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30) What did you like least about your distance education experience?
Response 1 Course content semi hard to understand
Response 2
Response 3 I have no complaints or suggestion for improvement. Perfect, as is.
Response 4
Response 5 Not being able to work with the instructor one-on-one while doing the lessons.
Response 6
Response 7 lots of reading
Response 8
Response 9
Response 10 quizzes and homewk seem to be out later than the sessions it applies to
Response 11 There's always the chance of technical difficulties and though it makes you be rigorous, it's some times hard to keep up with if you miss a day of checking your online work.
Response 12 Distance education courses are wonderful. In this particular case, the fact that we had FOUR proctored exams made it difficult for those of us that work and have a family. I particularly disliked the lack of feedback and timely responses from the instructor. Most of the time I felt left to my own devices. Tasks and projects were not clear; deadlines were not applicable; there was no explanation of grading criteria.
Response 13 n/a
Response 14 No comment
Response 15 Nothing.
Response 16 I didn't like that the teacher was hard to understand because she talked too fast for her accent. I also didn't like that there wasn't enough time on the quizzes and that I felt like there wasn't enough information about each topic being taught.
Response 17
Response 18
Response 19 My home institution is Manoa. I didn't like that I had to come to LCC to pay my tuition. I thought I should've been allowed to pay it online either with MyUH Portal or at the LCC main website.
Response 20 Nothing that i can think off.
Response 21 Lot of self- discipline and reading.
Response 22 sometimes the links wouldn't work
Response 23
Response 24 the quizzes didn't match the lessons, the questions were too specific, and nothing about knowing the material.
Response 25
Response 26 ICS101 - the Pearson/Prentise Hall MyITLab was good in concept, but woefully buggy and frustrating for a lot of students. Important functions did not work and the servers were sometimes very slow. It consumed and wasted a lot of valuable time. They never responded to my complaints. It would be a good learning tool if it worked well. I feel they should reimburse the school and students for their defective was that bad. Regarding registration, courses have prerequisites that need to be waived. So I had to see the professor to get that done. For those that live on neighbor islands, that would not be possible. This must be addressed.
Response 27 Nothing. I love distance education and would recommended it to anybody that can't attend the classroom. I am so greatfull that LCC and UH have taken full advantage of this technology for the good of all students. We just need more courses available.
Response 28 Grading is not instant.
Response 29 sometimes cannot see material when camera shows the projector screen instructor is using.
Response 30
Response 31 everything was good
Response 32 Unable to post
Response 33
Response 34
Response 35 I had one online course that was really bad. I am glad I got that course out of the way. The disorganization and structure of the course really made it hard to learn.
Response 36 I couldn't ask questions face to face, although the answers I received to my questions sufficed. I find it much easier to converse face to face when dealing with harder subjects because I feel like I can get more out of the explanations than posts.
Response 37
Response 38
Response 39 No complaints. I just wish that I had discovered distance education sooner.
Response 40 1) The wait time between quizzes/exams to see how one is doing. Sometimes I was anxious to know the score even though I knew I didn't do too well. 2) Missing the on-campus experience with faculty and classmates. However, distance learning was the most effective choice due to transportation and work schedule hours.
Response 41
Response 42
Response 43 What I liked least about my distance education experience was that the instructor was very negaitve, she only had negative things to say about majority of the class. Also whenever you recieved a reply from her it was sassy. She was not a very friendly instructor and when I don't like the way the instructor teaches my inerest decreases, overall I was disappointed in taking this class.
Response 44 None.
Response 45
Response 46 instructor removed quizes immediatly after they were taken, so i was not able to see what mistakes i made and learn from them
Response 47 N/A
Response 48
Response 49 i don't like that you have to buy a text book for an online class.
Response 50 Some things weren't clear, such as verbiage and specifics, and required a bit of clarification from the instructor.
Response 51 not knowing what exactly what she wanted for the "attendance" grade.
Response 52 My computer changed the answers on several quizzes.
Response 53
Response 54 Not having face to face interaction with the instructor
Response 55 Not being able to see your student body
Response 56 There was nothing I didn't like
Response 57 not enough feedback on exams and quizzes
Response 58 sometimes there was glitches in the website and it was unaccessible..
Response 60
Response 61 The only thing I dislike about distance education is the lack of a face to put to the person, but otherwise I am looking forward to taking more classes as these will work better for me than a physically meeting class.
Response 62 Nothing it was great.
Response 63 getting stuck with no one to help.
Response 64 N/A
Response 65 Professors attitude towards the students
Response 66
Response 67 The instructor didn't give feedback about grades during the course, so there was no way to measure your success.
Response 68
Response 69 I've taken other courses online, but I feel my instructor wasn't as prepared for this course. I had to reach out to other students for help, but even at that, they didn't understand what was going on either.
Response 70 The bulletin Board. Once you submitted you can not change the text or erase later. Also I was not so comfortable interacting other students who I've ever seen before.
Response 71
Response 72 my own personal time was limited.
Response 73 Nothing
Response 74
Response 75 I have taken about 5 online courses. All of them except for one class were excellent. The good classes were good. This last one I just took with BUS121 online was the worst. The teacher never responded to emails. She was not clear about her requirements and only at the end of the semester emailed the class. If this same instructor had another class online I would never take it. I would not recommend anyone to take it either.
Response 76 nothing.
Response 77
Response 78
Response 79 I liked it all...enjoyed it very much
Response 80
Response 81 Since I did not like the subject matter it made it hard to stay awake while reading the book.
Response 82 A couple teachers could work on their response time, but in general they all respond quickly.
Response 83 n/a
Response 84
Response 85 Nothing
Response 86
Response 87 Only about me that I had hard time focusing myself into the class and that not all the time the teachers replied quickly.
Response 88
Response 89 The exam preperation quizzes weren't very helpful and often brought confusion rather than understanding
Response 90
Response 91 Can be hard to reach instructor.
Response 92 N/A
Response 93
Response 94
Response 95 One teacher was dependent to Wiley website. Students are left to do learning. Teacher neglected to provide powerpoint lessons especially the subject was accounting. Management Accounting is a hard subject, therefore, clear explanation of the said subject should be given to students with the help of teacher.
Response 96
Response 97 Instructor did not communicate well when changing dates of assignments.
Response 98
Response 99 THE Instructor! Her help was limited and did not promote learning at all. Read - take test - and due assignments, that's all. No teacher in this class
Response 100
Response 101 Need more interaction with other classmate.
Response 102
Response 103
Response 104 I was not able to buy the textbook at my home campus, therefore, I had to travel to LCC.
Response 105
Response 106
Response 107
Response 108 Students sets the schedule on when to study and follow the class lectures.
Response 109
Response 110 The instructor Sarmones-Ganne was the worst instructor I've had in my time as a student at Leeward. I would not recommend her to anyone and on the contrary would recommend to people to avoid her as an instructor. Her teaching technique is very sub-par.
Response 111 i think the only thing that hindered me during the course was the group rpoject that required us to meet online at a certain time. with scheduling conflicts it was hard to fulfill this area. in addition i also had a hard time navigating around webct, at first though. i eventually got the hang of it.
Response 112
Response 113 having a distant relationship with the instructor.
Response 114
Response 115 None
Response 116
Response 117
Response 118 I would not be able to choose anything least in my experience with distance education. DE is wonderful and I can't think of one negative/least experience I have ever encountered.
Response 119 not having the opportunity to do extra credit
Response 120 lower quality of voice power point lecture(technical problems)
Response 121 Prior DE courses were excellent. The instructor in Astro was unorganized, full of excuses and many unrealistic challenges. The instructor, on many occasions failed to grant access to the assignments, quizzes, and tests as outlined in his syllabus. He gave not exceptions when it came to student technical difficulties and when his assignments weren't posted in time as promised, the instructor gave technical difficulty excuses as his explanation and expected us to accept his excuse without questioning. Very unprofessional.
Response 122 Hader to get help that you need, more of the one on one help.
Response 123
Response 124
Response 125 N/A.
Response 126
Response 127
Response 128 I don't have a least experience with DE. It works well with my schedule and I am able learn and complete courses of interest and pre-req courses as well.
Response 129
Response 130 Sometimes certain features would not function correctly and I often got logged out of the course during important exams and quizzes
Response 131 I liked it all
Response 132 instructor NOT responding to he emails on a timely manner.
Response 133 its hard to motivate yourself to do the work.
Response 134 NONE
Response 135 I enjoyed all of my web classes except for my micro 130 one with Professor Neupane. He was the most unorganized teacher I'd ever encountered. He took forever to respond to emails, he was not clear on his total grading policies, and it seemed like he doesn't know what he's doing. Awful teacher. My survey answers above are difficult to answer because I've taken two this semester and both teachers were opposite in teaching styles. My answers is based on my overall experience.
Response 136 it was the exams that he wanted us to take at the learning centers. i thought it was very difficult even though there was a time limit. i think the students would have a better chance if we were at home with an open book exam because even though we had notes there was still a time limit. there's no way we'd be able to look it our books or notes within the time limit....
Response 137
Response 138 n/a
Response 139 When taking test we had to know the material on our own for the textbook. I felt that we should of had some class activities to help prepare us.
Response 140 Lack of feedback from instructor or classmates. Even with a full enrollment of about 30 students, the message boards were like a ghost town. Very frustrating for me because I didn't know if what I was doing was right or not.
Response 141
Response 142 nothing it was great
Response 143 I didn't like the lack of creativity of the course. All I did was take quizes.
Response 144 Nothing really against the distant learning but more on myself. I did not push myself to do a good job. I procrastinated a lot.
Response 145
Response 146
Response 147
Response 148 n/a
Response 149 the team project
Response 150 Sometimes we cannot tell what the quiz question is asking. We seem to disagree on the semantics of the working used in the quizes. What seems black and white turns out to have shades of gray we must navigate through in order to complete the quiz. Also, the video presentations require intense concentration at times. If we daydream for too long, we will miss the point of the presentation.
Response 151 In my Math 115 class, the instructor used Yahoo! instead of WebCT. I did not agree with this method. Yahoo! does not seem as reliable as WebCT and there is no record keeping available. All assignment were submitted via email which I found to be unreliable at times. In my Econ class, the instructor did not do a good job of organizing the WebCT site. All the quizzes were scattered all over the place and quizzes would just pop up on me because the quiz was hidden somewhere else in the site. Also, quizzes were listed that were from prior semesters, which I found to be very distracting trying to look for the quiz that i did need to take.
Response 152
Response 153 Little feedback from instructor, took a long time to get grades on papers back.
Response 154 Not having face to face interaction with the instructor and other students.
Response 155 everything was well organize I enjoy my experience it was convient
Response 156 The book list for this semester was posted the day before Christmas and one book was delivered the week after the course started.
Response 157 There was no one to interact with other than the professor if I needed assistance
Response 158 The only thing that I didn't like was that we always had to end up saying positive things about the lessons, projects, and daily classwork. If we did say something negative our grade dropped a grade.
Response 159 Towards the ending of the semester, the professor cancelled a section of the course I had already completed. Most students in my course said they had not completed it. It just felt like a waste of my time to have completed it, but did not need to complete it.
Response 160
Response 161 lack of direct instruction
Response 162
Response 163
Response 164 n/a
Response 165
Response 166
Response 167 My instructor was very unorganized. I heard that this semester was her first semester teaching an online class but she made it very confusing. I took my english online my first semester which was last semester and it was very easy for me to understand and i learned a lot from it but in this class i felt frustrated a lot and i feel that i could have learned a lot more if she was more organized and into what shes teaching.
Response 168 Seemed like there were too many articles to read
Response 169 I liked everything about it. This semester I had a couple of courses that were really independent and I learned a lot from them.
Response 170 not that many students in the class
Response 171 Everything was not so great.
Response 172 learning on your own
Response 173 That when an emergency came up and I was unable to do classwork for a week, I wasn't able to complete the assignment that was due, and it caused me to get a B instead of an A.
Response 174
Response 175 It was hard to explain things by email. I the "talk with the hands" type.
Response 176
Response 177 I would have liked to have more students at my local college enrolled in the class so we could form study groups. And also would have liked more broadcast times. Here on Maui the only broadcast time was at 12 - 2:30 am, so I would have to tape all the classes.
Response 178 had to log on alot webct is junk
Response 179 Easy to miss submitting assignments due to postponing homework because you're not physically "in class". Also, there is no face to face student interaction.
Response 180 My own procrastination at times.
Response 181
Response 182
Response 183 Not enough examples given.
Response 184 The inability to change previous scores that were recorded through webct. On a side note, I would like to say that I was NEVER given an opportunity to take a survey or give feedback about a previous course that I have taken (BUSN 166) that was taught by Malcolm Inamine. I thought this was the absolute worst class that I have taken in my entire college career. The instructor (Malcolm) does not seem to care about anything but himself. He is very un-organized and has a very arrogant, "I'm better than you" attitude. When I did have the chance to meet with Malcolm, he even stated that teaching at LCC was "just for side money" and his main focus is his job as an HR manager. He never responded to any of my e-mails and posted assignments at his own convinience. When he made mistakes, he would somehow turn the situation around and make it seem like there were other things that I could have done to avoid the problem, even though he was clearly at fault. An example of this would be a scheduled meeting I had with Malcolm for a final conference regarding a term project. I had confirmed a time and date with Malcolm through e-mail 3 weeks in advance to prepare for this date. When I came in, he was surprised to see me as he was expecting me the following week. He simply left me with the excuse that he didn't remember the e-mail and that I would have to come in on another day because he to work at his other job. He didn't leave me with many options as he gave me choices of dates and times i.e. (Tue,Wed 12-1) of when I could "make up" my conference. As this wasn't enough, I had to take off from work to go in and be told that I was made the mistake of showing up on the wrong day. These are only a few examples of Malcolm's incompetence and poor attitude as I have heard many similar experience from classmates in the Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 semesters. I would really like something to be done about this professor as he is a very poor representation of an LCC professor.
Response 185
Response 186
Response 187 There are a few areas that I do not like. Since being a DE student from SPR05 semester, I've enjoyed the WEBCt course outlining and wish that UH system would continue using it because Laulima is not DE student friendly. It's not prompted on the homepage that there are discussions or messages/emails, announcements posted from the professor or instructor on Laulima. I'm sorry, I am not sure if LCC is currently using Laulima but I have this through my HCC distance ed class. Honestly, I have other classmates and co-workers, and they say the same thing about laulima site. Although the one good feature of the laulima site is the cut pasting of "in-line" text. Anther area that i really didn't care for this go-round, which is really not an issue for the distance education board for review, but rather just the preference of the professor's instructing style. As a distance education course I would have preferred to do exams online with a strict time restriction rather than going down to the campus or learning centers to take a proctored exam. With stricter time restrictions on the online exams, the student would really not have time to look through notes or the textbook - they would really have to know their material.
Response 188
Response 189 I did not like group work as some students used the online forum as a way to avoid being involved. Perhaps a better system of evaluating each other's participation and making it a significant part of the grade would be helpful.
Response 190 It was not a bad experience.
Response 191 I liked everything about the class.
Response 192
Response 193
Response 194 It was not to organized with the "myitlab"
Response 195
Response 196 nothing
Response 197
Response 198 Too many assignments. Most students aren't just taking 1 online class. So when you have so many assignments and you have 2 or more online classes, it is overwhelming!
Response 199 I did not like not being able to actually go to my instructors office when I needed help.
Response 200 technical problems
Response 201 Not enough course selection available
Response 202
Response 203
Response 204 Feeling like I have to learn the material by myself and not being able to ask a question right then and there *during the cable lecture or when working on the problems* I also didn't like the fact that you had to submit your homework first, then if it's wrong you can ask a question about it. Sometimes it's hard to understand things when the instructor isn't talking to you and explaining to you one-on-one.
Response 205 Having to call tech-support each time the teacher put up a power point or video.
Response 206 I disliked the notion that distance learning was to be treated as in house learning. We were told we needed to both buy a book, and an online version of the book. I believe that it should have been stated that the online book was available before we were told we needed to buy the expensive (and unsustainable) paper version. I did not like that there was not more leeway in the due dates, people taking distance learning are often doing so for the flexibility it provides and I wish the had been more of that in this course.
Response 207 Sometimes I emailed the professor but I didn't get a response till couple days later.
Response 208
Response 209
Response 210 You have to teach yourself everything.
Response 211 confusion. participation in a tattoo discussion board, which might be OK for 20 year olds, but not for me.
Response 212 I didn't like how the instructor didn't respond to e-mails within a decent period of time. We would ask urgent questions and get an e-mail probably a week too late. Quiz and test dates were also very inconvenient. With other online courses, the cut-off times were at a decent hour, not at 6 in the morning!
Response 213 I didnt like that there was some problems with the cd and getting back to old things. But i got threw it.
Response 214 1. From the WebCT browser, it was difficult to open MyITlab. Though, I went directly to the MSN Internet to get into MyITlab and was successful to get quick access into their Website and do the assignments without getting disconnected. 2. LCC need to upgrade their Windows, Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 7 besides having the student to re-adjust, I think Fire Fox??? or some sort of program to meet the compatibility of Internet Explorer 6, etc. I hope that I made sense here. 3. Some of the applications for Audio Visual Demonstration took a long time to download before I can run to view the audio. I do not understand the slowness of downloading the audio visual, unless this problem may have been caused from my PC to download???, I think.
Response 215 The answers on some quizzes in WebCT were not accurate.
Response 216
Response 217 The only thing that I didn't like was when my computer would not cooperate with me...technical difficulties.
Response 218
Response 219 sometimes the freezing
Response 220 I disliked the disorganization and random due dates of assignments.
Response 221 This semester's distance ed. posed challenges I felt were unnecessary. In this particular case, the difficulty was the instructor. His broadcast recording levels were too soft,he failed to respond to emails timely and thoroughly, and a number of other computer glitches he claimed to be having.
Response 222
Response 223 Our instructor wanted class participation and graded us on this. However, I felt her expectations were vague and had no structure. It would have made more sense if she directed class discussions or gave us a topic to discuss.
Response 224 The course was packed full of information that I could have learned more from with a in-class lecture.
Response 225 that i didnt get to meet everybody!
Response 226
Response 227 Too much work, not enough time
Response 228
Response 229 The One on One interaction.
Response 230
Response 231
Response 232 i loved it
Response 233
Response 234
Response 235
Response 236 n/a
Response 237 The study guides were not too helpful
Response 238 having to check the website more frequently. miss the classroom setting.
Response 239 there was nothing that i disliked about the distance education experience.
Response 240
Response 241
Response 242
Response 243 there were not many interaction between students. I had an english course that we interacted with. I wish we could have done the same in the med term. course.
Response 244 I was perfectly pleased with my experience.
Response 245
Response 246
Response 247 Lacked face-to-face interaction with the instructor. There's nothing like being able to hear direct from the instructor in a traditional classroom setting.
Response 248 the distance
Response 249 The teacher responded really late.
Response 250 sometimes the links didn't work
Response 251 Professor Woods is very straight to the point and plans events very well. She does get involved in most of the events.
Response 252 sometime it is hard to understand what your textbook say, if there no instructor explaining it. sometime you have to wait for the teacher to response
Response 253 I don't like that some things can be misunderstood such as due dates. I don't like that these evaluations do not give you direction on which class you are assessing. My answers might have been different for certain classes that I am taking.
Response 254
Response 255 The projects assigned were not relevant to the course. Also, I believe that there were many things that was asked of the students that was not explained. For example, the instructor as for a thumbnail of our website but never explained how to make the thumbnail. In addition, I found the instructor very unclear and indirect.
Response 256 The questions in this survey were difficult to answer because I attended two distance classes this semester. My answers are not the same for the two distance classes. In one class it was very frustrating because the instructor did not respond in a timely manner to our emails and was not very clear with her instructions. It took her two months to respond to one of my emails! In the other class, the instructor was completely the opposite. She was very efficient in her work, gave clear instructions, and made her presence known. She responded to our emails in a timely manner and she made it very clear on how we were progressing.
Response 257 My instructor provided faulty lectures. His voice would cut off before the slide was done. I also didn't understand what the lessons and project had to do with the material. I didn't see a clear relation betweent the material and the lessons/projects.
Response 258 Actually, there was nothing I disagreed to. My Instructor was a very GOOD help. I just hope all the other instructors are like her. she explained herself and the course very well.
Response 259
Response 260 nothing really...i liked it =)
Response 261 none.
Response 262 n/a
Response 263 sometimes the end of the previous lession would be taped over by the next lession, and i didn't know where to go to get the VOD. also if i had a problem understanding the material, i couldn't just ask the video to clarify
Response 264
Response 265 you have to weed through some people who want to inject their biases into learning discussio
Response 266 Most disappointed with oceanic cable, schedules were inaccurate causing a failure to record the lecture on several occasions (on Maui, the class was broadcast at 2 AM). I made numerous trips to the library to borrow their DVD for make-up. Considering that I subscribed to cable primarily for the broadcast lectures, it would have almost been easier to just use the library's copies altogether.
Response 267 Of course the work is hard but there is nothing that I can think of that i didn't like.
Response 268 there was really nothing that i didn't like about this experience.
Response 269 Group work and teacher's availability to answer questions right away.
Response 270 The distance education courses that I have taken with the exception of one course had tremendous participation between students but I have found that the instructors do not interact on the bulletin boards with the exception of two instructors. Makes you wonder if they are reading the bulletin boards at all. I would also like to see more courses offered online as it makes it much easier for people like me who have no other way to access university courses in person.
Response 271 Being consistent in getting into the system. At times, I would bypass the distance edu and next thing projects are due.
Response 272 Not being able to ask questions directly infront of instructor especially when it comes to solving problem that I have hard time understanding from the textbook.
Response 273 The way the instructor conduct the course. She made it frexible to take quizes. It was very helpfurl to fit my busy schedule.
Response 274 Not being able to ask a question and receive an answer right away.
Response 275
Response 276 Very difficult communicating with Instructor. I still don't have a grade for an assignment I submitted a month ago. After a few attempts to contact her, still no response or grade.
Response 277 I wish I tried this program earlier.
Response 278
Response 279 Don't have to be in class
Response 280 I have a hard time transfering credits to my college I am enrolled at. Prerequistes are different at each college and causes problems.
Response 281
Response 282 The tests. Very limited time to take the exams. i wish we had more time...
Response 283 Out of 3 classes this semester, 1 instructor gave exams that were extremely difficult in relation to assignments. It seems that the questions were taken straight out of a test bank that could be easily used with WebCT, but consequently, most of the class seemed to struggle.
Response 284
Response 285 For my Accounting class, I didn't like that office hours and tutoring hours were so limited. I really needed help with the homework, but the office hours were so limited I was unable to go in, and there was only one tutor available to tutor, and that was only on certain days too. Online classes are for students who are either, attending another college and for those who can't fit the face-to-face lecture in their schedule, so help hours should be more open especially for classes that are harder to learn on your own.
Response 286 Little student interaction.
Response 287
Response 288 I didn't like the fact that when the website was down, I had no way of understanding what I needed to do to fix it, or having to worry about whether I'm going to miss an exam or not.
Response 289 It might be nice to see how other students did in each quiz, so that I know where or how I am doing in the class.
Response 290 Some instructors seem very good at doing classes online and others seem at times like they just post the material and then disappear or are unwilling to help.
Response 291
Response 292 none
Response 293
Response 294 Sometimes I had computer difficulties.
Response 295 Nothing, I really liked my class.
Response 296 Each instructor was different, so I can't generalize my responses on this questionare.
Response 297 Email responses were slow... tests, quizes, and exams were out of order, tests would often be due before quizes, and exams covered chapters we had not been tested or quizzed on prior to the exam. Lecture notes offered no additional information regarding subject matter.
Response 298
Response 299
Response 300 I had 2 distant classes, one was awesome and in the other class, the instructor did not use proper nettiquette that was appropriate to students. It was told for us, as students to do so, but the instructor was rude, insulting, and made us as students feel "stupid" by being in a distant class. That was the mosrt horrible experience I had, but I think it was only because of the teacher not the actual class.
Response 301 Having to submit the assignments in the drop box and having to go to Word , copy and then download and then send. To much of a hassle.
Response 302 the fact that i had to read large amounts of text. some which i had to read over and over to grasp what she was trying to say. the course was all laied out and you go and do as much as you can. it was also reccomended that you read every day of the week when most college classes are no more than 3days a week. i felt like there was too much on some days and a couple of paragraphs the next. i was hoping for a more balanced reading schedule.
Response 303 nothing, e3verything was great. there is nothing i would change.
Response 304
Response 305
Response 306 I liked the whole aspect of my distance educaton experience.
Response 307 The lack of help.
Response 308
Response 309 just makin time for the computer
Response 310
Response 311
Response 312 no actual interaction with other students and teacher (face to name)
Response 313 The teacher was not clear many times.
Response 314 My instructor had a hard time understanding my simple questions.
Response 315 It would have been nice if I could meet my classmates virtually speaking) during the course of the semester, but, I guess, we're not there yet as far as technology is concerned. Maybe someday...!
Response 316 It got very easy to wait until the last minute to post my assignments.
Response 317 I could do studying on my own pace. Trying to get my degree is hard after an 8 hr job everyday, so by taking distance courses I just have to really discipline myself on studying.
Response 318 Not as much interactive as a real environment, but worth a try.
Response 319
Response 320
Response 321
Response 322
Response 323 This is a hard survey becaus I have four DE classes this semester. I do feel like it is hard to have a real connection with some professors. I wish they would provide a picture on their homepage so we have a face to put with a name. Some names are hard to figure out what gender your teacher is.
Response 324 Not having all the course activities in 1 location like WebCT. For example, we logged in to WebCT for most of our course but also did homework through another website.
Response 325 Since this is my first online course, I had the wrong expectations of what an online course was. I thought it was going to be like a television course where you watch an instructor instruct a class only on an online video. When you are taking a regular class in person, the instructor will usually point you in the direction where he wants you to study for the test. Online, there is a lot of guess work. Maybe I am just spoiled to regular classes. It would have been helpful if there was a video of the instructor teaching and/or lecturing a class. It seemed to me that the instructor assumed that I had all the time in the world so he just poured on the reading assignments. I also had regular classes this semister and non of those classes even came close to having the same amount of reading that my online course had. Well, in a nutshell, it was because of my own expectations that I got really disappointed.
Response 326
Response 327
Response 328
Response 329 this semester the online class i was enrolled in required test taking on campus.
Response 330 Each teacher arranges their class differently. I wish there was some uniform "look" for each online class. There were some classes where you had to go to the homepage to access the course material while others had a listing on a sidebar area. It would also be easier if you only had to sign in once to either WebCT or myUHportal. Having to sign into both can sometimes be bothersome...too many steps.
Response 331 Not being able to personally meet my classmates.
Response 332 N/A
Response 333 No response from professor after emailing.
Response 334 There's no one there to remind you when things are due. You have to be independent and check on things regularly.
Response 335 The Instructor wanted us to also go to class when it was clearly an online class, well then she realized that not everybody would go. The dates for the test sometimes were conflicting with other classes.
Response 336 Incovenience of having to to the LCC campus to get my textbook. Otherwise I had no issues.
Response 337
Response 338 Having to come to campus to take an exam. It was difficult to fit it into my schedule.
Response 339
Response 340 There was not much interaction with the instructor. It was hard to get in touch with him. I still have not received my final grade and the class ended about a month and a half ago.
Response 341 The only thing I really didn't like about my first distance education experience were the issues that we experienced in WebCT and WileyPlus in the early part of the semester. There were errors that were on WileyPlus including Daylight Savings Time being in effect even if we were in Hawaii. Fortunately our instructor fixed those problems in a prompt manner.
Response 342
Response 343 It does not offer the same learning environment as a classroom.
Response 344 nothing
Response 345 The communication was hard to get to and the projects were very hard to do on line. Some of the forms that were needed to be focused on were not clarified during the class.
Response 346 I have too much destructions such as going myspace, etc
Response 347
Response 348
Response 349 N/A
Response 350 Nothing everything was perfectly fine.
Response 351 that i have a mac computer and wasn't really able to use it. programs weren't available for me to use. made this experience very irritating and humbug!!!!!
Response 352
Response 353
Response 354 nothing that really needs to be addressed.
Response 355 The only thing about liking least about my distance education experience is not being able to see or talk to the teacher in person. It is kind of difficult to e-mail through internet, rather than in person.
Response 356 I didn't like the fact that the course I'm taking is only worth one credit.
Response 357
Response 358 Teacher was not as involved with class. In my experience with other distance education classes the teacher was not as involved with students/class as in other classes. Instructor was available by various means to answer questions however. Lack of student interaction with each other.
Response 359 Not having a physical body there to work with you like in a regular class.
Response 360
Response 361 No self pacing. Would have like the opportunity to take tests early and complete the course earlier. There were weeks where I had absolutely nothing to do. No good reason was provided as to why I could not take tests and exams earlier than their scheduled dates.
Response 362 lack of relationship. not being able to build a personal bond with students and teacher. personally remembering to visit the online course and complete assignments.
Response 363 Art 101 course ..the instructor didn't get back to me in a timely manner.
Response 364 The fact that we had to have a certain number of posts on the bulletin board.
Response 365 not able to learn as effective as being in class
Response 366 No interaction between students.
Response 367 Sometimes, instructors would not respond to students within 24 hours.
Response 368 lack of personal contact (putting a face to face)and immediate feedback that going to a physical classroom allows the timed quizzes--made me nervous especially since we could go back and check
Response 369 i didnt get to meet anyone or the professor
Response 370 What I disliked the most was the fact that I had to pay for the course, in addition to paying the UH Manoa tuition. I thought that if a UH Manoa student were to take classes at a community college, then the expenses would already be included in their tuition. I suppose it was my fault for not knowing, but just the fact that I didn't actually use any of the facilities at LCC, and yet had to pay for it did not sit well with me. Also, in the course that I took, we were only given a couple of days to complete the chapter exams. For busy students, it is difficult to make time to complete an assignment when pressed for time.
Response 371 sometimes teachers feel as though since it's an online class, it's your only class or you're not a full-time student so they give you a ridiculous amount of homework.
Response 372
Response 373 when i missed a quiz
Response 374 It wasn't in-depth enough to really learn the subject material. It seemed rushed for such a difficult subject. There was not enough time & depth of discussion for each concept.
Response 375 none.
Response 376
Response 377
Response 378
Response 379 My professor seemed like he was too preoccupied with classes he met in person that for the majority, if not for the entire semester, the students in his online class were left in the dark as far as grades, discussions and email responses. Given, his mother did pass and I'm sorry for his loss, that doesn't justify his lack of attention towards his students. A few of us own macs and had difficulties with his lecture notes which was never addressed by him. Instead we were somewhat pushed to the side and told to find a pc to use instead. For people like me, who don't have that luxury of having 2 computers, I was extremely frustrated and had to instead go without the lecture notes this entire semester. If anything, I'd recommend these online instructors to also include a timeline as to how often they check webct and when they are willing to respond to students. This microbiology online class has by far been the worst class I have ever taken on webct and I'm sorry to say I'm sure my peers in that class would agree.
Response 380 There was nothing that I liked least about DE courses.
Response 381
Response 382
Response 383 Having to discipline myself with my assignments and posting bulletin boards.
Response 384 The lack of fully understanding all expectations.
Response 385 I personally find distance education courses hard for me because I am a learner that needs to be in the classroom.
Response 386 There was a time that the test did not come in to my home campus in time for when I usually take my test. I had to leave one of my classes early so that I could take my test before the due date was over.
Response 387
Response 388 Falling behind, not checking WEBCT enough.
Response 389 the part of actually knowing how your teacher looks like.
Response 390 There were discrepancies in due dates on the Course Content Menu of the website which adversely affected two of my assignments, i.e., the Course Menu indicated "Module 2 (1/28-2/10) and Module 7 (4/14-5/11) but it wasn't true because Module 2's & 7's discussions were due before the due dates posted. And no due dates were posted on the actual assignment modules. My concerns were cited but ignored and I lose out 40 points. Also, I think that the instructor should be concerned about her tone when she communicates with the students. I was scolded for calling her Mrs. Hurley or PHurley. Her email corrections of her name used CAPITAL LETTERS and I did not appreciate the tone used to remind me that my calling her Mrs. Hurley was sexist. This is not the first online course taken but the first semester with Leeward Community College so I think I have a good baseline. Since the course are not free, I think it's reasonable to expect that each assignment screen include the due dates. Grace Seiki-Maui
Response 391 There were a large number of students enrolled in this particular distance education course, so the professor spent a long time grading assignments and returning them to us.
Response 392 at first it was confusing about due dates and what was expected
Response 393 Some of the answers in the homework assignments were wrong in the Wiley plus Acc 202 class.
Response 394
Response 395 Inability to stay motivated after missing a deadline.
Response 396 Unable to interact with the instructor because of time schedules
Response 397 We had a lot of homework however I understand that we need to be able to do the work since it is a more self disciplined course.
Response 398
Response 399 I had to be disciplined about doing the work and getting things done because no one was there to remind me.
Response 400 N/A
Response 401
Response 402 Nothing, It was great.
Response 403 Sometimes the lectures would not be aired on cable. The teacher did not respond to some of emails and it took her a long time to respond to the emails she did respond to.
Response 404 It took to receive the textbook. the book store made mistake. I was disappointed about my instructor. She didn't helped students. She got angry when we made mistake how we sent our assignments instead of helping students. I wasn't happy how she replied students.
Response 405 n/a
Response 406 Turning in assignments by the due date as directed via e-mail but didn't get some of my assignment graded.
Response 407
Response 408
Response 409
Response 410
Response 411
Response 412 It was harder to communicate with teachers because I had to wait for email.
Response 413
Response 414 all good
Response 415
Response 416 There was nothing that I didn't like.
Response 417
Response 418 Sometimes the site would be down so I couldn't access webct at my convenience.
Response 419
Response 420 I feel there is a lot more assignments with taking a distance education course than there is with taking on-campus courses.
Response 421 Interuptions from my internet provider.
Response 422 not being able to have my questionas answered right away
Response 423 sometimes i would miss the tv broadcastings
Response 424 Having everything due bi-weekly required a lot of discipline which hurt my grade.
Response 425
Response 426 What I liked the least is that sometimes it was easy to mistake between uploading and submitting an assignment.
Response 427 That it wasn't hands on like regular classes or that you don't get to talk to your professor when you want, but due to working full time and being a single mom, that's the price I have to pay in order to still function in my home.
Response 428 The software was too much for my computer sometimes, which led to my computer spontaneously shutting down.
Response 429 nothing
Response 430
Response 431
Response 432
Response 433
Response 434 Everything in the course was very to the point, there's nothing that i didn't like about the course.
Response 435 n/a
Response 436 Nothing
Response 437 Interacting with MyItLab. The program constantly had problems and several times failed to work. When it did work, I feel it is a great program and great educational computer tool.
Response 438
Response 439 none
Response 440
Response 441 N/A
Response 442 Nothing
Response 443 what is a distance education?
Response 444
Response 445
Response 446 The lack of student interaction.
Response 447 the quizzes!!!
Response 448 I had to discipline myself to remember to do my homework for my class. It is easy to forget about an online course.
Response 449 in order to do these classes you need to be disciplined to do the right amount of time that needs to be spent on the subject
Response 450 Nothing with my ICS professor. He's good!
Response 451
Response 452 At the beginning of the course, when you have to use a certain program and you unexpectedly have to pay a fee to use that program otherwise you can't use it.
Response 453 Grading was harsh and sometimes study guides were hard to follow.
Response 454 one of the online courses that i took, the original instructor had an emergency to tend to so she was unable to instruct the class this past semester. Her replacement instructor was kind of unorganized and she wasn't that clear on a lot of things. So i was kind of unhappy about that i think she could've tried harder and done better at clarifying certain assignments and being more organized.
Response 455 nothing
Response 456 Technical difficulties. Internet not working.
Response 457
Response 458
Response 459
Response 460
Response 461
Response 462 there wasn't really any examples like there would be in a class room environment so once you get stuck its kind of hard to get back on the ball.
Response 463 The instructor for my course (Estrada) was very rude and sometimes unclear as to what she wanted from us. She wasn't very understanding during the course to many of the students. She in fact was just plain mean some of the time. Communicating with her was quite difficult.
Response 464 One on one interaction.
Response 465 Because I work a regular job getting more interaction with instructor and students was not as accessible for me because my job required me to travel to third world countries access to a computer and get connected was difficult.
Response 466 I would rather have taken marketing in a face-to-face instruction situation.
Response 467
Response 468 nothing
Response 469 i don't really like online classes. for exams wish we had more time for questions or shorter answers to essays that were required always felt a bit rushed for exam
Response 470
Response 471 The fact that the material that was given to us to study, half the time didn't work or didn't make sense. The fact that I was able to get an A on all of the homework and projects but when it came to taking a test to answer 50 questions in only 20 minutes was very unfair and unjust. If you did the math you'll know how much time that gives you for each question.
Response 472
Response 473 I would like to have more courses available because I work, especially in meeting the core requirements.
Response 474 One of my instructors got busy towards the end of the semester and didn't quite keep up with the grading of our weekly assignments so I lost not knowing how I am doing in the course. I am sure I could of emailed to ask, but I knew she was busy so I will just wait until I receive my grade. (I hope it is still an A)
Response 475 not being able to speak when i learned something that interested me
Response 476 I received no feedback on tests. Never learned which ones I got wrong. Plus the course was aired so early in the morning.
Response 477
Response 478
Response 479
Response 480 It might lose chance to pass exam, if the computer trouble happen during taking the exam.
Response 481 Direct communication with instructor while I was sick.
Response 482
Response 483
Response 484 That it was too convenient that I didn't keep up with it that well.
Response 485 History 152-format, outline, and learning media was incomplete and disorganized. Lessons followed an incomplete powerpoint and text book was not used in an orderly fashion. Also difficult to track completeness of assignments, since they required feedback to others, but there were over 100 postings to check.
Response 486
Response 487
Response 488 It was hard to fully understand the concept of philosophy without having a normal class discussion.
Response 489 I found the Instructor's communication style confusing and intimidating. Clearly there were times when students were asking her politely for help, advice, flexibility. Her responses made me cringe at times.
Response 490
Response 491 When the instructor notified us about "extra credit" it wasn't convienient. A day in advance isn't enough time, especially if I have classes or work. Therefore, I wasn't able to do any of the extra credit activites.
Response 492
Response 493
Response 494 Not being able to interact face to face with the instructor and students. Not being able to get a response right away.
Response 495
Response 496
Response 497 the fact that there were no online notes. I think the class would have been a huge sucess for me if there were notes to go along with the lectures. then I could also take notes on top of the notes given. there was just so much info given it was just hard to know exactly what she said was needed for the test.
Response 498 We used a program named "MyItLap". Sometimes the program did not work properly. This is when I missed having a teacher around to assist.
Response 499 powerpoint presentations were more towards a learn it yourself approach. Previous online classes i've taken had audio and video aids to present material. I thought that helped to succed in the class. Also, this was the first time I had exams where I could not go back and review previous questions. It was "either you know it or not" then "guess an answer" and "move on".
Response 500
Response 501 I didn't like the exam. When I changed the screen size, it deleted my unsaved essay.
Response 502 The way the course site was set up was confusing and provided inconsistent information. For example, the link to the Quiz and Exams page goes to a list of quizzes but the icon for Quizzes and Exams goes to another page with icons for individual quizzes and/or exams, but not necessarily the one that the student is expected to take. This is extremely confusing and I found it easier just to wait until the clock icon (indicating there was a test available) showed up on my WebCT home page to avoid taking the wrong test. Also, the instructor always seemed available by telling us constantly to ask questions...but then when we did, she would refer us somewhere else for an answer (e.g., see the syllabus, or see p. 250 of the book).
Response 503 No problems, but i heard you guy are going to use a different website. My partner which uses that website says it's ok but it doesn't tell you when you got an email or work was graded like webct. So please if you guys could incorporate that in the new website.
Response 504 Lack of communication from teacher
Response 505
Response 506 meeting others
Response 507 I abhored driving to the campus to take the test. I intially wanted to take the scheduled exams at a location closer to me which was Kapi'olani Community College campus. This, however, was not an option as an alternative testing center.
Response 508 The teachers were not particularly organized.
Response 509 Not being able to meet as a group, occasionally or at least twice. But other than that it was a great first time experience
Response 510 you can't talk to your instructor directly. You have to email them and wait for a response.
Response 511
Response 512
Response 513
Response 514
Response 515 none that i can think of.
Response 516 My professor.
Response 517
Response 518
Response 519
Response 520 It was hard to depend on group members to come through with such a physical barrier as being hidden behind a computer. Group projects seemed challenging because some members couldn't be depended on and you as a member wouldn't know if they were a reliable person to depend on or not.
Response 521 The only thing is when they had downtimes to fix the site. I wanted to do some homework but I had to wait.
Response 522 I have nothing negative to say this was an enjoyable course.
Response 523 The instructor and request from the instructors wasn't clear, not very helpful, didn't provide standard teacher student relationship at all. So it was like I was getting self taught. Meaning doing all the work on my own no assistance or help and doing my work threw not the text that was required by instructor but by googling the answers.
Response 524 not being able to talk to teacher perosonally
Response 525 I think every instructor should explain the procedures in case of a power outage or computer going down.
Response 526
Response 527 I didn't dislike anything, I think this is great for those of us who are trying to complete degrees at a later age in life. When I tell people who haven't seen me in a while that I went back to school, and they ask questions, they are like "wow you can do that - from home!" They had no idea - I know of one person who took the information from me just today, and I think she's going to be a returning student too.
Response 528 The timed quizzes.
Response 529 Three issues: 1)The book "Conceptual Chemistry" was poorly written in my opinion. The author introduced several ideas which were not well articulated. I met with my instructor and discussed the issues. 2)Taking an online science course, for me, was a disadvantage. The matter was new and unfamiliar. I would rather have been in a classroom to learn this. 3) The classroom was the temperature of a morgue. Very, very poor use of resources. Especially on an island where resourcs are limited to begin with.
Response 530 no problems or complaints
Response 531 How we weren't emailed a certain thing when it was just posted on the postings button. I always forgot to look at the postings.
Response 532
Response 533
Response 534 maybe some kind of study session or live question & answer session before each exam, the live labs werent enough
Response 535 N/A
Response 536
Response 537 It requires a lot of discipline to get into. But once you're "into it", then it's a lot easier.
Response 538 no comments
Response 539 remembering when everything was due
Response 540 I had problems with software downloads. My instructor was extremely helpful in meeting me at a convenient location but it makes me wonder what would happen to someone who lives on an outer island?
Response 541 subject matter
Response 542
Response 543
Response 544 everything worked out great!
Response 545
Response 546 The class I needed was only teaching distance education since there was no other choice. I prefer the in-classroom experience better.
Response 547
Response 548
Response 549
Response 550 None
Response 551 The teacher didn't always get back to me.
Response 552 nothing
Response 553 Nothing that I disliked although I love to take online classes and I WISH that all my classes I need to take would be online access.
Response 554
Response 555
Response 556 having to pace my self
Response 557
Response 558 There was nothing I did not like about this course and I found that the orientation at the media center was very helpfull and I would recommend it to everyone.
Response 559 The course I recently took in digital art is presented in a Mac format. Those of us using Windows were left to fend for ourselves trying to follow instructions and tutorial for Mac users. This was not explained beforehand. The instructor tried to help and responded to emails and helped me when I visited his office. I think a dual set of tutorials should be presented perhaps with a tutor or teaching assistant familiar with Windows to help students with technical problems.
Response 560
Response 561 had to remember to get it done before the deadline.
Response 562
Response 563 Nothing... I absolutely love and prefer distand ed courses.
Response 564 my own self discipline
Response 565 i dont have any idea...
Response 566
Response 567 nothing
Response 568 Assignment due dates and times were unclear during the first few weeks.
Response 569 The instructor's attitude although I think there were a lot of students in the class. I felt she was overly harsh and condescending. This was an entry-level course! I also felt that the instructor didn't do much teaching. I have had some online courses where the instructor interacts a lot with the class and students and I have felt as though he-she was very involved with the class. Not this one.
Response 570 I kind of missed talking with my classmates face-to-face.
Response 571 I discovered that I'm not good at distance education classes and I think it's because I can focus better when I'm sitting in an actual class and listening to the lecture. I need to physically be in a class with no distractions.
Response 572
Response 573
Response 574
Response 575 Nothing!
Response 576 chemistry should not be an online class. Too much information.
Response 577 everything was fine.
Response 578
Response 579
Response 580 For the particular class, the tests are given only on campus during the business hours and it was very inconvenient for me.
Response 581 it was fun.
Response 582
Response 583
Response 584
Response 585
Response 586 It was great to go at my own pace.
Response 587 sometimes im tired and if i was in a class it would have pushed me to keep up
Response 588
Response 589 Nothing
Response 590
Response 591 The Exam procedures for these two classes were a complete headache. The Testing Center is too loud. I suggest having a separate room where testing is the focus and silence is encouraged. A room in the library would be better. For the other class, we had 35 minutes for 50 questions. I felt rushed, but I still got a good grade in the class.
Response 592 N/A
Response 593 nothing
Response 594
Response 595 minimal interaction-feedback only upon request
Response 596 I would not have wished what we went through attending this class on my worst enemy. I don't know how I survived mentally trying to jump through the hoops that this teacher expected. I spent countless hours everyday, seven days a week trying to just keep up. The teacher expected us to work Monday-Sunday without a break. In fact, he even didn't give us a Spring break which I normally use to study ahead. Most teachers pace the class materials so the students are able to learn the subject but that was not the case in this class. I was left using that time trying to keep my head above water. My concerns were expressed to the teacher and school but very little changes were made to make the situation better. I believe that he realized that he made a mistake in how he set up the class but instead of correcting his mistake he decided to continue with it. If you want to know about the class pull up the discussion boards and see what the conversations were. You will hear desperate students crying for help and no one responding. I would also suggest that someone from the LCC administration enroll in this class for a month and see if they are able to manage getting a passing grade. I truly do not think that this class should be offered to another individual in this format. Does a school official review the syllabus before the teacher distributes it to the students? I could go on and on about the issues that I have with this class but I won't. If you want to hear details call me using the phone numbers on my school profile.
Response 597
Response 598
Response 599 Hmm... cant really decide, overall i thought it was a great experience.
Response 600
Response 601 i didn't like being forced to communicate with other students.
Response 602 I liked the fact that I did not have to be in class, and I was able to do the assignments when time permitted.
Response 603 There were many problems with
Response 604 having to go in and talk to the teacher for help because there were lots of problems with the system
Response 605 sometimes not all instructions are clear.
Response 606 n/a
Response 607
Response 608
Response 609 Professor responses back to the students were sometimes harsh and i felt were uncalled for.
Response 610 going on the computer everyday. i sometimes forget because of my busy schedule.
Response 611 N/A.. The problems I had wasn't with the system but more so with my own computer.. specifically Microsoft Vista. The instructor was not able to open my files. I had to change it.
Response 612
Response 613 You could only take test in a three day time window.
Response 614
Response 615 the problems when turning in tests or taking tests with timers. Timers and internet loading becomes a problems.
Response 616 Nothing.
Response 617 Having to get together with a group outside of the online class
Response 618 At times some of the additional handouts were more difficult to navigate. Unsure if this was on my side or on the WebCT side.
Response 619 distance ed./online classes helps more people get back into college. It helped that I was able to do this class after normal hours.
Response 620 For me, as a first time distance education user, it was a bit difficult to stay on track with class progress because it is very easy to forget about a class you don't have to physically attend.
Response 621 The whole thing....intructions to this course was not there. Compare to my othe online class this was the most unorganized class. Assignments was not ready to work on the first day. Intructions was hard to follow. too many things updated in between the course. Instructure were suppose to incourage students but i felt like ive been put down. Saying i was not ready for this level. I gave up on this course because its not the work i was suppose to do but i just so lost getting to the work. I was behind because i was lost and then he tells me i was not ready for this level. So im dissappointed but i guess cant do much anymore. but thank you for this survey....
Response 622 I got lost very early on and had no way to get back in the swing of things.
Response 623 no classroom
Response 624 the least like about my distance education is having Ms. Estrada as my PSY 100 teacher.
Response 625 The part I liked least about my distance education experience is when I have to turn in assignments where it takes 5-7 minutes to upload.
Response 626 nothing