Leeward faculty needs for teaching online-2014 Results

The public results are available below. The results will be shared through Mar 13, 2018. If you need help, please contact support@surveyshare.com

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1) Faculty status: 

2) We would like to know your preferred type of professional development. Please rank your preferences by selecting each answer only once from greatest interest to least interest.
1. Peer-to-peer exchange of ideas 4 Average Interest
2. Face-to face classroom workshops 1 Greatest Interest
3. "Flipped classroom" workshops 2
4. Online workshops 5
5. One-on-one mentoring/tutoring 3
6. Presenter lectures/Q & A online 5
7. Presenter lectures/Q & A face-to face 1 Greatest Interest
8. Self paced online tutorials/resources 1 Greatest Interest

3) We would like to learn your preferred topics for professional development. Please rank your interest in taking professional development. Be sure to only select each answer one time.
Determining ways to assess learner progress 3.
Adapting traditional classroom activities to online 3.
Using technology to increase learner interaction 2.
Creating video/audio lectures 2.
Creating web tutorials 2.
Using Synchronous discussions (e.g. Blackboard Collaborate, Skype) 4. Average need
Using Document sharing/exchange (GoogleDocs, Dropbox, etc.) 4. Average need
Creating a professional portfolio for contract/tenure/promotion. 4. Average need

4) What aspects of online course organization and design are you interested in improving or enhancing? Please rank your needs by selecting each answer only once from greatest need to lowest need
Creating the structure, organization and aesthetic design of the course 4. Average need
Identifying online course delivery tools to best meet course objectives and learner needs 4. Average need
Designing online group work 3.
Designing online discussions 3.
Creating opportunities for online community building 4. Average need
Creating a schedule of course assignments and activities. 4. Average need
Creating rubrics for course assignments and activities. 4. Average need
Ensuring ADA Accessibility standards are met 4. Average need

5) What aspects of teaching online do you need help with from your greatest need to your lowest need? Please do not select the same answer more than once. 
Managing course communications 4. Average need
Managing course workflow 4. Average need
Facilitating group work 2.
Communicating and reinforcing expectations 4. Average need
Facilitating asynchronous discussions (e.g. Discussion Forums) 3.
Facilitating synchronous discussions 4. Average need
Promoting and facilitating community building 2.
Improving learner support 3.

6) Please select your preferred day of the week to attend professional development.

7) Please select your preferred time of the day to attend professional development.

8) Is there anything you need help with or are interested in learning more of now relating to distance education?