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What was helpful when you first started teaching online?

Response 1 Having someone to talk to about doing online courses.
Response 2
Response 3 Learning how to use Web CT and then Laulima.
Response 4 One-on-one support form emc
Response 5 The support of the EMC. The summer training.
Response 6 Online workshops
Response 7 student feeback, use of podcast and sound bites for ukulele course so students had a practice buddy. camden baruga - always available for technology questions concerning music course: skype, u tube, garage band.
Response 8 to use the google sites format that is currently used by AAT
Response 9
Response 10 Hand holding with one-on-one tutoring sessions
Response 11 One-on-one problem-solving help
Response 12 taking the laulima orientation class
Response 13 Having a good coach and mentor.
Response 14 models
Response 15 Seeing what other instructors do.
Response 16 It was very helpful to take a workshop at Kapiolani CC in which I was given a mentor to work with as I designed my first WWW course.
Response 17
Response 18 Assistance with html code to make the Laulima home page more visually appealing.
Response 19
Response 20 How to organize the online course. How to use the online tools.
Response 21 I started teaching online in Spring 2000, so it's been a long journey for me. The best was having Leanne as a mentor and then having Dorothy So Hirata as a mentor as part of LEI Aloha.
Response 22 Knowledge of Laulima Tools; the Laulima training was good. Camtasia training was good.
Response 23 Brent Hirata
Response 24 Bootcamp,
Response 25 Help in setting up videos.
Response 26 Advice from other instructors.
Response 27 Group work with peers.
Response 28 Peers and imports from previous courses.