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21) What did you like most about your distance education experience?
Response 1 Deadlines. Gives assignment ahead of time to finish early if wanted to.
Response 2 quality of prof. convenience
Response 3 Nothing, no complaints.
Response 4 N/A
Response 5 The discussions were very interesting and we were able to post how we felt about each topic without fear of being mistreated.
Response 6 It gives you an opportunity to manage your time well and it gives you more knowledge on how to self-study. You can really learn the course because the instructor isn't there with you, teaching you every step of the course but guiding you instead. You can also depend more on yourself about the course without always depending on your instructors.
Response 7 I like when the teachers gives 24hours to open the test. I also like announcements, because they are emailed to me
Response 8 Flexibility.
Response 9
Response 10
Response 11
Response 12 I liked the pace of a distance ed course. I do like interacting with others students, but some instructors are not as active as us students are on Laulima.
Response 13
Response 14
Response 15
Response 16
Response 17 The fact that it is over.
Response 18 by giving the student the responsibility to do assignments on their own terms within a certain due date, this really helped with my time management & planning skills.
Response 19 Convenience. I work during the day and take care of my family.
Response 20 The fact that I do not have to sit in a classroom
Response 21 Flexibility
Response 22 I loved the flexibility distant learning courses offer.
Response 23 Scheduling freedom, no transportation expense.
Response 24 Convenience
Response 25 very flexible and easy to access
Response 26 Quick, easy, and on my time.
Response 27 Doing things at my own pace on my own time!!!!
Response 28 That I can still work and go to school.
Response 29 For someone who's disabled, it's a blessing to not have to physically sit in a classroom setting.
Response 30 I enjoyed working on my own time and space. I was able to do activities any time only thing I was unable to correct it I needed to send it to the teacher and because it wasn't homework she would not want to correct it because it was not homework. But I am grateful for distance learning.
Response 31 How helpful the instructor was when help was needed. The instructor was always there if I needed help and if he was not, he found other means of getting help like sending me to the tutors room in the learning commons.
Response 32 It is great for people that work full time and have crazy schedules so they can't make it in to work. Most of my instructors in my distance courses have been very good at providing a variety of projects and assignment to promote learning and to keep the classes interactive.
Response 33 It motivates you to come in and attend your classes. Some classes are fun, and some are not. But most of all you learn and understand the lesson even better because your sitting inside the class.
Response 34
Response 35 Being able to see the work and get email reminders on upcoming assignments
Response 36 Only that I got to stay home and do the work.
Response 37 most of the teachers i had was available and replied quickly
Response 38 accessing the work at my own pace (with regard to deadlines)
Response 39 Flexibility
Response 40 Different experience for me, being that I always took courses in a classroom setting but it was a good experience.
Response 41 I was able to work at my own pace while getting feedback from my instructor and students about my work. Since this was an online course, I was able to focus more on in-person courses at my main institution without having to worry about attending a course at Leeward Community College.
Response 42 N/A
Response 43
Response 44
Response 45 Grade book availability and checking grades, although professor would be behind in updating grades. Real time grade updates after exam or quiz. Word count.
Response 46
Response 47 It's at your own pace but also structured with deadlines. So you can do the work when your ready or have time.
Response 48
Response 49 I was able to see my grade right away.
Response 50 The distance education fixed the due date of work assignments gave me the opportunity to habituate myself to time management.
Response 51 Ability to complete all work at my own pace from the comfort of home.
Response 52 The fact that I learned about Twitter, Diigo, Screenr, and how to use different web 2.0 tools to interact with others and to enhance my learning about the Web. It was great in ED 279 because I learned a lot from Brent Hirata, and my classmates, especially Jason Nagata. It opened my eyes and mind to new experiences and how to use the web more efficiently to help my students in my job as a Special Ed Educational Assistant at Honoka'a High.
Response 53
Response 54 Easy
Response 55 Self-directed
Response 56 I didn't have to sit through a lecture and I was able to work at my own pace.
Response 57 The instructor was otherwise very organized and responsive. The class assignments were well designed and assured that we engaged with the course materials in order to do well.
Response 58 Distance learning is great for a working person who can't make it to the campus. All the classes taken from LCC have had good lectures, well paced with adequate access to professors and good materials. I think LCC does a very good job with distance learning classes. You are embracing the future of learning, show real commitment to distance learning and are providing a valuable service to the public. Much mahalo!
Response 59
Response 60 Easily accessible
Response 61 Everything. Great instructor, homework, exams/test, class discussions, messaging when I need help. I think LCC is the best CC in the island. Way way better than stupid KCC!!
Response 62 *convenience (being able to save my time)
Response 63 It allows for flexibility and independence. Tests can be taken at home, and you work around your own schedule.
Response 64
Response 65
Response 66 I love distance education. I wish all my classes were offered this way.
Response 67 Convenient
Response 68 Convenience of checking in and completing assignments at home.
Response 69 Variety of ways learning material was presented e.g. videos, recorded lectures, readings, textbook, etc.
Response 70 Our instructor was very straightforward and clear in his expectations.
Response 71 Everything! It provided me with the materials I needed as well as the resources. Laulima is a great site and I hope that UH-WO will also use this site again. I enjoyed taking online courses because I was working during the day it made everything for me convenient. I enjoyed it. no problems.
Response 72 I enjoy the convenience of being able to study on my own time. It allows me to be able to go to school while working full-time.
Response 73 being able to work at my own pace
Response 74
Response 75 nothing
Response 76
Response 77
Response 78 The organization of the professor, I believe, plays a very crucial role in the success of the students. Having a well-organized professor allowed me to do well, stay focused, and stay on task.
Response 79 I like how some of the grading that was given on tests/quizzes was given back immediately. Also the resource section is helpful if teachers chose to utilize it.
Response 80 none
Response 81 convenience, flexible time,
Response 82
Response 83
Response 84
Response 85
Response 86 Variety in learnig experiences. Not only taking tests but also talking to Operations Managers, getting prices from businesses, extra credit and working with groups out of class.
Response 87 everything provided from the instructor.
Response 88 Meeting new people
Response 89
Response 90 it's good for people who works full-time and still needs an education.
Response 91 I like be able to get credits to fulfill my degree on my own schedule.
Response 92 Being able to take control of my own time, when and if i wanted to study the subject. In #10, i didn't answer the last 7 questions as i didn't use them. thank you.
Response 93 convenience
Response 94
Response 95
Response 96 I could go at my own pace. The teachers were easily accessible for any questions or problems. The interactive programs were so helpful for learning and retention.
Response 97 All of my instructors were very clear in their expectations and gave clear instructions. My instructors we easy to communicate with and were very helpful.
Response 98 the flexible schedule
Response 99 I like the ability to work at my own pace and have the opportunity to have individual thoughts and ideas while at the same time, other students have their thoughts and ideas. It is interesting to watch the development of ideas in students as the course(s) continue.
Response 100 It was helpful that I was not in Hawaii and I can still take the course I needed
Response 101
Response 102 The easy access via computer wherever I went.
Response 103 Self-paced.
Response 104 more time to complete assignments
Response 105 I can access my homeworks and assigned works in my own time and there's a lot fo resources I was able to use. The professor is also easy to contact which made it easier as well.
Response 106
Response 107 Being able to complete at my own pace/time and schedule accordingly.
Response 108 I appreciated being able to review the materials and instructions more than once.
Response 109 Allowed me to complete school work inconjunction with my the daily tasks of my busy life.
Response 110 I liked that besides the absence of scheduled class times and lectures, everything that was included in the course (resources, grading, assignments, forums, announcements, etc.) made it seem like a real class. It was structured excellently, resulting in no change of my learning results.
Response 111 Convience of not going into class and working full time while going to school
Response 112 Interaction with the teacher and students were prompted and practiced effectively through assignments and email.
Response 113 The ability to study at my own pace and the flexibility of when I can study.
Response 114 The fact that I could get things done on my own time.
Response 115
Response 116
Response 117 I liked everything about this course, and I would recommend it to anyone.
Response 118
Response 119 The ability to complete your work at your pace within the set due date.
Response 120
Response 121 Flexible schedule. Organized lessons and assignments.
Response 122 Again, this varies from course to course. I just like the whole concept of distance education. Physically going into a classroom to learn is a hassle. However, I do think that it should be mandatory for students to have to go into a monitored testing center to take exams.
Response 123 The ability to move at your own pace while completing assignments, as long as you don't fall behind.
Response 124 The video in place of modeling for teaching each activity. I loved the fact that there were still face to face instruction using media even though the course was an online course.
Response 125 It allows you to complete the work on your own schedule, helping to either finish the course quickly or behind
Response 126 Teachers were great
Response 127 schedule
Response 128
Response 129 The projects were very engaging and pushed me to be creative. I only wish that others in the course were held at equal standards.
Response 130 It is convenient. I am a self-directed learner. The distant education experience allows me to explore details that interest me. I can study the less interesting aspects of a subject just enough to meet expectations.
Response 131 I could work at my own pace.
Response 132 I was able to do my assignments and coursework when my time allowed. It was much more flexible than a regular course
Response 133 Is being able to attend school from my home. There are times where being in a classroom has been difficult but now I am able to graduate!! woohoo!!! I am hoping I could do the same by obtaining my Bachelor and Master's degree with distance education!!
Response 134 Convenience
Response 135
Response 136 The flexibility and convenience provided by online instruction. I am able to work a full-time day schedule and be able to complete courses during the evening or weekends.
Response 137
Response 138 It was kind of interesting that our instructor assigned some of the projects that we had to work as a team. She pretended to be our Manager in at a real workplace and forced us to meet online on the Blackboard Collaboration website. It was different experience for me, that the first time I had to meet other students and interacted with them to get the assignments done on time.
Response 139 It gives me more time and the best part of taking distance education is I don't have to go to the campus.
Response 140 convenience.
Response 141
Response 142 Study materials was readily available
Response 143 I love how dr. kae structures his online class. he is very well organized and is very helpful with his narrated modules and animations. I love the way he breaks his sections up so it doesn't blur together. in his class he made us figure out what type of learner we are (ie: visual, audio, etc) so his online class is structured in a way that whichever learning style we are we can click and choose however we learn best. his class is a very good example of how all online classes should be...
Response 144 Being able to access my laulima almost 24/7. Although it was a major inconvenience not being able to access laulima at 8am eastern time due to system upgrades daily at 3am Hawaii time.
Response 145 I like how everything was organized
Response 146 I did not have to go to the campus,I only stay home and do all my assignments. But the thing I do not like, is going to the campus to take the test when I have busy schedules for work and school.
Response 147 The teacher was well organized and the materials were delivered in a prompt and easy to understand manner.
Response 148 I enjoyed having opportunities to do group projects and ways to interact with others that were taking the course such as in Dr. Kae's Microbiology 130 course. I also enjoyed having the online lectures and interactive modules in this course. Other great on line instructors such as Bobbi Martel, Jeff Judd, Michael Cawdery and Meredith Lee are wonderful at communicating and available when you need to see them in person. I would recommend looking at what they have done to make on line learning a great experience.
Response 149 easy access. Very convenient for parents with children. You could do your work ahead of time.
Response 150 It is convenient for a working full time student. Able to view most required resources and assignment.
Response 151 The freedom to complete the assignment on my time.
Response 152 It challenges you to learn and study more versus being in class.
Response 153 It was more convenient, working from home :)
Response 154 I enjoy the flexibility of doing the work on my own schedule.
Response 155 I could do it on my own time
Response 156 The freedom to do assignments and projects at your own time. Also having the chance to learn about new software technologies.
Response 157 Getting to do school work according to my schedule.
Response 158 Undecided.
Response 159 The instructor was very gracious & communicative with the online class
Response 160 Convenient and works with my schedule
Response 161 simple
Response 162
Response 163 Everything was great! Mr. Chernisky was very helpful and kept everyone up to date. He reminded us about the chapter quizzes and the unit tests. He helped greatly in explaining the final essay and how to do it!
Response 164 Nothing at all, nothing but issues, and excuses at the cost of my education which I paid for out of pocket. The follow through was extremely terrible. The Math guru left me hanging, had me purchase books for a class that won't happen while she went to Vegas. Extra expenses costed me over $200.00 and no apology, she was suppose to help me get setup for Math 100 after finishing Math 82 early, Don't know which call I was set up for if at all. Totally getting the run around for this head person whose classroom is attached to the Math tutor place where we also did testing. She was of so little help, I don't even know her name, she had me go to the counselor because she was in Vegas, and the counselor doing her best was not taught well enough to help and I was told I would have to wait until the professor returned from Vegas, and no surprise, still no help, no followup, no phone call, nothing. Shame on that professor. Badly represented LCC and I let many people know it because NO ONE would do anything about it, the student lost out in the end. Second set of bad experiences two semesters in a row at LCC and UHWO due to lack of care by professors, lack of professionalism and technology ongoing issues.
Response 165
Response 166 That I was able to work on class assignments and exams on my own time as long as I was responsible for them. Also, the teacher got back to us right away if we had any questions, especially since it was an online class.
Response 167 The communication between other students in my class was easy and helpful.
Response 168
Response 169 Was able to work with my personnel life..
Response 170 I liked that it fit my schedule and allowed me to do school work on my own time.
Response 171 Its convenience and flexibility on my schedule between work, school and personal life.
Response 172 Online interaction with other students & the instructor. It was much easier to receive and give advice on forums since it was accessible from home anytime.
Response 173
Response 174 Given enough time to complete the work. Advance notices and e-mail from the instructor
Response 175 I enjoyed the convenience of being at home and still being challenged in the course. I didn't have to worry about being there on time but attending everyday and doing all my assignments in advance.
Response 176 I liked the accessibility. I am a mother of 2 and a 3rd on the way. Being able to juggle school and my personal life with a family was very convenient. I didnʻt have to worry about finding a sitter for my infant.
Response 177 I was able to do my work at my own pace, at any time of day or night. That was why I chose a distance learning course.
Response 178
Response 179 The AAT program had a wonderful set up. The courses were all set up in a similar, easily navigated way.
Response 180 I was able to do the course on my own and some let me do the work at my own pace which helped me a lot considering my busy schedule.
Response 181 How it was convenient and easy to use.
Response 182 It was fun and the instructor always had activities that we could interact and have a more understanding of the topics discussing.
Response 183
Response 184 Convenient
Response 185 ease of accessing course work
Response 186
Response 187 That your able to work on assignments at your available time. You don't have to drive to campus.
Response 188 I like that I have the freedom to work at my own schedule asII'm a single mom.
Response 189
Response 190 I got to do my work at my own time and I got to learn on my own.
Response 191
Response 192 I liked the discussion forum and how we had to interact with other students in the course
Response 193
Response 194 not having to physically be in class at a certain time.
Response 195 my own pace. anytime of day I can do my work.
Response 196 Not sure
Response 197 Lots of opportunities to interact with other students
Response 198 The independence
Response 199 I liked that it was accessible to me when ever I wanted. I could do homework and tests on my own
Response 200 I liked the time flexibility.
Response 201 I enjoyed the quality of each course: enough tools and guidance are given for independent learning, and the content made for good growth. Plus, not having to drive to a campus for tests/exams was beneficial for my schedule.
Response 202
Response 203 n/a
Response 204
Response 205 I thought that it was great how the Dr.Kae would allow us to interact with each other through the discussion boards.
Response 206 I like being able to do work at home.
Response 207
Response 208 The opportunity to work at my own pace or complete assignments faster.
Response 209
Response 210
Response 211 i enjoyed the idea that i was able to work at my own pace and my own time
Response 212
Response 213 Convenience of working from my home or any where else there is Internet connection
Response 214
Response 215
Response 216 As a full-time employee, the opportunity to be able to log on and do classwork at a time that is possible for me. Many times - not until 10 o'clock at night or later. Taking advantage of modern technology and the ease of submitting assignments and taking tests and exams online.
Response 217
Response 218 Flexibility
Response 219 That there were no "set-time" for class; giving me some time to catch up with other school work.
Response 220 The convenience of being able to take my class when I was able to (after work) and the ability to interact with my instructor and other classmates online.
Response 221
Response 222 Completing all of my classes with a respected grade level.....
Response 223 That I can do it at my own pace. Sometimes when I have the instructor looking over me while I do my work I tend to get tense and loose focus. I also like that I can chat with classmates about upcoming projects and problems that we may have.
Response 224 I liked that the teacher knew where we would have struggles and took pains to help us out. At a point in the class where I felt like I was going to get frustrated or confused she offered a Skype like forum. It was scary to log on to the program I had never used but she had clear and concise directions. During our big project she also offered Checkpoints. This was invaluable because if I got to the end and had make a small mistake I would of had to start all over from the beginning! I really appreciated her forethought and preparation.
Response 225 Everything goes online, I can do it anytime and anywhere.
Response 226 The freedom to move ahead when my time allows, as well as if I get sick I have more time to finnish if I took advantage of moving forward. Having 2 kids and being a single mom, having the opportunity to complete assignments ahead of time or allowing more opportunities for taking tests is a great assistance. Much of my study time is late at night after kids sleep and studying is difficult, and allowing for multiple tries for tests lessens the stress on me and my family.
Response 227 very convenient
Response 228 I liked how organized lessons were, and the interaction between students sure to the assigned work
Response 229
Response 230 the independence & not needing to go to classes which would have effected my job & other responsibilities
Response 231 What I enjoyed the most, was kumu kane, who teaches Music 121Z, she always made herself available and able to talk to on te phone or through email. I can honestly say I know she genuinely cares about all her students and really tries to reach out one by one, and not just as a teacher, but an individual as well.
Response 232 Convenient and accessible
Response 233 I enjoyed the freedom to work full time and still get my work done.
Response 234 Flexibility to work around my schedule.
Response 235 Online course instruction for me is extremely convenient - I live on Maui and cannot get the degree that I want from MCC - so basically, I would not be getting my BA in Political science without it. Also, being able to pick courses from all Hawaii state community college campuses is crucial.
Response 236 Being able to study in the middle of the night if needed.
Response 237 the convenience of not having to travel to lcc campus to attend a course. i have kids and being with them safes me money (no babysitter) and allows me to further my education.
Response 238 Teacher was great
Response 239
Response 240
Response 241 Allowed me to have more time in the day to work at my job.
Response 242 The instructor made it clear what to do and when to do it. I always knew what to expect and there were no surprises.
Response 243 I mostly liked that I could go online and do my work on my own time. I didn't have to travel and I loved the time frame for when our work is due. It gives us time to do our in class work and get to do the online course later even if it's right before it's due.
Response 244
Response 245 Convenience of time so I could earn credits and still hold a job
Response 246 Freedom to do my work anywhere or anytime
Response 247 Didn't have to go to class
Response 248
Response 249 Able to "attend" the class at a reasonable time. It was an interesting and interactive where we would ask feedback on our assignments from other students.
Response 250 That I could study and do my assignments at my own pace
Response 251 I could do it on my own time with adequate time to get assignments in. I could learn and explore more freely than in a classroom setting.
Response 252 What I liked most was that the online course was flexible to my schedule
Response 253 not having to commute
Response 254 Very convenient. Allows me to work full-time, raise my family and continue my education.
Response 255
Response 256
Response 257
Response 258 It was well organized, especially the modules.
Response 259 All of it. I am so grateful that we know have more distance education classes.
Response 260
Response 261 The Flexibility it gives me to study when and where I want.
Response 262
Response 263
Response 264 The ability to study according to my own schedule. And the advice from the professor to try to work ahead if at all possible. His guidance helped me to stay ahead on readings and research. Mahalo!
Response 265 I liked the flexibility of completing the assignments and taking the tests. You could do it at your own pace. On-line classes work well for working people with families.
Response 266 Learning new infromation.
Response 267 The fact that I had a online textbook and was able to borrow a online textbook and it expired after class was done. No paper wasted, true GREEN class. Loved it!
Response 268 many resources
Response 269
Response 270 Flexibility with my schedule which allows me to stay home with my kids.
Response 271 i got to do my work on my schedule which made it easier!
Response 272 I liked how there was always alot of information for my studies. I lke how I can get my grades as soon as I am done taking a test.
Response 273 I can manage my own time.
Response 274 I was able to "attend class" at my discretion.
Response 275