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Is there anything you need help with or are interested in learning more of now relating to distance education?

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Response 13 I do need help with how to manage meaningful group discussion online. Mahalo. Karim
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Response 17 Although the Google docs template is great for newbies like myself, I'd like to learn how to personalize the template to suit my needs and learn how to use some of the other online learning formats out there.
Response 18 no
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Response 22 Various methods of Grading forum discussions.
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Response 25 Streamlining the process of providing ample, meaningful feedback on online student work (perhaps through the use of audio files [versus written comments] or ______[ideas?]).
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Response 27 As textbook publishers develop more online student and teacher resources, how do we better integrate these resources with Laulima? Are there any plans to add more tools to Laulima?
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Response 32 I really, really want to create a flipped classroom for my face-to-face class. I think the ability to turn homework into classwork will be very beneficial for students.
Response 33 I need to learn how to provide lecture videos on Laulima.
Response 34 None.
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