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What are 21st Century Students Reading? Results

The public results are available below. The results will be shared through Jun 08, 2099. If you need help, please contact support@surveyshare.com

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1) My reading list is a balance between both student-selected and teacher-selected literature (

2) My reading list utilizes both print and digital texts while representing a wide range of both classic and contemporary forms. My students will be able to use this literature as a means of understanding how multiliteracies build skills for the real-w

3) My reading list represents a wide range of genres. (drama, romance, satire, tragedy, comedy, fable, fairy tale, folktale, historical fiction, mythology, science-fiction/fantasy, dystopia, utopia, metafiction, etc.)

4) The authors in my reading list represent the diversity of real-life communities. (age, gender, race/ethnicity, culture, religion, educational background, family background, birthplace/location, native language, socio-political class)

5) The topics, themes, and issues in my reading list are relative to my students' lives and reflect both the human condition and recent real-world issues. With these points in mind, my students will be able to engage the literature read in my class

6) My reading list features works written in English as well as translations of works from other languages.

7) The authors' styles of writing in my reading list embrace both vernacular and formal language. Using this reading list, students will be able to understand the "codes of power" in both styles (

8) The way in which students engage my reading list does not create a separation of power between those students and major authors. My students will feel capable of producing literature and have opportunities to read and analyze their own work (

9) My students will be able to analyze works from my reading list with a wide range of literary theories. 

10) My students will be able to respond to my reading list with challenging tasks, purposes that make an impact, and real audiences. 

11) My reading list allows students to apply their own cultural and community knowledge (Luke, Woods, & Dooley).

12) I can use my reading list as a source for teaching skills outlined in the Common Core State Standards.