SurveyShare has compiled a library of survey templates in a variety of topics, making it easy for you to create an employee satisfaction survey and get valuable feedback. Below is one of our Employee Human Resources survey template examples.

You can base your survey on our template, modify our template, or start from scratch. You can change and rearrange the items, change the possible responses, and add your own questions to fully customize your new online instrument. We have had users create a survey, publish a survey, and collect results in under 10 minutes!

Templates - Business - Employee/Human Resources:

Electronic Purchasing Software Evaluation Survey Template
Evaluation of purchasing software which includes questions about maintaining product and vendor lists, and purchase tracking. Click on the SurveyShare banner at the top of the screen to access template examples.

Employee Attitude Survey
Employee satisfaction instrument with questions on management, training, and work environment.

Employee Company Satisfaction Survey Template
Evaluates employee satisfaction with job training and employee development, workplace environment, management, and more.

Below are links to more employee satisfaction survey templates from the Business - Employee/HR category:

Employee Health Benefits Satisfaction Survey Template
Evaluates employee satisfaction with health plans, life insurance, and disability benefits.

Exit Interview Survey Template
Surveys exiting employees about satisfaction with company, supervision, promotion, training, and more.

Idea Evaluation Survey Template
Format to submit ideas for evaluation. Includes questions about benefits, downsides, monetary costs, personnel costs, and more.

Free Internet Questionnaire
Company evaluation of internal website content, style, design, etc.

Salary Survey
Includes questions on salary, commission, non-cash employer contributions, and more.

Supply Chain Management Survey Template
Measures satisfaction with supply chain management software.

Free Team Project Assessment Internet Questionnaire
Evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of project teams.

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