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What professional development do you need now?

Response 1
Response 2
Response 3 How to build the most interesting, most interactive modules
Response 4
Response 5 How to update my class with audio and video.
Response 6 Update on latest software, programs
Response 7 i am using skype this semester. students suggested u tube and google: hangout, so i can do ensemble performance. ise skype and u tube to record student testing of ukulele quiz and exams.
Response 8
Response 9
Response 10 It would be nice to have an array of online tutorials so folks like me can see what is available for online learning. This could be in the format of a complete session online (so people can do it at night or whenever) as well as "advertisements" or "lures" to attend a workshop. Can we have both?
Response 11 Learning commonly used technology in teaching and communication.
Response 12 learning how to conduct discussions among students
Response 13 Just more diversity on the books available.
Response 14 any and all
Response 15 N/A
Response 16 I need a refresher on developing quizzes/exams I am designing a course that I have only taught in face to face format.
Response 17
Response 18 A better way to narrate PowerPoint slides than narrating and saving with Impatica.
Response 19
Response 20 How to use the new apps.
Response 21 I'm not sure. I learn new skills as I realize I need them.
Response 22 Continuing professional development on working on communication, interaction of students with faculty and with each other.
Response 23 More workshops available during summer.
Response 24 How to incorporate more technologies in to the DE course, ideas for projects that are manageable with 35+ students.
Response 25 I need some help setting up my new online class. I want to build community.
Response 26
Response 27 Blackboard collaborate? Group-building.
Response 28 Online tools, implementation of file sharing, skype, etc.