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20) What did you like least about your distance education experience?
Response 1 There should be a full schedule that could be printed out to follow every week with what's going on.
Response 2 cost of textbooks bus 101-seemed off track w/artifacts results of transcript evaluation (having to take duplicate courses
Response 3 Nothing, I loved it.
Response 4 N/A
Response 5 I wish there would have been at least one class session where we all met and had a face to face with the Professor because she is an awesome professor.
Response 6
Response 7 A lot of the classes I took online didn't really use Laulima. Most used McGraw Hill or a seperate website that needed an access code. I wish we could use all Laulima so I didn't have to pay for a code
Response 8 It seemed like there was much more assignments than the traditional classroom class. Also, the UH systems needs to offer more online classes for working students. I will be transferring to another university because the UH systems only offers daytime classes in my feild which doesn't work for me since I work full time.
Response 9
Response 10 I hate being required every week to redundantly respond to asinine prompts and respond to equally asinine and redundant responses from my fellow students. Stop making me interact with other students, I don't care about them or their thoughts. I was working a lot of hours and had very limited time and never read what other students thought about my equally repetitive thoughts.
Response 11
Response 12 Not a lot of activity from our instructors. I had an instructor that posted announcements weekly; which I loved. However, there was an instructor that was always available but did not show a lot of activity on Laulima. I would like to see the instructors be more active on the site.
Response 13
Response 14
Response 15
Response 16
Response 17 No learning assignments. We were forced to read obscene and offensive material that was not introductory PHIL, and take 5 quizzes. Waste of my time and money, but gave me the credit needed. This is not what learning should be, but for a liberal tenured instructor.
Response 18 in the beginning half of the semester, it was difficult for me to engage in my online class since i would always procrastinate. but once i got an e-mail from my professor addressing his concerns with my class performance, that encouraged me to keep up with my classwork. i also prefer face-to-face interactions than on-line interactions.
Response 19
Response 20 Would like to have seen more classes offered online and immediately to Oahu learners
Response 21 Physical Interaction
Response 22 Distant learning courses can be immensely lonely. Class meetings and group work online need to be encouraged. For example, I thoroughly enjoy when instructors take the time to do a meet and greet in real time. Although you lack a physical classroom, such virtual meetings make you feel like you're part of an actual class. Also, when instructors take the time to do a meet and greet in real time, they, as well as the rest of my classmates, are easier to approach later in the semester when I need to ask for help. If instructors can not do a meet and greet in real time, lecture videos made by instructors are also just as helpful. Lecture videos help students get a glimpse of their professor's personality and also allow them to learn from their professor's experiences.
Response 23 Little interaction, certain requirements not completely clear.
Response 24 Technological difficulties are not acceptable. Beginning of the semester traffic slows down site if not completely shuts down. College portals should not experience these conditions.
Response 25
Response 26 Having to log in every day to check for announcements from the teachers even if I'm ahead of the assignments.
Response 27 Sometimes my work would get reformatted during the submission process and I had to resubmit it.
Response 28 Sometimes it was unclear what the professor wanted.
Response 29 For Warren Kawano's class you had to take exams at the LCC Testing Center. This should've been stated when I registered for the class or I wouldn't have registered for his class.
Response 30 when activity was completed the only way to know if it were correct was to turn it in, it would have been great to keep practicing activities and being able to correct it myself. But I was able to do the work but there was no way to correct what was wrong; on the activities that we did not complete in class. I would have been great to have practice exercises on line. that would have helped me to remember the activity better.
Response 31 No set time, so it was easy to forget about assignments and work.
Response 32 Getting students to participate and be interactive before deadlines. It is sometimes hard to have discussions and work on group projects when people don't participate in a timely manner.
Response 33 I don't really mind coming to school everyday, the only problem for distance education is its schedules. I always take early classes so I can go home early as well. The problem is I always get caught on traffic for some reason.
Response 34
Response 35
Response 36 Teacher seemed uninterested in helping me with problems I was having with the work.
Response 37 I took 4 online classes, last semester and 1 out of the 4 wasn't very organized and overloaded the work load.
Response 38
Response 39 The instructor
Response 40
Response 41 I enjoyed every aspect of this distance education learning experience. Therefore, I have no negative opinions about my experiences.
Response 42 N/A
Response 43
Response 44
Response 45 Online course textbooks should be sent via postal service, as requiret, or at least the option is given after registration. There could be a direct link between registration and textbook selection to bypass going to LCC online store. Online course content tends to become redundant material and routine homework that decreases potential learning.
Response 46
Response 47 Not being able to communicate with the professor well. The professor not being available for meet ups for assistance.
Response 48
Response 49 was very confusing at first , took me a while to figure it out if i was doing the right thing.
Response 50 Although instructors gave their students many opportunities to communicate with other students through Forum in Laulima, it was difficult for the students to make a "study group" for examinations.
Response 51 Difficult to communicate and collaborate with other students and the instructor quickly and easily.
Response 52 We had a lot of group activities that we were graded on. I didn't like the fact that our grade depended on group participation, but it worked out in the end because a few of us in our group kept trudging along, and finished with a good grade.=)
Response 53 i think I have had a great experience with distance education..
Response 54 Teachers don't update grades.
Response 55 Lack of student/instructor interaction within forums
Response 56 There wasn't anything that I disliked.
Response 57 The assignment schedule was not quite clear in the first few weeks, but once I clarified with the instructor, everything was fine. He posted announcements, but they were not also sent to our email, so if we didn't look for them we didn't necessarily know they were there.
Response 58 The classes taken from LCC were very good. I took one class from another campus where the professor did not make much effort in his presentation or teaching.
Response 59
Response 60
Response 61 Nothing that I didn't dislike or strongly dislike. It was a great class. Great schedule, helpful instructors, and great syllabus.
Response 62 *less interaction with other students and instructors (even though the instructor was very accessible when I asked a question...). In the lecture we could learn more information about what is happening in the real field. *no audio (video) lecture
Response 63 One of online courses had too much content on their site which made it confusing to navigate through and to find my assignments.
Response 64
Response 65
Response 66
Response 67
Response 68
Response 69
Response 70 There were two different deadlines for quizzes. It was confusing. It would be easier if both were due at the same time each week.
Response 71 Nothing, I enjoyed the DE learning courses that I took. I had the best Teacher who was very consistent with messaging me back whenever I had a question. Everything on Laulima was useful to me and because of the online courses and the materials provided as well as the Laulima resources I had no problems with the class nor the website and I pass my online class with an (A).
Response 72 Some instructors did not make the learning process a good one. In those classes there were no class interaction and none with the Professor, no videos, no educational stimulation ... jus intructions to read this and do that. In those classes I felt that I could easily just read these books on my own but then I wouldn't of received a grade towards my degree. Those type of classes I felt provided no benefit for the student educational wise except for an easy class to get a grade and an easy class for the instructor to earn their pay. Very disappointed.
Response 73 Not having face to face interaction
Response 74
Response 75 convenience
Response 76
Response 77
Response 78
Response 79 There would be times where it is hard to get feedback from teachers, especially those that don't grade on time. I think it would also be good if there were a program that can assess your "current" grade based on what was already turned in. I feel it would alleviate stress that a student can have.
Response 80 none
Response 81 can not face to face discussion/ ask questions
Response 82
Response 83
Response 84
Response 85
Response 86 Forums, in my opinion, are useless. If I could get rid of just one online tool, it would be forums.
Response 87 none
Response 88 The drive
Response 89
Response 90 deadlines, timed test made things hard at time.
Response 91 I would have preferred to take an in class course because I like the class room setting but could not make it to scheduled times.
Response 92 Distance education is great however in this course, there isn't a lot of interaction with other students and the teacher. From my last distance learning course at LCC, our professor had given us activities which enabled us to at least know our classmate's opinions and knowledge of the course itself. Although, those activities were an added work for me, it was surely informative and benefited me more as a person.
Response 93 The fact that laulima is under maintenance during certain hours EVERY DAY. It's absurd! Students are taking 15 credits and cant go over 3 am or take and exam at early morning because laulima shut its server avery day, EVERY DAY!!!. This is archaic and outdated. How a state college works under this conditions. 15 to finish??? forget it because nobody told to laulima that students need to study. Lame!
Response 94
Response 95
Response 96 Not having financial aid in time to purchase books. Also, the errors in the programming of Accounting class.
Response 97
Response 98
Response 99 There is nothing that I didn't like. I found everything to be easily navigated and generally self-explanatory.
Response 100 Nothing
Response 101
Response 102 The Accounting 201 new/revised concept was difficult to grasp with the limited quiz and exam allotment time.
Response 103 I am not good with distance education experience, I like more hands-on/inclass learning.
Response 104 glitches in software/programs
Response 105
Response 106
Response 107 There were a couple of issues with requirements that I got confused - not sure why.
Response 108
Response 109 Software and programs needed for the course were faulty.
Response 110 Everything was fine. If there was one thing about I would like least, then it would be video lectures. I would want to see video lectures in the courses.
Response 111 Nothing
Response 112 The time difference for due dates. I had an assignment due on a certain day but it was a different day in my time zone.
Response 113 I would have to say that not being able to have an immediate answer to my questions is what I liked least. But to be fair, who would answer me at 1 am?`
Response 114 The fact that I didn't have a one-on-one experience with a teacher.
Response 115
Response 116
Response 117 Nothing really, the teacher communicated with his students when we needed him to, and that was pretty important.
Response 118
Response 119 There wasn't anything that I disliked.
Response 120
Response 121 None
Response 122 Nothing really. The random glitch in the system is annoying - but unavoidable. Also, if I can recall correctly, Laulima performs system maintenance at 2 am. I'm a late studier, and I'm sure others are, too. So, perhaps moving the maintenance time to 3 am, or 4 am, would be nice.
Response 123 The ability to ask questions and get a reply back instantly rather than sending an email and waiting for a reply. Specially if your assignment is due soon and you need help.
Response 124 n/a
Response 125 It requires you to be more independent and taking your course responsibilities even more seriously.
Response 126 No face to face lectures
Response 127 Interaction
Response 128
Response 129 Many students would completely disregard instructions for assignments and projects. Many times I felt like I was the only one following the instructions and the professor made no comment on it at all throughout the course.
Response 130 The Hawaii state system of higher education operates in isolated silos. It is difficult for a student to find out answers to questions, such as whether this or that course will apply to graduation requirements, or whether a student registered at one school can register for courses at another school. The entire system is disjointed, scattered, mysterious. Coursework completed at one institution is invisible to my adviser at another institution. The "Star" system is slower than the federal government.
Response 131 everything was great
Response 132 No issues
Response 133 Laulima does have technical difficulties at times where it IS out of our control. I just hope that Laulima is able to fix the problem.. And however if there is many people on the site, we do get BOOTED off the website... very complicated!
Response 134
Response 135
Response 136
Response 137
Response 138 I did not like to arrange to meet with our team members. It was very difficult to try to schedule with them. I met only one of my team members and the members had excuses not being able to meet to discuss our assignments througout the spring 2013 semester.
Response 139 none
Response 140 response time from students.
Response 141
Response 142 Nothing
Response 143 nothing. I thoroughly enjoy online classes
Response 144 No communication or activities with other students attending the same course. I've taken other online courses and this is the first time that I've experienced this. I felt like I was the only one who was taking the course. And this course was distance Ed for me- I am not near a UH campus at the moment so I felt alienated and had no support.
Response 145 N/A
Response 146 Everything.
Response 147 There isn't anything that I didn't like about the distance education experience.
Response 148 There were a few instructors that were difficult to meet up with and did not have set office hours on campus. Only 2 of my instructors weren't as willing to meet face to face even though this was mentioned as an option at the beginning of the course.
Response 149 sometimes getting a hold of the teachers can he hard and grading sometimes from teachers would be a while.
Response 150 None that I can think of at this time.
Response 151 Some classes the instructor was unclear on all the material and the grading process for participation/interaction during the course.
Response 152 My instructor...she was very rude and complains a lot about other students. I thought that was inappropriate and unprofessional.
Response 153 towards the end of the semester, I started to loose motivation. I turned a few assignments in late :(
Response 154 Art 101 course was not a good distance learning experience.
Response 155 Didn't know who the other students were
Response 156 The inconvenience of not getting a response to a question right away.
Response 157 Gradebook was not always current since some assignments/test answers had to be looked at by the instructor and occasionally, that took more than a week.
Response 158 Disorganized, no course schedule with dates. Discussions and Forums. Writing class was on the Pearson site instead of Laulima which was confusing and irritating. Teacher online interaction was at a minimum which made learning course material boring and uninspiring.
Response 159 It was a personal struggle to remind myself to meet course deadlines on a timely basis.
Response 160 I miss the face to face interaction but it's fine
Response 161 the glitches
Response 162
Response 163 N/A
Response 164 Totally disconnected from class, professor and lessons. Lacked support, timely attentions to technical issues with program used that limited and locked students out of access needed for the course as essential, follow up lacked attention to detail and timely resolution at the cost of students learning costing grading, time and interest in this type of experience with LCC or UHWO which had the same issues. Very bad experience. Also bad experiences tied to lockouts of classwork distance learning time ties to the UH website and ongoing issues in the UH portal and Laulima including sites set up for students that were erased which had the students access to specific assignments and programs used in the courses. Overall a terrible experience.
Response 165
Response 166 N/A
Response 167 Because the English course I was taking wasn't using Laulima, I found it difficult to use or at some times the site used wouldn't work properly. For one assignment I could see the link needed to complete it and then even though I tried to solve the problem and asked for help my instructor said it was too late to complete the assignment which I then received a 0 for.
Response 168
Response 169 Maybe more time on deadlines for assignments and works out ok IF your only taking an online course but still a little hard when your taking both online and in classes. But other than that I like the online distance classes.
Response 170
Response 171 There are times that the subject is hard to understand. Able to communicate with the professor but sometimes it takes a while before get a response.
Response 172 Sometimes there were technical difficulties.
Response 173
Response 174
Response 175 I liked it all
Response 176 I personally had no issues with distance education.
Response 177 I missed the live interaction between Professor and student. Had I been in a classroom, there would have been discussions where my classmates might have asked questions I had not thought to ask myself. I may have learned more tips and tricks in Microsoft Word programs.
Response 178
Response 179 The unreliability of Laulima, being kicked off randomly and it's constant freezing (which would result in a loss of my work).
Response 180 Since I could do the work at my own time and anytime throughout the day, it was hard to get back immediate feedback.
Response 181 When Laulima would start acting up with the server.
Response 182 The price for the course is rediculous. If it wasn't my last class for graduation I would of waiting till fall. How can summer be more money when the course is not even as long as a spring or fall semester. The class was long. 3 hours and 20 min for two days a week is crazy. Plus you only get 3 credits for it. The teacher was nit picky on the grading. He would accuse groups of plagiarizing when they didn't. Even when their work was sited. With out a fair fight get a 0 on projects because its the teachers word against yours.
Response 183
Response 184 None
Response 185 no face to face time with your classmates
Response 186
Response 187 I don't like the no face to face contact, and sometimes it feels like your teaching yourself.
Response 188 I disliked that there were no direct links to the additional sites that we had to register for such as eng 100 I had to navigate laulima plus a comp class site for submitting work and we had to submit assignments to 2 other sites..way to site is enough to navigate so we can spend more time on actual assignments...everything should be in one spot or at least have direct links to them on laulima...I had 4 online courses to keep organized and on top of & that class just made it much harder and frustrating.
Response 189
Response 190 That the website was a little slow every sunday night because everyone was turning in their work around the same time.
Response 191
Response 192 None.
Response 193
Response 194 not being able to directly communicate with the instructor.
Response 195 constant issues with the laulima website
Response 196 Not sure
Response 197 Teacher would not grade work in timely manner.
Response 198 I thought I could handle this "on my own learning environment" but it was just too much for me.
Response 199
Response 200 Sometimes one of the professors was really late on grading big assignments, but I guess that can happen in a classroom setting also.
Response 201 It was sometimes difficult to know exactly which tools needed to be used with each lesson, so I made a habit of clicking on absolutely everything - including my email - just to be sure I didn't miss a detail. Secondly, knowing the necessary software for the course beforehand would be a tremendous help! (I had to ask other students if they knew, since the required software was NOT listed in the course description and not even my counselor was sure. Being informed that software like "Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint" and "Adobe Illustrator" were vital to the course would've been helpful in preparing.)
Response 202
Response 203 n/a
Response 204
Response 205 Having to go on campus to take the exam. Only because I commute by using the bus.
Response 206
Response 207
Response 208 N/A
Response 209
Response 210
Response 211 i cant think of anything that i did not like about the course
Response 212
Response 213 Depends on which course this survey is referring to
Response 214
Response 215
Response 216 Some of the instructors weren't very clear with their lessons and instructions and without the advantage of having face to face interaction, it was hard at times to figure out what was required even with the help of emailing for clarification. Also, grades and returned assignments weren't always posted in a timely manner with some of the courses resulting in confusion and repeated mistakes in subsequent assignments.
Response 217
Response 218 N/A
Response 219 I don't think I had any "bad" experience with distance education. However, I was skeptical at first taking an online course just because it was my first time and I'm usually the type of student who likes one on on interaction, but I actually enjoyed taking this course online.
Response 220 n/a
Response 221
Response 222 Loved all of the online classes that I took....
Response 223 I think the only thing I didn't like about Online classes was when I had a problem and it was late and the instructors were not online at the time, but they always assisted me the next morning and addressed my problem.
Response 224 I did not like the participation. It felt like a forced interaction that did not achieve real interaction. I also did not like the first three chapters of the book. They were very boring!
Response 225 Online courses depend on personal self-control. I need to read book, do homework voluntarily.
Response 226 For certain classes the syllabus wasn't clear nor were some of my written assignments. Specifically the rubrics for writing assignments.
Response 227 n/a
Response 228 No problems.
Response 229
Response 230 the glitching & pausing.
Response 231 It really depends on which course it was/ the teacher. But a big reason why I choose distance education is because of my work schedule, and I don't like how some teachers had us do mandatory chat sessions with the whole class at a specific time and date, which defeated the purpose of why I chose distant education, therefore I had to drop numerous classes.
Response 232 none
Response 233 I could not move on to the next module until a certain date. I would like to have worked at my own pace.
Response 234 Sometimes the time allowed for certain material can be too short.
Response 235 I need online instruction, but I miss interaction with the instructor. Students interact regularly, but there is very little interaction with the instructor, and email communications can be misunderstood. I think that online course instructors should schedule regular phone meetings with their students - or even Skype or Blackboard. More intimate communication with the instructor would allow for a better measure of comprehension of what is expected of the student.
Response 236 I needed to keep track of which courses were due when.
Response 237
Response 238
Response 239
Response 240
Response 241 The limit of only one submittal of an assignment. Sometimes you make a mistake when submitting and can't take it back.
Response 242 The lack of face-to-face interaction. DE courses are just not ideal for my learning style.
Response 243 The least thing I liked about online education is when you have a question that you have to ask the instructor, you have to wait a day or two to get a response.
Response 244 The response from the instructor. It took a month before I received a response from my instructor.
Response 245 Not forgetting about assignments or tests because there isn't anyone in a classroom to remind you.
Response 246 That some teacher have to have one type of word document. Even though not everyone has it.
Response 247 The subject.
Response 248
Response 249 None
Response 250 Grades were not uploaded correctly
Response 251 One of my teachers did not answer e-mails or phone calls.
Response 252 What I liked least was the fact that sometimes teachers were a little vague on how to do certain things
Response 253 some of them were just a little too distant..while others were spot on interactive
Response 254 Very difficult to locate information in regards to the library sources.
Response 255
Response 256
Response 257
Response 258
Response 259 0..................nada.................nothing! It was all G!
Response 260
Response 261 N/A
Response 262
Response 263
Response 264 I would not prefer distance eduction classes over traditional classroom experience. It cannot replace the quality and ease of learning in the classroom. The classroom environment allows for more enriching communication and social environment.
Response 265 The timed quizzes & tests were pretty stressful. I wish they gave a little bit more time to complete. I kind of panic when I'm under a time limit but I understand it is necessary.
Response 266 I honestly didn't enjoy the forums. I just want to learn the work from the instructor and then do the work.
Response 267 Two of my classes still using textbook, its an online course, so it should be a online textbook only.
Response 268 none
Response 269
Response 270 Having to remind myself to complete work, not having a teacher telling me face to face.
Response 271
Response 272
Response 273
Response 274 I don't completely trust the use of computers/laptops.
Response 275