My Contacts

The My Contacts section is an area to help you add, edit, and organize your e-mail contacts.

SurveyShare can send e-mails on your behalf to share your survey. In addition, SurveyShare may also limit responses to survey to a group of choosen e-mails. If you plan to send the survey response link yourself, or want to share a survey on your website, you do not need to add any e-mails to your contacts.

Adding Contacts

When you add contacts, you'll notice there is just a single box. You may type the e-mail addresses, OR copy and paste them from any e-mail client. We'll do our best to parse what you enter and remove any duplicates. Once you have added these contacts, you'll have a chance to create a group from the contacts you just entered.

Contact Groups

When you want to send a survey to your contacts or limit responses to specific e-mail address you choose a contact group. The members of this contact group are the people we will e-mail when we send e-mail. If you choose to conduct a private survey, we will limit the responses to the e-mails in the contact group.

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