SurveyShare has created web survey templates in many subjects, making it easy for you to develop and deploy a high quality Internet survey for Free. These are samples of SurveyShare's free customer satisfaction Web survey templates.

Templates include suggested questions on a given topic. The survey templates have not been tested for validity and reliability. They are presented as survey design samples only. The questions are provided as possible examples of the type of questions you might want to include, without warranty for reliability or validity.

Templates - Business - Customer Satisfaction:

Basic Demographics survey template
Basic demographic questions. Ideal for inclusion with any Internet customer satisfaction survey.

Business Website Evaluation Web survey template
Survey tool for customer evaluation of company website.

Customer Services Satisfaction Web survey
Satisfaction Web survey of contact with customer services evaluating representatives knowledge, courtesy and respect, problem resolution, and more. Perfect for evaluating customer satisfaction with a free Web survey!

Free Web Survey questionnaire
Satisfaction Web survey of contact with technical support. This template includes questions about knowledge, problem resolution, quality of contact, and more.

E-Store Evaluation Web survey
Evaluation Web survey of online shopping experience. Questions about navigation, shopping cart, product selection and more.

Office Visit Web survey template
Satisfaction Internet survey of office visit information that includes wait times, staff courtesy, and more. Suitable for many types of offices. You can customize this Web survey template to create your own office visit Internet survey.

Product Satisfaction survey template
Survey of product use, quality, value, and more.

Shopping survey template
For collection of information about consumer shopping trends for household items, clothing, books, etc. Includes questions on catalog , online, and in-store shopping.

Store Evaluation survey template
Physical store evaluation web survey that includes pricing, sales and service, stock, cleanliness, and more.

Television Advertisement Internet Questionnaire
Evaluation of television ad. This Web survey includes questions that measure quality, credibility, creativeness and more.

Employee/HR Web Survey Template
Gather feedback about employees for 360 degree evaluation

Nonprofit Web Survey Templates
Non-profit questionairre

You can base a new customer satisfaction Web survey on one of these templates, or use our Item Bank to pull customer satisfaction questions from multiple web survey templates. You can edit and re-arrange the web survey items, alter the possible responses, and add your own questions to fully customize your customer satisfaction survey.

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