Improving Distance Courses at LCC Fall 2010 Results

The public results are available below. The results will be shared through Jul 27, 2020. If you need help, please contact

Showing Response:

1) Please choose your gender

2) How old are you?
over 40

3) How many LCC distance delivered courses have you taken?
This is the only LCC distance course I have taken

4) How many different tools did you use in Laulima?
3 Tools

5) Which Laulima tools were most helpful in your learning? Choose all that apply.
Gradebook, Assignments, Modules, Tests, Tasks & Surveys, Announcements, Syllabus

6) Would you take another LCC distance education course?

7) How did you find out about this distance course? (check all that apply)
UHCC distance website

8) Have you participated in a distance learning orientation?

9) If yes, the distance learning orientation was provided by

10) On a five point scale, where 5 is very satisfied and 1 is very dissatisfied, please indicate your satisfaction with the following online services at Leeward Community College:
Application Process 5
Registration Process 5
Process of Aquiring Textbooks 5
Financial Aid Process (financial planning and management) 5
Accessing Financial Aid 5
Academic Advising Resources (academic and career counseling) 5
Distance Learning Orientation 5
Tutoring 5
Library Resources 5
Technical Support 5

11) I clearly understood how activities and tests would be graded.
Strongly Agree

12) Evaluation of my performance included a variety of methods other than tests and quizzes.

13) I had opportunities to interact with other students.

14) The instructional materials were presented in an organized manner and were easy to navigate.
Strongly Agree

15) The learning activities helped me reach the stated goals of the course.
Strongly Agree

16) The tools and media supported the course goals and were appropriately chosen to deliver the content of the course.
Strongly Agree

17) The tools and media enhanced student interactivity and helped me be a more active learner.
Strongly Agree

18) The instructional strategies encouraged me to be engaged with the course content.
Strongly Agree

19) The learning activities in each lesson or module promoted interaction (with other students, the content, or the instructor).

20) What did you like least about your distance education experience?

21) What did you like most about your distance education experience?