to work with others on their schedule
Response 234 my least like about this distance education is the waiting for the respond from instructor or students.
Response 235 I like least about my class is that some of the students, you didn't get the chance to interact with them outside of the virtual world, because of their work schedule.
Response 236
Response 237 No much. Signing up for a distance education is bound to have some lost of experience compare to a in-class education.
Response 238 Cannot get help with extremely technical things which need to be done in person.
Response 239
Response 240 Sometimes it takes the instructor too long to respond to questions or concerns needed to be addressed right away. Some instructors provide phone numbers but they don't pick up or respond right away.
Response 241 Nothing
Response 242 just the books that needed to be required, that was pretty much it.
Response 243 Most of the Professors were not as interactive with the students. Students had to work on their own with little guidance from the professors. Information and feedback was limited. This made it difficult to determine what the professor expectations were and the lack of feedback does not let the student know if they are understanding the lessons, concepts and ideas correctly and could be doing everything incorrectly only to find out after a midterm or final exam, this leaves no gauging to see if the student is struggling or doing well. (Vague feedback from professors). Laulima and Connect had numerous system miss-function and failures compounding a poor experience.
Response 244 To much going on at one time. Lost and confused. Seeked out the teacher and it was still to confusing.
Response 246
Response 247
Response 248
Response 249 NA
Response 250 reading and learning EVERYTHING on my own.
Response 251 I guess it would have to be the face-to-face interaction, like in a classroom.
Response 252 Meeting group members on line was little bit hard to meet with everybody.
Response 253 If I can't do the course because its misleading or confusing, I need to withdraw before I end up failing.
Response 254 Assignments due while I'm in regular classes, giving me less time to work on them.
Response 255 nothing
Response 256 So far, I have really enjoyed taking Dr Khan and Leanne Chun's courses.
Response 257
Response 258 There was not really a set format for us to follow. One teacher used modules for assignments while the other used modules for media tools. It would be easier to be able to follow a set format for distance education.
Response 259 Weekly quizzes.
Response 260 I didn't like how I had to teach myself the material especially since I didn't know much about the topic.
Response 261 some classes were very unclear.
Response 262
Response 263 What I like least about it is the fact that your pretty much doing everything on your own without a teacher insight.
Response 264
Response 265 The quality of a distance learning course varies greatly depending on the instructor. Some instructors make good use of Laulima tools and strive to find creative ways to teach students. These are the best distance learning courses. Other instructors issue nothing but tests and quizzes for their distance learning courses, and the learning process is not very good. Then there are many instructors who fall somewhere in the middle.
Response 266 I didn't actually meet my classmates, therefore I'll probably never know if I so happen to pass them on campus.
Response 267 There were no interactions between students.
Response 268 Not comprehending the use of computer skills, Unfortunately, still in the process of learning.
Response 269 Some courses had you take tests at a UH or community college. I live far from a university or community college that is why I take online classes ... It was very hard for me to get to those tests.
Response 270 sometimes professor and TA didn't respond to emails
Response 271 When the system was busy or slow or down.
Response 272 What I least liked about one online course was using the Learning Lab for my Microbiology class, it would not install or I did not have access to it. The tests/quizes had mostly nothing to do with my book so I thought it was all in the Learning Lab, I asked for help but was unable to access it so I had to drop the course because I was falling behind. Another online class the quizes were messed up, for example, we had to take chapter 17 & 18 quizes but when I took it, it was for chapter 18 & 19 quizes so I had to back track. Also I completed an assignment at the end of the course, I followed the directions and I did not get points for it. I tried emailing the teacher but she said I did not complete it which I did. I did not want to argue with her. In the begining of that semester one of the chapter quizes that was due was not up and I still had a day to complete it so I emailed my teacher, she tried arguing with me but I had to plead my case. All her chapter quizes were messed up...showing chapter quizes up to 22 but we only had 21 chapters in our whole book.
Response 273
Response 274
Response 275
Response 276 I enjoyed it. Was very accommodating for my work schedule, school schedule and for my family.
Response 277 Nothing.
Response 278 I always miss the support and boundaries of a physical class.
Response 279 Unable to access courses during maintenance.
Response 280
Response 281 Some teachers did not fully utilize the tools available to them/the class in laulima, possibly due to it having been his/her first time teaching a web-based class.
Response 282 Nothing! Everything was so convenient and great!
Response 283 none this semester
Response 284
Response 285
Response 286 due dates... when its due its due... cant help the situation but didn't like it! But the teacher was well organized so i knew when it was coming up.
Response 287 I like the fact that Erin Loo, Michael Cawdery and Jeff Judd were supportive in our efforts to become future teachers. For me, I'm still getting used to the fact that I am a distance ed learner, and still getting used to the online experience, but I have to remember that technology is where the educational experience is growing and heading towards.
Response 288 There was little announcements on Laulima for assignments and tests. Emailing to my email was not enough of a notification for assignments/tests for the course. Interaction with instructor and other students were not very helpful via Laulima website. A cable presentation for the class was a poorly timed lecture from the end of the lecture to traveling back to campus for a student who has to catch a bus and make it to the lab assigned with the course.
Response 289 Nothing it was pretty good.
Response 290 I could do my classes on my time.
Response 291 there should be more
Response 292 Lazy, IT-challenged teachers.
Response 293 When you email the teacher a question, you won't get a response until the next day. And if the teacher is grading essays, sometimes they're really busy and won't respond until a few days later.
Response 294 amount of work load was a lot at times.
Response 295 Exams taken at the test center.
Response 296 N/a
Response 297
Response 298
Response 299 nothing
Response 300 There are times that I forgot the due date of any activity.
Response 301 The amount of reading and work was a little high. To explain this clearly: this class was by an instructor who was very knowledgable and passionate about the subject and made sure we understood every aspect of the course - this just wasn't my major. By the way, this is coming from a student that was inspired to read the work, because of an enthusiastic instructor.
Response 302 I didn't like the fact that I had to continually log in when I accessed Laulima on my iPad. Every time I went to say Resources or My Gradebook or just switched areas, I had to keep logging into my Laulima account.
Response 303 n/a
Response 304 Not able to get answere right away as compared to a class setting.
Response 305 I know it is expected that different will use different online tools, it is alot when you are taking more than online course.
Response 306
Response 307
Response 308
Response 309
Response 310
Response 311 I least liked the amount of work that is given seems like far more then when in a actual classroom environment.
Response 312
Response 313 Readings, due to a lot of information . I am more of getting to the point of things.
Response 314 Prefer sometimes the Old fashion ways (people contact), although instructors/ students answers most questions, not always you get a reply quickly. Some students need more time to do assignments/test/quizzes and sometimes better instructions (like a live person on "how to get started"). Some students required detailed and specific instructions and few times I found it confusing and I did not have enough time to get answers or help from LRC (because its full), that's depressing.