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21) What did you like most about your distance education experience?
Response 1 Allowed me to be self organized. Follow my own schedule.
Response 2 I like that we're able to meet so many times out of the semester and still be able to complete the work in a timely manner. I also like the teacher because he could help his students through email and we could make an appointment for better understanding of the material.
Response 3 That it was "extremely" organized and easy to navigate so it was easy to just focus on learning.
Response 4 You are given deadlines but are able to work at your own pace to complete assignments. Also the ability to interact with the instructor as well as students online.
Response 5 Access
Response 6
Response 7 I could work on my assignments at my own pace. I work 2 jobs 7 days a week and I need the flexibility.
Response 8 I learn a great deal about technology and I was able to make it through.
Response 9 The ability to complete assignments on my own time. That's critical as a single mother.
Response 10 It was easily accessible. I could do my courses from work if needed which helped a lot.
Response 11 Since I am working full-time during the day, the conveinence of on line courses is excellent and highly recommeded for working students. Should have more on line courses offered, especially for a Business Technology certificate.
Response 12 didnt need to go on campus for extra classes work at own pace easier than lecture classes
Response 13
Response 14
Response 15 Course content and getting another step closer to my educational goals.
Response 16 I was able to complete my work at home.
Response 17
Response 18 Online courses makes my life easier because it's difficult to find a baby sitter.
Response 19 Not having to drive to campus to learn the material.
Response 20 The instructors/professors are awesome!
Response 21 I like the fact that I can work on my own time in my own space.
Response 22 allows for great flexibility in schedule, and much more convenient than going to traditional classes
Response 23 Taking distant learning classes provides more time for me to spend with my family, I work a fulltime job and carry 13 credits each semester. Online classes allows more flexabilty for me to pursue my educational goals.
Response 24 Being able to have a flexible schedule and complete assignments on my own time
Response 25 Working at my own pace
Response 26 You can do all of the work anywhere at your own free time.
Response 27
Response 28 Definitely the convenience of schedule and the ability to check daily on course assignments, tests, and discussions.
Response 29 Very convenient, especially taking tests, and I felt like I still learned a great deal.
Response 30 Being able to communicate with my instructor 24/7.
Response 31 everything was done on my time and I didn't have to waste my time going to a class and everything was done in the comfort of my own home
Response 32
Response 33 Flexibility of completing courses on my own time.
Response 34 I really enjoyed being able to discuss myself and open up about some unpleasant personal experiences without having to deal with direct, eyeball confrontation with classmates under the guise of online sharing. I feel that I have grown as a person since taking these online courses. I also like the fact that I am given 100% of the responsibility to study and pass these courses.
Response 35 convenience, personalized learning experience
Response 36 When I talked to the instructor she always seemed very personable and friendly.
Response 37 I like the amount of time I have to do each assignment
Response 38 I was able to work at my own pace. The instructors were always very accessible and available to help. Interaction with other students could be handled in the discussion area of Laulima. I was able to see my grades quickly and adjust my study habits immediately when necessary. My counselor was so valuable in helping me stay on track and encouraging me through the process.
Response 39 I got to learn a lot about social media and use online resources to interact with others.
Response 40 It's so convenient. It may sound like I was being a cry baby in the last question but I really do appreciate distance learning courses. I travel frequently & all of the professors are really really amazing. I haven't met a distance ed. professor that has told me they cannot accommodate me. Thanks for making my life a million times easier :)
Response 41
Response 42
Response 43 It is extremely convenient. Everything I need to know is right in front of me. I don't have to wait for next week's class or borrow notes from a classmate to see what went on if I missed anything.
Response 44 being able to spend more time with my daughter.
Response 45 that I was able to work at home... the peace and quiet that I'm able to focus on my own and at my own pace....
Response 46 My professor was very good at replying to questions.
Response 47 having to read other's input, and responding to what they have written about.
Response 48
Response 49 Able to work at own pace and time. Didn't have to stay for a set amount of time.
Response 50
Response 51 the work load/instructor
Response 52 I appreciated the agenda throughout the course. I was able to time manage the course work and school in a proficient manner.
Response 53 I like the flexibility online courses offer. I don't always get up at the same time every day or I need to go run errands and the online course gives me the ability to do so. I can also take my work with me more easily.
Response 54 I liked that it was convenient and I got to interact with students through forums.
Response 55
Response 56 Flexible
Response 57 The ease of going into class on my schedule
Response 58 I liked that I can work at my own pace.
Response 59 This varies based on the instructor/course, but I would say that, thus far, the narrated lectures (provided my Professor Ashburn in my biochemistry 241 course) were by far the most valuable tool in my distance education experience thus far. Also, I really appreciate when instructors are easy to contact, and respond quickly and effectively (example: Professor Wood, english 100).
Response 60
Response 61 Flexibilty, the professors were very helpful, the material was easily accessed as opposed to on campus classes, and the professors responded in a timely manner
Response 62 I liked that we didn't have to go to a testing center for exams and quizzes.
Response 63
Response 64 The assignments on the team challenge coincided with the Myitlab projects, which made understanding them and its proper use easier.
Response 65
Response 66
Response 67 The activities and levels
Response 68 The ease of doing things on my own time
Response 69 Some classes we can do our work ahead and get ahead
Response 70
Response 71 I can do it on my own time
Response 72 These classes allow me to take courses that work with my schedule.
Response 73 Despite the distance and not having met my professor in person, he was very helpful and approachable.
Response 74 I could do the class on my own time,
Response 75
Response 76 The ability to work at your own pace within the confines of the assignment due dates.
Response 77
Response 78
Response 79 I was able to pace myself. Working and taking care of my family makes it extremely to attend traditional classes. Distance education is the my only means of advancing my education.
Response 80
Response 81 Only 1 class - Hist 151 with Prof Khan didn't use any type of forum or group discussion. I have no idea of the names of any of the students in the class. All we did was read the textbook, take tests, watch some of his presentations on Islam on cable TV and write reaction papers.
Response 82
Response 83 It was well paced. Informative. Could do at my convenience.
Response 84 Being ale to access course materials from home without personally going to class. Is a great help since I am a west Oahu student.
Response 85 Everything! I work long hours and set times late at night for me to do my homework and assignments. I enjoyed working at my own pace and actually liked being by myself instead of with other students as it helped me to learn at my own pace.
Response 86 Flexibility
Response 87 Once i got familiar with all the functions of Laulima, it was easy to use and i learned a lot!
Response 88 It was very convienent
Response 89 Ability to do homework, quiz at own pace, schedule whether early morning or late evening.
Response 90 Due dates of homework and exams were available from beginning so I was able to schedule it accordingly.
Response 91 the flexibility to do tests at my own availability
Response 92 That it was completely a distance learning course; I did not need to go anywhere to meet for weekend outings and that I could do everthing from the comforts of my own home.
Response 93 Online classes are convenient for people like me who work full time.
Response 94 I can access the materials anytime and anywhere
Response 95 You set your own pace
Response 96 Freedom to do it on my own time, also teaches students self-discipline and not to be slackers.
Response 97
Response 98 Convenience to accommodate my schedule, and ability to check class and have full access on a daily basis.
Response 99
Response 100 I really enjoyed this online class which I took last semester. This online class which I took last semester was superb in every instance. The professor that taught the class was one of the best professors I have ever came across.
Response 101
Response 102 I can do the classes on my own time.
Response 103 I loved that I can learn on my time and its so flexible I love distance learning =)
Response 104 It makes it easier to fit going to school into my schedule since I work two jobs.
Response 105 The fact that it was online, no classroom needed.
Response 106 easy to access/use
Response 107
Response 108
Response 109 the independent style of learning
Response 110 It's very convenient for those who have other obligations they need to do, and don't have the time to physically be in a classroom.
Response 111 Not going to classes
Response 112 Some of the instructors add activities and it helps me to remember. Also videos can be fun to watch and learn at the same time.
Response 113
Response 114 Very convenient for my schedule.
Response 115 On the other hand it allowed me to be more flexible in terms of completing my other assignments.
Response 116 I got to do it at home.
Response 117
Response 118 Flexibility to complete work on my schedule and not having to go to the campus.
Response 119 Being able to schedule study time around my schedule
Response 120 Course is available 24/7.
Response 121 Flexibility
Response 122 The lectures were very helpful and informative. Because there was no communication between students and very little from the proctor, it was great to at least have the videos to watch and get a good understanding about the course material and content. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this survey this far after the course. I didn't have time the last week of instruction to do so.
Response 123 That I have the opportunity to get my degree from Home! Thank you for having online classes so I can take most of my classes from home. I'm a wife and mother of three. Its hard to always take night classes when I have to make dinner for my family, get the kids ready for bed,etc so thank you.
Response 124
Response 125 I could do it from home.
Response 126
Response 127 Teachers get back to you right away
Response 128 The best thing about distance education is the flexibility to be online when you want to be. Online courses also enable you to be a better self directed learner and teaches you skills through interaction with technology based educational tools.
Response 129 I was able to fully understand and comprehend the reading material and go on at a pace that was comfortable for me. Also being able to build the self motivation as an adult and being an independent worker.
Response 130
Response 131 Allows me to work FT and earn my degree at the same time. Saves my time and gas; save me from hassle of traffic. Some of the teachers/courses are well-explained that I have learned well through the distance classes. I think the big factor on how a student (like me) learns through distance class is the instructor/teacher-- on how s/he presents and plans the class. (Kudos to Sociology's Ms Bopp, Cultural Geog's Mr Lindquist, HWST's Ms Archer, Math's Mr Matsuoka, Geology's Mr Teraoka and even MOP's Dr Stanton (part distance ed).
Response 132 I was able to work at my pace and learn in a manner that is easier for me.
Response 133 I love the flexibility of an online class with my busy schedule.
Response 134 Being able to complete the assignments at my own pace.
Response 135 Ability to work on my schedule
Response 136 The thing that i love the most about distance education experience is i don't have to go to school and attend the class.
Response 137 Having control over the class speed was a HUGE benefit! Each leacture I could go through the slides, zoom through parts that were clear or I already knew, and then focus that extra free time on the parts that were hard. Plus, since all the material was available from day 1, I was able to keep going when I was excited and engaged. I ended up finishing all the material half way through the semester, which was critically important since work put my on 12 hr shifts 7 days a week november and december. Also, the 211 materials were amazing. Some of the best powerpoints I've ever seen. Concise, complete and decorated to keep the ADD away. When I got stuck and needed more info, the lectures I watched were great too.
Response 138 I liked the convenience of doing my work and knowing when all my assignments were due.
Response 139 I like how some instructors post assignments in advance. I'm a busy mom and this allows me to move ahead and to stay on top of everything.
Response 140
Response 141
Response 142 We have enough time to complete each assignment.
Response 143 Like I mentioned in question 20. I like everything in my distance education courses. It's very suitable according to my time with my family and for church activities. Awesome and wonderful.
Response 144 N/a
Response 145 What I liked most about it is that I could do it on my own time.
Response 146 I like that I am able to adapt these classes to my busy schedule and lose none of the learning that I normally have in a face to face setting. I get everything I would get from a face to face class, but in the comfort of my home and on my time schedule. You can't get any better than that. Also, the Laulima site is great, very few errors and most of the teachers I have had still encourage classmates to get to know each other through discussion so I don't feel like I am all alone.
Response 147 The tutors were always there to assist.
Response 148 The teacher was very helpful and i could do the work at my own convenience.
Response 149
Response 150 I love that I can do school online, work full-time and take care of my granddaughter full-time.
Response 151 I can manage my own time. It thought me to be organized and to work ahead.
Response 152 flexibility to complete work
Response 153 I like being able to study and work at my own pace and when I have time to fit it into my schedule.
Response 154 The flexibility of completing assignments at my own pace.
Response 155 The convenience. I believe LCC should offer more classes via online. It works perfectly for someone like me with 2 jobs. Thank you!
Response 156
Response 157 I like that distance learning is at your own time so I could be able to work full-time and going to school wouldn't interfere with my work schedule.
Response 158 Freedom to do the work within my schedule/time frame
Response 159 That it was very organized and well kept up to date. I knew what I had to do and what had to be done. I also knew what my current grade most of the time. The learning experience was very surprising too because I actually learned quite a good amount of materials from taking online courses.
Response 160 well stated assignments, modules, forums etc. quick response to the questions I had.
Response 161 I like it cause I have a fulltime job and can work around that to take the course.
Response 162 I was able to complete the course work at my own pace.
Response 163 I liked not traveling to the campus everyday
Response 164
Response 165 I liked that it taught self-discipline and it was a new experience
Response 166
Response 167 the convenience of being able to study according to my own schedule.
Response 168 set deadline and exam dates
Response 169 Content and the ability to take classes online. Due to work and family obligations I am not able to attend a physical class.
Response 170 I could make my own schedule
Response 171 flexibility
Response 172 As a full-time employee during the day, I liked the time flexibility of online courses.
Response 173 Most of my teachers were very organized and had their schedules for the whole term planned out. It is great to know what to expect throughout the term. The grades are posted more promply than regular campus classes. The greatest thing about taking online classes is all the tests and quizzes are open book!
Response 174 Being able to complete assignments on my own time, such as late at night after work and family obligations. As an adult student with a family and demanding career I don't require the "college experience" and so I truly appreciate being able to work independently without additional social engagements.
Response 175 Able to complete assignments whenever I wanted.
Response 176
Response 177 Being able to do my school work on the schedule which my time allows. Every on-line courses I took enable not only to broaden my horizons but also learn at the same time. I work overnights and I have no car, my time is limited.
Response 178
Response 179 I liked that I was able to complete my work weekly on my time. Having the online course was very convenient for me.
Response 180 How easy it fit into my busy work schedule.
Response 181 studied on your own time.
Response 182 FAMR230 course was well organized and very interactive enjoyed this course a lot.
Response 183
Response 184 Many of the learning materials were accessible and the professors and students were very prompt when it came to assisting those with questions.
Response 185 being able to do the work on my own time.
Response 186 I like everything about distance education courses. It's very suitable with my schedule every single day. Distance eduction courses are amazing also I can learned, read and babysit my baby girl at the same time. The instructors are very helpful and put all their efforts to help me according to the homework and assignments that were given. I love taking more classes online in the future.
Response 187
Response 188
Response 189
Response 190 The activities
Response 191 The courses have me a lot of time to do my work so I had time to do work for my other classes.
Response 192
Response 193 I finished one course of math and I was able to continue on to another in the same semester.
Response 194 I liked a lot of my distance education experience. I was told that it would be very difficult, but like any other class I did my research and found instructors that were very helpful. I was able to communicate well with them through e-mail and interact with my classmates through forums if it was needed.
Response 195 I love distant learning! Being a single mom I need to work and distance ed classes really help with achieving a degree while working.
Response 196
Response 197 Great Professors. Replied very quickly to emails, and self-explanatory instructions!
Response 198 Course materials were well organized by the instructors and helped me learn step by step.
Response 199 Accomodates my busy schedule. Allows me to work during the days and school stuff at night. All assignments and test are all clearly stated at the beginning of the course and you are able to complete assignments or tests ahead of time, if necessary.
Response 200 It allows me to given attention to the class and work when I have time
Response 201
Response 202 in general, love the flexibility , self study.
Response 203 Some wiggle room to work on my own schedule and the fact that I don't have to drive to school.
Response 204 the online textbook
Response 205 It's easy to follow, pretty much self-explanatory, and I'm able to finish one assignment and move on to the next. I like how I can view upcoming assignments for the rest of the semester, and can do them as I go.
Response 206 It gives me more time to work, I'm hoping that it would help me juggle the times more effectively. I found that most students who take online classes do so because of either they have a job or are taking care of kids at home.
Response 207
Response 208 Easy to get around. The left bar links are really helpful and easy!
Response 209 I was able to budget my time to enjoy these courses.
Response 210 I liked the freedom of time to work on the course material.
Response 211 Being able to communicate with others.
Response 212
Response 213 The professor presentations via MP4 downloads is by far the most useful. TV is not totally dependable (outages and program mistakes) and not useful if we are traveling for business. Use of slides during lectures is also really helpful. Professors who are accessible by email provide excellent personal attention. Laulima is a really good tool. Easy to navigate and good resources as long as the content is put there. I'm impressed with the the assignment and test functions that work pretty well (word processor could be better..better cut and paste from Word and math/science symbols are needed).
Response 214 The ability to learn at my own pace and to challenge myself and my own self discipline
Response 215 I can do my work at my own time.
Response 216
Response 217
Response 218
Response 219
Response 220
Response 221 I love the convenience of not having to go on campus for class. It allows me to work and take care of my family while goin o school.
Response 222 It was quick
Response 223 I liked that all my instructions organized and "handed back" within an acceptable amount of time
Response 224 A. Convenience
Response 225 The thing I liked the most is not having to make the trip to school on somedays because only a few classes were in class.
Response 226 Convenience
Response 227 Helpful resources
Response 228 The freedom to organize my schedule. I also like when the assignments, modules, or tests are open early before the semester starts and into the semester. This allows for me to move ahead when my time allows in the case of my children getting sick and having me fall behind. When I can use the time I have and do some things earlier, it reduces my stress level and makes for a happier family.
Response 229 The ease of taking my classes online when I am able to. I like that fact that I can go online at anytime to complete assignments and take tests.
Response 230 My teachers
Response 231 The convenience of completing the course on my own time schedule. It allowed me the flexibility to arrange my lessons without having to commit to a class schedule.
Response 232 It thought me how to be more independent and more focus in when it comes to studying.
Response 233 It was sort of easy but had a lot of good info I needed to know
Response 234 basically everything, especially time. i have all the i get to do my assignments.i mean i can sit infront of my computer all night to do my assignments instead of rushing it in class before the time is up
Response 235 It was overwhelming because you would think that it's an oline class
Response 236
Response 237 Working on my own pace.
Response 238 It was very organized and well planned.
Response 239
Response 240 The classes fit into my schedule more easier than regular face to face classes.
Response 241 It was on my own time
Response 242 it was very accessible and i was driven to putting in the time to do the work.
Response 243 That a few classes were available for working adults. It is nearly impossible for a full time working adult to get early morning or evening classes online or in person. Not nearly assortment is available for degree seeking adult working students.
Response 244 I would have liked it if it was one thing at a time.
Response 246 I like how it allows me to work full-time and go to school without having to cut back hours to take the classes I need to take.
Response 247
Response 248
Response 249 What I liked most about my distance education experience is being able to work at your own pace.
Response 250 Working at my own pace at home.
Response 251 Flexibility to access the "class" from anywhere with a computer & internet access--I have a full-time job and other commitments. Instructors are also very helpful.
Response 252 I can do work anytime I want.
Response 253 Nothing from the psych class. It was all confusing.
Response 254 Submitting assignments online instead of printing.
Response 255 how easy it was to navigated through the site
Response 256 Dr Khan and Leanne Chun were very engaging professors and I really enjoyed their classes.
Response 257
Response 258 It gave me the freedom I needed along with the discipline to get my work done.
Response 259 3 retries on quizzes and open notes, open book privilege during exams.
Response 260 The teacher broke the topic into simplest form for me to understand and be able to teach myself the material. Provided a lot of sites to refer to for help.
Response 261 ease of scheduling
Response 262
Response 263 I liked that it was flexible and easy to access.
Response 264
Response 265 It's convenient, and I can "go to class" any time that works best for me.
Response 266 It was accessible. If I was ever unsure of anything, all of the material and deadlines were clearly laid out on Laulima.
Response 267 The course instructions was easy to follow and understand.
Response 268 Nothing in particular.
Response 269 I liked the convenience of learning from home especially because I work full time and live very far from a university or community college.
Response 270 convenient and a lot of time given for tests/quizzes
Response 271 Allows us to work at our own pace, yet meet the deadlines.
Response 272 It is very convenient especially since I work in the day time. There are some cool teachers on here.
Response 273
Response 274
Response 275
Response 276 I enjoyed it. Was very accommodating for my work schedule, school schedule and for my family.
Response 277 I liked that I could do everything from home.
Response 278 Balancing off what I miss, is the flexibility and the absence of travel time. This is effective for some subjects, however I wouldn't do it for all subjects.
Response 279 Accessibility and no set schedule. Worked at my own pace during the work week.
Response 280 I could take my class from home and I could do everything online
Response 281 The convenience and flexibility of it, especially since I work. Also, I like being able to take my tests and quizzes on-line.
Response 282 The convenience of accessing the online classes on my time without worrying to be in an actual face to face class at a schedule time.
Response 283 That I was able to take the classes and still work and continue doing my busy acivities
Response 284 participation and flexibility
Response 285
Response 286 The instructor was well organized, motivate, and experienced. She was readily available for questions, and prompt to respond to email. I couldn't have ask for a better instructor! I highly recommend Mrs. Lee from LCC university of Hawaii for Accounting!
Response 287 I like the fact that faculty and staff are supportive. I like the modules and the different styles of instruction that were delivered through multimedia to get the point across.
Response 288 Didn't have to rush to class if certain circumstances came up that would cause a student to be late for a in-class course.
Response 289 I liked that I could take all the quizzes and test at home. Even though it's at home kind of test, I still had to study for them because of the time limit.
Response 290 I did not have to drive to class.
Response 291 great learning environment
Response 292 Flexibility
Response 293 It's convenient with my work schedule and for my children.
Response 294 The opportunity to do school work when it was convenient for me.
Response 295 When assignments that are posted way before its due. That way I can finish things ahead.
Response 296 It was easier to manage my time more efficient.
Response 297
Response 298
Response 299 being able to take a class with the least amount of interaction
Response 300 when you are not required to get up early.
Response 301 Professor Demoville was very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. He answered EVERY question that I had through email quickly. The professor was also kind enough to interact in the forums with us. All the little things that professor added; especially in the tests and quizzes to keep me motivated. Also, the feedback on all my work was priceless.
Response 302 It can be accessed almost any time of the day. Online courses are the only way I can take classes as I'm disabled and unable to sit long and having to be in a classroom setting would be too painful for me. I hope you guys offer more online courses in the future.
Response 303 n/a
Response 304 Flexibility to study on my own time.
Response 305 The convinence of being home or mobile on a laptop.
Response 306
Response 307
Response 308
Response 309
Response 310 I liked that I can work full time and go to school.
Response 311 I like the added tools seems like more is given to a student when taking an online class then in a classroom
Response 312
Response 313 Interactions with classmate response in forums and having to display your work assignments over the media, such as blog.
Response 314 It was convenient, some instructors provided assignments that given students more time or chances to learn to the solve the problem or understand the subject better.