Course Evaluation Survey Template

This template on course evaluation is available for your use. You can use it as is to quickly launch a course evaluation or you may modify it to suit your needs. Go ahead and register to get started!

  1. Course Name
  2. Why did you choose to take this course?
  3. What is your expected grade in this course?
  4. What is your current grade in school?
  5. What is your Major area?
  6. What is your current G.P.A.?
  7. The instructor demonstrated knowledge of course materials.
  8. The instructor was prepared for class.
  9. The instructor was available outside of class.
  10. The instructor stimulated interest in the course.
  11. The instructor treated students fairly and impartially.
  12. The course description accurately reflected the content of the course.
  13. Expectations were clearly outlined in the syllabus.
  14. Reading assignments were of reasonable length and level.
  15. Exams covered important course materials and content.
  16. Overall, this course has stimulated my interest in this subject.
  17. Do you feel there should be a prerequisite for this course?
  18. Would you take another course with this instructor?
  19. Please rate your overall satisfaction with this course.
  20. What could be done to improve this course?
  21. What could be done to improve the instructor's teaching effectiveness?

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