Anonymous Online Report of Student Mistreatment

Anonymous Online Report of Student Mistreatment

John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Standard procedures for reporting mistreatment, as stated in the JABSOM's mistreatment policy (see below link) are as follows:

"Students can report concerns about mistreatment or their learning environment to any of their instructors, faculty, academic advisors, course directors, or the Director of Student Affairs.  Students may also make reports confidentially or anonymously via the student ombudsperson to the Director of Student Affairs." 

"The Director of Student Affairs is the academic administrator responsible for the oversight of the respectful learning environment for the medical students.  Students may report mistreatment directly to the Director of Student Affairs"

JABSOM is committed to addressing student mistreatment and is providing this form as a reporting mechanism.  Although you are not required to state your name and contact information, reporting through this online mechanism with anonymity may interfere with our ability to investigate the concern.   The option of providing your name/contact information is given in the report form should you decide to include it.  For more background regarding our policies and procedures for reporting student mistreatment, please see the following link:

“Medical Student Mistreatment Guidelines and Procedures”

As stated in the policy above:

"The Director of Student Affairs will thoroughly consider any reported allegations of medical student mistreatment, and monitor trends by departments, as well as by individual residents and faculty.  The Director of Student Affairs will report trends or serious offenses to the respective department chairs (or their designee), program director, associate dean and/or appropriate authority at the involved sites so that the proper authorities can investigate the issues and decide if and what action is warranted."

"Every effort will be made to protect alleged victims of mistreatment from retaliation if they seek redress.  Retaliation will not be tolerated. To help prevent retaliation, those who are accused of mistreatment will be informed that retaliation is regarded as a form of mistreatment.  Accusations that retaliation has occurred will be handled in the same manner as accusations concerning other forms of mistreatment."

Please report the event of concern in the following page.  Your report will be received and reviewed by the Director and Assistant Director of Student Affairs.

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