Student Survey for Distance Education (DE) Courses at Leeward CC (Spring 2014) Results

The public results are available below. The results will be shared through Aug 25, 2018. If you need help, please contact

Showing Response:

1) Please specify your gender.

2) How old are you?

3) On a five-point scale, where 5 is very satisfied and 1 is very dissatisfied, please indicate how satisfied you were with the following ONLINE services at Leeward CC this past semester.
ONLINE Application Process 5
ONLINE Registration Process 5
ONLINE Process of Aquiring Textbooks 5
ONLINE Financial Aid Process (financial planning and management) 5
ONLINE Accessing Financial Aid 5
ONLINE Academic Advising Resources (academic and career counseling) 5
ONLINE Distance Learning Orientation 5
ONLINE Tutoring 5
ONLINE Library Resources 5
ONLINE Technical Support 5

4) How many distance education (DE) courses did you take this past semester at Leeward CC?

5) How did you find out about the DE course(s) you took this past semester at Leeward CC? (Checkmark all that apply.)
Leeward CC catalog, Class availability website, Word-of-mouth

6) Did you participate in a distance learning orientation this past semester at Leeward CC? Who provided the distance learning orientation? (Checkmark all that apply.)
I did not participate in a distance learning orientation.

7) Which Laulima tools were most helpful in your learning for the DE course(s) you took this past semester at Leeward CC? (Checkmark all that apply.)
Gradebook, Assignments, Modules, Forums, Discussion & Private Messages, Tests, Tasks & Surveys, Announcements, Messages, Schedule/Calendar, Resources, Syllabus

8) How many different Laulima tools did you use in the DE course(s) you took this past semester at Leeward CC?
More than 4 tools

9) Readings, lectures, and class activities were related to assignments, quizzes, tests, and learning objectives of the course. The material on which I was tested on was the same material I studied in the course.

10) Expectations for assignments, quizzes, tests, as well as what I would be graded on and how they would be scored, were clear and available.

11) The instructor used a variety of assessment techniques and methods to determine whether I met the course goals.

12) The course grading policy was clearly stated.

13) The instructor provided constructive and timely feedback.

14) The requirements for interacting with the instructor were clear.

15) The instructor provided meaningful and regular interaction.

16) The requirements for interacting with other students were clear.

17) The instructor provided opportunities for me to interact with other students.

18) The instructional materials were clear, well organized, and easy to navigate.

19) The instructional materials were relevant to the course goals.

20) The weekly learning objectives were consistent with the course goals and measured success.

21) The learning activities helped me achieve the stated course goals.

22) Appropriate tools and media were used to deliver the course content.

23) The tools and media used encouraged me to participate.

24) The learning activities helped me to engage with and learn the course content.

25) The course information was easy to find and course policies were clearly stated.

26) The learning activities required me to interact with other students, with course materials, and the instructor.

27) All learning objectives were stated clearly and written from the students’ perspective.

28) Course instructions described and/or linked to the school’s learner support policies and services websites, such as the LRC, Writing Center, and KI office.

29) Would you take another distance education (DE) course at Leeward CC?