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What would have been helpful when you first started teaching online?

Response 1 Having a better understanding of how to do online courses, creating group interaction, etc.
Response 2 Organization of ideas, how to build a student friendly course organization
Response 3 More lab time with tech faculty present, so we could find the "kinks" while they are there to help us
Response 4 Not sure
Response 5 A cohort to discuss issues with.
Response 6 Overview of different online class course packages, e.g., CompClass with faculty discussion of effectiveness or lack thereof.
Response 7 having access to another music course that i could watch and learn. discussing with a another teacher how to teach a class on line. the distance learning newletter is very helful.
Response 8 I started during my first year teaching here in general, it was all very overwhelming. Perhaps to stagger, face-to-face first, and then online.
Response 9 A cohort.
Response 10 Had a workshop on the logic of online teaching versus classroom teaching. It took me a long time to make that transition and hence took me a long time before I got a class up online because I had to make that intellectual shift first before things got rolling. Not a "how" workshop but more of an understanding of the logic of online teaching.
Response 11 Workshops on technical details about managing online courses
Response 12 samples of materials from similar courses
Response 13 Having more Laulima workshops.
Response 14 more models
Response 15 Hands on workshops in working with Laulima - how to use the various tools and what they are good for. Sometimes you have no idea what to do with the tool so you don't bother trying it. It also helps to see what the student will experience.
Response 16 Aid in using the Tests, TAsks and Survey tool
Response 17 Seeing a variety of different approaches to online teaching.
Response 18 Easy to use HTML templates for a more professional looking home page on Laulima.
Response 19 Brochure outlining available help or maybe a presentation
Response 20 Training on video that we can access when we need on Frequently Asked Questions.
Response 21 I don't know. I don't really like big workshops. I've been to too many with a huge range of skill levels (I actually went to an online course development workshop with faculty asking the basics -- how to turn on the computer! I prefer the one-on-one with Rachael or Brent or Greg because they help me with what I need when I need it.
Response 22 Time. (To learn tools, to set up the course, to answer student emails.)
Response 23 More workshops
Response 24 Seeing other DE courses that are the same size as mine and are content-driven. Access to technology that would allow me to create content
Response 25 More general managing student's success tips.
Response 26 Online resources from the publisher.
Response 27 Concrete examples, on-line instructional resources.
Response 28 Tutorial on Laulima and uploading the course as a whole.