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31) What did you like most about your distance education experience?
Response 1 Taking a distance education course is very flexible
Response 2
Response 3 Course material was easy to locate within the site, and instructions wrere clear. The professor was incredibly communicative, which always helps alleviate the sometimes awkwardness of an online environment.
Response 4
Response 5 I could make my own schedule. My on-line class was convenient and didnʻt need to go on-campus.
Response 6
Response 7 convenient
Response 8
Response 9
Response 10 the convenience of going through the sessions and quizes when I have the time
Response 11 I like that it is on your own time and you move at your own pace. Plus it leaves more time for other things.
Response 12 There was a lot of support among the students in this class - very thankful for that!
Response 13 n/a
Response 14 Well-organized, course ran very smoothy and assignments presented in a timely manner.
Response 15 I love distance education. I find that I do better in this enviroment, if a class is available online and in class, I would take the online. I feel that without distance education I would not have been able to return to school and finish my degree. There should be more classes available at all levels.
Response 16 I liked that the teacher responded quickly to my e-mails and helped me when I didn't understand the material presented.
Response 17
Response 18
Response 19 My instructor!
Response 20 Convenient
Response 21 Do it on my own time.
Response 22 it's convenient and i can work on my own time
Response 23 All the information for the course were there. Assignments, quizzes and notes.
Response 24 I could do it at my own time. Didn't feel pressured or rushed.
Response 25 The flexibility of time allowed. The class I took was well suited to the distance educ. format.
Response 26 Distance learning is terrific. I took ICS111 last semester and loved it. It is convenient. Lectures portions can be replayed over and over if its a difficult point, especially when its downloadable also in mp4 format. I feel all classes should have Distance Learning formats which would open up learning to a vastly greater population. I work full time and cannot make it to campus classes. Distance Learning provides the flexibility. Contact with the instructor online has been great and I stopped in to see them when I could. You must put all courses in a cirriculum in the Distance Learning program. I am finding that pre-requisite courses I need for computer programming are not being offered via Distance Learning. I believe that Distance Learning is an educational revolution. It makes education open to everyone without geographic limitation. The format for Leeward CC's ISC111 was the with also mp4 downloads. Please keep up the good work, expand the program as rapidly as possible and put more financial resources into building the program. Mahalo.
Response 27 Flexibility since the course is available 24/7.
Response 28 Convenience.
Response 29 save money for gas and the freedom to watch the broadcasted lesson (when i recorded it at home)whenever i choose.
Response 30
Response 31 everything.
Response 32
Response 33
Response 34
Response 35 On the other hand, of the three distance courses I have taken, instructors Ms. Porter and Mr. Teraoka were the most outstanding. Everything is stated from the beginning, there are active discussions in which they provide input (especially Ms. Porter), you know exactly what you will be graded on, when assignments, quizzes, and tests will be due, and so forth. I can go on and on. I look to take more distance education courses in the future and hope my learning experience will be at least equal to what these two instructors have and continue to do. I can also learn at my convenience. Being a working adult that frequently travels, sometimes I just dont have time to go to night classes every week. I might do 2 or 3 quizzes at one time vice one at a time due to working commitments. Its the convenience of doing the courses that I really enjoy.
Response 36 It was very convenient and I liked the formatting of the classes. I like the fact that you can sometimes do things ahead of time where as on campus classes often do assignments on a specific schedule, no earlier or no later. For some reason in online courses I am most likely to interact with more classmates than in an on campus setting, it was much easier to interact with others, which is what I enjoyed.
Response 37
Response 38
Response 39 The previlage of not having to quit my job in order to take courses. The convenience of being "in" the classroom any time of the day or night. And mostly for this opportunity of finally completing my last class towards my Liberal Arts Degree. YIPEE! Excellent class and courses offered by LCC. Great teachers. Mahalo!
Response 40 1) Learning about my classmates and who they are 2) The instructor's compassion for the subject and always finding ways to add some extra points to ones scores. 3) The variety of assignments/quizzes/problems that makes the course fun to learn. Sometimes it became a challenge for him since I have a minor comprehensive problem, but I am glad when I pass a course and try to apply the education to practical life experience. Thanks to Mr. Kamida for all he does. I have enjoyed his classes along with the other accounting faculty and appreciate the guidance they offer.
Response 41
Response 42 I'm a stay at home mother, raising a 11 month & 6 yr old. Having access to the internet instead of going to campus helped me tremendously!!!!! I was able to do my assignments & tests when time permitted while being able to care for my children. I really commend the school for having distance learning classes. I just wish there were many more courses available!!!!! I've already enrolled in as many internet classes as I can, for next semester. Thank you!
Response 43
Response 44 Time is very flexible and convenient. Also, I save lots of traveling and gas $. Moreover, my instructor, Dr. Patricia Neils from History 281 course is excellent professor.
Response 45
Response 46 i am able to do it at anytime as long as i meet the deadlines
Response 47 N/A
Response 48
Response 49 i have a brother with special needs and the computer is a big trigger for him, so i can't do my work while he is around. and so when i missed some due dates for my assignments i emailed my teacher and told her about my situation and she allowed me to make them up. i really appreciated that. i also like that you can contact her through email and even call her on her cell, and she will get right back to you. i really enjoyed this "distance education experience" and i will be taking her other course next semester!
Response 50 I could do the work at my own pace and not be committed to a set time like on-campus classes.
Response 51 it is convenient to take when I had the time to do the work.
Response 52 I liked being able to learn at my own pace.
Response 53 I could teach myself which helped me to understand the course more.
Response 54 I could to it from home or wherever I am near a computer
Response 55 The flexiblity of studying whenever you want
Response 56 I really liked how easy and user friendly it was. Also, I liked how quick we got our grades and feeback from our teachers returned
Response 57 not having to drive for every class. freedom to do homework when time allowed
Response 58 not having to go to school, find parking, spend money on gas.. most of all.. not having to find a babysiter to watch my children..
Response 60 Deadlines. Assignments were always provided ahead of time.
Response 61 The convenience of not having to go to the physical classroom. This is better for my schedule and look forward to possibly completing my degree in education online, as I am a full time mom.
Response 62 The fact that I do the work at my pace and still meet the deadline. It was a fun class.
Response 63 it is convenient
Response 64 Everything! Great Experience!
Response 65 It was online
Response 66
Response 67
Response 68
Response 69 It was convenient.
Response 70 I like the online course because it can fit my personal schedule. It is very convenient. I had a great instructor, and she made my online class valuable. I really appreciate it.
Response 71
Response 72 the course content allows me to better understand this economic world I participate in.
Response 73 It easier especially when you can get on the PC when I can and around my schedule.
Response 74
Response 75 This online class made me realize that a good instructor makes an online class worth taking it.
Response 76 i like having control over when i want to take my test instead of knowing that i need to take one on monday morning at 8AM. it seems easier to take it when i know im ready.
Response 77
Response 78
Response 79 I was able to do the work on my own time and at my own pace.
Response 80
Response 81 The work and assignments were given at the begining of the semister so I could work at my own pace to complete the assignments.
Response 82 Flexibility to work at my pace with everything else in life.
Response 83 tools provided, concise lectures and access to them; power point outlines, text assignments
Response 84
Response 85 the schedule
Response 86
Response 87 It was convenient for me just being at home.
Response 88
Response 89 Not having to attend class
Response 90 very convenient and you can work and study at your own pace
Response 91 Stay at home and work.
Response 92 It was very convenient for my hectic family life. Susan Wood was a great professor and I would recommend her to anyone who needs to take English 100. She was very clear on what was expected and she also gave great feedback on our work.
Response 93 my own pace
Response 94
Response 95 Flexibility. I can go online anytime and work at the same time. (althoug I am not employed right now!)
Response 96
Response 97
Response 98
Response 99 Not having to leave my house, deal with traffic and study whenever I wanted.
Response 100
Response 101 Turning in homework at our convience, flexible schedule
Response 102
Response 103
Response 104 I liked the survey course and the fact that a somewhat complex subject could be accessed and learned online with an easy to follow method.
Response 105
Response 106 The ability to work at my pace .
Response 107 that i could email my classmates too
Response 108 Learning by using interactive methods.
Response 109
Response 110 The class information for Art 101 was enjoyable as I found there was much about art skill as well as technique that I learned.
Response 111 i liked the fact that i didnt have to be at class at a certain time. i could balance work, fighting, and sleep with this course. i could go to work and finish late then hop online and do my homework on my terms. the teacher was always emailing me back promptly and emailed every beginnng of the week to give a brief view of what was to be done during the rest of the week. i enjoyed this course and would recommend my college peers to take online courses in the future.
Response 112 easy to use, work at my own pace, not having to worry about being in class on time,
Response 113 not having to drive. and very convienent
Response 114
Response 115 It is convienent to take the course at your own pace.
Response 116
Response 117
Response 118 My distance education experience I liked most would: user friendly web site, course availability, great professors, and convenience. This is just to name a few.
Response 119 interaction with instructor and peers (students)
Response 120 power point lecture with voice(narration)
Response 121 The flexibility in being able to access the course at any time but because of the unpreparedness of the instructor it was useless at times.
Response 122 Being able to do the work at your own convenience.
Response 123
Response 124
Response 125 That I get to do my assignments on my own time and not commute to school. Not only that but it is very convenient for me.
Response 126
Response 127
Response 128 My last DE course was for Econ and I enjoyed the deadlines, correspondence, encouragement, websites, clear instructions of all things pertaining to class and course, information and available sites worked hand-in-hand, updates, discussions were available, and most of all DE works with my hectic schedule. Please continue this program and maybe offer more classes like Math too (online - at least the lower levels)?
Response 129
Response 130 I enjoyed the experience of working independently yet, still feeling as though I was able to contact people when I needed help such as teachers and other students in the discussion panels.
Response 131 Being able to interact with students from different places.
Response 132 ???
Response 133 it is extremely convenient, i couldn't ask for a better time!
Response 134 Being given assignments ahead of time and working on them at our own pace....
Response 135 I liked it because I have a little one at home and one on the way and it gave me the opportunity to still take classes while being a full-time mommy. Web classes are totally convenient for my lifestyle.
Response 136 i loved how ever chapter we had a quiz and i actually enjoyed this class online vs if i had to take it in a classroom. the homework was very interesting, we were able to do it with our family. and i was able to do this at home at my own convienence even though we had a timeframe. which it was fine...
Response 137 I am able to attend college and not have to sit in class. I also liked that I can work at my own pace.
Response 138 Being able to work at a pace that I was comfortable with while meeting deadlines =)
Response 139 It was convienient and I could do it on my own time. having two kids made it really easy for me.
Response 140 I loved the independence of doing things WHEN I wanted to. I loved being able to do the assignments at my own pace; always with the deadlines in mind, though.
Response 141
Response 142 convenient, greatly paced
Response 143 I liked being able to do the class on my own time.
Response 144 The flexibility of doing assisgnment and being able to know what is due and when its due in advance.
Response 145
Response 146
Response 147
Response 148 i learned a lot i would talk with my mother for help sometimes and even she agreed that i was learning much more then she did in college. it was a very good experience.
Response 149 That I could learn at my own pace.
Response 150 Not having to wrestle with traffic and finding parking/ nutritious lunch menu items/ etc. that is required when having to physically appear in the classroom setting.
Response 151 The main thing about taking distance ed classes is the benefit of having a full time job and still being able to go to school full time. I really enjoyed my art class, the instructor did a good job of teaching me techniques that i could use and provided sufficient time to complete projects. I totally enjoyed Management mainly because I could go at my own pace.
Response 152
Response 153 The flexibility
Response 154 Being able to do my work at my own pace. This class was really good because I could do school work around my full-time work schedule.
Response 155 its convient
Response 156 One of my classed (ANTH 150) was presented in a nice and orderly fashion. Also the deadlines were very clearly stated and spaced out very nicely.
Response 157 It was a self paced, self taught class. I earned my grade based on the amount of independent work I chose to do.
Response 158 That we got to do a big power point presentation as a group, and it took a while working on this but it was great meeting other people and how they perform in a job setting too. Must be on your toes to have a better view of what to be expected in the class lessons.
Response 159 It was very convienent for me. I work 2 jobs and have 2 other classes, so it was nice to do the work on my own free time.
Response 160 convient
Response 161 freedom to travel while complete my course
Response 162 Convenience. Helped me to be organized. To prioritize and to plan better.
Response 163
Response 164 i like who the instructors gave almost instant feedback.
Response 165
Response 166
Response 167 I liked the fact that I was able to do my work bascially when I had the time to do it. I was able to be comfotable at home and do my work to the best of my ability.
Response 168 Class discussion (to be able to interact with others in the class) and easily navigatable amount of available readings online
Response 169 The convenience of not having to go to campus to take classes. I'm a full time mom and I also hold a full time job. Having a full time schedule online worked perfectly for me.
Response 170 the convenience, no travel, the instructors thoroughness and planning.
Response 171 Nothing.
Response 172 flexibility of homework assignments due and school schedule
Response 173 That it was so flexible.
Response 174
Response 175 I could work at my own learning pace. I finished a month or two early because of it.
Response 176
Response 177 I really enjoyed the fact that I could be flexible with my schedule. I was able to relax at home and watch the classes rather than having to drive to school just for the one class.
Response 178 pretty easy didnt take alot of time
Response 179 The flexibility to not have to be confined in class and the ability to work on assignments at night and practically anywhere with a computer.
Response 180 The convenience! This survey is for the ENG209 class...I also took Bus 121, which was terrible--the exact opposite of Eng209. That instructor failed to respond in a timely manner, instructions were not clear, many students complained but got no response.
Response 181
Response 182 To be able to study at my own time. Rewind lectures are essential
Response 183 Was not required to sign in or participate at a particular time.
Response 184 The ease at which assignments are accessed
Response 185
Response 186
Response 187 Throughout my college path since Spring 2005, I've been solely a DE student and enjoyed learning from distance education. As its 3 years later, its still the most beneficial for students like myself "non-traditional". Thank you for offering DE and I hope that you continue offer DE courses!!!!! I am transferring to UHWO for the FAl08 semester and I am not able to get into the DE Track applied Science Bachelors degree since it is only offered to the neighbor islands, but I hope they will review my files and see that I am more than capable of withstanding the distance education level of learning, and give me a chance a shooting for my education. Thank you again for offering these DE classes, its definitely an awesome way for me to better my future. By the way, I like this survey better than the last few semesters =). This one seems to be most simple.
Response 188
Response 189 I liked the use of audio and video feeds as a way to share course information. It was helpful to clarify would also be helpful as a way to introduce major assignment expectations.
Response 190 I liked that I could work at my own pace once assignments and exams were opened up, keeping in mind the deadlines, and that I could email the instructor if needed. He got back to me in a timely manner and I appreciated that. My grades were posted immediately so I knew where I stood in the class. I will continue to take online courses.
Response 191 I liked that we were able to work at our own time and at our own pace.
Response 192
Response 193
Response 194 I was able to communicate with others on my own time. given the approprate time to wirie back.
Response 195
Response 196 online courses are very convient for me, thats one of the reasons why I decided to go back to college after so many years.
Response 197 i liked that i can move at my own pace. i didn't feel rushed.
Response 198 The convenience of being able to work towards my degree without having to find a baby sitter for my son.
Response 199 I liked being able to do my homework and my exams and quizzes when it's convenient for me.
Response 200 convienient
Response 201 This instructor is very good
Response 202
Response 203 I like the ease of doing the work when I have the time.
Response 204 I can hop on the net whenever I feel like it and complete my assignments early in the morning or late at night or whenever I have free time. (Just as long as it's completed by the due date)
Response 205 the convenience.
Response 206 I liked the generally quick turn around time involved with quizzes and exams.
Response 207 As with many of the other students, distant learning is good for those with busy schedules.
Response 208
Response 209
Response 210 I liked how it was very convenient. I was in China for a month and was still able to attend my classes online.
Response 211 Able to do the work independently. No time constraints.
Response 212 I basically like the convenience and how you can do the work from anywhere. I had a family trip and was still able to do my work online.
Response 213 I liked how i can learn pretty much at my own pace. and that i could do it late at night when my daughter is sleeping.
Response 214 1. I like the setup of WebCT BUS101, especially the Course Menu Outline which made it easier to get quick access on subjects that I need to get into right away. 2. I like the Audio Visual Demonstration on Word, Excel, Access, Power Point and the Power Point for "Computers are your Future." The Audio Visual was extremely colorful and helpful to understand the subjects more clearly. Thank you.
Response 215 Convenience.
Response 216
Response 217 The course calendar is there--you can work at your own pace--ahead or on time. My instructor was still there to answer any questions via email, phone, and in-person.
Response 218
Response 219 flexibility
Response 220 I liked the fact of being able to finish my assignments in advance.
Response 221 The subject was still interesting inspite of the other annoyances.
Response 222
Response 223 There were many different tools available to us, which made learning the material easier.
Response 224 With my schedule being hectic I really appreciated the availability of my class information.
Response 225 how Martel made everything very clear and realistic.
Response 226
Response 227 The fact that it was online and we didn't have to go to a class
Response 228 Good instructor
Response 229 Doing it at my own pace.
Response 230
Response 231
Response 232 i loved it
Response 233
Response 234
Response 235
Response 236 doing the assignments/quizzes on my own time, not having to attend class
Response 237 The quizzes and exams as well as all deadlines were posted in the beginning of the course.
Response 238 convenient and discipline you to keep checking the website for more messages.
Response 239 I liked how she just posted up the work and we just turn it in by the due date.
Response 240 What I like the most is recieving comments from the instructor after being graded with an assignment. Also, the way other students interact with one another.
Response 241
Response 242
Response 243 Just the fact that we could take tests as late as 10 at night to finish.
Response 244 Convenience
Response 245
Response 246
Response 247 Saved gas and driving time to campus, and convenience of doing school work/assignments on my own time.
Response 248 the internet access
Response 249 I dont have to go to class.
Response 250 it was convenient and i can work on my own time.
Response 252 time convenience
Response 253 I love that it's at my leisure. I don't waste gas or time in a classroom.
Response 254
Response 255 The process and material was not too difficult.
Response 256 I like having the convenience of having a "class discussion" on my own time. Distance education makes it possible for a full-time worker and mother, like me, to continue my education.
Response 257
Response 258 The fact that my teacher responded very quickly when I was in need of help. The overall system is very acquiring. I like DE because I'm able to get more done in life by doing work on my own time. Very challenging as well. :)
Response 259
Response 260 my independence and motivation to learn on my OWN
Response 261 i could go on anytime of the day. and it was very easy.
Response 262 it's convenient for people with not much time.
Response 263 the freedom to choose when to "go to class."
Response 264 i own and manage my very hectic schedule better.
Response 265 convenience
Response 266 work according to my own schedule.
Response 267 everything was perfect.
Response 268 i liked how i could log in anytime i want to do my work and how it gives me warning to when quizzes are due.
Response 269 Convenience
Response 270 I enjoy being able to work at my own pace.
Response 271 The conveniency of getting into dist. edu any time of the day and night. No roll call. Accessibility is great.
Response 272 Don't have to leave home to attend class.
Response 273 I was very satisfied with my online course.
Response 274 The freedom to do what I need to do in a time frame that allows me more flexibility.
Response 275
Response 276 The textbook was an excellent read. I learned a lot. The quizzes were thorough. I did not care for partnering on assignments.
Response 277 For people who have very busy schedules with families and other curriculum, this is the best way to get an education. This process I would highly reccommend to someone who would motivate themselves and are self taught. This on-line web showed me areas of where to find all the help I needed when I was stuck. This is a very useful this to have. Keep up with the good work and accommondation.
Response 278
Response 279 Very Convienient for f/t working moms
Response 280 convenience
Response 281
Response 282
Response 283 Most of my intructors have been teaching online for a while, so the structure of these classes are paced very well for distance learning courses.
Response 284
Response 285 For my LAW class, I enjoyed the fact that it was well spread out. The weekly quizzes were fairly distributed and achievable. I liked the fact that the instructor seemed to care about his students and it shows that he wanted them to pass. For my Accounting class, I liked the fact that we could only be able to move on with the quizzes if we passed that weeks quiz with a certain score. It ensures that you have that much more of a chance to get a passing grade.
Response 286 Can do the class whenever free time is available.
Response 287
Response 288 I loved how independently I got to learn. I loved being able to access my class at any time. The teacher was very helpful and quick to communicate with. His instructions were clear, and his assignments were helpful in putting our new knowledge to use in everyday scenarios. Though this course was taken online, I feel that I learned a lot more than I would have been able to if I went to a real classroom. Being able to study at my own time made the material interesting and approachable. Also, since the exams were open book, I feel that I got more out of the material since I had to review the book more than once. This online class is great! I plan to take more of these in the next coming semesters at LCC! :D
Response 289 It saved me time by not going to class on campus, and because all resources and quizzes were available from the beginning of semester, I could focus on them without losing my interest. Sometimes it is effective to learn intensively, as long as a student is interested in.
Response 290 It gave me the opportunity to go to school and work full time.
Response 291
Response 292 all
Response 293 That the class was very straight forward and that I was able to take it from home.
Response 294 Teachers were involved, and helped when I had any questions.
Response 295 I loved that I could do all of the assignments on my own time, since the only reason I take an online class is because I don't always have the time to meet with a regular class. I could complete all of my assignments whenever I had the time, even if it was at 3 in the morning or 11 at night.
Response 296 able to complete work on my time and/or ahead of schedule so I can travel. I like when assignment dropboxes are available from the beggining of the semester.
Response 297 Convenience, I can learn when I want to learn at whatever time I decide is best for my scheduele.
Response 298 I like that this distance education class gave you enough time to do the assignment when it is convenient for you, but not so flexable that you may fall behind. This course was designed in a way that helped me succeed independently.
Response 299 I liked how the exams were structured.
Response 300 In one of my distant education class, I loved that, that particular instructor was always available to us. She was very kind and warm with her words and made it easy for us to use our resources. If there was complications, she was understanding and continued to help us use our tools. I loved that class, it went smoothly. No problems!
Response 301 I did not have to go to class and sit down and listen to the instructor but was able to participate online.
Response 302 i didn't have to drive to school to go to class. and i chose when i was gonna read in the time of the day.
Response 303 the teacher would give us a heads up when our next exam or quiz was going to be, by podsting a calender a head of time. thisd teacher is very awesome and i would recemend her to other students.
Response 304
Response 305 Being able to do my assignments with ample time and according to my schedule.
Response 306 I could do everything on my own time.
Response 307 The flexibility
Response 308
Response 309 it works around my schedule
Response 310
Response 311
Response 312 the assignments could be done whenever I chose as long as it was before the deadline. I didn't have to attend class regularly, and a set time and day.
Response 313 Not much.
Response 314 Not a lot. It was hard to keep up with all the work.
Response 315 I love on-line classes! It gives you the much needed time for other things. Also, you get to work around your schedule as to when to take an exam! Plus, the fact that you can communicate with anybody when discussing homework problems.
Response 316 It gave me the flexibility to go through my assignents when I had the time.
Response 317 Again, being able to not be in a classroom and being to go your own speed is nice.
Response 318 Little or no commute.
Response 319 The ability to work on my assignments and advance at my convenience.
Response 320
Response 321
Response 322
Response 323 Overall I am very happy with the DE program. It allows me to finish my school even with a pre-schooler in the house.
Response 324 The instructor's organization and instruction. It was easy to comprehend what was required each week.
Response 325 nothing
Response 326
Response 327
Response 328 Convenience--having able to do things from home.
Response 329 the flexibility to finish assignments at times that were best for me.
Response 330 I like the easy self-paced atmosphere of the classes. The staff at the Technology Office were always very helpful
Response 331 The availability and professionalism of all the instructors.
Response 332 I had a great teacher
Response 333
Response 334 I like that i could do it on my own time and the exams are within certain dates and not like its only at one exact time.
Response 335
Response 336 Very organized in presentation of materials, structure, communication, etc allowing me to plan accordingly. The instructor was very responsive. Although the first distance ed course by LCC, it is the 3rd I have taken from within the UH System (one from KCC and one from UHM). By far, this course was the best because of the different techniques, modalities, and the instructors well designed course. I would recommend it to everyone.
Response 337
Response 338 Being able to complete homework assignments around my schedule and having a due date at the end of each week.
Response 339
Response 340 I had lots of flexibility to do things when I wanted and I could stay home and watch my son while going to school.
Response 341 There really wasn't anything I didn't like about my first distance education experience. It seemed like all students who attended this class were very net savvy and were willing to meet up physically if any student needed any assistance. Finally I enjoyed having quick responses from our professor even during times out of school. If there was an issue that I encountered at midnight or early in the morning, I received an e-mail from him immediately on the next day. Very interactive and the discussion board was very helpful early on.
Response 342
Response 343 It allows me to manage my time.
Response 344 I didn't have to drive to school.
Response 345 I got the course done on my own time and it made me more independent to learn on my own!
Response 346 I can set my own time.
Response 347
Response 348
Response 349 Teacher and course was very flexible and fun. Learning experience was a plus. Great content.
Response 350 I like how it is very convient for me and isn't very time consuming becasue I'm a very busy person. I like how I can still get the full experience like being in a in class.
Response 351 nothing
Response 352
Response 353
Response 354 the interaction that the instructors had with the students was much more than what i had when i first started at lcc back in 05.
Response 355 Not being able to go to class, and it is much easier to have an online class because due to my busy schedule.
Response 356 The assignments could have been done in advance to help others out since they had other crazy classes to focus harder on.
Response 357
Response 358 Flexible scheduling.
Response 359 My teacher always checked her e-mail promptly.
Response 360
Response 361 The flexibility that it offered. Due to health reasons I cannot attend classes on campus. Distance ed allowed me to continue coursework.
Response 362 the flexibility.
Response 363 I think its easy and I can study late at night when I have time to do it.
Response 364 It was easier for time management.
Response 365
Response 366 I could take quizes whenever I got ready.
Response 367 It is convenient and I don't have to waste gas driving to school daily.
Response 368 the convenience and comfort of learning at home or at the office could take a break as needed and attend to taking care of family, etc.
Response 369 the freedom to study and do tests at my own time. the professor was good at helping with all support and questions that i had.
Response 370 It taught me how to manage my time wisely and the fact that i did not have to go to any campus for class is always a definite plus!
Response 371 i didn't have to go class.
Response 372
Response 373 i like the message boards if u have questions post them and someone always responds quickly
Response 374 Powerpoint slides helped to organize and emphasize important points.
Response 375 i could log in and do the quizzes on line from home instead of going to the school and take them.
Response 376 I liked the fact that the entire course was conducted online and that the only time I had to go to the campus was to pick up my book.
Response 377
Response 378
Response 379 In contrast to that awful professor, my sociology class is wonderful. Ms. Hodges actually makes use of the calendar feature (which more professors should take the time to fill out, as to better clarify their expectations and deadlines) and she was readily available and quickly responded to emails and discussion posts.
Response 380 I got to learn on my own time and it gave me time to study on days that I didn't have to work and if I was away from work. I like DE courses because it saves me a lot of time to drive to school and I am focused well enough as if I were in class.
Response 381
Response 382
Response 383 Having the opportunity to have a class online without attending class.
Response 384 Being able to do it from home.
Response 385
Response 386 I enjoyed that I was able to see the lessons on TV and record it. I also enjoyed that it fit my schedule and that I was able to do my test at any time that was good for me.
Response 387 accomodated my busy work schedule and convenience. I am able to complete work with flexibility. Instructor, Tina Lee was excellent and very competent teacher. Recommend she teaches acct 202.
Response 388 Not having to drive all the way to campus for just one class.
Response 389 That I can complete assignments on my own time, which makes me manage my time better.
Response 390 What I liked best was the ease and convenience of studying online. Assignments are clearly stated and you don't have to take notes--it is all there (the exception being Eng 209 WI). Thank you for asking
Response 391 The freedom to study when convenient for me within the boundaries and guidelines that the course/instructor set forth. I love distance learning!!!
Response 392 i liked the lecture notes he provided and the pronounciation section.
Response 393 Convenience.
Response 394
Response 395 Course content was relevant to what I was going to be doing in other college classes.
Response 396 I can do my assignments any time of the day
Response 397 I was able to do it when I had the time rather than having to attend a class on campus.
Response 398
Response 399 I could do things on my own time.
Response 400 The tests were easy, and understandable.
Response 401
Response 402 The organization.
Response 403 Watching the Lectures at my leisure. And being able to pause, and rewind at my own pace
Response 404
Response 405 it saved me gas and worked around my work schedule
Response 406
Response 407
Response 408
Response 409
Response 410 working from home
Response 411
Response 412 I was able to stay home and still earn credits for school.
Response 413
Response 414 can do on my own time
Response 415 I can do my homeworks and exams anywhere.
Response 416 Having the opportunity to do my work at home at my own convenience.
Response 417
Response 418 The assignments and exams provided by my instructor(s) had time limits, so that kept me on track with my work. This is in comparison with another institution's distance ed program which gave me 1 year to complete the course, and no due dates for assignments, so there was much more room for procrastination.
Response 419
Response 420
Response 421 The flexibility to complete assignments on my time.
Response 422 i can work on my own time and not have to travel and waste money on gas.
Response 423 that i didnt have to go to a classroom. its more comfortable to study at home
Response 424 The instructor did an awesome job presenting simulations of business to write and correspond with.
Response 425
Response 426 What I enjoyed the most was that things were more organized.
Response 427 I liked that although it is on the internet, I can still get a good education and it is convenient, and meets my families needs.
Response 428 Convenient
Response 429 convenient and interesting
Response 430 The time schedule, i can still go to school even tough i have a full time job, it works great for me!
Response 431
Response 432
Response 433
Response 434 The instructor was very understanding and willing to inform you of where you could do better on the course.
Response 435 n/a
Response 436 I was able to use my time efficiently.
Response 437 SO MANY THINGS, I'm a busy part-time working, full-time mother of three (2 elem, 1 middle), attending volleyball, basketball and baseball games, between ukulele and piano classes with performance dates, running my own side business as well as trying to keep my house IN SOME KIND OF CLEAN AND ORGANIZED FASHION.. if it wasn't for internet classes, I would only be able to take probably 1 class ea semester.. But being able to work on classes on my own time (sometime between 8:30p and 6am) I am able to attend full-time. I AM VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY WITH INTERNET CLASSES! My suggestion, MAKE MORE CLASSES AVAILABLE ON-LINE. I think more people would consider attending, or returning my case, to college if more classes are available on-line.
Response 438 The flexibility.
Response 439 i don't have to go to school but still learning the same thing as going to class.
Response 440 good book and content of course
Response 441 The flexibility of my schedule. I work two jobs, so this is the only tool that will enable me to earn a living and continue to reach my educational goals.
Response 442 Complete flexibility
Response 443 n/a
Response 444 I could go on-line at anytime and at my own pace.
Response 445
Response 446 The work was clearly explained.
Response 447 the instructor!!
Response 448 I liked that I could go ahead and do the homework and tests on my own time and not have to wait for a specific day to take my tests.
Response 449 it was on my time schedule
Response 450 Everything, ICS 100 was the greatest distance education i ever had!
Response 451
Response 452 You have the freedom to work at all hours of the day.
Response 453 The accessibility.
Response 454 the convenience and organization of my 2 other classes.
Response 455 availability
Response 456 Flexible. Doing work on my own time.
Response 457
Response 458
Response 459
Response 460
Response 461
Response 462 I could go at my own pace, i could map out what i needed to do any a time line that worked for me. It was very customizable to my life.
Response 463
Response 464 The convience.
Response 465 I enjoy distance education because it really works for my work/home schedule. So, I enjoy it just wish they are more time in the day for to spent a little more on the course.
Response 466 That there were no dead-lines and no limits on how many times you could retake the exam.
Response 467
Response 468 Convenience, considering I am a full time worker & mother of 3
Response 469
Response 470
Response 471 I have had all but wonderful experience with Online courses, but this one by far was very difficult for me, I found that there was not much thought put into a students success, and sadly this will end my distance education. The only thing I liked about this class is that you were able to travel at your own speed and get ahead.
Response 472
Response 473 The flexibility to learn at my own pace within the course framework and the ease in getting feedback from the professor.
Response 474 I liked the convenience of taking the courses at my pace and being able to work ahead when ever possible. I wish all courses, not just the education courses were offered on line.
Response 475 being able to watch the courses on my own time
Response 476 It was clearly presented and the instructor was enthusiastic about her subject.
Response 477 Convenience
Response 478
Response 479
Response 480 I can save time to commute to and from school and control study time.
Response 481 Flexibility
Response 482
Response 483
Response 484 That I got to do it at home.
Response 485 Mgmt 120-lessons clearly outlined and quizzes followed the lessons.
Response 486
Response 487
Response 488 it fit my time schedule
Response 489 I loved the textbook and subject matter. The textbook summarized the topics well.
Response 490
Response 491 The flexibility, being able to complete the assignments on my time is very convienient.
Response 492 the simplicity and convenience
Response 493
Response 494 convenience from home
Response 495
Response 496
Response 497 It was convienent with my schedule.
Response 498 Freedom to complete assignement when I had time. (as long as it is submitted before the due date) Not to have to worry about attending a class at a specific time is a great benefit.
Response 499 timeframe to take exams. the whole idea of taking this class to work into my schedule without having to fight time to attend class.
Response 500
Response 501 The flexibility of when I can work on my homework and exams.
Response 502 There were a lot of positives. The teacher promoted discussion within the class. She also gave many opportunities to achieve a satisfactory grade. She was fair and consistent in grading. The tools she provided were good and helpful. The class took a difficult subject and dove into it together to help eachother learn.
Response 503 lessons was well organized an study guides.
Response 504 Convienence.
Response 505
Response 506 did not have to drive to the campus
Response 507 The instructor was very amiable and I enjoyed the format of his course. His name is Professor Matsuoka of the mathematics department. I believe he is a great asset to Leeward Community College.
Response 508 convenience
Response 509 ability to take a course from the comfort of my home, saving gas, time away from my family, out of traffic, no need to make adjustments to work schedule.
Response 510 You would be able to go and do your assignments whenever you want to.
Response 511
Response 512
Response 513
Response 514
Response 515 convenient for working students; able to study on my own time. please offer more courses.
Response 516 It was convenient.
Response 517
Response 518
Response 519
Response 520 I love the convenience and learning experience. My study habits have improved and my learning capabilities seem to have excelled. There is a lot of reading to do, which use to be a weakness of mine, but now has become one of my strengths. I have learned to manage my time more properly with my studies and am a lot more organized! Succeeding in these habits has allowed me to be successfull with my distance education learning.
Response 521 They help me balance school and work.
Response 522 I enjoyed the course and thought that it was well taught and easy to understand I will definitely reccomend this course and teacher to others.
Response 523 You can do the work from home comfortably, save gas, and quite no noise.
Response 524 being able to do work at my pace on my own time
Response 525 It's more convenient
Response 526
Response 527 The discipline it makes me have to push myself to do the work. I think it's so cool to work with a Professor, and other students, and in a way we're all anonymous (ageless and faceless). I also, of course love the fact that, I can do the work when I can do it, even if its 3 a.m. when the house is quiet, and its the best time to read, write, etc.
Response 528 The teacher graded things quickly and if we had any questions he'd get back to me fast.
Response 529 My teacher and classmates were great. We had good times. I will definitely be continuing in chemistry.
Response 530 Very convenient. If you're an independent worker distance educations courses will work for you.
Response 531 Your homework & grade is always there for you to see & deadlines.
Response 532
Response 533
Response 534 being an online class because i had 7 total classes this semester at 2 campuses so this class made it easier to handle my schedule
Response 535 I like the fact that I am able to study and complete my assignment at any time that is convenient for me.
Response 536
Response 537 It was convenient for my schedule because of school and work and other things in the community I'm working on.
Response 538 I liked the variety of the different backgrounds of each student in the class..
Response 539 it was online and i didnt need to drive.
Response 540 I am able to do my work anytime.
Response 541 Flexible schedule
Response 542
Response 543
Response 544 everything worked out great!
Response 545
Response 546 I can access the class anytime, whenever, and wherever I want.
Response 547
Response 548
Response 549
Response 550 It is self-paced and beneficial to be me because I have a full-time job and a family. It allowed me to do my assignments when I had the time.
Response 551 That its an at home course and that I didn't need to go to school
Response 552 Study at your own pace.
Response 553 Very convienent. It is great!
Response 554 I can get it over with faster than a normal course; I don't have to go at the pace of others. I can go at my own pace.
Response 555 Able to be flexiable with my studies. Cut down driving time, this gave me more class time.
Response 556 i could do it at home
Response 557
Response 558 The instructor!!! Grace Miller was an excellent instructor, she made herself available, even giving out her cell phone number to the students. She kept the class interested and was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and the newest advances in the field. This was my first on line class through LCC and at first I was hesitant due to past experiences but I enjoyed having her as an instructor and I would definitely take another class from her.
Response 559 I loved being able to learn using photoshop CS3.
Response 560
Response 561 sufficient time to complete assignments. being able to communicate with other students taking the course, not just in class.
Response 562 very convenient! I recommend the online classes to everyone!
Response 563 The convenience of taking it from my own home and not having to seek out childcare for my baby in order to take classes on campus.
Response 564 The convenience
Response 565 all is good so far...
Response 566 learn at your convenience
Response 567 I liked that I could interact with a good teacher, because Michael Pietrusky at UH Manoa is not a good teacher.
Response 568 Tests and assignments were given well in advance, with adequate amount of time.
Response 569 not sure. It was online so I didn't have to go to campus.
Response 570 All of the deadlines were laid out from the very beginning, so I knew how to pace myself throughout the semester.
Response 571 I enjoyed the way Ms. Nishimoto set up her Botany 101 class. I liked the weekly quiz that coincided with the lectures for that week.
Response 572
Response 573 The thing I liked the most about this experience is that I didn't have to go to an on campus site to take my exams. The two courses I took had online exams. A close second is that I felt I got to know my instructors even though I never met them in person. Awesome!
Response 574 It forced me to budget my time more efficiently.
Response 575 I loved it!
Response 576 getting together once every week.
Response 577 more convienient
Response 578
Response 579
Response 580 It is convenient not having to come to class and do assigments in my spare time.
Response 581 i could do i whenever i had time.
Response 582
Response 583
Response 584
Response 585
Response 586 I could go at my own pace.
Response 587 i can still work full time
Response 588
Response 589 I enjoyed the constant feedback from the instructor and fellow students in a timely manner.
Response 590 flexibility
Response 591 I love the all-hours studying, instructor attention (they email quickly), and not having to drive to school.
Response 592 I was able to work full-time and I would be able to submit my work from home.
Response 593 It works around my schedule
Response 594
Response 595 3:00 am class work
Response 596 Absolutely nothing!!! This class was just one big NIGHTMARE. If I had known what I was getting myself into I wouldn't have wasted my time.
Response 597
Response 598
Response 599 I didnt have to wake up early, or have to be at class at a specific time which allowed for me to have a "freed up" schedule.
Response 600 The best part was that it was convenient. I have a family to raise and it was always hard for me to return to college. Having distance learning is very helpful to students who don't have much time to be away from home to attend classes. Thank you for this option!!
Response 601 it fitted around my busy work and home schedule and since i am well disciplined it worked well
Response 602 I was able to get constructive criticism from other students. In a regular class I'm not sure if students are able to critique another's work.
Response 603 That I was able to complete my classes at my own time. This was my first experience going to college and my experience was great, so far!
Response 604 i didn't learn much but i guess not going to class was the only benefit
Response 605 I am able to do homework, quizzes, exams within the alloted timeframe and not feel as pressured.
Response 606 felt like a classroom experience
Response 607
Response 608
Response 609 Professor shared articles that made us all really think and dig deep for answers. I would recommend this class to others.
Response 610 i was able to do a class at home....
Response 611 My IS instructor was great! It's obvious that his goal is to teach us the material and he gave us plenty of opportunity for extra-credit (extra-knowledge)
Response 612
Response 613 Just about everything. Especially liked watching the power points and following along with the book. Liked the style of tests. Really good class!
Response 614
Response 615 I can decide when and where to put my times into studies within the week. Choices to participate.
Response 616 There are alot of things that I liked about the long distance program. I work a full-time job and I am on call at another place, so for me it was the only way to go to school. I really enjoyed it. I was nerveous at first because I have not been in school in a long time and I have never taken an on-line course before. Now I feel that it will be possible to get my BS, eventually. I hope that LCC adds more courses on-line. It's great!!!
Response 617 easy for me to do work on my own time
Response 618 The chance to access material when it was most convenient.
Response 619 it wasn't hard to follow directions, being that I an not confident on the computer
Response 620 deadlines are clearly stated.
Response 621 I thought it would have been easy, well i think it would have if the intruction was easy to follow. The course seems interesting but putting this class online was a bit confusing. I would take it again but not through Leeward.
Response 622
Response 623 schedule!
Response 624
Response 625 The part I liked most about my distance education experience is that I don't have to carry so many papers in my folder since I can get handouts on the Internet.
Response 626 It made school much easier with two jobs!