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Workshop Evaluation Form Examples

SurveyShare offers workshop evaluation survey templates you can customize and put online with no training. The results of your evaluation can be used as feedback for improving future workshops.

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You can anonymously screen attendees before a workshop session to find out their expectations, and determine if there is demand for specific workshop. Find out what aspects detracted from tour workshop patron's learning experience, and use that knowledge to improve your related follow-up work you might undertake.

Workshop Evaluation Forms

This free market research can help you determine if people are aware of the workshops happening in your area. >Workshop Evaluation Resources:
Performance Evaluation Form Questionnaire Service Workshop Evaluation Questions
Workshop Evaluation Customer Satisfaction Survey Demographics Survey
Hosted Survey Internet Questionnaire Survey Form

It only takes a few minutes for your workshop participants to complete your online critique. Since they can respond from anywhere with a web browser, response rates are usually much higher than with paper survey. The input you'll receive is important. It can enable you to put on the best programs possible. You can access examples of workshop evaluation forms by clicking on the SurveyShare banner.

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